3 Tips To Reach Affiliate Success

“The best way to succeed in anything is by learning from those who already did.”

I've put together an article titled "3 Affiliate Marketing Tips: 17 Experts Share Their Opinions On How To Achieve Affiliate Success", and it's dramatically different from anything you've ever read on affiliate success.

I know that many of you are struggling to find success in affiliate marketing, even if it's just a little bit. 

Just enough to show or tell you that it works or that you should push on. And there's nothing wrong with that, we all need a little motivation and inspiration.

Im Kayin

I'm Kayin

Over the course of my affiliate marketing career, I have spent over a couple thousands of dollars on affiliate courses, and you got to believe me when I tell you that I was carefully writing down all the mistakes on my poor investments.

There's no gimmick or fluff or mysterious theory.

What I am about to offer you is a PROVEN-SYSTEM that the majority of experts followed.

It goes straight into showing you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.

But here's the advantage of joining TODAY, I will personally mentor you.

"A 1-on-1 coaching."

There are so many "gurus" out there who are claiming that they have the "HIDDEN" secret that will super charge your affiliate success and you will be making thousands by the time you are done implementing them.

Here's the deal, affiliate marketing works but not like that, whenever you see those "gurus", run. They give the worst advice and tips that any beginner can get!

I have contacted and asked 17 experts who have achieved affiliate success in abundance, their top 3 advice/tips for struggling affiliate marketers who are trying to break through.

And here's what they have to say..

Dylan Rieger

Dylan,  Founder of The Affiliate Doctor

Dylan has been more than a friend to me, every advice he has for someone is like a small piece of golden nugget dropped and ignored by "goldminers".

When people talk about thinking outside the box, he's the perfect example of that.

He's been in the affiliate marketing business for years now and just recently he was able to create yet another astonishing feat, he was able to sonic boom his organic traffic from his new website from 0 to 2000 organic users in less than 5 months time.

Dylan's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


People often complicate things for themselves and end up losing hope when they see no results. Keep it simple with your keywords, the type of keywords you should focus on are

  • Review
  • Best of's and 
  • How to's 

Always try to write better content than what's already on page 1. You may not always be able to do that but Google knows when your content is more thorough, informative or helpful.


Measure your success every 3 months and figure out what's ranking and what isn't. You may not want to hear this but that's how it works, you need to keep with for a while, long enough for Google to see certain stuff before you make a decision whether to try something else or stay with it.


Chris,  Founder of Benjis Dad

Chris is the proud father of Benji and the founder of Benjisdad.com. The whole reason why Chris started an online business was to fill the income gap his wife left open when she decided to devote her time and attention to their newborn child.

And being the man he is, Chris took it upon himself to generate not one but multiple income streams to provide for his lovely family.

Chris mastered all the necessary steps to succeed in affiliate marketing through trial and error. And now he is able to generate $500 plus in a single day.

Chris's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Content Is King - the way your site looks, training, everything is secondary. Content is what will make you money. 


Use YouTube - If you do not use YouTube, you are missing out on the biggest opportunity on the planet right now.


Be consistent - create a schedule for posting and stick to it. Put it in a calendar and hold yourself too it. if you can post 2-3 times a week for a year, you will have 100 to 150 posts. The more posts that are out there, the more of a chance of one 'popping' and making big bucks increases.

Eddy Salomon

Eddy,  Founder of Work At Home No Scams 

Eddy was in the online money making industry since the early 90s but he wasn't having any success.

Then comes 2008 and everything turned for the better. Eddy has made over 1 MILLION dollars from affiliate marketing ever since.

He quit his job in Corparate America and never looked back.  A veteran amongst experts.

Eddy's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Don't be afraid to invest in yourself. Often times when you do, you save yourself from making mistakes that will cost you more money for not investing in your education.

Buying a course or training can help you learn things faster than trying to piece a bunch of free information together that may not be accurate.


Be patient. There is this misconception that because affiliate marketing is web based it's going to lead to fast results. People fail to realize it's still a business that you need to learn.

And that takes time. It's not a get rich quick scheme. Don't go into this business with the expectations of seeing money quickly. It's a long term investment.


Pick a niche that you enjoy but also has buyer intent. A lot of people come into affiliate marketing with grand ideas on what their website will be about.

But then they fail to take into account the monetization aspect. In addition to your passion for the niche, you need to confirm that your audience expects and is willing to spend money on solutions in your niche.


Roope,  Founder of Your Online Revenue 

A young and energetic man who loves to travel, but where do you think the money comes from?

We all know travelling multiple times a year can cost you a fortune, and Roope knows that. He found a solution to that and has been travelling every year while making thousands a month from his online biz.

Thanks to his affiliate marketing business, Roope can be anywhere he wants and whenever he wants. 

He was able to generate $2,200+ in just 20 hours, check it out.

Roope's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Commit for the long term. 90-99% of the people are going to quit. Just by committing to do things consistently for the long term will put you ahead of almost everyone.

Do something every single day that takes you closer to your most important goal. Don't focus to make big results in the first 1-3 months but imagine how your life will change in the coming years if you are in affiliate marketing for the long haul.


Pick 1-3 products that you truly believe in and promote them.

One of the most common mistakes is just trying to promote all kinds of products and beginners spread themselves too thin.

A better approach is to pick, for example, one, two or three products that you truly believe will provide great value for people. Then focus on promoting them hard for the long term.


Model success.

Pick a few successful people who already have the results that you want. See what they are doing, get ideas from them and apply it yourself. You don't need to re-invent the wheel.

If something has been proven to work, just use it rather than trying to figure out things on your own.


Grace,  Founder of Work Anywhere Now 

Grace is the mother of two and the CEO of her own online business. She is what I would call the epitome of hard work and hustle.

Being a mom is already a tiresome "job", yet she's making a full-time income online. There's no excuse in success, doesn't matter who you are or where you are from.

She made over 20k in half a year time from her online business, and her internet marketing knowledge and experience just keeps on expanding.

Grace's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Only pick a limited amount of products to promote - don't promote hundreds of products, I used to do this, but it's not worth tracking all of it.

It depends on your niche, but you should generally have up to 5 main products you want to promote plus whatever else that's an extension of those products can be added but focusing on limited amount of products allows you to make more money than promoting a bunch of them.


Learn how to drive online traffic - this is key to promoting anything online. Whether you do free or paid traffic, you'll need to learn how to do this.


Work hard with consistency - People like to jump around offers, and don't work consistency to produce results. If you are using free traffic, you have to do this LONG TERM.

People think things don't work but it's because they don't try it for long enough. It takes quite an effort to drive the amount of traffic you need to produce a full time online income.


Jerry,  Founder of Smart Affiliate Success 

Jerry is an inspiration to many of us, especially young entrepreneurs. He successfully build his online biz without even setting a single foot into a university/college.

Having a degree is something to be proud of but having an online business that makes you around $6-10k a month is beyond proud, it's euphoric!

Jerry was able to generate $40k in 4 hours, I can assure you that no college degree can teach you that.

Jerry's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Be consistent, you have treat your online business as a real one because that is what it essentially is. 2 hours every day in a week is better than 6 hours in a day and only 1 day in week.


Be patient, almost everyone that did not succeed in affiliate marketing are the ones that gave up after 1-4 months. You need to be patient and learn the steps, some see success quicker and some slower but you need to be patient nonetheless.


Hard Work, seek a proven system and work hard on it. If one person could do it, so can you. He/she started exactly where you are, ground zero. Follow the system and work as hard as you can.


Derek,  Founder of Bloggers HQ

Derek is a 40 year YOUNG travel addict that makes a full-time income online by working no more than a couple of hours a day.

I received many valuable advice from Derek, he's quite the wise one but that's not just for show, he actually knows what he is saying.

Age is just a number, there is no stopping Derek in his online marketing journey.

Derek's Three Tips To Affiliate Success







What Derek Actually Means

You got that! Education, Education, Education!

The key and secret to succeeding online is learning the process and the skills that you need. It is that simple - I call it the "elusive obvious".

That good old fashioned nous and polished skills are what will open up many doors to a bright future - not some "Done For You" Business in a box or complicated funnel system or some pie in the sky "turn key system".

And that is the big secret that nobody is telling you - it is all about taking the time and effort to learn the skills. Thankfully the skills are not difficult to learn - pretty easy as a matter of fact!."


Reyhana,  Founder of Typing To Freedom

Reyhana's beginning will be a very typical one, one that the majority of you can relate to. She basically tried anything possible to create a stable income.

MLMs, Avon rep, pet shop, etc.

But none of them were able to help her quit the 9-5 rat race. At some point she invested and lost $45k and end up back to 9-5.

Now she's making $100 in a single week from her affiliate marketing biz.

Reyhana's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Stick with only one or two ways of getting traffic. Focusing efforts on only a few traffic generation strategies is better than trying all.


Work hard and don't give up. Any business needs hard work and some investment. There's a reason why you start affiliate marketing and never lose sight of the goal.


Focus on helping your audience instead of selling to them. Nobody likes to be sold to. In my experience, if you genuinely help for free, people will be more inclined to buy from you and trust you.


Mike,  Founder of Make Time Online

Mike is the owner of Maketimeonline.com and he hasn't been around that long but he was still able to achieve affiliate success nonetheless.

Making a stable income every single month from his affiliate marketing career.

He works no more than 3 days in a week. He is also focused on podcast, he made some decent money with it as well , you can read about it here

Mike's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Focus on how you can help the reader. Stop worrying about how to make money! If you can figure out how to actually help people, the money follows.


Pick a topic (niche) you are actually interested in or want to learn more about


Just start. The quicker you start, the quicker you fail, the quicker you learn and can eventually succeed. Don't worry about being perfect at the start (nobody is).


Tiffany,  Founder of How To Entrepreneur

Tiffany is a Lifestyle Activist and Internet Marketer at a Lifestyle Improvement and Media Company. She helps people with life hacks to improve their relationships, businesses, and personal development.

She has multiple income streams coming from multiple websites.

Tiffany shares a ton of quality advice for beginners, she wrote an article on the two main reasons people aren't making money with affiliate marketing, you can check that out here.

Tiffany's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Prioritize your business


Don't try to find loopholes


Focus on empathizing with your customer and affiliate partners and solve their problems--that's where good blog posts and product/service ideas come from.


Amhil,  Founder of Mild Matters Of Money 

Amhil was a university student while he was building his own "money making machine" in his apartment.

Fast forward, he is now plucking away the fruits from the tree he had planted back then, and he can do that every single month.

There are some who will drop out of college and achieve success and then there are those who finish school and achieve success. 

Amhil's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


As a newbie in affiliate marketing, you should do some research and a focus on a topic that you are passionate about if not at the very least interested in.


Write high quality content, don't try to rush it. Do some proper research and then take your time in writing it in your own voice.


Produce content on a regular basis, preferably 2 - 3 times a week.


Paul got started with his online marketing career since 2008, he has accumulated tons of information about affiliate marketing and online marketing as a whole since then. 

With all the experience and finely tuned skills, he build his own affiliate marketing empire.

A humble and hard working man, that's Paul.

Paul's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Before going through the earning we need to go through the learning. There is no such thing called immediate, quick and fast money.


Stick to one training platform and stay away from shiny object syndrome.


At least give one year's time to your online business. Work on your online business without expecting results for one year.


Vasiliy,  Founder of Best Lifetime Income 

Vasiliy started his online marketing career as a Forex Trader, after 8 years trading Forex with ups and downs, he called quits.

He was always interested in affiliate marketing but never took the time to dive into it deeper, after quitting trading, that's when his real online business started.

And now he's been successfully running an affiliate marketing business and live on his own terms.

Vasiliy's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Work on Your Brand from Day 1. Your name, your brand should be a primary focus. People will buy from your when they build trust with you. So much effort/traffic can be wasted if there is authority built.


Start collecting emails as soon as you can. Yes I know in WA they may not teach that from day 1 but all top affiliates and experts would tell you that email list is one of the most important assets any business can have.


Start a You Tube channel. This is what I missed out on while being busy with blogging and tweaking my site.
You Tube is a MUST for any marketer. This is a perfect way to build a brand/authority. People will follow you and will buy from you much faster than any website.


Kyle,  Founder of Kyles Blog 

Kyle started off as a complete newbie while he was still working at a maintenance job at a golf course. 

Soon after that the money he is making from his affiliate marketing business started to outgrow the income from his day job.

The rest is history.

Kyle's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Focus on one thing (2 at most) - A lot of people get spread too thin between too many websites/projects, as I did early on. It's best to stay focuses on less... at least this has been my experience.


Trust the system - This goes along with that above. When I started I wasn't seeing results as quick as I would have like to and didn't trust that it would work. This was part of the reason I started so many small websites early on, which just led to my time being spread too thin. It works. Trust it.


Relevancy is another big one - Sometimes I see people promoting products that aren't relevant to their target audience. In fact, I've seen some sites writing about weight-loss scams and then promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Obviously this is not a good combination.


Joo,  Founder of Mamas Money Tree

Joo is a proud and caring mother during the day and an affiliate marketer at night. Her journey with affiliate marketing is what I would call an "accident".

Her first website was actually a website documenting a health problem her kids had.

But she saw amazing traffic and that's when she started a new website and monetized it. Now she's growing exponentially from everything she learned about ranking and SEO.

Joo's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Surround yourself with like-minded people. Many people do not see the potential of online businesses, especially affiliate marketing. These can include people close to you. If I hadn’t found this supportive community of entrepreneurs, all learning from those who had succeeded, I wouldn’t have made it this far.


Never stop learning. In just the internet marketing world, there is more than enough stuff for us to learn until we die. Once we stop, we stagnate, and are unable to keep up with ever changing times.


Never give up. Though we all know this, doing it is what is tough. But it makes the difference between those who make it and those who don’t.


Xaric,  Founder of Dear Boss I Quit

Xaric got started with affiliate marketing back in 2016 in order to supplement his income. 3 years later, he actually managed to quit his 9-5 job and is now a full-time affiliate & local SEO marketer, earning his living while working from home (for the most part).

His current website is dearboss-iquit.com and within it, he shares exactly how he managed to go from zero to earning a full-time income online by leveraging affiliate marketing.

In addition, he reviews MMO (Make Money Online) platforms in an attempt to help people distinguish between the ones that are worth their time and attention and those that are just scams that need to be avoided."

Xaric's Three Tips To Affiliate Success


Believe and you’ll succeed!
The majority of beginners to affiliate marketing tend to have many doubts about whether
this entire concept of earning money online by promoting already existing products will
work for them or not.


Content, Content, Content…
I’ve seen tons of newbies to affiliate marketing wasting quite a lot of time on trying to
“improve” aspects of their website that matter very little if not at all…

Frankly, your visitors don’t even care about all that… The only reason people are going to be
visiting your website is the content published within it.


Welcome Failure. While trying to become a successful affiliate marketer, you’ll probably come across bazillion setbacks, you’ll make dozens of mistakes, and you’ll fail more times than you can possibly

Truth is that this is part of the whole process and you can’t avoid any of it. Instead of becoming frustrated because you made a mistake or because something didn’t go as planned, make sure to welcome everything that comes your way!


Dale,  Founder of Living More Working Less

Below you will see an interview Roope had with Dale, he will show you 3 steps to LIVE MORE & WORK LESS.

Definitely a video worth watching that can help you out tremendously with your affiliate marketing career.

The Final Advice

I will summarize all the advice from all the 17 experts and boil it down to a few sentences of my own. In case you just skimmed through it because it was too much to consume.

Some of these tips and advice overlaps and they mean the same thing but said differently, and keep in mind these are REAL tips from REAL experts who are already having success.

You need to find someone who is already having tremendous success in what you wanted to do, take action and follow his/her footsteps.

Ignore the first few months, it will be rare for you to see amazing results that early unless you got lucky. But let's not bet on luck, shall we?

Bet on yourself!

Think Long-Term Business And You Will Receive Long-Term Income.

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So basically, it all comes down to 3 SUPER IMPORTANT FACTORS:

  1. Find a mentor or a proven-system where you can follow the exact blueprint.
  2. Work smart and work hard.
  3. Stay consistent and be patient.
3 Tips To Affiliate Success

I didn't use any special software or pay $1.000-$3.000 for a course to show me that, I simply followed the steps shown to me by Wealthy Affiliate and took action.

Success doesn't really care who you are or where you are from, remember that. So the question is do you want to be successful and how bad?

Make Commissions While You Sleep

Sellhealth Sale

NOTE: This is from a website I haven't touched in 6-8 months, and it is still bringing me in a couple of sales a month from SellHealth. You can literally get started by making a FREE website at zero cost. and it will take you less than 30 seconds to do that. 

Before you leave...

Is there anything you want to share?

Did some of these experienced affiliate marketers leave out something of utmost importance that you think should be mentioned?

Any questions you have before finally taking action and start your own affiliate marketing journey?

Just share all of them in the comment section below, I would really love to hear your opinions and thoughts 🙂

"Stay Cool & Humble"

Kayin Zeng

Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • Nice tips, I must say you really dug into it and brought out the best for us…I have been in this business for some time and I must say that I haven’t seen an article this good for a long time.

    Experts roundup like this is what most people should do, we love to learn from the experts themselves.


    • Hi Nelson,

      I agree, I will be doing more roundups for you guys if you like, these type of posts takes a lot of time and work. Looking for experts who are willing to share their advice and putting the information together is a drag.

      But I am hopeful, there will be more articles like this coming, stay tuned 🙂


  • Hmmm, I have seen Dale’s youtube videos before, he is indeed an expert alright. I also subscribed to his channel there.

    Not so familiar with the other internet marketers but I think their advice are on point. Kudos for putting all of this together, Kayin!

    All in all an amazing and informative post that is worth sharing 😀


    • Hi Rodarrick,

      Thanks for the kind words! means a lot 🙂

      Yea, Dale is one hell of a marketer, can’t wait to learn more from him. lol


  • Wow, you made money with Sellhealth? I am promoting them for 2 years already and still, not a single sale. Can you please tell me how you did it? I have a health blog but I am having a hard time getting traffic to it, I get like 2-5 people on my website in a month.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate a free community? 


    • Hi,

      Just 2-5 users per month? You have a lot of work to do, my friend. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, you can join through this link here.

      Once you are inside, shoot me a message and we’ll start the process of rebuilding your website.


  • Nice roundup! I have seen some of your other articles and I am liking it. I also bookmarked your website. Keep these articles coming please? 😀

    Is it possible if you write something about SEO (Seach Engine Optimization)? That would be really helpful for me and those who are having trouble ranking.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Eva,

      Thanks for the love. Yea, a lot of SEO requests, I will work on it and see what I can do 🙂

      Thanks for the recommendation, much appreciated.


  • Amazing expert roundup! I love how detailed every tip is from every expert here. You have done an amazing job, Kayin. I can’t wait to show my other affiliate marketing friends this article…oooh and especially that infographic, it’s so easy and fun to skim through.

    We are not new to affiliate marketing but we are definitely struggling ones. Again, thanks for this amazing article!! 


    • Hi Juliet,

      You are welcome, thanks for sharing the article and infographic to your friends, means a lot.

      Just follow the steps and I am sure you and your friends will soon experience success. If you guys get stuck, just create a FREE account on Wealthy Affiliate and I will personally help you guys out.


  • Hi Kayin! I have been looking forward to affiliate marketing. But up to this point there are a lot of things that worry me and one of them is that I’d be missleaded. But reading all these recommendations and how they all agree, I think I’m ready to educate myself on this and put the work in! Thanks for this post!


    • Hello Ann,

      I totally understand your situation, I’ve been there before and I know it can be very frustrating.

      It is also normal for you to be extra cautious when it comes to spending your time and money. Just let me know if you are ready and interested in starting, I can show you the way 🙂


  • I was looking for an article like this for a long time. Nowadays Affiliate Marketing is a very popular income source. Thousand and thousands of people are working on Affiliate Marketing. After reading this article I got to know and learn and many things. I think if I follow all the tips of this article, I will be successful very soon. Haha

    Once again, Thanks for your help and suggestion. I will share the post with others. 😊


    • Hi,

      That’s true, affiliate marketing is growing more and more popular. Better get started now and enjoy your hard work later!

      Thanks for sharing.


  • First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading it. I’ve been working in the online world for a long time now and I have had some success but not much. 

    Maybe I will start doing YouTube as one of these experts advised us to do. I need to find the confidence for that though.

    I will pass your article on to my friends and they will certainly share with you their new experiences. Can I share the infographic on my social media?


    • Hello Shanta,

      Of course, you can share the infographic on your social media whenever you want. A lot of people can gain an unfair advantage for knowing about these tips.

      You can definitely do voice over before actually making videos where you show your face. That’s how most people get started with YouTube.

      Best of luck!


  • This post is the best post I have ever seen on affiliate marketing or one of the best at the very least. I love how every expert started their affiliate marketing journey differently. 

    But if I had to pick one as my mentor, I would probably pick Derek!

    He’s so right about education, it is all about education man, hahaha.


  • I feel really educated thanks to this post, especially from Dale and Roope. I watched the whole 25 minutes video and I might rewatch it again.

    I am definitely bookmarking this website for future purposes, thanks to the writer of this awesome article!

    One question, how long does it usually take to see success?


    • Hi Parveen,

      Success depends on your niche, how often and how hard you work on your online business, if you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do by following a system or a mentor that you deemed worthy, I would say around the 7-month mark before you see some good results coming in. However, it could take much longer or happen much sooner, there is no EXACT answer for that.

      I hope this helps.

      Best of luck!


  • Great idea to create such an amazing post and get so much feedback.
    Good Job! Wealthy Affiliate is great and gets only better each year with so many new features being added.


    • Thanks for taking the time to share your tips and advice!

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the place to be for anyone who’s struggling to find success.


  • Kayin, I thank you sincerely for taking the time to interview these 17 Affiliate Marketing Go-Getters and sharing their three tips with your audience. Your synthesis at the end into three overriding tips makes a lot of sense.

    I am happy to say I have a mentor. He sponsored me into Wealthy Affiliate and is a 6 figure earner. That qualifies as meeting Step 1. Staying Consistent in Step 2 is what I struggle with. I know I need to write at least 3 posts a week which is my goal. I get distracted with minor things in the Affiliate Marketing space like worrying about how my website looks. My mentor put me right on that so I am hopeful I will stay consistent. I have no problem with Step 3. Patience is something I have dealt with all my life. Good things come to those who wait as the saying goes. But that wait has to be connected with taking appropriate action.

    Kayin, thanks once again for writing this Blog. I wish you all the success in the world.



    • Hello Edwin,

      Definitely stay consistent, even if you can’t seem to post 3 times in a week, try doing once a week and then twice a week, slowly build up your momentum.

      And I am glad you found your mentor. Many super affiliates from Wealthy Affiliate are mentors now, this goes to show how amazing and awesome of a community Wealthy Affiliate really is.

      Believe in yourself and bet on yourself, you are more capable than you think 🙂

      Best of luck!


  • Hi Kayin,
    I am into Affiliate marketing for more than a year and I got stuck and misled. These tips and recommendations really help me to move forward with confidence. Thank you.


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