BeCause Cosmetics Review

Hey, welcome to my BeCause Cosmetics Review! 

Are you willing to create a lasting impression through a lasting business at an MLM company?

Could this opportunity be worth taking or is this another scam to avoid?

Let this unbiased review walk you through facts you need to know about BeCause Cosmetics!

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

BeCause Cosmetics Overview

Name: BeCause Cosmetics


Owners: Andrew G. Mcbride

Price: $99-$199

Launched: 2017

SAP Ratings: 10/100

BeCause Cosmetics Logo

Best Suited For: for people looking for safe and cruelty-free cosmetics 

Summary:  BeCause Cosmetics is an MLM company that focuses on empowering women along with the mission of giving them a lasting business. This is a legitimate company and could still be considered new to the MLM industry compared to the longevity of most networking companies out there. BeCause makes it to a point to share 3% of its profits to their chosen foundation. It offers a variety of products free from harmful ingredients.

Recommended: Not a chance.

What Is BeCause Cosmetics?

Are you ready to start your journey to a lasting business along with making a lasting impact?

Let's start off with knowing what BeCause Cosmetics is all about.

Every company aims to make sure that consumers don’t only feel good about its products, but also giving them a secure feeling that each of them is safe. And that's what this MLM assures you to have.

They have a strict standard of complying with EU and US guidelines to provide quality products free from prohibited and harmful ingredients.

Its mission is to redefine beauty and empower women everywhere through their cosmetic and beauty products along with its income opportunity

Andrew G. McBride is responsible for the launch of BeCause Cosmetics in March of 2017. According to McBride's LinkedIn profile, he is also the founder of another MLM called Perfectly Posh.

Prior to that, he was also affiliated with a networking company called Scentsy.

BeCause Cosmetics is another typical networking company with a goal to assist people in changing their lives for the better through its "revolutionary" products. 

Obviously, this business has not been running for quite a long time compare to MLMs like Ardyss International or Gano Excel.

But BeCause Cosmetics is already sharing 3% of its overall profits to non-profit organizations namely:

  • People Helping People
  • The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The Moyer Foundation
  • Major League Baseball’s RBI Initiative

BeCause Cosmetics' Product Line

Are you a make up enthusiast or a beauty guru? Maybe you are looking for products and have come across BeCause Cosmetics and you want to see whether this can pass your standards to what a great makeup is?

Whatever the reason is, I will walk you through what this company can offer you.

You cannot shop directly at, they will send you to a page where you can choose to shop from an affiliate near you or whoever you want. You will just have to click an affiliate's icon on the map and a link to their replicated website will show up.

So, I went over to the website of the only Silver Ambassador I saw on the map.

Then I saw that it $6 as the cheapest price of the product available

Not bad though.  That is according to the Affiliate's website, but from BeCause Cosmetics Catalog, it's actually $12 per piece.

BeCause Cosmetics High Shine Lip Color

This is the High Shine Liquid  Lip Color available in 5 different shades. As far as the packaging looks, I think I like Motives Cosmetics' product package designs.

BeCause Cosmetics are offering a range of makeup products but are more likely the most basic ones. There's nothing much unique about what they offer and I am not even impressed with how the packaging looks like.

Consumers nowadays do not only consider the effectiveness or the use of a product but also how the packaging appeals to them.

Influences and Beauty from Youtube are offering high-quality and definitely attractive products that people can see as eye candy.

Anyway, there are not a lot of products at BeCause Cosmetics. They have foundations, lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, setting sprays, makeup brushes.

It's not that much, unlike Aloette that truly has a bigger range of products from makeup to skin care.

The only thing that you can be assured of is that BeCause products are safe and free from harmful ingredients.

But we all know that this is not the only company that guarantees safe and effective products.

BeCause Cosmetics Products

If you truly want to test out the quality of their products, you can go ahead and do that.

It will be better that you can prove that these are worth it in order to see whether its something you can sell to your family and friends, right?

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Is BeCause Cosmetics a Pyramid Scheme?

The internet had become a blessing to all of us since information nowadays are just a few clicks away. Unlike before, people are more likely to fall into scams and fraudulent schemes because of lack of information about the company.

They usually just tend to listen to what the organization has to say to them and believe it since there are no other outlets to find out if  what they claim are true.

Well, thanks to the internet we can now save ourselves from being scammed or lured into false promises of fake businesses.

Anyway, my point here is, since this review will remain unbiased, I will give you the complete truth about BeCause Cosmetics.

So, is it a pyramid scheme? It's absolutely not!

For any networking company to be labelled as one, it must have nothing to sell and just focuses on recruiting people. 

Since BeCause have legit products to sell, that leaves them out of the possibility that this is another fraudulent scheme!

Are you relieved? Now we can move on to the next phase!

How Much Does It Cost To Join BeCause Cosmetics?

I do not understand how other MLMs hide the requirements or the membership fees one must pay in order to become one of its distributors.

Unless you can reach another company distributor, you can ask them what you need to do and pay for to become one as well.

Anyway, it's a good thing that BeCause does not hide how much it wiill cost to join them.

Usually, when applying at an MLM company, there's a need to find a distributor you can enroll to or the company will randomly find someone for you.

But with BeCause Cosmetics, you can easily locate a Brand Affiliate through an interactive map. This will let you see the affiliates in US and the icons are color-coded according to their ranking position.

It's your choice whether you want to pick the one near you!

So here are the Starter Kits that you can purchase when you apply as one of the company's affiliates along with what's included in it.

BeCause Cosmetics Mini Branding Kit

It seems like a good price for that much items included. I just don't understand why MLMs offer kits like this that has products worth double of the price of the package. 

What else are they going to gain from doing so? Or is it just that the products are actually worth that much and not as it was actually priced?

Anyway, lets move on!

Since this is going to be your independent business, it's your choice if you truly want to go all out and spend a little more for investment. Then you can choose the Pro Branding Kit.

BeCause Cosmetics Pro Branding Kit

​Is that all? Well, there are more options you can choose from. 

BeCause offers one-time payment upgrade packs which are not mentioned in the site or within the company's compensation plan. These upgrades can cause you $39-$59.

Apart from that, you can choose to have your BeCause replicated website and pay for it at $5 per month.

That's not surprising at all. Well, having a website sure is more convenient than having to meet up with people and sell to them upfront.

But there are other MLMs that does not offer additional payments for back office or website Gano Excel is one of them.

BeCause Cosmetics' Compensation Plan

I am not sure whether MLMs do make it to a point to have very complex compensation plans for some reason. 

But they all have one thing in common. Each of the reward programs of networking companies are supposed to do this: change your life.

Well, as much as they claim that it's for the better, there are tons of people who end up in debt due to required monthly stockpiling or simply getting no return of investments.

Companies like Because will assure you that there;s no need to buy bulks of products for inventories because you will have a replicated site you can sell products from. Okay, this leaves you out of the possibility of ending up in debt.

How exactly can you earn at BeCause Cosmetics?

So, once you join, you will start as an Affiliate. Your goal would be to climb up the ranking positions in order to maximize your income potential.

And to do that effectively, you have to put a lot of effort into selling the products. But raking in a larger sum of profits will come from successfully recruiting people to become affiliates as well.

BeCause Cosmetics Affiliate And Ambassador

BeCause Cosmetics aims to give you the chance to create a lasting business, but it's still on you as to how you can manage to keep thriving within the system.

It may seem so easy when they tell you how promising it is to become one of their affiliates and how you'll feel great at being a part of an organization that does something good.

And as much as they tell you how they'd help you grow, how are they actually going to do that?

You will only be compensated from your efforts, but how likely is it that all the dedication you give into an MLM will be rewarded accordingly?

Most people have done all the selling and recruiting but still wasn't able to move up even one level at the ranking system. That's a fact about the difficulty of getting by at a networking company.

According to BeCause Cosmetics Compensation Plan, here is the ranking positions and how you can qualify for each!

BeCause Cosmetics Ranking Positions

Apart from that, there is a reward option where you can accumulate points through personal sales, recruiting and for every advancement you make in the ranking system.

These points can be redeemed and use to buy anything you want at BeCause Rewards Page!

Gladly, you can access this even if you are not an affiliate yet. All you need to do is enter the Program Password = BeCause1.

From there, you'd be able to see all the rewards you want from home appliances, mobile phones, travel gears and a lot more.

To be honest, this was a surprise for me since most MLMs are not open to what rewards their distributors will get. You can only see them if you are a distributor yourself. But, with BeCause, I didn't have to sign up at all.

I must say, it will be easier for people to be convinced on joining the program if they have a clear view of what they will be getting from it. Don't you agree?

You can go over BeCause Cosmetics Compensation Plan to see for yourself and check whether this is a system you can actually benefit from.

To have a better view on what this company is all about, you can watch the video below:

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Is BeCause Cosmetics Accredited By The BBB?

Unfortunately, there are no results found in the Better Business Bureau when I have tried to search for BeCause Cosmetics.

Does this mean you cannot trust the company? NO.

For a business to be accredited by BBB, it must take initiative to apply for it. Perhaps BeCause has not decided yet to apply for accreditation.

It sure adds to the appeal of a company's credibility if it is accredited. Although this is an important factor, it should not be the sole basis of when to rely or avoid a business.

BeCause Cosmetics BBB

What I Like About BeCause Cosmetics/ The Pros

1. Safe and Cruelty-free products!

There are other companies that will tell you that they are providing products free from any harmful ingredients, but you'll only realize that it's not true when you experience side effets from using them.

That's going to be a huge problem.

But, you can be assured that with BeCause Cosmetics, you are using cruelty products!

You can check BeCause Product Information PDF for more details!

There are a lot of things that  a person must consider before joining a company. Not just because the products seems safe to use.

No matter how cheap an MLM requires to get you started, you must be sure that you are ready to get going because it's a commitment.

Starting an independent business may seem so easy that all you need to do is purchase a starter kit, pay for the membership fee and you're all set.

But, unless you have a bigger view on what this company can do for you, what requirements you must comply to, it will be easier for you to see how you can thrive within the system.

It's just simply knowing what you are getting into so you can be prepared on how you can deal with everything.

There's nothing else about this company that appeals to me since, there are aspects that  other MLMs have as well.

What I Dislike About BeCause Cosmetics/ The Cons

1. Low Success Rate

Since BeCause have this interactive map you can go over to find an affiliate you want to sign up as or shop from, you can have an overview of the people's success rate in the company.

Below is the photo of the map with color-coded icons in regards to an affiliate's ranking position.

BeCause Cosmetics Find An Affiliate

As you can see there are more white icons which stands for the first level: Affiliate.

Then you can see that there are a number of grey icons, which stands for Verified Affiliates. They could either be in Level 1, 2 or 3.

And it is visible that there is only one Silver Ambassador and One Gold Ambassador. 

No one has achieved the Platinum and Diamond levels yet. 

The fact that there are more Affiliates than Ambassadors makes it clearer to see that it is difficult to thrive in an MLM company.

BeCause Cosmetics Affiliates

2. Recurring Fees

There will always be other fees you need to pay for at an MLM to keep your business.

At this point it is highly recommended that you pay for the monthly dues to keep your replicated site at BeCause Cosmetics up and running.

Even though, it is in fact needed to pay for the amount to keep your site live, why not do it at a worthwhile expense. 

Let's say, create your own website and earn passively by doing something you actually like. Plus, there's no other requirement or sales you needed to close in order to earn at least something!

If you want this instead, why not go for affiliate marketing?

There are other things you need to consider before joining an MLM. 

Even if it has a foundation or it donates to a great cause means it's also going to do your independent business good. A lot of MLM's have their own foundations to support!

And it's also a fact that most people end up failing within the system no matter how awesome they say their community of distributors are.

Being wise on making any investments at any venture should not be done with haste. Sure, we all wanted an amazing opportunity.

We are all thriving to become successful and even if a networking company tells you that it is an independent business, your success is their success too.

I'm not saying that it's a bad thing but, why not go for something that you can truly call your own? No recruiting, no sleazy sales tactics and all that.

Is BeCause Cosmetics a Scam?

To be honest it's somehow understandable how a lot of people quickly assumes that any company that uses multi-level marketing as its business model is nothing but  a scam.

The obvious difficulty to thrive within the system is one reason. Another is that there are more people who fails in it than those who have succeeded.

As much as people would like to stay true with their negative perception on networking companies, not all of them are a scam.

BeCause Cosmetics is absolutely not.

You can say that it's still a baby in this industry compared to most giant MLM out there, that's for sure.

Overall, this is a legitimate company that offers safe products, 

If you are really keen on starting your journey with this company, then you can go ahead.

But if you have changed your mind and wanted to try something else, well. I have the answer for you.

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