Grammarly Affiliate Program Review

Hey, welcome to my Grammarly Affiliate Program Review! 

A good grammar checker is a necessity for many, not just because grammar is difficult, although it is, but mainly because when you are really into writing and typing, you don't pay as much attention to it.

That's when an online grammar checker comes in handy, it is extremely convenient.

So what if you could make money promoting a grammar checker that you know works? Wouldn't that help others get the benefit of it and help you earn some extra money?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any program, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and possibly make real money online instead!

Grammarly Overview

Name: Grammarly


Owner(s): Alex Shevchenko  & Max Lytvyn

Price: Free Membership & Premium Membership ($29.95/m)

Launched: 2009

SAP Ratings: 80/100

Grammarly Logo

Best Suited For: Writers and people whose mother language isn't English. As a writer, you might usually not realize small grammar mistakes unless you start to reread every thing word for word, which can be very time consuming and be a hit to your overall productivity.

Summary: Grammarly Affiliate Program is a high paying CPA affiliate program that's easy to make money with, you can easily create a full-time income with Grammarly's referral program. The tool itself is an online grammar checker with a free option that you can use for convenience. It's one of the leading software suite and the best online grammar checker in 2020 and onwards, it helps you check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It even suggests you citations! 

Recommended: Definitely.

What Is Grammarly?

Founded in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko  & Max Lytvyn, Grammarly is in layman's terms an online grammar checker, however, it is actually more than that.

This digital writing tool that uses artificial intelligence that offers grammar checking, spell checking and even plagiarism detection based on 400 grammar rules.

It sits on your browser and everytime you write something whether it's for a blog on your website or an essay for school.

It helps you detect the wrong grammar, punctuation, spelling and many other things that even Microsoft Words will overlook.

Do you see how amazing and convenient such a tool can be for students, bloggers, writers, etc?

The affiliate program offered by Grammarly is also very generous, you can earn commissions even from people who are not willing to go premium, even if they just opt for the FREE option.

Grammarly Billing Option

How To Join The Grammarly Affiliate Program?

Grammarly is a CPA based affiliate program, if you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer, you can pretty much earn a full-time income with it.

The way this affiliate program works is much better than similar CPA programs.

Whenever someone signs up through your link, you will get a commission, yep, you heard that right, They don't even need to go premium for you to receive a commission.

Although, the commission will definitely be bigger if they go premium, which is very likely considering how amazing this online grammar checking tool is.

First thing first, if you are already an affiliate on CJ or ShareAsale, feel free to sign up as an affiliate there if you like.

Grammarly Affiliate Sign up

Or you can follow these 5-steps here and become an affiliate through the official website 🙂

  1. Sign up through this link here if you are not already an affiliate on CJ and ShareAsale.
  2. Fill in the form. Your personal details and URL of your website. (For non-us citizens, make sure your bank accepts USD)
  3. Submit form and wait 1-2 days for Grammarly to check your request and confirm.
  4. Finally receive the welcome email from Grammarly to finalize the verification process.
  5. Insert affiliate links to your chosen platform and receive signups.

How To Claim Your $25 Activation Bonus (FREE)

In order for you to receive your $25 sign up bonus, there is something you need to do. Once you receive the confirmation email, make sure to check the activation details.

You will receive a text link or banner, put that on your website and then send the URL of your website with the banner and link added to the same approval email that send you the details.

Do that within 2 weeks after receiving the approval email.

Once that is all set and done, you should receive your bonus of $25 without any complication.

And by the way, don’t forget to insert your affiliate link on the banner or text link, otherwise you will be leaving money on the table, you will receive commission every time someone joins through your affiliate link.

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Grammarly Affiliate Commission Structure

Number 1: $0.20 per Successful Sign-up

Whenever someone signs up through your affiliate link, and it doesn’t matter if they’re not going premium right away, you will still receive a $0.20 affiliate commission.

Number 2: $20 Per Premium Sign-up or upgrade

When someone joins through your link and decides to go premium, you will receive a $20 affiliate commission. This also include anyone who joined through your link who is not a premium yet at firs but decides to become a premium later.

(Note: There’s a 90-days cookie on all Grammarly affiliate links, that means that people will stay stuck with you for 90 days unless they click on someone else's affiliate link, if they become premium within those 90-days, you will receive a commission.)

Number 3:  Receive 10% of all your referred Affiliates

For those who became a Grammarly affiliate through your link, you can also benefit from them. You can earn 10% of all their affiliate commissions.

So, if they make $100 as a Grammarly affiliate, you will receive $10. Pretty chill right?

Number 4: Bonus Commissions

The bonus you get here is the type of bonus only hustlers can get, what I mean by that is, the more you can make as a Grammarly affiliate, the more bonus you can receive.

For example:

  • If you make $3.000/month you are set to receive a $300 bonus
  • If you make $6.000/month you are set to receive a $600 bonus
  • If you make $9.000/month you are set to receive a $900 bonus

How To Promote Grammarly As An Affiliate?

There are quite a number of ways to do this to be honest but I will help you narrow down the easiest and most efficient way to do that.

1. Your Own Website

I like to start with a personal blog, if you have your own website, that's like the bacon that attracts all living things (in this case people).

This is by far the most automatic way of getting people to join through your link. Now here's how you can optimize your website for this:

Write a Post and Place Your Affiliate Link In It

Write an article or articles about Grammarly, spelling checker tool, online digital writing tool, etc. Basically anything that targets Grammarly and have it rank on Google.

Once it is ranked, people will find it and read it and then join. Now of course that sounds easy and I know it is not but theoretically, that's exactly how it is.

- Post A Banner On Your Sidebar

You can easily post a banner on your sidebar, if you haven't done so yet, you probably should. This way your banner will be visible to readers right away once they are on your website.

And without a doubt a percentage of people will click on it. And a percentage will either make the free account, purchase the premium membership or leave.

If its either of the first two action, you will make a commission.

2. Make Videos - YouTube

I think this is the most efficient way when it comes to getting high conversion, where people will more likely join instead of leave.

With the website, people are just reading your words, some may find it less trustworthy even if what you say is totally legit.

But when it's a video, where people can see your face and hear you, they are more likely to listen to you and what you have to offer. So review Grammarly and promote it on YouTube if you are not camera shy.

3. Promote In Popular Forums

When you have an account on Reddit or Quora, perhaps you can leverage that kind of exposure. People from these platforms are usually there looking for help. 

So if you have the perfect answer with the perfect tool for them, I don't see why they won't accept your offer.

However, Quora can be very strict when it comes to posting, perhaps you can try answering questions by leading people into a Grammarly review post you wrote or something like that instead of placing the actual affiliate link there.

4. Social Media Platforms

This method is actually the one I like least, the reason for that is because this may come off as spammy. If you have a lot of followers on Twitter or Facebook, then you can definitely put that into good use.

Just by having people signing up to Grammarly will earn you $0.20, if 100 people join, which is very likely because it is completely free to use and you have a big audience of thousands of people.

How Do I Get Paid By Grammarly?

Just like any affiliate program, you will get paid once or twice a month. But with Grammarly, you will get paid once and that's on the first week of the month.

If you are promoting Grammarly through ShareAsale then it is on the 21st or 22nd of the month.

There's a threshold of $100 or $50 if you are promoting through ShareAsale, so in order to start receiving, you need to have made at least $50 for the month.

Grammarly doesn't work with PayPal so you will get your money through:

  • Bank Transfer (USD)
  • Check (USD)

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What You Need To Get Successful

Don't worry if you think this is a lot of work, you don't need a lot to see success to be honest, I will tell you exactly what you need.

  • You need a laptop with good internet connection
  • An affiliate account on the official website, CJ or ShareAsale
  • You need your own personal website. (Click here if you want to know how to create a website for FREE)

Grammarly Affiliate Program FAQ

Question #1: I don't have a website, how can I promote Grammarly?

This is probably the most asked question when people want to promote this awesome grammar checking tool.

Here's the thing, nowadays you don't need to know a single line of code to build a website, seriously. 

You can literally get started with affiliate marketing for FREE by building a FREE website.

Question #2: I have no affiliate marketing experience, is it still for me?

Yes, it is still for you. However, it is best for you to gain some experience and knowledge first with affiliate marketing.

That way you can easily make more money. You can follow this affiliate marketing guide and apply what you learned.

Question #3: Do I need to be a premium member to promote Grammarly?

No, you do not need to be a premium member to promote Grammarly, you just need to be approved by them to become their affiliate.

Is Grammarly Accredited By The BBB?

Absolutely, Grammarly is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2012. They also have an A+ rating from BBB.

This just shows how reliable and trustworthy of a company it is.

Now, of course that's not everything but it definitely helps with raising the legitimacy bar for an online company that helps people write better.

Grammarly BBB

What I Like About Grammarly 

1. The 90-Day Cookie

This is very relieving, and it really helps people get the best out of their referrals. An affiliate program like gives you the feeling that they actually care about their affiliates and help them earn as much as they can.

Without the 90-day cookie window, I can assure you that you will lose a lot of money on the table.

2. High conversion rates (20–30%)

An affiliate program with a proven conversion rate of at least 20%, that is in my experience a homerun. It is extremely hard to find an affiliate program with such a high conversion rate.

If you had like 100 sign ups, 20% of that would be 20 people going premium.

20x$20 is $400, and 100 sign ups is not a very hard task to do if you followed the affiliate marketing guide. showed you.

3. $25 activation bonus

This is just pretty chill, they literally pay you $25 for becoming their affiliate, that's free money. There's honestly nothing much to say about this.

What I Dislike About Grammarly

Absolutely nothing, I am using Grammarly myself, and I love it. That's probably the main reason I am promoting it in the first place.

I am making more money as an affiliate marketer promoting other stuff but this definitely boost my overall income.

But not to sound biased, here's something that some may consider a disadvantage but I don't really consider it a dislike. I would say this, no Grammarly student discount or affiliate discount, that would be awesome if there is.

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