How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

To get started with affiliate marketing  will cost you a fortune. Don't do it.

Affiliate marketing will make you poor before you even get rich, don't even dare to try.

These are probably the most common misconceptions about affiliate marketing.

This post is dedicated to those who are looking to start an affiliate marketing career or business but have no money.

And now, they are left asking the most obvious question: "How to start affiliate marketing with no money?"

Great news for you if you are one of them and you are interested but you don't have thousands to spend.

I will show you exactly how I got started with affiliate marketing with no cash at hand. (no joke)

This article will for sure bring you lots of valuable information even if you have the dollars, let's get right into it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

To get started I would like to talk a little bit about affiliate marketing first, maybe you are not really that interested, who knows? Could be, right?

And if you are not, then you don't have to waste any more of your valuable time here.

So affiliate marketing as it is, is nothing but a more advanced form of referral marketing if you ask me.

Why do I say that? Because affiliate marketing in essence, work the same way as referral marketing with slight differences.

The main difference being, with referral marketing you are more focused on referring to your friend or family member a product or service you are using yourself.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand is more focused on third-party brand advocates.

That means, with affiliate marketing you do not only refer to those close to you but anyone who is looking for a specific service or product.

Affiliate marketing is

  • Identify great or amazing product/program/service.
  • Promote & help someone who needs it.
  • Give value and advice about said product/program/service.
  • Person becomes a customer/client.
  • You make a commission when a purchase is completed as a token of helpfulness.

And what affiliate marketing is not

  • Look for most expensive product/program/service.
  • Force-promote to everyone.
  • Be despicable and give false information about product/program/service.
  • Beg someone to make a purchase by lying.
  • Get annoyed and toxic when person isn't convinced.

So basically, don't force anything down anybody's throat.

Offer value and you will be rewarded, whether the person finds your information or advice to be a reliable source or not depends on how you give it and how you respond to it afterwards.

Don't try to pitch someone into buying something you don't even believe in just to make money.

That kind of mindset will never work on the long run even if it seems like it is on the short term.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

To get started with affiliate marketing, you need something where you can offer people solutions to their problems.

And what's the best way to do that in 2020 and onwards? a WEBSITE!

We are passed the industrial era, this is the start of the internet era, access to the internet is a privilige, without a doubt.

And since many of us have access to it, that's where we go to, to look for answers, do you agree?

I remember going on Google because I wanted to know how long it takes to boil an egg to perfection, runny yolk and soft egg white.

I receive the answer right away within seconds. Life has never been so convenient before in the past.

So take advantage of that and start answering to people's problem or questions. That's how you essentially run a successful affiliate marketing business and earn money.

Now that you know you need a website, here are the following questions that you might have:

  1. Where can I create a website?
  2. How much does it cost to create/maintain a website?
  3. Where can I learn to create/design a website?

I will address the above questions one by one, just so you will know exactly what to do afterwards. 

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Where Can I Create a Website?

We shouldn't forget that our main goal is to get started with affiliate marketing without any or just a bit of money.

So let's take a look at FREE website hosting platforms for this. (This is also how I got started)

1. 000webhost 

When it comes to free webhosting, 000webhost is definitely on the list everywhere you go.

It is known for it's speed and its clean designs thanks to their no-ads policy.

  • Sub-domains are included.
  • Max 1 FREE Website.

But like all FREE web hosts out there, all have their flaws. 000webhost is not a place you want to go to if you want "privacy".

They were hacked and close to 13.000.000 customer's private information were leaked.

000Webhost Logo

2. Wix

My second recommendation is no other than Wix!

This FREE web host is also of one of the top webhosting platform when it comes to browser-based page builder.

Extremely convenient for building small blog sites and portfolio, etc.

More extreme features are available but then you would have to pay for it.

Wix's logo

3. SiteRubix

I saved the best for last, and there's a reason why I did that.

000Webhost and Wix are amazing when it comes to creating your FREE website.

But they don't show you how to use it to make money.

SiteRubix is the one I ended up going with, and it is not just your average FREE website builder as some may think it is.

It's powered by Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing platform that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing step-by-step.

SiterRubix Logo
How Much Does It Cost To Create/Maintain a Website?

With most web hosting platforms, you are required to pay a monthly subscription to maintain your website, to keep it running.

But with the above mentioned FREE alternatives, you can stay as long as you want, however, do keep in mind that the FREE package is not as beneficial as the paid ones.

Especially if you plan doing this whole affiliate marketing thing long term, scaling is a priority.

The average you would have to spend on subscription is around $1-$10, depending on your web hosting platform.

Where Can I Learn To Create/Design a Website?

When I first got into affiliate marketing, I chose 000webhost. But after learning about their privacy issue, and some other reasons, I quickly got into another web host.

And yes, you guessed it. SiteRubix.

But leaving 000Webhost because of it's privacy issue wasn't my main reason, I would have left 000webhost anyway if that wasn't the case.

The reason for that is because SiteRubix is a web building tool from an even bigger platform called WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

It was exactly what I was looking for, and that is to build a successful online business.

They will teach you how to build and design a niche website and show you exactly what to do from step 1 to 10.

I build my first website in a matter of seconds!

The offers were just too good to skip on, they also have a premium membership option, but I wouldn't recommend you to opt for the premium right away.

Just go for the FREE option here and create a website in less than 20 seconds.

However, I am a premium member but that is because I know this is exactly what I want and I plan on growing with them.

1st Step To Sucsess

I hope you find this post to be valuable and worthy of your time.

Everything you need to get started today for FREE is here, if you really want to build an online business, make no excuse.

Don't believe in the overnight success crap and get-rich-quick schemes. I see them everywhere nowadays.

Find a proven-system, and put in the work, You will reap the rewards after you put in the hustle. I can promise you that.

I keep saying this because I know I did, and many before me. Everyone started from ground zero.

Please, take action. 

(Here's a video of Elon Musk's work ethic.)

If there's anything else that you would like to know, leave them down in the comment section below and I will get back to you asap.

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All my success comes from a well-proven business model, and it's called affiliate marketing.

And I believe it is also THE BEST  online business model.

The reason why? let me tell you why.

  • You do not need to purchase any product to make money.
  • You do not need to recruit people to actually make money.
  • You are not limited to what you want to promote.

And the best thing is, it is completely FREE to get started with.

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About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • A lot of people have gone into this line of business and they all have come back frowning at the entire idea. I think that’s because they opted for the FREE version and expected premium stuff.

    I would go with the premium right away, and yes, SiteRubix is definitely a pretty good hosting platform. Not so sure about the other two though.


    • Hello Benson,

      Thanks for reading. That’s true in some way I suppose. With the free version, you are definitely going to miss a few things here and there.

      But in my opinion, if you are just getting started, it is totally fine. You can always go premium when you are ready, just the FREE version of SiteRubix is already more than enough to get started.

      Unless you are already experienced then sure, premium is without a doubt better. But it is not necessary as a starter 🙂


  • First of all, thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading it. But I have a question, can a  stay a home mom make a full-time income from affiliate marketing?

    I don’t have a lot of hours in a day, so maybe just 2-4 hours a day.


    • Hey Shanta, glad you enjoyed reading!

      And yes, of course, I have seen stay at home moms making 5-figures from their affiliate marketing business. Don’t underestimate yourself.

      If you have the will to try and persevere, you can do it ðŸ™‚


  • First of all, thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and informative article with us. I’ve been looking for an article like this for a long time. I’ve searched for long time affiliate marketing sites on many sites but never found a website like this so beautifully set up before. After reading your article, I had previously idea about affiliate marketing has changed completely. I think if I can follow the tips in the article I can do something good in Affiliate marketing.

    I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I want to share this article on my social media and I think if I share your article on my social media everyone will know about it 😊


    • Hi,

      Thanks man, much appreciated. Glad you liked this article. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else you would like to know!


  • Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I work online for a long time and affiliate marketing can make a lot of money online.In this case, I attract the buyers by advertising different products and I earn commissions by purchasing them.So I think affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.And I’ll share your registration with my friends so they know how to start affiliate marketing for free after your article.And they can make a living by earning money from here.


  • Wow fantastic

    I love SiteRubix! it is so easy and fast, haha.

    Before this, I tried Wix and Weebly, not really my thing. Thanks for sharing your personal hosting platform where you are having success with. Hopefully, I, too, will experience success in abundance like you.

    Sincerely, a soon to be millionaire blogger. LOL


    • Hi Alam,

      You are welcome, thanks for reading.

      Glad you found the perfect platform for you, as long as you don’t give up and keep blogging by implementing the right system and having the right mindset, you, too, shall succeed.

      I wish you nothing but good luck!


  • Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started online. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can start free, as discussed in this article. Although you might not need to invest financially,  but you would certainly have to trade-in your time to earn well

     You can work hard at creating a quality website and profit from it. It does take a lot of time, and you’re not going to make any “real” money for the first year or two. But, once you get the learning curve out of the way it’s totally worth it.  After which, then you find an affiliate programs,  attract visitors and get a very good training and you will be happy for joining wealthy affiliate marketing program like me and my co- affiliates. 

    But though I have a question ? What struggles or setbacks have you had in the affiliate marketing industry?

    Thank for your informative post. 


    • Thanks, Eva, for sharing your experience. 

      Like many other successful affiliate marketers out there, I have my own setbacks and pitfalls. The struggles I had was something 99% of beginners had.

      I was very skeptical about this whole thing and I was afraid I might waste my time building something that’s not even going to work.

      But of course, then I thought to myself. What’s the worse that can happen? I have seen people succeed and they all started from ground zero.

      If they can do it, I can do it. Fast forward, not even a year. 6-8 months and I was making a full-time income 🙂

      However, everyone is different. Some may achieve it a lot quicker and some a little later, hell, the majority wouldn’t even achieve it because they would give up in months 6 or 7 if they don’t see results.


  • Hello, Your guide and tips are very helpful. I work online for a long time and affiliate marketing can make a lot of money online.In this case, I attract the buyers by advertising different products and I earn commissions by purchasing them.So I think affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.And I’ll share your registration with my friends so they know how to start affiliate marketing for free after your article.And they can make a living by earning money from here.


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