Is Aloette Cosmetics A Scam? (A Superb Income Stream?!)

Is Aloette Cosmetics A Scam

Hey, welcome to my Aloette Cosmetics Review!

Are you a make-up enthusiast? Perhaps an advocate for a good skin care regimen?

Maybe you are looking for the perfect Aloe Vera products along with an amazing income opportunity?

Let's this unbiased review answer your questions as well as the most pivotal one, "Is Aloette Cosmetics a scam?"

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Aloette Cosmetics Overview

Name: Aloette Cosmetics


Owners: Tricia Defibaugh

Price: $39 - $199

Launched: 1978

SAP Ratings: 30/100

Aloette Cosmetics Logo

Best Suited For: anyone who has interest on beauty products and can see their potential in making money from it. 

Summary: Aloette Cosmetics is a legimate business but there are some important things that they do not disclose. Overall, this is a company focused on the beauty niche. It is more dependent on selling the products successfully than recruiting people and expanding a consultant's team.

Recommended: Certainly not.

What Is Aloette Cosmetics?

Today's generation seemed to be an era of makeup enthusiasts, beauty gurus, and influencers.

You might have come across Aloette Cosmetics and wanted to give them a try. Perhaps you have heard of their income opportunity and would love to see how it will help you earn real profits.

First of all, let's see what this company is all about.

It was 1978 when Tricia Defibaugh had launched Aloette Cosmetics. It is a beauty company dedicated to creating skincare and makeup products that are not just good for you, but was well as the environment!

Its proprietary ingredient is Aloe Vera similar to another MLM company called Forever Living.

Their difference is that Aloette is obviously focused on skincare innovation and age-defying science.

For decades in the industry, they make sure to move along with today's trends and maximize the use of the latest technology to provide the best beauty solutions.

Aloette Cosmetics' Product Line

From the company name itself, Aloette is offering different cosmetic products. 

It offers collections that you can choose from depending on your skincare needs as well.

Instead of going over each of its products, I'd discuss the collections available at Aloette.

Aloette Cosmetics Products


If you are experiencing breakouts and wants to do something about it, this collection can be your best pick. On top of that it will aid in achieving smaller pores as well as giving you a more hydrated and radiant skin 

Overall it will help you get that #nofilterneeded look,


Worried of fine lines and wrinkles? Through this Platinum products, you can achieve a more brighter and younger looking skin. It is formulated to protect and repair your skin and defy the effects of aging.


Are you looking for solutions to get rid of the blemishes and prevent future breakouts? Aloeclear can is made with peppermint, lavender oil, salycilic acid and of course, alovera that supports healthier skin.


Can't find the right shade for your skin tone? Aloette gives you the power to customize your eyeshadow palettes, foundation and blush to find the right color for your skin.


This product line is made to exfoliate, calm, deep clean and hydrate your skin giving it a healthier boost.


These luxury oils are made to give your skin a long-term improvement!


Lastly, Aloette is offering spa treatments one can easily use in the comfort of their home!

There are a number of Aloette products that you may find useful and all of it are made to be your best skin problems solutions.

You can check Aloette's Product Catalogue or Aloette's Product Shop to easily browse their offers!

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Is Aloette Cosmetics a Pyramid Scheme?

Isn't it easy for most people to think that any networking company that exists are pyramid schemes?

But, that’s not how it is.

There are guidelines set to be the basis on how to tell whether or not a company is a fraudulent scheme.

If you are worried that Aloette Cosmetics is a pyramid scheme, you don't have to.

This company is far from being one. In fact, it offers legit products that consultants can sell.

It is a factor that pyramid schemes don't have. There are solely relying on networking and basically working their team just to earn profits.

It's a known fact that Aloette Cosmetics is more focused on selling products.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Aloette Cosmetics?

Are you ready to unleash your inner beauty guru and finally make a living from your passion?

You can easily become an Aloette Beauty Consultant. All you need to do is choose a starter kit!

Note that when signing up, It's a requirement that you will explain why you wanted to be a part of the Aloette team.

To maximize your earning potential you must take advantage of the Personal Website this company will provide you. It is FREE for the first 60 days.

After that, you can either avail the $144 yearly subscription of pay $15 a month.

This is not far from MLMs like Allysian Sciences and NHT Global that has monthly requirements in order to stay active within the business,

Aloette Cosmetics Starter Kits

1. My Aloette Kit - $39 ($99 value)

2. Consultation Kit - $99 ($300 value)

3. Show Kit - $199 ($800 value)

Aloette Cosmetics Stater Kits

These kits seem questionable to me. Won't Aloette Cosmetics lose profits if they keep giving out cheap cost kits that are basically twice or thrice the products worth?

This is just making me doubt the quality of the product. Is it just offered to the market for higher costs but are not entirely worth the price anyway?

Aloette Cosmetics' Compensation Plan

There will be instances that we want our side-hustle to become an opportunity where we can commit to full-time. 

Can Aloette Cosmetics truly provide you an awesome chance to make your passion your profession?

To my dismay, it was difficult to find Aloette's Compensation Plan.

But I have come across an article that teaches you

 "How to Earn Like a Boss with Aloette"

There are fun events you can host like a themed-party, a DIY pop-up event, free facial and makeover, as well as a virtual show. Other than that, you can be your own influences by taking over social media networks to share product tutorials.

Creativity will not be hindered at Aloette if any of its consultants would want to do anything else to promote and sell products.

Basically, there is a heavier focus on actually selling the products rather than recruiting.

The Aloette Training Binder PDF I have found explains everything you need to do to maximize your earning potential. Let's see how well Aloette can compensate its consultants!

1. 25% Commission on Products.

For every product you sold, through or your replicated website or from the evens you hosted, you are entitled for a 25% worth of difference.

2.Raise Commission up  to 30-35%

The 30% raise can be applied either you have successfully enrolled 2 beauty consultants or completed 20 qualifying shows.

 While you can achieve 35% if you have recruited 3 beauty consultants or have completed 30 qualifying shows.

Aside from that, if you 3 people under you, this gives you the power to become a manager in training. Furthermore, this gives you eligibility to have an additional 4-6% from your own personal volume as well as your recruit sales!

There is a need to maintain this percentage of commission. To do that, you must remain as an Active Beauty Consultant at Aloette.

3. Hostess Benefits Paid By The Company

According to the pdf; "all regular hostess benefits are paid for by the company."

But it did not include what these benefits are or how much the hostesses are paid.

4. Personal Discount Orders

Obviously, every successful sale or transaction you made personally will be compensated accordingly. This is based on your commission percentage.

Please do keep in mind that there is a huge possibility that you will lose your title as a consultant if you give anyone your consultant discount.

5.Monthly Product Override

As stated, it is an incredible opportunity for Aloette's Beauty Consultants to take advantage of their chance to buy products monthly and get up to a 75% discount.

This option is designated to "replenish your sales kit and for personal use only."

To qualify for this, you must be active within the business model and will attend the Monthly Sales Meeting to get your orders!

6. Tax Deductions and Benefits

At Aloette you are more than just a consultant. Rather, you are self-employed or what they call an Independent Contractor.

It is a must to keep track of your transactions and any expenses made for your Aloette business to have a better overview of tax deductions and get the benefit that you deserve.

7. Special Income Opportunities.

Since Aloette is usually featured on tv for infomercials, you will be guaranteed up to 20% of commissions if you process orders of products featured in the infomercial.

You can check the video below to learn how to leverage your business opportunity at Aloette.

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Is Aloette Cosmetics Accredited By The BBB?

Why is it important to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

Because, the overall rating of BBB is based on their opinion of how the business engages with its customers.

Furthermore, it is clearly constructed from the data collected regarding the complaints made by the public against the organization and other info from the business itself.

Even though the ratings are not entirely a basis of a company's reliability, I do think that it truly shows how well it can handle or address consumers complaints.

Unfortunately, Allysian Sciences is not accredited by the BBB.

The photo below shows the acronym NR which stands for NO RATING.

This happens when the Better Business Bureau does not have enough information to rate the company.

Aloette Cosmetics BBB

What I Like About Aloette Cosmetics/ The Pros

1. Focuses On Direct Selling.

I have to admit that I am surprised that Aloette gives more attention to succesfully selling the products than recruiting people.

We are all used to companies that operates as an MLM to always make inviting and expanding their team the focal point of the independent business.

There is nothing much that I can find about this company and it's frustating. That's why I can't find anything else to like about it as well.

What I Dislike About Aloette Cosmetics/ The Cons

1. No Income Disclosure Statement.

It is important to have an overview of how much the company's consultants earn within a year.

This will give you an overview of the possibility you can have with them. Is it going to be difficult? Are the majority of people failing?

You should at least have an idea of factors like this to understand the risks you would be taking.

There are MLMs that are open about their annual revenues and how much their consultants are earning.

It is a given fact that the networking industry is highly competitive.

2. No Official Compensation Plan

People are more inclined to look at the business opportunity of networking companies rather than the products and services.

Most of them are searching for it first before entirely seeing the good about the business offers.

Unfortunately, I had difficulties looking for the actual and latest compensation plan of Aloette Cosmetics.

3. Unconvincing Starter Kits

Looking over at the starter kits that one must avail to become a Beauty Consultants seem likes a great deal.

But thinking about it, it makes me wonder how they can offer such cheap packages but the value of each are more than what the products are worth?

It sure raises the questions, "Is Aloette still getting profits from this?", "Won't they go bankrupt for selling low-cost kits with high-value products?"

Or instead of questioning what Aloette can make from selling cheap packages, should we have more doubts about the quality of products instead?

What is it? Really?

Other than that, if you want more information about the company, the products or any Aloette-related matters, you must directly contact them.

I believe that it is important to take into consideration every alarming aspect you may find or encounter in any business.

Before you make investments in any venture, it is not a bad thing to make sure that you are going to take your chances on a reliable company.

This is just a friendly reminder that you should keep in mind! So let's get down to the most important question:

Is Aloette Cosmetics a Scam?

Is Aloette Cosmetics scam?

Absolutely not.

In fact, it's entirely surprising that this company is more focused on making sales rather than endlessly convincing people to become Beauty Consultants as well.

Despite that, I still could not recommend this company since I do believe that transparency is important and it seemed to be lacking that aspect.

There are always better options and there's no need to take risk companies that fail to disclose the important things that consumers must know!

On top of that, success rates on Multi-level Marketing Companies are always low!

Why not try something else that has no monthly requirements, entirely flexible working hours and something you can do at your own pace?

What is it?

It's affiliate marketing!

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