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Hey, Welcome to my Anovite Review!

I don’t know from where you heard about Anovite, maybe a friend or a close relative.

Or maybe somewhere on social media, but nonetheless, the question, “Is Anovite a

scam?” remains and you want an answer, right?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before buying or joining any course or services on the internet.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method or system to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

In this review I will tell you about all the details you need to know before you decide to join or not to join before you can make an informed decision.

I will go over the things I like and dislike about this company, the compensation plan, and of course what my secret is to achieving success.

I am making around $3.000 a month from my affiliate marketing business, but I don’t want to distract you too much with it for now.

Let’s talk about Anovite!



Name: AnoviteAnovite


Owners: Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith (CEO & Founder)

Price: $39.95/Year to sign up for Business Builder/ $119.95 up to $299.95 for products

Launched: 2014

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Best Suited For: People who are interested in achieving a healthy lifestyle and want to help promote it while getting compensated for the work they are doing (earn money).

Summary: Anovite is an evolving network marketing company that specializes in selling certified colostrum products to help people achieve a better and healthier life. However, the products they offer are nothing close to being cheap, you should definitely think twice before purchasing, I think there are cheaper alternatives and I also wouldn’t recommend you joining their business builder program.

Recommended: Not recommended.

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What is Anovite?

Anovite is an MLM company in the health and wellness niche that has been around since 2014, founded by Anthony Kleinsmith.

Anthony Kleinsmith has a PhD in nutritional science and is also known for the company called Immune Tree which he founded as well back in 1993.

Anovite gets their supplies from Immune Tree, their flagship product is Colustrum6 and it’s a pre-milk fluid (bovine colostrum) extracted from female mammals before and after birth.

It is said to have 95 immune factors and 87 growth factors, it’s the first whole-food produced by a female mammal.

Anthony Kleinsmith has been promoting this product for almost 20 years before launching Anovite, his MLM company.

Anovite stands for “A New You” and the reason for such a name is that Anovite genuinely wants to help people live a better life by improving 4 things in their lives.

  • Fitness Level
  • Anti-aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Immune System

They also claim to be one of the world’s leading authorities on colostrum.

They are definitely a legit MLM company, but not a legit way to make money with. I will tell you more about that shortly.

Anovite’s Product Line

For whatever reason you want to do business with Anovite, it’s best to know what kind of products they are selling and how likely they are to sell.

How likely a product sells depends on a number of factors, but the most common ones are.

  1. Is the quality of the product bad, good or great?
  2. What is the demand for this particular product?

Anovite offers 6 different products to help people achieve a healthy life they deserve, let’s take a quick glimpse of each product.

1. Colostrum6

This is the product they are most famous for. Bonvine Colostrum

It is a superfood, bovine colostrum, something that every newborn needs the first few hours after coming into this world.

The world inside the womb is different from the world outside, outside they are exposed to millions of new bacteria all at once.

It helps infants to build a stronger immune system, and metabolism needed for future growth.

Extracted from the mother’s milk in the first 6 hours after giving birth.

According to Anovite, you can get a lot of benefits out of Colostrum6 that’s 99% identical to the ones found in humans.

Here are the benefits you can get listed by Anovite itself.

  • Immunoglobulins
  • Leptin
  • Enzyme inhibitors
  • Thymosin
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor
  • Proline-rich polypeptide

I know, a lot of scientific or medical terms that you don’t even have a clue what it means.

But they are basically antibodies and proteins that are really good for your body and overall health, helps you with losing and maintaining your weight.

It helps you control your appetite which in turn helps you maintain your weight as well.

2. LimuZ6

This product is created after scientists researched the blue zones over and over again to see what it is that makes people live LimuZ 6longer.

The ingredients found in LimuZ6 aids the body with its ability to maintain joint health, heart health, digestive functions, and blood pressure levels.

Here are the benefits of LimuZ6 according to Anovite.

  • Healthy Immune Function
  • Vitality & Stamina
  • Burning Body Fat
  • Recovery
  • Regulation

Similar to the previous product it is mostly antibodies and proteins that help you with your recovery after a strenuous day.

A very well-known ingredient is found inside LimuZ6 as well, the acai berry.

The berry is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that help improve the overall immune system of the body.

3. LeptiTrim6Lepti Trim6 product

A product specifically manufactured to help you lose those extra few pounds around your waist, one of the most effective weight-loss system according to Anovite.

And the substance that makes all of this so great is called Leptin.

It comes in daytime capsules, nighttime formula and even as meal replacement shakes, the favors are legit, too.

Here are the benefits you can get according to Anovite.

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • Appetite Control
  • Balance Body Temperature
  • Balance Body Chemistry
  • Curve Cravings

4. Canine6/Feline6

canine6 and feline6

If you have a dog or cats, then you will understand why this is such a good thing.

If you are truly an animal lover, especially for dogs and cats then this is something you should look into.

Most of today’s dog and cat food are loaded with grains and not enough vitamins, minerals, and protein to help keep us companion from getting fat or sick.

Canine6 and Feline6 help boost your best friend’s immune system, keeps them from getting overweight, a fine supplement specifically created for animals.

According to Anovite, the benefits your companion will get are listed below.

  • Natural Probiotics
  • Nutritional Intake
  • Improved Digestion
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Immune Support

5. Fitness Flex6Fitness Flex6 Anovite

This product is a training supplement specifically created for older people, if you are starting to lose lean muscles caused by age then Flex6 is the perfect supplement for that.

An athletic formula based around colostrum like all the other products from Anovite.

Fitness Flex6 contains all the 87 natural growth factors, naturally occurring and non-synthetic, great for young adults, even greater for REAL adults.

The benefits you can get from flex6 are:

  • IGF-1 (from Colostrum6)
  • ZMA
  • Creatine Ethyl Ester HCl
  • 7-ISO
  • DIM (Diindolylmethane)
  • Methoxyisoflavone

6. Oxyguest

This product is the only product from Anovite’s product line that does not contain the colostrum. It is a great healer, cleanser, and energy source.

As we all know, the importance of oxygen is nothing new, without it, we are doomed.

Every cell in our body functions better when a sufficient supply of oxygen is delivered to it.

Oxyguest is the perfect one for that job, it delivers more oxygen to your body to further increase your alertness and overall physical performance during exercise, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Anovite?

To get started with Anovite or any other MLM company is a lot cheaper than starting your own brick and mortar business, why?

Well, to get started with a physical business you would need approximately $50k-$150k on average, that’s a lot of money.

Especially if you are just getting familiar with business and entrepreneurship, and you want to try and build your own “skyscraper” for a change, that’s a big investment to make.

However, MLM business is a lot harder to make money with, there are so many reasons for that.

A brick and mortar business, on the other hand, has a much higher success rate if you were to compare the two next to each other based on how likely someone is to succeed.

Getting started with Anovite is less than $40 a year, and the occasional product pack ranging from $119.95 – $299.95.

  1. Wellness Pack cost $119.95
  2. Inch Loss Pack cost $199.95
  3. Total Health Pack cost $299.95

There are two ways for you to do business with Anovite, become a wholesale customer or a business builder. You have to pay $39.95 a year for the latter.

Wholesale or Business builder

Becoming a wholesale customer is completely FREE and you can get a 20-30% discount for the products.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the possibilities of making money, so, how to start making money with Anovite?

Well, there’s a compensation plan for that, and I will talk about that in the next section.

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Anovite’s Compensation Plan?

Since Anovite is an MLM company like IM Mastery Academy, Bonvera, and Essante Organics then that means the probability of it having a complicated compensation plan is big.

Most MLM’s have extremely hard to grasp kind of compensation plans, some consist of 100 pages!

But let’s take a look at Anovite’s.

There are three ways you can make money with this network marketing company.

1. Retail Commissions

You can make money with Anovite by purchasing their products on wholesale prices and resell them to your customers at retail prices.

And the difference in wholesale and retail is what you will make.

This is the simplest and most common method of making money with any MLM company out there and Anovite is no different.

2. Residual Commissions

The way you make commissions from residual income is when you built your own down line, and what I mean by that is when you built your own team.

The only way for you to build a team is by recruiting people to join Anovite.

MLM companies use a business structure called Binary structure and it looks like this.

Binary Income

This is when you successfully recruited two people under you, they will be placed on the left and right side under you, these sides are called legs.

So these two legs will then in their turn recruit others under them, and that’s how you build a team with you on top.

The amount of commissions you can make depends on two things, how many sales your team is making and which rank you are.

3. Recruitment Commissions

You can make this kind of commission by recruiting someone to become a business builder within Anovite just like you.

And when they purchase one of the 3 product packs, you will receive a commission.

  1. You will get $25 commission for the Wellness Pack
  2. You will get $50 commission for the Inch Loss Pack
  3. You will get $75 commission for the Total Health Pack

4. Bonuses

There are a lot of bonuses for you to make, but I will go about all of them, some you don’t necessarily need to know unless you are ranked pretty high.

However, I will include some of the bonuses which I think you should be aware of.

  • First Order Bonus
  • Customer Advantage Bonus
  • Fast-Start Bonus
  • Fast-Start Mentor Bonus
  • Bonus Doubler
  • Team Bonuses
  • Matching Team Bonuses
  • Rank Advancement Bonuses
  • Lifestyle Bonuses

Anovite’s Rankings

There are a total of 15 ranks inside Anovite

  1. Associate
  2. Senior Associate
  3. Star Associate
  4. Two-Star Associate
  5. Director
  6. Bronze Director
  7. Silver Director
  8. Gold Director
  9. Executive
  10. Ruby Executive
  11. Emerald Executive
  12. Diamond Executive
  13. Double Diamond Executive
  14. Triple Diamond Executive
  15. Black Diamond Executive

If you want to check out their whole compensation plan, which you should if you think they are really what you are looking for, click here.

Or you can just watch this short video about the compensation plan.

Is Anovite a Pyramid Scheme?

No, I don’t think Anovite is a pyramid scheme. Most people get the idea that multi-level marketing companies are a pyramid scheme, period.

Which is not true, even though I am against joining Anovite or any other MLM company, I wouldn’t bash them for something they are not.

Yes, they have a lot of similarities, a pyramid scheme, and an MLM.

Take a look at this picture and you will know what I mean.

Is this MLM?

This is exactly how you can make most of your money with an MLM company. You need to recruit more and more people under you.

And yes, I know.

It looks like a pyramid as well, doesn’t it?

But here’s the difference, with a pyramid scheme, you will most likely invest and invest without given any physical proof of what you are investing in.

You just sell people a dream of getting rich by investing in this certain company, just as how you were told before you joined.

If that’s how it is, you are in a full-blown out pyramid scheme, my friend.

MLM’s, however, is slightly different.

Recruiting is part of the game as well, but you are given the opportunity to sell their real physical products and make money off that.

And when an MLM company puts more effort into their recruiting system rather than actually selling the product itself then you might have encountered a pyramid scheme in disguise.


The Things I Like About Anovite

1. Colostrum Products

The first thing I would like to mention about Anovite is that I like their products, I believe that bovine colostrum does provide us with a lot of benefits. You can read about the 6 benefits here.

2. Inexpensive To Start With

Compared to other MLMs, I think Anovite is not very expensive to get started with. For just a little less than $40 a year is around $0.1 dollar a day. The only thing that might cause a problem is the product packs.

3. Trustworthy Products

Since the products come from Immune Tree, I can consider them to be legit, take a look at this customer feedback from Amazon. Colostrum6 Feedback

The Things I Don’t Like About Anovite

1. Their MLM side

I honestly think their products are legit, but when a company is trying too hard to make more money by encouraging others to join the company and not sell the products, I get disappointed, and sadly, that’s what most MLMs do and Anovite included.

2. Unlikely To Succeed

This one is also a somewhat general dislike about MLM companies, the chances of getting rich with an MLM is merely a dream. The reason I say that is that of two things.

  1. I tried it, and I lost around $3.000-$5.000 in a 1.5 years span.
  2. It is statistically proven to be a bad business model, only 1-2% actually make money, 99% lose their money.


Is Anovite a Scam?

No, Anovite is not a scam, but that doesn’t mean it is a legit business opportunity. The company itself is an established company and they sell legitimate products.

But if you want to do business with them, thinking you will get filthy rich within a week or a month, forget it.

I say this because I refused to listen and tried it anyway, my optimism has failed me or that’s what I thought.

After losing a couple of thousand dollars to an MLM company, money that I know I will never get back, really hurt me.

But if it wasn’t for that, I would not have found my new online business, and it has since generated me thousands of dollars every single month.

My Final Verdict & My Recommendation

If I haven’t convinced you by now that joining Anovite is a bad idea, you are free to try it out yourself, and no, this is not a bluff.

I tried network marketing companies before, I know what to expect, and yes, their promises sound lucrative as hell, and they make it sound so easy.

But they are far from any of those, they don’t make you rich in just a matter of days or weeks and they are by no means, easy.

If anything, you will be working your butt off to make them rich and become poorer and poorer yourself.

I have been making $3.000+ last month, thanks to affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is promoting somebody else’s product and get paid when it sells, no need to recruit, no customer service, no products.

To be honest with you, deep down in my heart, I actually want you to try Anovite and learn from it, maybe then you will come back wiser and more discipline.

But the problem is, I know you are looking for a legit way with high success rate to make money and not the other way round, makes sense right?

That’s why I propose to you, my #1 recommendation –> Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the community that taught me everything about affiliate marketing from scratch. And the best thing is, they are FREE to start with 🙂

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I hope this Anovite review refreshed your mind, and you know what kind of action to take.

Leave me a comment down below if you have a different experience with an MLM or if you have a better idea to make money online 🙂

Stay Cool & Humble

About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • Thank you for the honest review of Annovite, I was thinking about signing up with them but after reading your review I believe I’ll pass. I’m with you, the idea of these MLM schemes sounds good on paper but after doing a little research it looks very difficult to actually make money, even on a product that actually seems to be a good product. Thank you again! 

    Is Wealthy Affiliate free forever or is there an upsell? 

    • Hey Travis,

      Glad you liked my review, and yes, not just hard, but extremely hard…

      If you are really looking to start a legit online business then I would recommend to you what worked for me, and that is affiliate marketing.

      It’s nothing magical though, you still need to put in the work to succeed, but the success rate is that much higher.

      No, there is no upsell with Wealthy Affiliate, you get to join for free and you can create 2 free websites, etc, but if you are ready to get serious, you can become a premium member like me.

      But no hidden upsells or anything, just 2 membership options. Starter and Premium 🙂

  • For real, Anovite seems convincing enough as a MLM company. They do offer the good product line and their products are really of great quality but then, just like always, MLM platforms are not really a big turn on for me because of the tendencies of losing money with them. In all honesty, Anovite offers good compensation plan and all but they aren’t convincing enough to me to join.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion on the matter. MLM is not for everyone, there are people making money with MLM or Anovite to be specific, but trust me, that’s not a lot of people.

      I hope you have found a business model that suits you, good luck! 🙂

  • I like Anovite. This company is very legitimate and their products have earned some level of trust from individuals around and even you.

    I agree with you though. Anovite is good for health purposes and definitely not to make money with. From my experience so far, very few people succeed with the MLM thing.

    You sparked my interest in affiliate marketing though, I will check out your recommended platform WA.

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion on Anovite, and yes, having legitimate products isn’t everything. 

      Just from my experience, again, it could be different for some people, but from my experience, MLM is a no go.

      I am grateful I found Wealthy Affiliate, and I will do everything in my power to spread the good news. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed, it’s FREE to join after all 😀

  • It’s really good to know another opinion on some of these opportunities. To be honest, the product is a turn-off with Anovite. I can’t imagine ingesting pig colostrum. lol. I have done a few MLM businesses over the years. I wouldn’t mind trying one but I see your point. Very few actually make money. Their business model actually looks a lot like Amway’s model. 

    I am interested in your business you’re actually making money with. I’ll be checking it out. Thanks for the review and info. 

    • Hello Paula,

      I totally understand what you mean by that, sometimes the word colostrum just throws people off!

      If you know about Amway then you know what this whole review is about, thanks for sharing your knowledge on MLM companies.

      Definitely give WA a try 🙂

  • Anovite is not a scam and it should never be addressed as one for no reason. Anovite is a big and standalone company that actually offers worthy products and I have friends who are engaged in network marketing and surely, most of them are working with Anovites. Though their commission and bonuses ain’t much but surely, they pay. And that is enough to appreciate a legit MLM platform.

    • Hi Bella,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Anovite, and I appreciate your honesty.

      It is true, some people are making money with MLM companies, that’s not a lie. However, the likelihood of someone succeeding is very low.

      I am glad it is working out for your friends, but do you honestly think that doing business with MLM is the best way to increase your income stream?

  • Hello KAYIN!

    Good to see this review of Anovite. I have come across many MLM companies all these years. I almost got registered in one of them; thank God I fled! MLM has proven to be difficult to make money with. Only those that are at the very top do make good money from it. 

    I trust Anovite’s products when it comes to health only. Retailers can go ahead and sell these products; not beginners looking for ways to make money with Anovite. They’d end up losing their hard-earned money.

    • Hey Barry,

      You are welcome and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the matter.

      You and me, both. But in my case, I had to learn it the hard way, I lost a couple of thousand dollars just because I was persistent and obnoxious to see it work.

      There are far better alternatives to make money online, just like my #1 recommendation. 

      Good luck!

  • I too have tried joining MLM’s before and to no avail, I did not succeed. Not only did I not succeed I couldn’t get off the ground. The company reeled me in for $100 bucks with the thought of me making lots of money from selling insurance. Boy was I wrong and almost stupid for thinking a job like MLM would be easy. I knew I was done when I couldn’t sell my products to my close family members because they were all hip that it was some sort of scheme. I didn’t care all I could see was the dollar signs that never came.

    • Hello Mahasin,

      I feel you man, I know how it feels like because I lost quite a lot of money, and money I know I will never get back.

      But that’s the sad truth, if you take risks, be prepared to lose them. I am not really disappointed because it helped me realize that MLM is not for 99% of people, myself included.

      And that’s when I found the perfect online business model for me, and I never looked back since then. Don’t give up, those dollar signs will come!

      Thank you for sharing your network marketing experience, I appreciate it.

  • My experience with Wealthy Affiliate is something to be excited about. Affiliate marketing is in my opinion one of the best way (though it may take some hardwork and time) to make money. For me, MLM is a NO NO. I have seen people waste their energy and time working with MLM companies and end up loosing their hard earned money in it.

    • I feel you man, the same thing happened to me, and I learned from it.

      Although it cost me a couple of thousands of dollars, which is why I help people right away when they are interested in MLMs and stir them in the right way if possible.

      Affiliate marketing is great, but it is not guaranteed success, nothing is, but I know it worked for me and it worked for million others, that’s just fact.

      But I don’t judge anyone for wanting to try to join an MLM, that’s exactly what I did as well.

  • Oh! This is where we can say goodbye to MLM companies like Anovite in the make money thing. I am very much interested in making money with affiliate marketing. I learnt it’s not easy to make money online even with affiliate marketing. Can you please tell me how long it took You to start making money off your website doing affiliate marketing? Thanks.

    • Hey!

      True, nothing is easy, and if someone promised you that you can get rich overnight, forget it. They are probably just trying to scam you of your money.

      It took me a while, but that’s because I wasn’t serious the first 8 months, I didn’t make money until a year or so, but if I did what I was supposed to do the, I would have achieved financial freedom much sooner, that’s for sure 🙂

      However, nothing is guaranteed, how likely you are to succeed depends on how much effort you put into it. 

      I know people who are making money the first 4-5 months and I know people who are not making any money after years.

      But as long as you follow the steps I took, and actually put in the work, you will achieve it much sooner than me.

      Good luck!

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