Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

This is a very common question.

If you are asking yourself this question, "Is anyone making money with affiliate marketing?".

Then I can assume that you just heard or learned about affiliate marketing.

Which is completely fine by the way, everyone has to start somewhere, and it is also normal to be skeptical about this.

Maybe you saw a youtube video where someone tells you how he/she got filthy rich because of affiliate marketing.

How they bought their first MERCEDES or some exotic car all thanks to affiliate marketing, and that sparked your interest.

Or maybe you saw an ad on social media, or you read something about passive income on the internet and that sparked your interest.

Is Anyone Making Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Regardless of what the reason could be. I am genuinely glad that you are here.


Because I will be admired and respected once you succeed...i'm just kidding.

I just want to help people like you realize that it is possible to make money online.

And I don't want you to waste your money on the "get-rich-quick schemes".

Is It Hard To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

The question is not whether or not anyone is making money with affiliate marketing, but rather how hard it is to make money with affiliate marketing.

You see, I don't like to lie to people about stuff like this, because I have empathy and compassion toward others.

I can't lie to you and rob you of your valuable time.

And I will if I were to tell you that it is extremely easy, like a walk in the park kind of easy.

So what will happen if I do that? 

You will stick with it for a while and yield no results in a short period of time and quit.

Give up on affiliate marketing

1 month, 3 months or maybe even a year. And because I told you it is easy, you will start doubting yourself and think to yourself, maybe this isn't for me, otherwise, I would have seen results already.

Do you see where I am going with this? 

So instead I am just going to tell you this right now and right here, the affiliate marketing business model is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

And whoever told you that just want to scam you and fill their pockets with money.

So to answer your doubts and whatnot, affiliate marketing is easier than the general brick and mortar business. (My experience)

But it is definitely not a piece of cake, you need to be willing to put in the work and grind for it to blossom into a thriving business because that's what it is essentially, a real business.

And all kinds of businesses are going to require more than a few sleepless nights.

I will show you the proofs of affiliate marketers who are making money every single month, and they are doing it passively.

How Much Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

I also get asked a lot about the amount you can earn from affiliate marketing if you are doing it full time.

I think that depends on a variety of factors, here are some of the things you should consider:

  • How much time are you willing to put into it?
  • How optimized is your website?
  • What is your niche?
  • How serious are you with your business?
  • Who are you learning affiliate marketing from? 

All of these things can affect the amount you are making. Especially the first 3.

And knowing who your mentor is, there are so many wannabe "gurus" on the internet.

You should know who is a successful affiliate marketer and who is just an actor.

I have seen people making 4 and 5 figures every month from affiliate marketing, but I have also seen people making just $100 dollars for a whole year.

But one thing I can say for certain is that once you start making money, it's a lot easier to make even more compared to making your first dollar for example.

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How Much Time Are You Putting Into Your Online Business?

I see this as a golden rule for almost anything to be honest.

Michael Jordan is great, we know that, but "his airness" is not great from doing nothing but spending his millions on booze and clubs.

No, he is great because he practises like a maniac, not to take away his talent, he's got great genes for greatness, that's without a doubt.

But the time he spent on crafting his skills on the basketball court.

The time he spent making shots and layups while he's alone in the gym, that's how he broke through and reached his full-potential.

Don't you just love this basketball example? I think I did a pretty good job using that as an example.

Anyway, you get the idea.

So if you know you are spending hours and hours on your online business, your affiliate marketing business will reward you for it.

It is of utmost importance to spend every minute on it, but we are humans and we get distracted, which is fine, but make plans to prevent it from happening too often.

That will boost the growth of your business, not wasting time on irrelevant stuff.

NBA example

Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

If you don't know what SEO stands for, it stands for Search Enginge Optimization.

Your website needs to be SEO friendly for it to get high rankings, if your website is not SEO friendly you might have a hard time getting traffic.

Traffic is the same as users, the more users you have on your website, the more likely someone will buy something you refer.

And it is also more likely that someone will click on the ads on your website which in turn will generate you ads revenue.

So Traffic = $$$

Make sure your website is SEO friendly. Here is a beginners guide to SEO by Moz.

Knowing how to optimize your website so that it is ready for Google's SERP is the quickest way to grow your business.

So if you can, take some time and learn from those who are succeeding, and it doesn't have to be me.

The moment you mastered SEO for your website, you will start ranking on page one on Google every single time.

What Is Your Niche?

This is also very important in deciding how much you can earn once you start earning.

For example if you were to promote clothes then you are within the clothing niche, and you were to promote heavy machinery then you are in a completely different niche.

And heavy equipments are for sure more expensive than clothes and pants.

So if you were to have the same amount of people buying  into your recommendation, you will earn a lot more.

Commissions will be higher.

Now, I am not saying that you will get the same amount of traffic and that they will convert the same.

The example is hypothetically speaking.

Obviously there is no perfect niche, you just have to find your own and hope to find an affiliate program that offers a high commission rate in return for your service.

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Proof That People Are Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

I am going to show you proof of people I know that are making money with affiliate marketing.

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I hope this is more than enough to answer your question once and for all.

There is no doubt, not even a little bit when it comes to its legitimacy, affiliate marketing is REAL. You should however be careful who you learn it from.

The reason I say that is because I have been taught by the wrong people before, and because of that, my doubt actually came back and I was doubting whether or not this is something for me or whether or not it is possible.

But I am thankful to Wealthy Affiliate for reassuring me, and showing me the proper path.

Be Careful Whose Advice You Buy, But Be Patient With Those Who Supply It.

---- Baz Luhrmann ----

Now that you have seen that it is possible to make money with affiliate marketing.

And that the sky is actually the limit to how much you can really make, you can put your heart and mind to ease.

No more excuses, and just get started.

How Serious Are You?

How serious are you going to take this online business thing?

I can assure you that if you plan on half-assing it, you won't get pretty far. So make plans and try to get rid of as many of those time consuming, irrelevant things.

On the long run, you will be glad you did.

This will be a marathon, and not a race. So suit up and start acting like you have a whole marathon to run.

Success will come, perhaps rather slow, but once it hits, it hits hard.

See your online business just as any real businesses out there, it requires time and effort.

Making $2.000 - $10.000 a month is not hard as long as you don't give up and follow a proven system.

How I Made Thousands Online In 1 Year?

By reading this article, you should know by now that I am taking this online business thing seriously.

Sure, there are a bunch of other online businesses that people do in the world and are seeing success with as well.

But I would still choose affiliate marketing every time.

The reason why? let me tell you why.

  • You do not need to purchase any product to make money.
  • You do not need to recruit people to actually make money.
  • You are not limited to what you want to promote.

And the best thing is, it is completely FREE to get started with.

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I know you can do it, too.

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About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

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