Is Ardyss International a Scam?

Hey, welcome to my Ardyss International Review! 

Conscious about your weight? Worried about your financial stability?

What if you can solve both of them all at once? Would you take the risk by joining an MLM company?

If you will be offered an opportunity to reshape your body, your income and your life, would you do it without hesitation?

Let this review help you reveal the truths through answering the most controversial question, "Is Ardyss International a scam?"

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Ardyss International Overview

Name: Ardyss International


Owners:  Antonio Díaz De León

Price: $100-$300

Launched: 1989

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Ardyss International Logo

Best Suited For: anyone willing to try reshaper products. 

Summary:  Ardyss International is a long running multi-level marketing company. It is offering a Body Magic System that will help an individual lose weight without doing anything. This company is just another typical MLM, but they are open to the fact that not everyone can succeed within its business model.

Recommended: Nope.

What Is Ardyss International?

Ardyss International is a multi-level marketing company. It offer varieties of products that are bound to help any individual lose weight without intake of supplements.

By 1989, the Diaz de Leon family has launched Ardyss International along with the introduction of the Body Magic System. But, it was only until the year of 2007 when they have decided to adapt the multi-level marketing business model.

The main goal of the company is to provide products created to boost people's confidence. For those who have been worried or conscious about their weight, perhaps you can give their products a try. 

Ardyss International have been functioning for decades now but are operating in only a number of countries all over the world namely;

  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • South America
  • Puerto Rico

Ardyss International's Product Line

Ardyss International is known for its Body Magic System.

What exactly is this?

Well, it comprises of body shaping garments that are capable of helping you tone down up to 3 dress sizes! And you this is made possible in just 10 minutes. No need for strict diets, heavy workout, weight loss supplements and even surgery.

That sound absurd and impossible to me. 

If you truly want to regain your confidence and lose weight, I suggest you do it like a normal person. Do not rely on products with "magic" attached to it. Magic does not exist in the real world, that's a given.

But my point is, if this was truly a revolutionary product and losing weight is as easy as wearing a corset in a matter of minutes, why isn't everybody using it now?

Ardyss International Body Magic

As the photo says, there are about 500 thousand woman satisfied. But why aren't there any evidence to back this up at their official website?

Plus, when you go over to Ardyss Intenational Body Magic Page, you can see that there's a link that allows you to write a review regarding your experience with the product.

But why isn't there any other review from others visible within the page? It makes me question if these reviews are hidden for a reason.

Could it be due to the fact that most of them are just negative feedback and complaints? 

On top of that, if you think that buying a corset for $110 that's bound to give you results overnight is worth it... Well, who am I to stop you?

Anyway, there are more to Ardyss International than these "magic" products. It actually have an array of products you can choose from. 

3 Categories of Products:

1. Reshapers: This category includes varieties of bodysuits, tshirts, underwear, corsetry, even maternity girdles along with reshaping products for men.

2. Nutrition: from weight managements drinks to vitamins and supplements as well as  fruit juices and healthy coffee.

3. Personal Care: since skincare regimen will stay on trend, Ardyss International also offers facial care that ranges from cleansers, toners to creams and serums. Plus, it also trimming and soothing gels.

The fact that it offers several types of merchandise makes it seems easy or its distributors to have a wide range of products to offer. I believe that the more products a networking company has the bigger your target market can be.

Take note that this is yet another typical MLM and there are other alternatives out there available in the market.

There are 2 websites of Ardyss that I have came across with. The first one is which shows only products offered by the company and the other one is that will show you everything including the income opportunity.

You can choose any of the two if you;d like to browse or eventually purchase any of the availabe offers.

If you believe that what Ardyss International offers is worth the hype and something you can sell, then let's move on to the next phase of this review!

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Is Ardyss International a Pyramid Scheme?

No one would want to be involved in any business that operates as a fraud. As much as possible, researching about the company you'd like to invest on is important.

Gladly, this unbiased review will assist you on unveiling the truth about Ardyss International.

So, the answer to the question is NO.

Obviously, this company is offering legit products which any pyramid scheme won't ever do.

Plus, if this was another MLM fraud, FTC would've already called it out and had this business shut down in no time. But as you can see, it's still operating up to this point.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Ardyss International?

Are you ready to become an Ardyss Distributor? 

First, let me ask you this, "Why exactly do you want to become one?"

Is it because you want to be your own boss? Or you are willing to let this company guide you in achieving your success?

Maybe you finally wanted to have the life of your dreams and you believe that this MLM can give you that.

Whatever it is, I am sure that you have heard other MLMs tell you that within their business model you can work at your own phase, be the boss and change your life.

How can you begin your journey as an Ardyss Distributor?

You can join through Ardyss Life Official Website, send your application and choose a starter kit.

There are 2 packages you can choose from, the one worth $100 or $300.

When your application is approved, you can maximize your perks as a Distributor and here are some ways to do that:

1. Purchase products on wholesale price! Obviously, you'll have great discounts if the merchandise you buy are for personal use.

2.Generate income through direct selling or through sending people your Ardyss replicated website link.

3. You do not just earn commissions from your personal sales but also from the team of distributors you have successfully recruited.

Is that all? Well, like any other MLM out there, this income opportunity they will give you can be done at your own schedule.

If other networking companies require you to purchase tons of products to sell, at Ardyss, you don't need to stock up inventory.

Who else are you going to sell first if not to your family and friends right? So, are you sure there's products at Ardyss they can be interested with? 

On top of that, I do commend the fact that it is cited in ArdyssLife website that, not every distributor can succeed in the business model.

That's transparency right there!

At least they don't try to pull off the same "success-guaranteed" sales pitch when people are already aware that there are like only 1% of people who succeeds at an MLM company.

Ardyss International's Compensation Plan

I believe that the first thing you need to consider when joining an MLM is knowing that you can also sell the products. 

If you don't, how can you entirely convince people that there is money in the business if you don't trust and recommend the products as well?

Other than that, wouldn't it be nice to do something that you actually love doing and make money from it?

For instance you are a coffee enthusiast and believes in the power of medicinal mushrooms, you can try Gano Excel.

Maybe you are interested on  unique health-related products like what Coseva offers, then try MLMs with the same niche. 

Anyway, let's see if Ardyss can reshape your financial status as much as they can reshape people's body!

3 Concepts of Quick Ways To Make Money

1.  Retail Sales.

The moment you join as a Distributor, you will have the power to choose on what means you would like to earn your profits.

Of course, at some point you'll have to sell products and you will receive commissions accordingly. Also,you will not only earn profits through personal sales  but from every starter package your recruit purchases. 

If your downline purchases the Power Pack worth $300 you will receive $30 dollars and $10 from the $100 Expres Pack.

$300 Power Pack: The Presenter receives $30 dollars. $100 Express Pack: The Presenter receives $10 dollars.

2. Residual Income

At this point, the income you generate will also depend on what rank you are in. Obviously, the higher your rank gets, the better compensation you will get.

Moreoever, if you have been hardworking enough to meet requirements, you can qualify for their Car Bonus. It's where the company will pay for the monthly fee of your chosen car. 

For every bonus within this concept, there are sets of requirements you must fulfill.

3. Bonuses By Goals

There are 36 goals within the system that any distributor can or must complete. Once completed, there is a great possibility of earning a huge sum of income.

That is if you can successfully comply to everything needed to be done to finish even one goal.

All this may sound easy and not that complicated, but don't jump into conclusions just yet.

For further details, you can browse Ardyss International's Latest Compensation Plan!

Or, watch the video below:

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Is Ardyss International Accredited By The BBB?

Most people have a tendency to check in with the Better Business Bureau to see if a company or business they are interested on is BBB accredited.

Since BBB has a strict guideline that any organization who applied of accreditation must follow, consumers take the ratings results seriously.

These ratings reflects on how a company handles complaints and other important factors.

Note that there's a huge chance of losing a business' accreditation like what it seemed to have happened with Ardyss International.

Losing the accreditation could be due to a lot of reasons. The photo below shows that they have received a D-minus rating at BBB. Why? 

This is due to failure of responding and addressing the complaints of consumers.

That is why it's important to know if an organization's rating is high and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It helps consumers to see what possible problem that may encounter with the company.

And if there are alarming factors to avoid, they can just simply keep that in mind and probably look for a new company that will not give them any difficulties.

Ardyss International BBB

What I Like About Ardyss International/ The Pros

All that I have came to like about this company is that they have stated that there is a possibility to succeed from their income opportunity as well as the fact that there's also a probability of failing.

It's somehow funny when other MLMs will really try to be so convincing about how lucrative their compensation plan is and that there's no risk only success.

Then, I will come over income disclosures that majority of its distributors have not even received a dime from this "promising and success-guaranteed" business opportunity.

What I Dislike About Ardyss International/ The Cons

1. Poor Service

They may have stated in their website that the welfare of their members and distributors is their main focus, but complaints against them says otherwise.

The photo below is just one of the many complaints about Ardyss International.

Ardyss International Complaints

The fact that failing to give people the right order had become a recurring problem, makes it harder for me to even trust them on anything.

This is a simple matter they should've addressed quickly or rather have prevented to happen.

If they can't get one simple order right, what else can they do wrong?

Not entirely saying that there's something else, but who knows? 

Why does it seem like delivering the right products a difficult task for such a huge company?

2. Typical Products

Although, Ardyss claims to have this magic body reshaper thing, it's not new in the market. 

There are other companies selling body wraps that intends to help a person lose weight This ain't magic at all. 

Are you really sure a product worth $100 can magically help you slim down overnight? Let's be realistic here!

Even people who tried to work out everyday for a week won't lose up to 3 dress sizes down.

Plus, if this body magic is so effective, why else would the company sell weight loss products?

Can't this corset do all the slimming down like it says? 

And what makes you think other companies doesn't have better and cheaper coffee or skin care products?

I don't even know Ardyss before, and If you ask me if I will try their expensive products, I will if you give them to me for free!

Kidding aside, we all know that even when starting a brick-and-mortar business, there must be at least one thing about the product being offered that sets them apart from the market.

How can you sell something when you there';s nothing unique about it that will convince consumers to purchase? 

You get my point.

3. Low Success Rate

This is an MLM company, so expect that the competition is tough.

None of those who were successful at it became millionaires overnight. Selling the products itself is a difficult task, how much more when it comes to recruiting?

Keep in mind that it expanding your team can only be easier if you can prove to people that you are already generating income above the minimum wage.

Consumers are getting wiser especially when it comes to making investments. 

Plus, the fact that there are people above you who are probably earning more can only get even richer as you expand your team.

Wouldn't it be better to gain the fruits of your labor for your own benefit? 

You can never expect to get every single dime you earn at MLM's. There will always be a portion for your uplines.

Why not try something else that would not make you worry that people above you are getting richer, while you probably aren't yet and could possibly never?

There is always affiliate marketing, and you'll be sure all your the fruits of your efforts will go to you.

Is Ardyss International a Scam?

Finally, we are coming into conclusion!

Apparantely, Ardyss International is another typical MLM but it's not a scam.

It's longevity had proven that this is a legitimate business.

Even though they are offering a chance to change your life, this still depends on the amount of time and effort you dedicate within the business model to make it happen.

Moreover, I cannot recommend this company as a way to make money online or an income stream you can choose to fully commit to. 

We may be close to the end of this article, but do not lose hope. You may have realized that the opportunity an MLM can offer may not be for you, there's still hope that you can make money passively and at do the work at your own time!

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