Is Brain Abundance a scam

Hey, welcome to my Brain Abundance Review! 

Who would never want to maximize the power of our brain when it is the most vital organ that has the capability to help us achieve our best potentials?

Yet, here you are, reading my review to help you decide whether to join or not. 

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

It is a good thing actually and I admire your eagerness to LEARN first before spending your money.

This is why I have done my extensive research to give you not just the gist about the product, but every information I can gather to help you decide on this money making opportunity.

Surely, you were also bothered by this question, “is Brain Abundance a scam?

So, let me help you get the answer to that.

Brain Abundance Overview

Name: Brain Abundance


Owners: Eric Caprarese and Dr. Pejman Behrouzi

Price:  $59.00 + shipping & Setup Fee: one-time $20.00

Launched: 2014

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Brain Abundance Logo

Best Suited For: People who wish to boost their brainpower and at the same time, make money on the side

Summary: Brain Abundance is like any MLM Company. It aimed to provide its target customers with the Brain Abundance’s Brain Fuel Plus product while encouraging these clients also to engage in their business. On its Facebook Page, their last update was the time they also started their business. However, their products are legally distributed in the market.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Brain Abundance?

Basically, Brain Abundance is a network marketing company. This is how members are making money from this MLM business.

Just like the IDLife, they sell nutritional supplements that claim to boost brainpower.

However, based on the gathered pieces of evidence online on the existence of the company, the contact information is not available.

This leaves us with no details on where this business is based. A registered domain under was set to private.

Yet, despite all the challenges of extracting the facts about Brain Abundance, I was still able to get some, which you can digest in making the right purchase decision.

Brain Abundance's Product Line

As to the flagship product, Brain Abundance focuses on promoting ‘Brain Fuel Plus’. It claimed to provide the brain with the proper nutrition it needs. 

In addition, they also added their products line with ‘Brain Bears’. It is sweet, but naturally, sugar-free gums for children and adults.

Packed with the nutritious components, these products are known to provide the following benefits:
Maintain Healthy Brain Function: As marketed by the company, the product contains the 13 essential ingredients that ensure the best brain health. 

It is recommended as a daily supplement that improves brain function, which then again affects positively all vital organs.

Addresses Other Health Issues: Since it targets the brain, it is claimed that all other health issues are also addressed.

Recognizing that the brain controls all other body systems, any other ailments can be rehabilitated.
Improves Memory:

The target consumers of this brain supplement are people of all ages, from the young ones, especially the students who wish to improve their academic performance. 

Even young adults can take advantage of the product as it helps in productivity in achieving life’s goals.

More to that is the benefit for the oldies as Brain Fuel Plus claimed to improve memory retention, thus preserving brainpower even during late life ages.

I really wish to include a link for you, but as much as I want that to happen, I cannot provide anything but their obsolete Facebook Page:

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Is Brain Abundance a Pyramid Scheme?

Based on its Affiliate Membership Ranks, Brain Abundance adapts the pyramiding scheme business model. This can be explained in these 7 membership ranks:

  • Affiliate: This is the lowest rank as the first step in signing up as a Brain Abundance affiliate.
  • Star. You can level up your rank when you can get 3 affiliate recruits or you have 3 active customers. These customers should have purchased at least 50 PV products.
  • Double Star. If these 3 recruits purchased at least 500 GV a month, you can achieve this rank.
  • Triple Star. If the 3 recruits leveled up as Double Star ranked affiliates; they should also maintain a purchase of at least 500 GV a month in their downline.
  • Gold. If the 3 recruits level up as 3 Triple Star ranked affiliates; they should also maintain a purchase of at least 10,000 GV a month in their downline.
  • Platinum. If the 3 recruits level up as 3 Gold-ranked affiliates; they should also maintain a purchase of at least 50,000 GV a month in their downline.
  • Diamond. If the 3 recruits level up as 3 Platinum ranked affiliates; they should also maintain a purchase of at least 250,000 GV a month in their downline.

But because this company sells real physical products and you can actually make money without the recruitment system, it is not considered a pyramid scheme.

Unless the company makes like 80-90% of its revenue from the recruitment system then this company is just a pyramid scheme in disguise.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Brain Abundance?

Starting your journey with Brain Abundance is free as an affiliate. My personal tip for you if you wish to be an effective affiliate is to get the proper training.

Surely, you can reap the benefits of starting it right. You can always take your initial steps with affiliate marketing.

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Brain Abundance's Compensation Plan

In spite of the fact that they are not very visible online with their non-existing webpages, Brain Abundance's product lines are a hit in the market. As the company claimed, they are serving 160 countries already after a few months of starting the business.

They have backed up their operations and business model with an attractive compensation plan. As mentioned, there are these membership ranks, which you can start for FREE.

Reaching the GOLD rank and higher gives you more benefits. Bonuses are given as an award for your hard work and dedication in marketing their products with the help of your down lines. You can receive the following amount:

Gold - $1000

Platinum - $5000

Diamond - $25,000

More to that, if you are an affiliate with 2 recruits who reached the Diamond rank, you are entitled to receive the $100,000.

Furthermore, here are other things you need to know about their compensation plan:

Recruitment Commissions 

This is what they call the Brain Abundance's Powerline Bonus. Once you sign in as an affiliate, you will be placed on a single-line queue system. For your first recruited affiliate, you will earn your first $5; second is $3 and for the third, $2.

Given also that per recruit maintains at least 50 PV in sales volume, the Powerline Bonus mentioned above will be paid weekly.

Fast Start Commissions

This is the kind of uni-level style compensation structure you can avail of when you are payable down to a total of six levels of recruitment. It depends on your affiliate membership rank on how much bonus you can also get.

1.  All affiliates are eligible for a 50% for personally recruited affiliate’s first orders.

2.  Triple Star ranked affiliates are eligible for a 50% on their personal recruits’ orders and a 2% override on levels 1 to 3.

3.  Gold ranked affiliates are eligible for a 50% on personal their recruits’ orders and a 2% override on levels 1 to 4.

4.  Platinum ranked affiliates are eligible for a 50% on personal recruits’ orders and a 2% override on levels 1 to 5.

5.  Diamond ranked affiliates are eligible for a 50% on personal recruits’ orders and a 2% override on levels 1 to 5 and a 1% override on level 6.

Binary Commissions

This is for the residual commissions. Using a binary commission structure, an affiliate is eligible based on the counted sales volume from an affiliate’s second month onwards with the company.

Also, an affiliate should personally recruit at least 2 new affiliates.

In this compensation scheme, an affiliate is placed at the top of two binary teams, left and right, creating each affiliate’s downline.

This binary team can extend to infinity. You can get your payment monthly while the unpaired teams are carried over to the next month.

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In case you are having trouble understanding the compensation plan, you can watch this video explaining the compensation in its whole.

Is Brain Abundance Accredited By The BBB?

Based on records, the accreditation search results do not generate anything for Brain Abundance Company.

However, based on Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating, it got an A+. For Customer Reviews, nothing can also be retrieved. 

Being accredited by the BBB definitely improves the legitimacy of a company but don't put it on a pedestal.

It is for sure not the most important factor to look at.

Brain Abundance BBB

What I Like About Brain Abundance/ The Pros

1. Great Product Intention

The intention of the company in providing the market with the brain-boosting product is what I like most about it. Indeed, they have utilized their expert resources in producing what is best for society.

Individuals who consume their Brain Fuel Plus and Brain Bears are expected to have a healthier brain, making them more productive people in their pursuit of life.

And, their target age groups cater almost all people in the community.

2. Awesome Compensation Plan

Furthermore, the company’s compensation plan is also very attractive. It is organized like any other MLM business.

If you are serious about the 

3. Joining them is FREE
It challenges your marketing skills as an affiliate. It invites you to invest more in learning about affiliate marketing because the different levels in membership ranks can pay off your efforts and investments.

What I Dislike About Brain Abundance/ The Cons

Pretty obvious that they are not very visible online. They have made their MLM business clearer than the product that they are selling.

There is less information about almost everything in their operations. Yes, they have established a good name, but the records only show 2014.

If they really wanted to help the people with their product, as well as their offered affiliate marketing opportunity, they should improve more their online presence.

Is Brain Abundance a Scam?

I do not want to say YES, but I also cannot say NO.

Again, the visibility of the business is questionable, which is more likely can be labeled a SCAM for me.

How can they still operate until now without getting any reviews from BBB since 2014? That is also a big question for me.

If your goal is to earn from an affiliate marketing opportunity, it is vital that you should work with a trusted company, a more visible one.

Also, it is very risky to join an MLM business engaged in producing health supplements, when the company does not have visible proofs of the legit products they sell.

Of course, you will be concerned about the product because it is the way you can convince more affiliates to join your team. The product serves as the fuel of the business.

That is how you should think like as an affiliate marketer.


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