Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam?

Hey, Welcome to my Bulletproof Profits Review!

Is bulletproof profits a scam?You probably heard about a program or system that can help you generate a crazy amount of money within a few days called Bulletproof Profits, if that’s what it is, you are probably asking yourself the question “Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam?“.

Don’t worry, you are in good hands. I am going to bring your mind to ease and tell you everything you need to know, because I know how it feels like to be scammed over and over again, so rest assured.

I will help you to avoid as many scams as you possibly can.

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

I know you are looking for a way to earn easy and fast money online, but there’s no point into buying something that doesn’t work, what you will get instead is a waste of your cash and your time.

Bulletproof Profits Summary

Name: Your Bulletproof Profits


Owner(s): Sean Tyler

Price: $9 + $342 (upsells)

SAP Ratings: 1/10 (Very Poor)

Best Suited For: Nobody

Summary: A system that claims to have a hidden online goldmine for people who are willing to give it a try. You can earn not just a $100 a day, but earn $1000+ of dollars every single day!

Recommended: Definitely NOT

What Is Bulletproof Profits Actually?

Bulletproof Profit is just another Clickbank product, if you didn’t already know, you can find almost any kind of digital product on Clickbank.

And no, I am not saying Clickbank is full of scams or products that offers no value at all, what I am trying to say is that anyone can make a product or course and sell it on Clickbank. As long as you follow their rules then you are ready to sell.

If you put that into account, a place where anyone can sell their products or services you ought to know that you need to be very careful and do a more thorough research than usual.

Bulletproof profits is product where once you purchase it, they’ll start to try and sell you even more stuff, a complete mind game.

And because most people who are already buying it are most likely desperate, so they are all the way down there in the purchasing cycle, ready to purchase almost anything you offer them to reach that goldmine.

The moment you click on the video, he will start to persuade you with his “facts” and how he achieved them.

He claims to know a hidden goldmine worth of $685 billion dollars and knows where you can look for gold (Easy Money), If you follow the system he is going to show you, you can easily have $2000 dollars days.

Well on your way to make a whopping $50k dollars a month, I mean how more unrealistic can he get with this?

He even goes as far as to show his own results and that he made over $45672 in just 21 days after implementing the things taught in the system.

Why Is Bulletproof So Cheap?

Is bulletproof profits a scam?He may be a scammer, a fraud, but honestly… I am pretty sure he made his money with this by playing the mind game with desperate people.

Based off of the experience I have as a sales person and also as an official affiliate marketer, I know how the buying cycle is and how it works, and no, I am not trying to brag.

But if I have to boil it down to one simple thing, that’s emotion, people buy into emotions. If you can trigger their emotion, the way they feel, you are already 50% in.

And for the less fortunate, who are desperately in need of a way to earn fast money or those who are weak-minded, and can be persuaded and manipulated easily…this can be very dangerous. You will be wasting a lot of money with this if you are one of them.

So with all of that considered, the initial $9 is just a mask in my opinion, because he knows he will get you to buy the upsells eventually.

Upsell #1: The Bulletproof Profit Turbo ($197)

As the name says, it is a turbo software, he will try to sell you something that will make you think that you need it in order to make the money he promised you in the first place.

Turbo charge your income and put it into auto pilot, this is an amazon loophole, a top secret.

For $197, which is insane if you ask me.

Don’t forget that this is just the 1st upsell and it’s already almost $200, for very vague and outdated ways of earning money as an affiliate.

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Upsell #2: The Bulletproof Profit Paydays ($145)

If the Turbo of $197 wasn’t enough, there’s a Paydays, which is another whopping $145. A total of $342 of upsells down the drain.

If you take a moment and realize how much that is and how hard one has to work to earn that kind of money, it’s just sad. It’s a different story if you actually get something useful for it, but all you get are stuffs that are basically free to find on the net.

Definitely not something you need to 10x your growth just so you can earn that 10x income by implementing it. The only thing you will get out of this is a waste of time and the money you don’t have.

Testimonials That Are Extremely Fake

This program is full of red flags, and one of them that stands out the most are the testimonials found in the video. To make people talk about how great and awesome your money making system or product is, is one thing.

But to hire fiverr actors who can be found by anyone, literally anyone, to do the script is just too unthoughtful and reckless. At least have the decency to hire some professionals, professionals that aren’t easy to find unless you are looking for them.

These people are about $5-15 dollars each, you can have a rough assumption about the amount of cash invested into this program.

Here’s one of those fake testimonials, in the video she will start telling you how Justin (The Owner) changed her life for the better with this secret goldmine.

Here’s another one that claims to have made over $3000 dollars on his first day. Further down into the video he will say things like hurry up and join now or regret for the rest of your life.

He will mention about limiting his course to only a few people, and just enough people to share his “secret” goldmine with, so if you don’t hurry it will be gone tomorrow.

I just couldn’t leave this one sitting, “Enter your email address below to start generating up to $3,750 a day?”

Let me explain to you why he wants that email address so bad, the reason behind it is, to sell you even more stuff. Because once you fill in your email address he can send you as many mails as he wants until the moment you unsubscribe or block him.

And of course he’s not stupid, he will most like send one mail every 7 days or so, with all the emails he has gathered and that could be anywhere from a thousand to tens of thousands. That’s how they keep people who are weak to sales persuasion in check and squeeze out as much as they can from them.

Horrible, I know. So don’t be one of them.


How To Find a Good Quality Affiliate Product

You see, here’s the thing. In order for you to find a good quality affiliate product or course you need to know who the owner or founders are.

You need to know how they started, and how successful they are as an affiliate marketer themselves.

You wouldn’t want to be taught by someone who’s the same level as you or slightly higher, no, you need to look for someone that’s a master of his own craft, a veteran, a professional.

Whatever you want to call someone like that, that’s the person you are looking for.

I have compiled a check list for you, an article on how to find the most successful affiliate marketer on the internet. Click here to read about the most successful affiliate marketers.

If you follow what I already researched for you, you will never be scammed again ever in your life by these scammers and frauds.

Within the Affiliate Cash Club he also said that you wouldn’t need a website, pay per click advertising or any of those old methods, which I think is absurd.

Absurd in a way that those are the basics of affiliate marketing, easy to follow for beginners and people that aren’t tech savvy.

If you want to read about my origin and my #1 recommendation click here.

Here’s a video about Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell, watch this and you will have a better grasp about affiliate marketing if you do not.

My Opinion On Bulletproof Profits

You should know by now that I think of Bulletproof Profits as nothing more than a scam, and not even a reasonable one. Yes, I know, a scam is scam, but this one just boils my blood.

Don’t get me wrong, I would never recommend someone to try a scam product or anything like that, but sometimes even if a product doesn’t promise you what it was supposed to, it still gives you some kind of value.

Now, are they still considered a scam? Yes, but unlike this program which is literally all talk and nothing to prove.

A program like The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program, which is my 1st Affiliate Marketing course by the way. They promised me everything, everything will go as smooth as a waterfall.

Of course that didn’t happen, but I did learn a ton of things about Affiliate Marketing, the basics and some methods that are actually outdated.

I also reviewed a similar product called Affiliate Cash Club, you can check that out if you want.

Since I am an official affiliate marketer and I know affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online, it pains me to see people like this giving false information and thus giving a bad reputation to affiliate marketing.

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If you have any questions left about this product or if you want me to review a specific product, you can ask or leave your suggestions down below, Stay cool & Stay humble!

About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • I don’t know much about clickbank, but I really didn’t know that they had these kinds of products on there. Wow kind of makes a person really wanna be careful what they are going to promote. These reviews are great, because it really helps make sure that we try to weed out this kind of Scammy promotions.

    You did a great job of really articulating the whole process of what Bulletproof profits is trying to get people to do, spend their money on garbage. Great job.

    • Hi Coralie,

      You are welcome, it is my job to bring justice to all these scammers. Because I know how it feels like to be scammed and I don’t want to wish that upon anyone.

      Learn from my mistake, do your own research and find the right product or service to join. Money is hard to get, we should all realize that.

      Clickbank is indeed a very good platform to get the stuff you want, but they can have scammers every now and then.


  • Hi, I have read this article very carefully. I did not know anything about Bulletproof Profits before, for the first time I got to know through your article. In fact, there are many types of sites online, which is right and which is a scam? It is very difficult for newcomers to recognize it, but it is easy to identify the stamps in the way you have made it clear. Anyway, I think that bulletproof profits do not tie well. Thank you very much for writing this article.

    • Hello Paul,

      Thank you for reading and you are welcome, really appreciate your kind words.

      I have been a newcomer as well, everyone starts from somewhere and that’s why I want to give newcomers the motivation and inspiration they need to start affiliate marketing the right way.

      Because as an official affiliate marketer I think it is of utmost importance that we all help each other achieve the ultimate goal. We all have one goal, success in affiliate marketing.


  • Yah he’s making bucks, three thousand whatever a day, but off of the poor suckers who buy into his program! I was sucked in before, not with this one, and I didn’t spend over a hundred or hundreds. No more than $47 on a joke. But $47 is still a lot to spend on nothing. I’m glad you’re working to expose these creeps!

    • Hey Buffy,

      I completely understand, just like you I was furious and annoyed by these scammers. 

      Affiliate product after affiliate product, that’s how I learnt. Thank God you didn’t waste as much, $47 is indeed a lot of money.

      That’s why it is my honor and duty to expose all these scammers and find you guys the best product on the market 🙂


  • Thanks for sharing this. This is warning others of the many scams out there. In reality, nothing is “bulletproof” or can guarantee that you make money. The kind of numbers thrown around are simply insane. $45k in 3 weeks – and an experienced marketer in the digital world at most won’t make that in their first year let alone 3 weeks.

    I did actually google this product out of curiosity. I find that the “testimonials” are more “sales-monials” A genuine testimonial of any product doesn’t encourage people to buy it. I did notice that they are not really mentioning anything about what the product does or is other than it making money!

    But I also took a peak at your Wealthy Affiliate review, that look legitimate, I might try that one when I got the time. Thanks!

    • Hello Derek,

      You are welcome and yes, a warning and an eye opener for future scammers. It is true, nothing on the internet can guarantee you success.

      There are tools that can help you in achieving success, but at the end of the day, it comes down to how much energy and effort you are willing to put in.

      No $45k months are not possible within a few weeks, that’s indeed absurd.
      While it is definitely possible to reach that kind of number, it requires hard work and patient, just like any businesses.

      Happy to hear you checked out the review, it is the platform where I am acquainted with right now, and I am loving every bit of it, almost a year now. That tells you enough.

      If you are in, send me a message!


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