Is Cactus Global A Scam

Hey, welcome to my Cactus Global Review! 

Is Cactus Global a scam or a legitimate opportunity?

Make money from home or wherever you want, if you were to say this back in 1980 or 1990 or even in the early 2000s, people would call you a lunatic or being delusional.

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Now that we know it is definitely possible to make money online from home or anywhere else that you would like, let's get into the details of this company, shall we?

Cactus Global Overview

Name: Cactus Global


Owners: Abhishek Goel & Anurag Goel

Price: FREE To Join

Launched: 2002

SAP Ratings: 70/100

Cactus Global Logo

Best Suited For: People with a medical background or knowledge who wants to work from home or work as a freelance writer, editor for pharmaceutical companies and companies alike. 

Summary: Cactus Global is based in Mumbai India, and it is a medical communication company that offers worldwide freelance writers, editors and proofreaders a chance to work from home or anywhere they want, as long as they do what is asked of them, to provide valuable and academic-level work around pharma-based fields.

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What Is Cactus Global?

Founded in 2002 by by the Goel brothers in Mumbai India, just like the Wright brothers who invented the first plane wanted to fill the gap between air and land.

The Goel brothers had a vision on filling the gap between researchers in the west and east.

The company actually started out as a simple language editing company that helps researchers with a language barrier, mostly Asian researchers, bring their ideas and thoughts to the world that does not understand their language.

The sole purpose of this company is to help anyone and everybody bring out their full potential when it comes to bringing good to the world, regardless of their skin color, ethnicity, and status.

That's why they have branches in other countries aside from India, countries the USA, Japan, UK, Korea, China, and Singapore.

In essence, this company is a global medical communication agency.

The company is also in dire need of academic writers, editors, freelance writers, and translators and internship. To organize them into categories, these are the types of job they offer:

  1. Freelance Writers
  2. Internship
  3. Home-Based Work
  4. Office-Based Work

If you feel like any of that is speaking to you, feel free to give them a try.

Cactus Global Jobs

Cactus Global's Services

I am going to tell you about the services in brief. Here's what the company's services looks like

#1 Work From Office

  • Medical Writing & Editing
  • Translation
  • Medical Communications
  • Technology
  • Academic Editing, Physical Sciences & Engineering
  • Academic Editing, Medicine & Life Sciences
  • Publication Support
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Technology
  • Operations Management
  • Finance

#2 Work From Home

  • Medical Writing & Editing
  • Medical Communications
  • Academic Editing, Physical Sciences & Engineering
  • Academic Editing, Medicine & Life Sciences
  • Academic Editing, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Customer Service

#3 Freelance

  • Freelance Translation
  • Freelance Editing
  • Medical Writing & Editing
  • Medical Communications
  • Translation

And each of these services cover other areas, so if you are really interested, definitely check the website out for a more thorough understanding of all the services.

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How Do You Join Cactus Global?

As you already know, it is completely free to join. However, you do need to have some medical background knowledge and college degree for this.

And that would only make sense, you are writing or translating medically related articles after all.

Just pick one of the available jobs openings, and fill in the application form.

There are a variety of things you can do, so it would be wise to take your time and think about it before applying for one.

Whether it is working in the office, from home or just freelancing, you need to be sure and see what's the best communication job for you.

Aside from these jobs, there are no other money making opportunities for you to make money with them.

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How To Make Money With Cactus Global?

Well, first you would need to become an employee. If you possess the necessary skills in proofreading, editing, communication, high-level English with correct grammar, and even for softwares like Excel and Microsoft Words.

And don't plan on faking it, there will be a screening exam for you to take. There's also a preference for people who has knowledge about biomedical science.

Once you are an employee, you will get paid per word and not per hour as the common corporate job, different type of tasks/jobs has different rates.

Your pay will also get higher once your editing or writing skills are decently improving.

How Much Does Cactus Global Pay?

According to, the salaries depend on the type of work your are employed to do, take a look at the screenshot I made.

Cactus Communication Salaries

This is a screenshot from people located in the US.

On average, you can expect to make around $3.000 - $4.000 a month. Which isn't too shabby if you ask me but don't forget to factor in the amount of time you need to spend writing or editing.

How Do You Get Paid?

I tried looking for answers to this but what I found out is that there is no answer to this unless you passed the exam or when you are in your final state of the interview.

Only then will you be able to find out how you get paid and how often, PayPal, wire transfers or a different payment method.

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Is Cactus Global Accredited By The BBB?

No, they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company is registered on BBB under the name Cactus Communications Inc.

They do, however, have an A+ rating and a 5 stars rating on their profile.

When a company is not accredited by BBB it could mean a variety of things, not meeting the requirements and maybe, just maybe because they are not legitimate.

But in this case, I can safely assume it is the former.

Cactus Global BBB

What I Like About Cactus Global / The Pros

1. Pleasant Workplace Culture

As a writer, editor, proofreader, etc, you would love to work with flexible hours and not pressure yourself. That's exactly what you will get if you work for Cactus.

I have seen countless reviews from people who are actual employees, and they have nothing but satisfaction and gratefulness all written over their face.

2. Multi Job Opportunities

The services offered by Cactus is so diverse that you can literally work wherever you want, at home, at the office or even on vacation.

You can even work as an Intern, not many companies out there will give you this type of opportunity.

3. Multinational Company

Cactus is also a multinational, that makes it even better. There are people who are excellent at the language English but are not from Mumbai or any other part of India for that mattter.

Offering opportunities in different countries is a very sympathetic goal for any company in my opinion.

What I Dislike About Cactus Global / The Cons

1. Writing Fatigue

What I mean by this is exactly what it sounds like, just like how you would get fatigued by eating the same kind of food over and over again.

You will get fatigued by writing about similar things over and over again.

Even if it's a food you really like, like lasagna, after eating 5lbs of it, I am sure you wouldn't want to see a single gram of lasagna anymore.

The same applies to the stuff you are writing or editing about. Working from home is great but not like this, that's why I have a better alternative for you which I will show you very shortly.

2. The Deadlines

If you are an employee, there are rules for you to follow and abide too. When your employer hands you the paperwork, and give you a deadline, you must do it or suffer the consequences.

Now, that may sound a bit dramatic but the truth is, it's hard to meet the deadlines every time, especially when it comes to medical stuff, sometimes it requires more time.

So bye bye to your so called "freedom".

3. Your Only Income

The pay you get from Cactus Global will be a monthly income, a full-time income. So what does that mean? That means you are not allowed to have another job, and even if you can, you won't have the time to do so.

There are freelance writers who claims to have received $4.000 but that's about it, if you have plans in the future about making more than $4.000, you need another job because scaling is not possible with this company.

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Cactus Global Feedback - What Are Employees Saying?

Before I give you my final opinion on Cactus, I think it's best to take a look at the opinions of people who are actually working for this company, makes sense?

Cactus Global Review 1

This employee is very happy with his or her job, he says the company is very flexible, especially to freelancers. But there are reward for high quality submitted manuscripts.

Cactus Global Review 2

This employee is saying the same thing, he or she compliments the flexibility of the company.

Cactus Global Review 3

This employee is giving the company 2-stars and according to him or her the reason for that is because the pay is horrible.

The employee is also unhappy with the way he/she is treated, even for an unskilled worker. No guidance of what to do after a mistake has been made, and no sign of empathy whatsoever.

Cactus Global Review 4

This employee is also unsatisfied with the salary, like I mentioned earlier, if you are an ambitious person and you like to be given the opportunity of scaling, this can be a nightmare for you.

More reviews or feedback can be found here.

Is Cactus Global a Scam?

After doing a complete research on this company, I don't think Cactus Global is a scam. For those who are still wondering and asking themselves the question "is Cactus Global a scam?" just haven't done enough research about the company itself.

This is a perfectly legitimate medical communication company that has partnered with so many big names or high authority websites like the Cambridge University Press, Canadian Science Publishing, American Society of Clinical Oncology, etc.

Cactus Global Partners

So it is definitely proven to be a worthy choice for you if you are into writing, editing or proofreading medical related stuff.

But other than that, if you are looking to make some good money as a writer, I wouldn't recommend this to you.

To prevent yourself from getting bored as a writer, the job I am proposing to you will much more likely make you a happy person.

How I Made Thousands Online In 1 Year?

By reading my review on Cactus Global, I hope you have a clear mind before joining and becoming an employee. The company is good and it pays, if that's what you are looking for, congratulation.

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