Is carico international a scam?

Hey, welcome to my Carico International Review! 

What exactly are you looking for? Quality products for your family or a passive income stream?

Perhaps, you want to have both and would like to take your chances on this MLM company. Is Carico International a scam or could it be your ticket to financial freedom?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Carico International Overview

Name: Carico International


Owners: Richard Cappadon

Price: n/a

Launched: 1967

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Carico International Logo

Best Suited For: no one.

Summary: Carico International is a networking company that had been operating for years. Despite the decades it spent in the industry, there are still a lot of important information they fail to disclose. This business are offering home appliances, from sleeping systems to fine china. There are more alarming factors about this company that you might want to consider before joining its income opportunity.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Carico International?

Isn't every company's mission is to provide people quality products along with helping lead them to a better life and all that "goals"?

To become a business that has leverage among your competition, staying true to your customers and exceeding their expectations is a must.

Let's be real here, a lot of companies fail to deliver what they intended to give to consumers making them appeal that they're just all for the marketing strategy.

So, what exactly is Carico International?

This is another direct selling company that are focused on giving people a variety of products in the categories of health and wellness along with home and lifestyle. 

It is launched by Richard Cappadon in Florida back in 1967. It now operates not just in the US but all over the globe. 

Also, they take pride in being a member of the Direct Selling Association.

"Carico is forever", that's the company's tagline. So, if a business can stand for decades, can it's distributors stay successful within its business model?

Carico International Product Line

We all want what’s best for our families, right? As consumers, we aim to go for products that do not just fit the budget but still has great value.

Meanwhile, Carico claims that they have searched the world to look for the finest products made by the most skilled craftsmen to offer them to you. Does that sound convincing.

On top of that, they have declared that there are no better products from what they can provide you. Is this just another exaggerated claim? We'll see.

Carico International's products are designed to last a lifetime. Moreover, it will help you save more money without having to compromise the value of the products you get from them.

It is believed that it is one of the many reasons as to why Carico International is still standing strong as of today.

According to Carico, if you are interested in taking a closer look at their products, these are presented by Authorized Carico Consultants through a private showing.
It seems like a more personal approach that most consumers will enjoy since it assures them that consultants will be on hand at attending to their needs or questions rather,

Carico products are presented through private showings by Authorized Carico Consultants. This concept makes it possible for you to examine the products at your convenience and allow us to deliver the personal attention you deserve.

Each product made by this company is assured to have warranties and any concerns regarding it will be addressed thoroughly by its customer service department.

Overall, Carico International aims to make satisfied customers its number one concern.

Despite all that, there is not much information available online that guarantees every little thing that Carico claims as per their products and services. 

For over 50 years in the industry, there must be a lot of data to prove that they are indeed giving the best products to consumers. But no. 

Carico International Product Line

Carico International Products (1)

Basically, they have 2 categories:

1.Health and Wellness: This includes sleeping systems, air filters, cookware, water system, food storage, and juice extractors.

2. Elegant Lifestyle: from cutlery, tableware to fine china and crystal.

If you intend to know more about each of the products they sell, you still need to fill out a form with your name, email, contact number including your message or questions. 

I am not sure why there is a need for that but you can see each of these forms at the bottom page of every product they showcase on their website.

You would not be able to view the prices of each on their corporate website

You would not be able to view the prices of each in their corporate website. If you are ready to purchase or would just love to browse and perhaps weigh out your options before anything else, I suggest you visit Carico International's Product Shop.

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Is Carico International a Pyramid Scheme?

Most people believe the majority is saying that a company is indeed a fraud rather than believing those who say it is not.

This is a fact since it is not new for everyone to know that there are more people who fail in this kind of industry. There are bigger chances that an individual can end up on side of over 90% that received less than 100 dollars for compensation.

How can you be so sure that you will end up at 1% of those who achieved success in a Multi-level Marketing Company? What are the odds that it will be a piece of cake for you to climb up the ladder and be one of the top-earners?

Nothing is certain. Especially at companies like this. This is just one of the reasons why almost everyone is quick to assume that MLMS are pyramid schemes. But it's not.

For a company to be labeled as one, it has to be a business that encourages individuals to pay more to earn more. And the best identifier is if it does not sell physical products at all.

So the question "Is Carico International a pyramid scheme?" is something you can answer yourself.

It offers a variety of products and that already leaves them out of the possibility that it is operating as a fraudulent scheme.

Plus, if it really was, it would have been flagged by the FTC even before. But as you can see, this company stood strong over the years.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Carico International?

Carico is not a job, but a lifestyle according to a statement by Tom Willard from an interview.

Since it is claimed that this company is experiencing tremendous growth, it is needing more Certified Consultants, Management Trainees and Support Personnel.

It frustrates me to see that there is little to no information on how one can get started at Carico International.

Sure, you can easily sign up at Unfortunately, there is not much info on how much would it cost to become a consultant. 

The only way to find out is by going through the registration.

One thing is for sure, to begin your career at Carico International, you have to undergo training. Even this aspect is not thoroughly elaborated.

These valuable and professional training will be given by Carico in order to prepare you for your position at the company. Still, you must pay for the registration fee which I cannot find any information on how much it costs.

MLM companies like Jeunesse or Motives Cosmetics are open about how much their registration fee costs along with the packages a  person can avail to get their business started.

Carico International Representative

The photo above shows a representative testimonial.  But, don’t you find it a little bit odd?

Surely, there are tons of success stories from other companies but they never fail to exclude the photo of the one who gave the statement.

Isn't it sketchy that Carico included a "representative testimonial" without entirely acknowledging who gave that message?

Well, I wouldn't be surprised at all regarding this fact because there are a lot of things that this company fails to disclose anyway.

As much as I wanted to give you more information, that's all I can acquire. 

But if you do want to have a part at this company and take your chances on becoming a representative, just go over to their registration page!

Carico International's Compensation Plan

If Carico International aims to go great lengths to fulfill consumers’ needs, can they do the same when it comes to compensating its consultants?

Like any other MLM company you must rely on 2 ways to earn profits: 

1. Direct Selling

2. Recruiting.

There could be several ways under each of them in order to maximize how you can generate your income. Note that every MLM does the same anyway. 

The usual difference in every compensation plan is how complex it can get. 

As promised, before you can even start your independent business within this company, you need to undergo the necessary training. Once you have completed all that, it's the only point you can go ahead with becoming a consultant.

It is promised that Carico International will provide you with exceptional training that will give you the skills you need in order to achieve success.

So, if you are here reading this review, there may be something at Carico that have piqued your interest. This could be from the products they offer or at this point, the business opportunity they aim to provide.

As eager as I am to give you a thorough explanation of how everything works at Carico, there is not much information about how its compensation plan works.

But this I will tell you, MLMs require utter dedication and loads of hours in order to acquire even a little an income.

It will offer you an opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to finally live your dream and all that. But believe me, I have heard this from a lot of networking companies.

Unfortunately, there are only a number of people who have achieved that over thousands of distributors who took the risk and got nothing in return.

We all know that in this type of business the real money does not come from selling products, rather, it's all from the people you have recruited to join your team. At this point in time, people have become wiser and convincing them to join a networking company could be really hard.

Your main goal will be expanding your empire of consultants and keep them active in order to rank higher in the system and get more profits.

It sounds easy to recruit people but, to be honest, it's not. 

A lot of people are completely aware of how tough the competition is in this industry and probably they have better ways to earn that passive income.

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Is Carico International Accredited By The BBB?

Nowadays, consumers are making sure they educate themselves about the company they are interested in.

I think it's great the people are becoming wiser in terms of making purchases or rather making investments on any business opportunity a company offers.

So, for most, a business that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau is an important factor to consider.

Since the BBB ensures that a company practices transparency and follows the guidelines and standards of trust, it appeals more to interested consumers.

Despite the fact that there's not much information to find about Carico International, somehow it's a relief to find that it is accredited by the BBB.

On top of that, they also have an A-plus rating. 

Still, this cannot be the sole factor you should rely on in terms of a company's credibility. How so? 

There are other aspects needed to be considered like, are you really going to achieve prosperity just because it's BBB accredited?

Carico International BBB

What I Like About Carico International/ The Pros

1. Carico Patents

It's somehow a big deal for an MLM company to have its own patents. There are other networking companies that are just using third-party products and sell t as their own at a much higher price.

But, Carico International went out of their way to make sure that every product they sell has its own patent.

To get a product patented has a lot of processes and is surely expensive at most. Since Carico wants to make sure no one else uses their technology unless the founder agrees to it. 

Anyway, aside from this there is nothing much that I found interesting about this company.

What I Dislike About Carico International/ The Cons

1. Lack of Information

Researching about this company has not only been difficult for me but it was entirely frustrating.

Imagine if I really am keen on becoming one of their consultants, then I had not much information regarding what the company can provide for people like me...

How am I supposed to be convinced to join the opportunity they offer?

The fact that they do not disclose the most important factors like, how much does it cost to join them, how do they compensate their consultants, is disappointing.

If you want to know more about Carico, you have to ask them yourself.

Do I want to do that? No. 

If Carico aims to fulfill the needs of its consumers, why not start at giving people the information they want without going through the trouble of sending them an email?

A lot of MLM companies are open about what they offer and how much an individual needs to pay in order to become an independent distributor.

What opportunity does this company offer exactly? ​

There are too many videos saying how being in Carico is not a job but a lifestyle but how does it actually work?

Nobody ever mentioned it.

Plus, are you not wondering as to how most of these testimonials are just seen in Carico and not on other platforms?

How can we be sure that these people are not hired to say beautiful things about the company? Can it really be true that they have achieved to live the life of their dreams through Carico?

Who knows?

2. Product Complaints

Funny how most company exaggerates product claims but fails to live u to it.

Sure, nothing is perfect but to go all the way to make people believe how great your offers are but in the end, it disappoints customers? How does that appeal to people?

It's never new for a business to create an image for people to be enticed with their products. It's a marketing strategy but people will always prefer the ones that are truthful rather than those who only provide false promises.

Carico International Product Complaint

The photo above is an example of how frustrating it is to believe in product advertisements.  This is just one of the many reviews at

Besides the fact that it can obviously cost you more, never getting what it's supposed to provide is what makes it even more disappointing.

Why settle for expensive products when there are cheaper alternatives? Don't get me wrong but there are better products that cost less and the quality is way more guaranteed than MLM products.

Please feel free to check the reviews about Carico International products before you make a transaction with this company. 

Let's say that one bad review is not going to stop you. But won't you take it as a warning that there is a huge possibility that the same thing can happen to you?

There is no perfect company and there will always be chances of receiving faulty products. But a business that knows how to immediately address these kinds of complaints without any hassle on the  customers’ part is a must.

3. Nothing Unique To Offer

If you go over their website, you will find different kinds of products. What I meant by nothing unique about it is that they can all be purchased at your local store.

Aside from the fact that they do not say anything much about how consultants run their businesses through Carico, we can all assume that it is yet another typical MLM company.

Even if they claim to have tremendous growth that allowed them to have constant need of people to work for the company, there are not many details about it.

In fact, according to, there are only over 300 employees within the business. So where is the growth coming from?

Where are the people they are needing? Has anyone actually applied for it?

What's the fuss all about? 

Carico International Information

There are so many alarming factors that make it harder to believe the company. The lack of information on the most important aspects is just making it more difficult on how to trust them.

How can one possibly convinced that any interested individual can have a future within its business?

Where is the proof of unlimited income? Where are the evidence of prosperity?

And why would anyone settle for a company that does not have much information to answer all these questions?

Is Carico International a Scam?

Aren't you tired hearing the same promises from MLM companies over and over again? Then to only find out that they are not delivering what they claim to provide?

This is just one major aspect that makes every person believe that any networking company is acting as a scam.

But, Carico International is a legitimate business. Despite the fact that there is little information about this company, it is deemed legit.

Aside from the company's longevity, there are actually people who believe in its products.

Does this mean I can recommend it? No.

If you want to try the products and see for yourselves what it can do for you then go ahead.

But if you ask me whether it's business opportunity is worth the try, that's what I am never going to be sure of.

You can take your chances if you want to but I would suggest you try affiliate marketing instead. 

Whatever your questions are regarding what it is, I'll be happy to answer everything for you.

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