Hey, Welcome to my Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) Review!

CBD oil in a bowl

Are you using Cannabidiol oil because you heard a lot of good things about it?

Maybe that’s why you came across CTFO (Changing the Future Outcome).

But is Changing The Future Outcome a scam or is it a legitimate company that sells CBD oil?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

CBD has been growing in popularity for the last decade and like all things, there are good things to say about it and there are stuff that makes you think twice before using it.

Changing The Future Outcome is not just a company that sells cannabidiol products, they are a MLM company or a network marketing company as some would call it.

Let’s take a closer look at this MLM company.

OverviewCTFO's Logo

Name: Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO)

Website: https://www.ctfocbdofficial.com/

Owners: Stuart and Steve Finger

Price: FREE for retailers & MLM program is $47.47

Launched: 2015

SAP Ratings: 20/100

Best Suited For: People who knows a lot about cannabidiol oil and can help people find a solution to their health problems with CBD oil.

Summary: Changing The Future Outcome or CTFO is a MLM company that sells weight loss, skin care and CBD oil products. However, they are a re-branded company and they did not sell hemp related products before that, so that raises a big red flag for me.

Recommended: Absolutely not.

What Is CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome)?

CTFO or Changing The Future Outcome is a MLM company that is known for their revolutionary products, hemp related products.

So I did some research. A little bit of digging here and a little bit of digging there and here’s what I found, CTFO is a re-brand from a company called Chew The Fat Off.

Chew The Fat Off used to be a weight loss MLM company, so this will strike the question for many, why did they go on a re-brand?

Well, there’s only one answer to that, they sucked and they weren’t getting any profit. Similar to Modere.

So the next logical step would be rebranding with a new product, that’s what they need in order to stay in the game, and so they did.

Great move by the founders to pick hemp-related products as their new product.

I am going to show you a chart from Google Trend, just to give you a view on how much the popularity revolving CBD oil has grown over the years.

CBD oil Trend

You can see from the screenshot that CBD oil is hitting off around October 2017. Even with all of this happening to the CBD market.

It is safe to say that the market is NOT yet saturated with MLM companies that are selling hemp-related products.

Great job on Chew That Fat Off to do re-brand into Changing The Future Outcome together with their new hemp product line.

The reason CBD oil is gaining so much traction lately is because of the health benefits many people claim it has.

I will show and talk more about the CTFO’s products in the product line section.

Is CTFO a Legit Company Or a Pyramid Scheme?

This is one of the most asked question regarding CTFO, at some point you probably want to know if it is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Changing The Future Outcome is a network marketing company after all, and these companies are often mistaken for a pyramid scheme.

Just the way their earning structure looks like, it has a lot of similar elements to that of a pyramid scheme.

Have a look at the picture below and see for yourself:

CTFO earning structure

This is how the typical MLM earning structure looks like, and it looks exactly like a pyramid, so you can’t really blame people for accusing MLM’s of being a pyramid scheme.

However, there’s still a slight difference.

MLM’s have more than one way of making money, so earning cash like the way you see on the picture is simply one of the two main methods of earning in any MLM company.

Whereas, a pyramid scheme is making money solely by recruiting people to work under you.

So yea, MLM’s aren’t as bad, but trust me, it makes no difference when it comes to their earning potential.

99% of people who join a MLM company are ought to lose all their money the first two years, I am saying this because I have been one of those people.

Don’t give up just yet, there is an online business model that will require less effort and the success rate is at the very least ten times bigger.

It’s called affiliate marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing ever since I lost my 8 months savings to MLM, and I can’t be any happier.

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CTFO’s Product Line

CTFO's product line

Back then when Changing The Future Outcome used to be called Chew That Fat Off, they were selling weight loss and skin care products.

But weight loss was the main focus during that time and now they switched over to making CBD oil their main focus of selling.

But that’s not all that they sell, they sell over a wide variety of products ranging from skin care, hair growth, anti-aging, weight loss, oils and even pet products.

I will not be talking about CTFO’s 70+ products here because I’m not doing a product review, but if you are interested, click here and check it out.

I will however mention the product category:

  1. CBD Health
  2. CBD Anti-aging
  3. CBD Nutrition
  4. CBD Pets
  5. Non CBD Products

What Is Cannabidiol or CBD oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, so they are the same thing. You hear this so often now, CBD in coffee, CBD for your dog etc, but what exactly is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is often mistaken for Marijuana, because they are almost the same, but not the same.

Cannabidiol is the second most widespread substance found in a cannabis plant called hemp.

CBD can also be extracted from the marijuana plant, but the marijuana plant has a much lower concentrate of CBD and higher concentrate of THC

THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol.

People get high from THC, not from CBD. THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

I enjoyed Watching this video for a more comprehensive explanation on what CBD actually is, maybe

Is CBD Legal?

Is CBD oil Legal or Illegal

The answer to this is yes, maybe you want to try out this CBD oil thing and you are scared you might get in trouble. But rest assured, it is legal.

However, it also depends on which country you live in. And as long as your hemp product does not contain more than 0.3% THC then it is fine.

And in some countries you require a prescription to carry around with you some CBD oil.

So it is best to check your local laws first before actually getting into the CBD market.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil?

This was very interesting to me, and I think you might find it rather interesting as well. So here is what I found from the medical practitioners.

  • Relieves Pain
  • Could Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • Relieves Cancer-related Symptoms
  • Helps Fight Acne
  • Supports Neurological Disorders
  • Promotes Heart & Circulatory System
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties

So these are more or less the benefits CBD oil can provide through limited research from medical practitioner. There are some ongoing research for different health benefits.

Health benefits that are still being researched on are:

  • Antipsychotic Effects
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Anti-Tumor Effects
  • Diabetes Prevention

How Much Does It Cost To Join CTFO?

Welcome To CTFO

The cost of joining CTFO is completely FREE, now that’s something you don’t see very often. Most MLM’s require you to pay some kind of fee to even get started.

But with Changing The Future Outcome it is completely different.

You get to sell their products with no cost attached to it, but you are not allowed to recruit anyone.

So at this point, everything seems like the normal multi-level-marketing company again, you have to pay a monthly fee of $47.47 to join their recruitment system.

And if you really plan on making money with this company, you bet that’s something you would definitely need.

Because making money by selling their products alone will make close to nothing, and that’s IF you are making anything at all.

The Success Rate is Terrible

One thing I can tell you about CTFO or any MLM for that matter, is their success rate. Also, the reason why I am so strongly against it.

I tried joining a MLM company a while back (2-3 years), I sold their products, I recruited people for them, but I was making close to nothing.

I got poorer and poorer, and that’s wrong.

After the initial 6-7 months of trying, I started really looking into these MLM companies, something I should have done in the beginning.

But like most of you, I was desperate to make something extra, not knowing I was going broke because of it instead.

So like I said before, 99% of people who joins an MLM company lose their money, and the only ones that do make a ton of cash are the ones on top, the 1%.

If there’s one thing you should take from this review, is this. DON’T JOIN an MLM.

There are way better alternatives, and I am thankful I found the perfect one for me, which is affiliate marketing.

What is CTFO’s Compensation Plan?

You will never hear someone say how easy it is to understand the compensation plan of an MLM company, it’s just not possible.

They are so infamous for their compensation plans, it is extremely complicated.

Consider yourself above average or a genius if you understand their plan, and if you do, the chances of succeeding will most likely tenfold.

I will tell you the 3 most important things within their compensation plan, the rest you can read here.

1. Retail Commissions: CTFO’s affiliates get a 20% discount on all the products they purchase, the amount you make is the price you are selling it for minus the retail price.

2. Unilevel Payment: You get commissions from the people you personally recruited under you, the so-called 1st level recruits. So the more people you can recruit under you, the more you can earn.

3. Matrix Payment: You can earn a 1% commission from every other level of recruitment.

To get more into details, just watch the video below (It Helps!):

What I Like About CTFO / The ProsCBD approved

1. The Interest For CBD Oil: The growth of CBD oil is growing exponentially. If you didn’t already see the screenshot I made on Google Trend for CBD oil, check it out. It’s definitely becoming a million-dollar market if it isn’t already.

2. No Executive Compensation: This is actually the biggest like I can give CTFO, the founders are making commissions just like everyone else. They don’t take or make any executive compensations. This is considered a revolutionary step in MLM.

3. Free To Join: There aren’t many MLM companies that will let you join them without paying some kind of fee upfront.

What I Don’t Like About CTFO / The ConsCBD not approved

1. The Uncertainty of Legalization: Even though I mentioned that it is legal, it is still uncertain to what degree. Some countries may not have legalized hemp-related products.

2. Terrible Success Rate: The percentage that succeeds in running a business with an MLM is terribly low, it is insane that only 1% succeed.

3. High Compensation for Recruitment: This will stir the company further down the road of a pyramid scheme. Since all MLM’s are already accused of being one, this is something to think about.

4. Mediocre Quality Products: The products aren’t 100% made with CBD, some people are complaining about their mix with other chemical ingredients.

Is CTFO a Scam?

I reviewed plenty of these Multi-level-marketing companies like Nevetica, Reliv International and Neora.

I believe they are all legit companies, and there is no sign of scamming. They don’t scam people for their money like unpaid commissions or anything like that.

It is however extremely hard for you to find your run in CTFO. Hemp- related product’s popularity is indeed on the rise, but it is not easy to sell.

And the reason for that is because it is not legalized all around the world.

CBD oil isn’t scientifically proven either, so for some people, this is a big NO.

Aside from that, you still have to factor in the fact that MLM’s are hard to succeed, so if you balance out everything, there’s no reason why you should even consider this business opportunity.

My Final Verdict

I will stand by my point, MLM’s are very lucrative from the outside, but the inside is nothing like it. There are better ways to make money online from home.

Some alternatives include dropshipping, Amazon FBA, real estate, and affiliate marketing.

My pick is affiliate marketing because the ROI is just insane.

If you could see what I see at this very moment, you will be blown away. If you are still interested in making a full-time income online from home, which I know you are.

You can try Wealthy Affiliate at ZERO cost.

I hope I have convinced you not try CTFO, click the link below if you want to find out more about my journey with WA.

==> Click Here To Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review <==

I hope you find this article to be of value, leave a comment down below for any questions you may have regarding CTFO or any other MLM companies.

About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • Thanks for this review. CBD oil has the potential to become massive over the next few years, but it seems like at the moment the market just isn’t there, and neither is the scientific studies. Do you think that if they changed their business model away from MLM, could it still potentially work in today’s climate, or is the lack of legalisation and scientific consensus still a hinderance?

    • Hey Ben,

      The problem is not that they are a MLM company, I think they can find their run with or without being a MLM company. 

      Like I said before, the products are mediocre, they are not bad or anything. So as long as they can win the customers by selling quality products, they are good.

  • Hi there!

    To be completely honest with you, I came across this MLM company by accident when I searched for CBD oil MLM companies. After reading this review, I think my search for the perfect MLM company has come to an end.

    You sparked my interest for affiliate marketing, and I checked it out. 

    And one more thing, the way you wrote your review is so passionate. Love it.

    And with the low price it is a complete bargain! I am sure you will agree!

    Have a wonderful day,


    • Hello Richard,

      You have no idea how much that means to me, really appreciate you for taking the time to read my review about Wealthy Affiliate.

      I am indeed very passionate when it comes to this affiliate marketing thing. The more success I see, the more passionate and motivated I am.

      Give it a try and if you join through my link, I can personally show you around and perhaps even do some one on one coaching 🙂

      Best of luck, Richard.

  • I always appreciate the inside scoop on an online opportunity because many of them don’t work and I have lost money and time on some. I have heard a lot about CBD oil lately but I am concerned that a drug testing by my company could be a problem in that we do have a lot of U.S. Federal projects. Do you heard anything about the drug testing results if CBD oil is used.

    I really like Wealthy Affiliate and it is a great team and group of people with incredible training and resources available. They are an online group that truly wants to help you succeed.

    • Hello Rick,

      No, I haven’t heard anything about the drug testing yet. But I agree with you, it could be a problem.

      Wealthy Affiliate has made more millionaires than the educational system itself.

      It is the best proven affiliate marketing community with 14+ years of experience, how can you top that? haha.

  • CBD oil certainly has many health benefits, but I would try and source it from another source other than through a network marketing company. If you buy it from someone working for a network marketing company you are probably going to pay a whole lot more for it. Sourcing it locally or online would probably be a better bet. 

    If one wants to get into selling the product do you think that the best way would be through affiliate marketing rather than joining a network marketing company?

    • Hello Michel,

      I believe so, if you want to sell CBD oil or anything for that matter, it is always better through affiliate marketing, and do you know why? let me tell you why.

      1. You do not have to purchase any product.

      2. The more people you get to your website where you promote the product you want to sell, the more you can earn.

      3. Startup cost is ten times cheaper.

      Best of luck!

  • Definitely an admixture of being the good and the bad guy. CTFO is an excellent company that majors on cbd oil product to which they mirror it in line with mlm business model. Mlml is bad as a business unless one has the super ability to sell a lot and possibly recruit an actively working group that will help in making money. However, I’d be willing to buy CTFO products because I learnt of their quality but I cannot get involved with their business plan. Thanks

    • Hi Shelley,

      Changing The Future Outcome did a great job in selling CBD oil though, but I just don’t approve them as a worthy business opportunity.

      I never used CBD oil before, so I can’t tell you if their products are good or not. Perhaps you can tell us later 🙂

      And yes, that’s a wise choice, don’t get involved in the MLM business they are offering.

  • This is the second time am reading an article about this so called CTFO and its been almost same thing but I must say this is more detailed and explanatory than the other one. I personally can never recommend MLM companies as offer to anyone because of the income shit, some people make the cash while others suffer the burden. Thanks for sharing this post, I enjoyed reading through and I really learned a couple of things too.

    • Hello Jones, I am really glad you enjoyed reading this article. That’s MLM for you pal, they are all the same.

      If you plan on making real money online, don’t go down that road. I’ve been there, and it’s horrible. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review if you are interested.

      Best of luck!

  • Hi,

    Great review about changing the future outcome. I am glad that you present your honest review of this company and let us know this company is not recommendable. 

    As we know how popular CBD oil is now. As a Health care assistant, I know thousands and thousands of people who have a different health issue and mental issue who are getting benefits from CBD Oil. But the main problem comes when some company try to sell this oil but they don’t have legit business models which many people still don’t know about. 

    Thanks for your review which will help many people to take the right decision, to not take part in this type of business model while there are other legit business models which is 100% recommendable.

    • Hello Nazmun,

      I really appreciate your comment. And  you are welcome.

      I know a few people who are seeing great results while using CBD oil as well, but I am a science guy, so I am still kinda skeptical about it.

      That’s why they are called MLM, Nazmun 🙂

      Best of luck

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