Is Coseva a Scam?

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Coseva Overview

Name: Coseva


Owners: Rob Gulbrandsen

Price: n/a

Launched: n/a

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Coseva Logo

Best Suited For: no one

Summary: Coseva is another typical MLM in the health and wellness niche. It appears to be legitimate despite the fact that there are not much information available regarding the company. Unlike most MLM's they don't have a very complicated compensation plan.

Recommended: Not a chance.

What Is Coseva?

Coseva appears to be another typical Multi-level Marketing Company focused on the health and wellness niche.

It is started by Rob Gulbrandsen. Unfortunately, I cannot find any other information regarding the date this company was launched.

Like any other MLM, it wants what's best for individuals. Basically, they are driven to give people the chance to have an over-all wellness along with a financial security.

It's focal point is to let assist you in achieviing your goals and eventually change your life.

I do believe you may have heard this promise from other MLMs as well.

Aside from the fact that this company is based in Utah, there is not much details as to what this company is or how it started.

Coseva's Product Line

Every company must have something unique to offer consumers that will assure them value. For every MLM that works in the same health and welleness niche, they have to provide an outstanding product that sets them apart.

As for Coseva, they have products they claim as clinical-grade. This is actually a quality standard they set themselves because they say that they care about your health and follows a strict process to make sure your body receives the purest essences.

If these standards were set by the company itself, how can a person be assured that the quality of each products made to give the best effects or benefits?

Coseva claims that they provide the purest ingredients that undergoes verifiable quality and testing.

There are 2 Categories of products at Coseva: Toxin Removal and Heart Health.

Let's discuss the flagship product of Coseva: Advanced TRS.

This product aims to cleanse your toxins from body and mind. How does it do that?

It uses nanotechnology as a way to ideally remove and cleanse toxins and heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, lead and more. 

To achieve your body's full potential with Advanced TRS all you need to do is spray every morning and at night.

Is it that easy to be healthy? I don't think so.

Coseva Product

I have come across a  Facebook Post with an image that says, "If you haven't tried TRS because you think it's too expensive, then you haven't realized how much you are worth."

From reading that, a lot of things came into mind and one of those are, is this product really an individual's need or was that message intended to just lure me into buying it?

Whatever it is, I don't think that one's health should be relied on products like this. Your well-being still depends on your lifestyle, your eating habits and your drive to maintain good health.

As much as I want to go over every product at Coseva, you can just go over at for more info.

Here's video what Advanced TRS can do for you.

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Is ​Coseva a Pyramid Scheme?

Coseva is a business operating in a multi-level marketing structure. This is another typical MLM company that will offer you a promising income opportunity.

It would not be shocking at all if people will immediately see is as a pyramid scheme. Well, to be honest, aren't most MLM seen that way?

Even though the majority would like to believe that every MLM is a fraud, it's not.

Coseva may seem to be just another usual MLM full of promises but this is a legitimate company after all.

It also offer actual products that pyramid schemes fails to do so.

Although there are limited streams you can find information regarding Coseva, this is far from being another fraudulent scheme.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Coseva?

If Motives Cosmetics offers an individual the chance to write their own success story, and Aloette Cosmetics will give yo the opportunity to make your passion your profession...

Coseva wants you to feel good while doing good.

Every company must have this convincing tagline to entice people into joining. Has any of it convinced you? Or have you ever felt assured by any of that marketing strategy?

Anyway, are you looking for a part-time? Perhaps you may want this to be something you can eventually commit to on a full-time career?

Coseva promises to give you that along with the freedom to work at your own time. On top of that, you will be assured that you can do all this as well as helping others live happier and healthier.

Becoming a Coseva's Independent Partner is as easy as signing up through their website. Or via telephone and completing an Independent Partner application and sending it through mail or fax.

Note that there is a membership fee you must pay for in order to successfully process your application. Unfortunately, how much it cost is not mentioned within their site, the compensation plan or anywhere on the Coseva Policies and Procedure.

Memberships At Coseva

There are 3 types of Memberships at Coseva and you are free to choose whatever you please.

1. Retail Customer: Through a distributor's replicated site, you can easily place an order and purchase them at retail price. 

There is also a Retail Customer Back Office wherein you can freely make additional orders or adjust you autoship options. 

If you are interested to finally becoming a Distributor, you can check in with the company for approval.

2. Preferred Retail Customer:

These are the retail customers who have decided to register for a monthly autoship. Thus, they can purchase products through wholesale price.

On top of that, there is also a back office account where a Preferred Retail Customer can make additional orders.

This membership type does not allow you to sell any Coseva Products.


To successfully become a Coseva Distributor, you must duly agree with the company's policies and procedures along with other agreements.

As a Distributor, you can freely avail products on wholesale price and do this through regular orders or an autoship. 

One of its perks as well is that you will be given a replicated website that you can send the link to anyone who are interested to purchasing Coseva's products.

This also allows you to let people enroll as a Retail or Preferred Customers and even as a Distributor through your website.

From there, you are not only entitled of selling products but also, getting commissions from customer sales and from expanding your team of Distributors.

Coseva's Compensation Plan

If Carico International failed to disclose their compensation plan, at least Coseva was able to provide theirs at it's corporate website.

Surprisingly, Coseva's Compensation Plan is not as complicated as it seems.

Different Ways To Earn At Coseva

1. Active Status To Receive Commissions:

This is normal for most MLM companies. There will always be a need to make sure that you are an active distributor to qualify for commissions. 

With Coseva, the accumulated Personal Qualifying Volume along with the downline's Retail Qualifying Volumes will be the determination of the active status.

Make sure that you can accumulate 100 Personal QV or 200 Retail QV a month in order to receive your commissions. You will only appear active within the business if you have attainedany of these requirements.

2. Retail Bonus:  

For every purchase of a retail customer you enrolled, you will get a bonus accordingly. Note that, you are the only one who can get this commission and no one else from your upline.

3. Customer Bonus:

This applies when every preferred retail customer you have enrolled purchased products. That is if you remain active within the business. There are corresponding percentage of commissions depending  the worth and the umber of the products availed.

4. Uni-level Bonus:  

At this point,  every retail and wholesale purchases generated will be paid accordingly to every upline  depending on the rank achieved. 

There are 4 requirements before you can qualify for this bonus.

  • Active Staus
  • Volume requirement
  • Leg Rank Requirement
  • Rank Achieved

For more details regarding how you can achieve the Uni-level Bonus, you can refer to the latest Coseva's Compensation Plan!

Unfortunately, I have not come across any video that discusses a more elaborated information regarding how Coseva rewards its distributors.

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Is Coseva Accredited By The BBB?

A company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau is a business that duly complies to the standards of trust.

It sure is appealing for an organization to have an A-plus rating at BBB. This just means that they are continuously transparent and is quick to address customer complaints.

Since the photo below shows no results of Coseva at BBB, does this initially mean you cannot trust the company?

No. Although most consumers nowadays prefers to trust a BBB accredited organization,  those that are not are still credible. 

Plus, there are other factors you need to consider and not just the BBB rating.

Coseva BBB

What I Like About Coseva/ The Pros

1. Research Proofs

Most MLM products have exaggerated claims and that's one thing that bothers me every time.

It's one of the reasons as to why people just quickly assumes every networking company is a scam since they can pull off stunts like exaggerating product claims with no scientific proof to back it up.

As for Coseva, you can easily download pdf's about the Advanced TRS study about its ingredients and what proofs they have that it actually works.

At least, this vital information is provided.

So far, there's nothing else I have found interesting about this company.

What I Dislike About Coseva/ The Cons

1. Nothing New

If you go over their official website, you may see that there is a page for the latest news about Coseva. Unfortunately, the most recent that they have is dated 2015.

It's 2020 now and it's kind of making me question as to why there is nothing else after that post from 5 years ago.

Other than that, at the website's footer, the date is still 2017. Seems like no one is bothering to update the site after all.

What could it be? Is everyone at Coseva too busy to update the site and add more news? Or is it the business at a point where it's not really worth the trouble to do all that?

2. Insufficient Information

It sucks to go over a business to find answers then end up being frustrated instead. 

This is no different from Carico International at points where the facts about the income opportunity they are providing is hard to find.

Although Coseva had issued an compensation plan within their corporate website, the process of becoming an Independent Partner is not disclosed. No registration fee announced or packages that one might be required to avail.

There's a need to go over the registration in order to find out. Which, I also have no idea what if you can easily cancel that or what.

Still, if you have questions or further inquiries, you must Contact Coseva!

You cannot browse through the products if you want to buy unless you are connected with a distributor.

Even in the Coseva Leadership Page, there are no other person listed except for Rob Gulbrandsen and that's it. Who else runs this company?

Aren't there any other teams that are helping to make this business thrive? Where are they? Why aren't they recognized by the company?

Is Coseva a Scam?

Despite the obvious fact that there were pieces of information about Coseva that were somewhat difficult to find, this company is not a scam.

How so?

First of all, if it was, I do believe that the FTC had it shut down and will no longer be existing today.

Second, they are offering products backed up with science..

Lastly, there are also a number of people who believes in what Coseva Products can do for them.

But can I recommend the company and it's business opportunity?

No. Not just because there is no income statement declared, but the fact that it is an MLM is enough reason to stay away from it.

There are more people who fails in this system and that's a fact that even networking companies will and cannot deny.

Believe me, there are better income streams you can try aside from taking your chances at an MLM.

Why not go for affiliate marketing and finally achieve that financial freedom?

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