Is Digit App a Scam?

Hey, Welcome to my Digit App Review!

Is Digit App A Scam

If you have been trying your very best to save some money then you probably came across some ways to help you save money, and digit app should be on the radar when you were searching for money saving apps, but the next questions are, is Digit app a scam? Is digit app legit?

In this article I will help you see all the pros and cons of digit app and help you decide whether you need it or if you’re better off without it.

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

I know how hard it is to find a legit way to save money without resulting in spending even more money or getting frustrated because you don’t meet your initial savings goal.

Digit App Summary

Product’s Name: Digit App


Owners: Ethan Bloch and Christopher Wilson

Price: $2.99/month

Launched: In 2014

SAP Ratings: 7/10 ( Good )

Best Suited For: People that need savings, Goal Oriented Investors

Summary: The Digit App is great for anyone who has trouble saving money for a bigger purpose or goal. It automatically calculates how much you spend and how much they can put that into your savings account. Very handy while still able to earn back some of the money while saving.

Recommended: Definitely YES

What Is Digit App and How Does It Work?

At some point in life you’ve probably heard people talking about savings app now and then. Digit app is exactly one of those apps. It will save your money automatically.

A micro savings platform born with one sole purpose, to help you save the money you need, but for some reason was never able to do. That’s where Digit App comes in and save you.

Quite frankly, around 80-90% of Americans have less than $1000 saved up in a year, you may think this is an exaggeration, but it is not. Of course, you are free to do your own research and look for the exact number, but that’s not what I am going to talk about.

Let’s go with 70%, perhaps this doesn’t sound too fake to you. 70% of people save less than $1000 a year, and you are most likely one of them.


Perhaps due to the fact that you are here reading this now, but that’s alright, I always had trouble with saving my money for a vacation or for something I really want to buy as well, so don’t feel down or embarrassed, there’s no need for that.

Instead, let’s embrace the awesomeness of technology and where it is heading.

You can just download the app and link your checking account to it, as easy as that. Once you are linked, Digit App will then automatically take money off of your account and put it into your savings account every couple of days. The amount is between $5-P.

Can I Earn Money With Digit App?

There’s no need for a drive around, the answer is yes. The actual question you should be asking is whether you can earn a living with it or whether you can earn enough to call it a passive income.

Now the answer to this is kinda tricky, tricky in the sense that it depends on how much you have saved up. Makes sense? Digit app gives you a 1% on everything you saved up every 3 months.

To be totally honest with you, that’s a big plus point for me. If that isn’t a prime motivation technique then I don’t know what else can be.

The fact that they would give u money in return for believing and trusting them with your money shows how much they appreciate you as a customer and also how worthy they are as a company.

So for example if you saved up $5000 dollars in 3 months, that will be $50 for free. Completely passive, money you wanted to be saved in the first place and you get $50 from them as reward, that’s how I see it and that’s how you should see it as well.

But if you think this is something you can earn fast money with then definitely no, don’t count on it. Unless you are a millionaire or something close to that and you are saving…say $100.000 every month just for fun, then sure.

Other than that, no.

Is Digit App Worth It?

This question also varies from person to person, are you having problem with your savings? Are you committed to save a certain amount of money before the year ends?

A lot of things need to be put into consideration before you decide for yourself whether it is worth it or not. Digit App offers a 100-day free trial and you can try that first, and if the shoe fits your feet then you can pay the $2.99 a month to keep on using their service.

But if you have no problem or issue with finances whatsoever then I see no point of using it. Even though I doubt you don’t, there’s a possibility of which you are, so yea, there’s that.

And also if you are an irregular spender or if you are someone that uses the debit card a lot then Digit App probably isn’t for you either. The way Digit App works is by analyzing your spending and earnings. So for example if you were to use $1000 in one hit in the middle of the month, that could be a problem.

In a nutshell here’s what Digit App can help you achieve:

  1. Pay off your credit card debt
  2. Help you save up enough for vacations
  3. For emergencies


How To Sign Up For Digit App?

There are actually 2 ways you can do that, one is by going on the google playstore and download it for your iPhone or android phone.

The other way is by going directly to the website called and click on the sign up for free button in blue.

How does Digit’s automatic savings algorithm work?

Digit App has 4 main factors that has influence on the savings algorithm:

  • The checking account balance
  • Upcoming Earnings (paychecks or predicted irregular income)
  • Upcoming bills
  • The amount spent recently

Digit will use these every week to find money you don’t need for savings, if it is able to find some money, Digit will then automatically transfer those funds into your Digit account.

Your money inside the Digit Account are held at FDIC insured banks for your benefit

The funds in your Digit Account are held at FDIC insured banks for your benefit and are insured up to a balance of $250,000.

What commands can I use with the Digit chat bot?

Here are some of the commands within Digit Chat Bot

Commands within the Digit App Savings Account

Savings – You can check and view the complete breakdown of all the savings within Digit App. It will also show you your Rainy Day Fund and any Goals or Bills you are trying to save for.

Save – Transfer cash into your Rainy Day Fund. If you want to cancel your transfer just text “Cancel” before you confirm, you can also save $10 to your Digit App Account when you type in “save 10”

Minimum – By putting a minimum level like “minimum 300”, Digit App will not try to save cash from your checking account if your checking balance is for example under $300.

Withdraw – Make a withdrawal from your Rainy Day Fund. If you want to cancel the transfer just text “Cancel” before you confirm, you can also withdraw the amount you like, for example “Withdraw 20” to withdraw $20 from your checking account.

Today – To check what the savings activity is for the current day.

Refer – You can refer people to Digit App with a special referral code from Digit App itself and earn $5 per referral.

Commands for the Digit Goals

New Goal – Create unique savings goal inside Digit App.

Change Goal – Chance the amount for a specific goal.

Withdraw Goal – Withdraw the cash from your active Goal that you’re saving towards.

Cancel Goal – Cancel an existing goal and it will automatically transfer all the funds back into your checking account.

Commands for Digit Savings Account Control

Pause – This will pause all Digit savings for all goals and funds. This is to put a pause on Digit for saving your cash, for example “Pause 10” to have Digit put a stop to your savings for 10 days. Digit App will notify you before they resume the saving of cash.

Unpause / Resume – To unpause your savings, it will resume the next day.

Commands for Checking Account

Checking – Check/view your checking balance.

Recent – Take a look at your recent checking transactions. By texting “R” or “Recent 3” to check your last 3 transactions.

More – Text this “More” after using “Recent 3” and you will see the next 3 transaction.

Commands for Account Settings

Notifications – How often you want tog et notified for balance update.

Timezone – Select your own timezone.

Nickname – Change your nickname within Digit App

The Pros and Cons


  • You get a free trial
  • You can earn 1% of all your savings
  • You can make money by referring
  • You can access your money easily
  • Your cash is saved automatically


  • The interest rate is still very low
  • Can’t make transactions through the website

So here are the pros and cons in my opinion, I still think Digit App is legitimate considering it’s only $2.99 a month and it could help you adjust your finances.

My Final Thought On Digit App

I am using Digit App, I am using it because I’ve seen a big difference in how my money is saved. Having this running automatically without me paying too much attention on it is what I really like about it.

I can check on it whenever I want, and sometimes it feels good to see how much I saved up without actually trying, you know what I mean?

If you are somewhat like me and you know you are spending money on unnecessary things etc, definitely give this a try, it’s free and even after that, it’s just $2.99 a month.

You know you best, so everything you need to know is here, the decision is yours.

That’s about it with this Digit App review, I hope this was thorough enough for you and if you have any question feel free to ask and also if you have some kind of experience with Digit App, I would really appreciate it if you could share it with us. Stay cool and stay humble.


About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • wow this looks interesting. So DigitApp holds onto your savings for you? Have you done much research into whose behidn the technology? I am kind of interested in giving this product a go, but am a little anxious about saving money through an app and would want to be certain that my hard earned cash was safe. Hope you can address some of those concerns for me. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers, Karen


    • Hello Karen,

      Yes, Digit App holds onto your savings for you, automatically. All you have to do is link it to your account and you get withdraw whenever you want.

      The owners of the app are Ethan Bloch and Christopher Wilson. It is free to join and try, so don’t worry about losing money whatsoever.

      If you find their service to be less than what you expected, don’t bill for the new month after the free trial.

      Best of luck Karen



  • I have some friends that always come to me when they are looking at new products, tools, and platforms they are considering getting involved with, and the Digit App is one that they were wondering about. So as I am somewhat of an online fanatic, I normally will do some research and get answers for them.

    You have saved me some work with this one, as everything that I would have done you have done for me. Based on your recommendation, and the program as you describe it, this is one that I can recommend. That does not happen that often, most are not what they claim to be nor can they do what they claim.

    It can provide a modicum of discipline for those people that have a hard time budgeting their money and achieving savings over time, and while the pay that you can earn is not that significant, the tighter control that you will be able to realize on your money makes the earnings a secondary concern in my estimation.\

    As you say, most people have very little savings, and such an app can help with that. They will see where their money is going, and make changes to achieve goals that they set for themselves. I like that and think it is a good thing for many people.

    As to the monthly cost, I have found that charging people for something means that they take it more seriously. This holds true for almost any activity, i.e. I have experienced more success with weight loss group results for members when I charge them a small fee. Psychologically speaking, it is a micro-commitment to whatever the activity is.

    Thanks for the heads up and review of Digi App, I am happy to report something positive back to my friends for a change!  


    • Hey Dave,

      Glad you found this article so you could save some valuable time instead, I wrote this review with one purpose only, to help people like you find what you were looking for.

      Definitely feel free to share and recommend as this Digit App is indeed legitimate. 

      The interest rate is indeed very low, I think that’s one of the few cons Digit App has, but since that’s not the priority, it can be overlooked.

      What’s important is how efficient and easy they can make saving money be, which is what we are looking for.

      I cannot agree with you more with the monthly fee, if people paid for something it is more likely they’ll make use of it or commit to it.

      $2.99 a month is actually not that much if you consider how you spend your money on a lot of unnecessary things, for a cup of Starbuck coffee for example.

      Best of luck, Dave!



  • Digit App looks like a legitimately good app for money saving if you are struggling to get into good spending habits. Personally I feel happier in organising my money myself, but I am very diligent and careful when it comes to money. I do  like the incentive they give of 1% interest every 3 months on what you have saved – but I wonder how many people would have saved enough money to make it worthwhile? At only $2.99 per month fees, I imagine very few would be capable of saving enough to cover the fees, otherwise, how does the company stay afloat?


    • Hello Josie,

      It is a legitimate app for sure, you can save your money without even thinking about. Digit App puts convenience as one of their top priorities.

      It’s good to know there are people who have no trouble with saving at all, but for me, its an issue. $2.99 is not that much for the work they do on a monthly basis in my opinion.

      See it as a cup of coffee at starbucks or a burger at mcdonalds 



  • Hi Kayin,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative review with all the necessary information about “Is Digit App A Scam Or Can You Easily Save Your Money Through Texting?”

    Really this is an amazing review.I like this review very much.Actually I was spending money on unnecessary things and for this reason I was looking for a medium where i can save my money efficiently.

    One of my friend suggested Digit App, but i wasn’t properly informed about this app.I don’t have the knowledge to decide whether it’s legit or a scam.But after reading your review all the confusion of mine are gone.

    This is a great app. I have gained all the thorough details of this digit app.Though the interest rate is low i like this app because i can check on it whenever i want  and i can access my money easily.

    I can get a free trial and there is an option to make money by referring which has impressed me the most.Definitely I am going check out this app for free and if i am satisfied after that i will join this app with just $2.99 a month. Sick deal.

    This review is very helpful for those people who want to know everything about Digit App .I will share this great review with my friends and relatives so that they can be familiar with this wonderful app.


    • Hi,

      You are welcome, glad you find this informative. With this you can save your money easily and efficiently while getting paid with a 1% interest.

      I really appreciate it how you keep on complimenting this review, it would mean so much if you could share this with people you deem necessary, just to make their life easier 🙂

      And also earn a $5 per referral while you are at it, a win win situation!

      Best of luck!



  • This is intriguing. I’m not sure if I can use it right now, but I might be able to later. Right now, I have a unique system of my own for saving and it seems to be working, so I don’t see much reason to change that. However, all things change and sometimes we need new tools for new situations. I’ve never thought of using an app for something like this, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to get 1 percent for using it. That should be a pretty decent incentive for lots of people. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Mark,

      Yea, for sure. If you don’t need it, don’t force it. Digit App is for people who have trouble saving their money for something else. 

      But if you know you can easily save your money with no problem whatsoever, this isn’t necessary.



  • These kind of apps appear to be getting more and more attention lately.

    Although they seem to be helping people, they look to me to be taking advantage of people in already bad financial situations.

    It may just be me, but I just wouldn’t trust anyone with my money, especially when there’s something in it for them.

    If they really wanted to help, the service would be free.

    I don’t think this tool is a scam, but it seems a little shaky.

    Thanks for explaining what it is though.


    • Hey Michael,

      I suppose I can understand why you’re saying that.

      But to be honest with you, some people are living a better life thanks to apps like this. I don’t think people will trust it if it was free.

      And it’s completely fine if you find this app to be shaky, I respect your opinion and thanks for sharing your thought. You are more than welcome 🙂



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