Is Engage Global A Scam? (Live Your Best Life?!)

Is Engage Global A Scam

Hey, welcome to my Engage Global Review! 

Are you looking for an MLM company that focuses on improving one's health, physically and mentally?

Perhaps you are also looking for an outlet to grow financially? Can an MLM a company truly give you that?

Or is Engage Global a scam?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Engage Global Overview

Name: Engage Global


Owners: Jason Golly and David Nemelka

Price: $59.99

Launched: 2014

SAP Ratings: 20/100

Engage Global Logo

Best Suited For:  anyone looking for nutritional supplements.

Summary: Engage Global is another MLM focused on the heath and wellness niche. It seems to be offering promising products that are researched and formulated by professionals. It also provides pdf's and video explanations regarding the products it provide. Also, its statement policies are updated.

Recommended: Not a chance.

What Is Engage Global?

Engage Global is company that adapted the multi-level marketing business model. This is another MLM focused on the health and wellness niche.

Jason Golly and David Nemelka launched Engaged back in 2014.

Have you ever noticed how most MLM companies are Utah-based? Life Vantage and Usana are one of them, including Engage Global.

This company have operated from the US to Puerto Rico and are expanding its reach to Canada.

On top of that, it's mission is to create products that targets oxidative stress along with reducing the amount of free radicals in our body to attain a better overall health.

As an MLM, it also provides an income opportunity that I will tackle later on.

Engage Global Dr. Prasad

What I have found interesting about this company is that it is working with Dr. Kedar Prasad.

Dr. Prasad has utterly remarkable credentials. This gives the company a more reliable appeal since it's chief innovator is an expert in his field.

I bet you may have come across several MLM companies that can not even provide proofs regarding its product's exaggerated claims.

But knowing that Engage Global has a professional to assure you the quality of their products makes it more easier to trust the company.

Engage Global's Product Line

Businesses must give constant assurance to its consumers that the quality of their products are legit and not based upon their own standards of what comprises a good merchandise.

If you go over at Engage Global's official website, you can see that Dr. Kedar Prasad is present or mentioned accordingly.

It's because products available at Engage Global are carefully researched, developed and formulated by him. Each are designed to give the nutrients your body needs.

To ensure the efficiency of the products, there are 14 clinical trials conducted and $24M was allocarted for reasearch and development.

As stated in the company's site, "there are no products on the market that can compete. And there simply will never be."

Engage Global Products

1. Micro Daily -  this is a product infused with micronutirients and is claimed to be the most advance daily supplement available. It serves as your defense against free radicals.

 Here are the benefits of Micro Daily according to Engage Global:

  • A proprietary system implemented to ensure efficacy, safety, most effective absorption
  • Delivers diverse cellular defense of free radical damage 
  • Supports normal neurological function and increases mental clarity and focus
  • Powerful detoxification and immune support
  • Supports improved mood and immune function
  • Helps maintain normal cardiovascular function
  • Supports joint and tissue health

2. Brain Boost Daily - this product is made to optimize your cognitive function that will aid you in focusing, and improving your memory.  

Overall, it's purpose is to fuel your brain ad give you the following benefits:

  • Master mental focus and concentration
  • Improve memory function
  • Sharpen your senses
  • Increase energy efficiency 
  • Fight mental fatigue and the effects of aging

3. Protein Daily - this is a product that aids in boosting your metabolism along with satisfying your hunger. It has a combination of proteins, amino acids, fiber and other micronutrients for better digestion.

On top of that, this is a unique formula designed to give you lasting energy and endurance. These are the benefits you'll get from consuming Protein Daily.

  • Tastes delicious, no sugar, low carbohydrates
  • Includes two types of protein to keep you satisfied longer
  • Helps you recover quickly and protects muscle mass
  • Stabilizes and promotes good digestion
  • Boosts your metabolism and energy production
  • Can be used as a meal replacement or healthy snack to promote weight loss
  • Promotes flexible strong joints
  • Delivers sustained energy

The listed benefits above are as stated by Engage Global in its website.

Each of these products are patent-supported. You will not be only given the information about the ingredients used, they have answered the FAQ's and will also guide you on how to use or consume the products.

Check them at Engage Global's Product Page. If you want to view the product prices, you must enroll as a customer.

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Is Engage Global a Pyramid Scheme?

Keep in mind that a company can only be labelled as a pyramid scheme if it uses multi-level marketing as a business model and if it does not sell any products at all.

From that, you can already tell that Engage Global is indeed far from being another fraudulent scheme.

This is a company that made thorough research for designing its products to give outstanding nutritional supplements to consumers.

If it was one of the pyramid schemes, FTC have already flagged Engage Global. But, it's still operating at this point.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Engage Global?

If you were convinced by the good benefits of Engage Global's products, then I guess it will be easier for you to offer them to people you know.

Trusting the products is important especially when you have chosen to make a living from selling it.

How can you convince someone to buy from you if you don't believe in what the product can do? It won't ever make sense if you don't but you continue to offer them to anyone you know. What's the point?

Anyway, before applying as a Consultant at Engage Global, you must be ready to pay for the enrollment fee of $59.99

This includes a start kit that has product samples, marketing materials along with the license to utilize Engage Global’s proprietary technology programming.

This license is your access to Engage Global App and it could also be used on your replicated website as a Consultant.

On top of that, you will also be given authority on a virtual office where you can track the progress of your business.

Note that there is an annual renewal fee to keep your Consultant status at Engage Global. This is the same price as your enrollment fee and can be deducted from your commissions.

But, you must also keep in mind that failure to pay for the licensing fee or generating at least 100 Personal Qualifying Volume, within 60 days from expiration of your term, you may be terminated as Consultant.

If you want to advertise or have a way to let people know you are an Engage Global Independent Consultant you can purchase business cards, window decals, banners, brochures. This can be bought directly from Engage Global Store.

Engage Global's Compensation Plan

For every MLM there are statuses or ranking that you need to surpass in order to maximize your earning potential. 

The higher level you achieve, the bigger the rewards you will receive.

At Engage Global there are 13 Ranking Positions. There are requirements you must fulfill in order to move to the next status.

  1. Engage One 
  2. Engage Two 
  3. Engage Three
  4. Liberty One
  5. Liberty Two 
  6. Liberty Three
  7. Freedom One
  8. Freedom Two
  9. Freedom Three 
  10. Legacy One
  11. Legacy Two
  12. Legacy Three
  13. Ambassador
Engage Global Consultan Benefits

For every consultant you enroll under you, it's a requirement that they are also active to maintain your rank.

Also, you must accumulate at least 50 Personal Volume monthly. There is a need to remain active if you do not want to put a stop to your independent business opporunity.

Engage Global's compensation plan is another complicated incentive program. I suggest you go over the PDF or watch the video below:

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Is Engage Global Accredited By The BBB?

The Better Business Bureau has  reliable guidelines and standard of trust that any organization must comply to.

For a company to be accredited by BBB, they must first apply for it and fulfill the requirements needed. Not because a business have passed the accreditation does not mean they cannot lose it.

There are different reasons as to why that can happen. It could be failure to pay the dues or neglecting the rules, and so on.

Consumers would like to know that a company they are interested with is at least accredited by BBB and are able to maintain an A-plus rating. 

Overall, this rating is a reflection of how the business handles consumer complaints. It is based on how quick they address or resolve such matters.

Unfortunately, I could not find Engage Global at BBB. But this does not mean that you cannot rely on the company.

There are other factors to consider rather than just basing on BBB Accreditation.

Engage Global BBB

What I Like About Engage Global/ The Pros

1. Money-Back Guarantee!

Consumers would love to have the assurance that they can return the products they have not been satisfied with. 

If you believe that it didn't actually do what it's supposed to, or if you ever had experienced side effects from consuming the products, you can return the unused portion to Engage Global.

This is 100% 90-day money back guarantee is applicable to every Retail or Preferred Customers that  had bought directly from the company.

For instance, you wanted to return a product you have purchased from a consultant, that person will be responsible for handling and processing the exchange to Engage Global.

Products must be returned to the company within 10 days from when the consultant received it from the customer.

2. Complete Resources

It is usually frustrating how most multi-level marketing companies are not open about a lot of things regarding the company, or the products at least.

But. I have been impressed by Engage Global and how accessible their resources are.

You can easily browse facts and clinical studies regarding the products offered. There are PDFs and videos available. 

You can check all of these at Engage Global Resources.

I sure do commend a company that are all about providing information and are easily accessible.

What I Dislike About Engage Global/ The Cons

1. Cancellation For Inactivity

According to the Engage Global Statement Of Policies, if a person fails to earn anything within the 6 months of being a consultant, one will be removed from the business opportunity.

You can then continue to have access to the company only as a Customer. Since your right to sell products of Engage Global is revoked, you must not in anyway offer them to anyone.

Engage Global Cancellation

Remaining active in this industry is the number one requirement as a consultant. It is quite tough since there will always be requirements to fulfill.

Even if multi-level marketing companies tell you that this is an income stream you can work with at anytime, the pressure of completing personal volumes does not really make it seem easy.

So, if you fail to comply to requirements, you must kiss your independent business goodbye!

Note that starting a business at an MLM requires full attention, complete dedication, and a very long patience. You must do everything to thrive in this industry.

2. Return of Inventory Policy

Consultants can return products and sales aids for refund. Although that sounded a good thing, I have came across something that got me wondering about it.

As a consultant you can only return the products under regulated conditions. That's normal, but what had me questioning it is there are places that dies not have the 1-year limitation as per returning the products.

Below is the screenshot I took from the statement policies of Engage Global. Why is it prohibited on the mentioned areas? 

I am not sure, since there are no explanation regarding that matter.

Engage Global Refund Policy

Is Engage Global a Scam?

There are a lot of people who are quick to assume that any multi-level marketing company is operating a a scam.

Who can blame them? There were truly tons of MLMs that have been scheming on its distributors and the fact that most people fails in this industry just adds up to the negative perception about them.

Anyway, here's the answer to the question "Is Engage Global a scam?":

It's absolutely not. 

This company can still be considered new in this industry compared to other MLM giants that had been operating for years. But, it has created promising products proven effective by research done by professionals.

Despite that, I still cannot recommend this company. How so?

It is an MLM and we are all aware how tough the competition is at this kind of industry. It's never going to be a piece of cake to thrive in this business model.

There are better outlets you can try where you don't have to worry about quotas of sales volume or who else are you going to recruit for your team.

You can actually work at home, at your own phase and with less worries through affiliate marketing.

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