Is Gano Excel a Scam?

Hey, welcome to my Gano Excel Review!

Have you always been fond of coffee? What if you can start your own business from it?

Would you take your chances on making money through an MLM company? Are you still having doubts if it is actually possible to attain your goals by just selling coffee?

Let's answer all that along with the most important question, "Is Gano Excel a Scam?"

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Gano Excel Overview

Name: Gano Excel​​  


Owners: Leow Soon Seng

Price: $50-$995

Launched: 1995

SAP Ratings: 30/100

Gano Excel Logo

Best Suited For: people who are enthusiastic about coffee

Summary: Gano Excel is another company offering products infused with Ganoderma Lucidum. They are selling variants of coffee along with providing a chance to achieve financial freedom through their business opportunity. This MLM company is commendable for its longevity but it is not free from allegations as well.

Recommended: Never

What Is Gano Excel?

Leow Soon Seng started Gano Excel in 1995. This multi-level marketing company was built with the aim of touching and changing people's lives all over the world.

It originated in Malaysia but has dominated the globe over the years with operation over 60 countries.

Apart from that, this company was recognized internationally for leading in research, cultivation, production, distribution of Ganoderma immunology products.

It's amazing how this business started small and has grown into a multi-million dollar company. 

But, like any MLM out there, it's goal is to give people a healthier and probably a wealthier lifestyle.

If Gano Excel claims that they are the largest Ganoderma company in the world and DXN says the same, which is which?

Gano Excel's Product Line

Ganoderma Lucidum is the main ingredient of Gano Excel's Products.

It is a mushroom also known as the reishi mushroom. There are parts in Asia where it is used for traditional medicine purposes. 

There are actually great benefits to drinking Ganoderma coffee!

Here are the products offered by Gano Excel!

Gano Excel Products
  • Tongkat Ali: instant coffee with Tongkat Ali and Ganoderma lucidum
  • Mocha.
  • 3-in-1. Coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer. Your basic Instant coffee!
  • Hazelnut. another variant of coffee, just hazelnut-flavored
  • Classic. basic coffee only with Ganoderma lucidum.
  • Rooibos tea.  rooibos tea just with the added Ganoderma lucidum.
  • C’real Spriluna. Oats with Ganoderma Lucidum extract.
  • Schokolade. hot cocoa energizing drink with Ganoderma.

DXN is another company that uses Ganoderma as the main ingredient of their flagship products. 

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Is Gano Excel a Pyramid Scheme?

This is a self-explanatory question, to be honest.

It seemed so easy for most people to say that every multi-level marketing company is a pyramid scheme.

Well, I can’t blame them since there is always a negative connotation regarding networking companies. 

But, note that before you assume it's a fraudulent scheme, check whether or not it is offering actual products.

Since Gano Excel has a variety of products to offer that automatically leaves them out of being labeled as a pyramid scheme.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Gano Excel?

I had a friend who was a part of Gano Excel way back in 2010, but he is no longer affiliated with the company for a long time now.

He is one of the distributors and unfortunately, was one of the many who failed in the business model.

Although, Gano Excel believes that they are different from most MLMs out there. In fact, it claims that they have a unique business model that will help you achieve your financial success.

It's like I've heard that line before but it's also told in different ways as well.

Every networking company seems to believe that they are offering unique and sure-fire ways to get you living the life of your dreams in no time. 

But, we all know none of that can happen overnight. This business model requires utter dedication and loads of time even if they tell you that you can do it on flexible hours.

If you are really keen to  start your independent business at Gano Excel, there are several packages you can choose from!

Gano Excel Executive Packs

Enrollment Packages at Gano Excel:

ESP 1: $195 with 100 CV/100 PV and worth $340 in retailable product

ESP 2: $495 with 250 CV/250 PV and worth $835 in retailable product

ESP 3: $995 with 500 CV/500 PV and worth $1650 in retailable product

Smart Start Plus: $100 with 100 PV

Smart Start Package: $50 with 50 PV

Affiliate Business Kit: $25 no CV/PV

If you have chosen the Smart Start Plus or the Smart Start Package, you will be given a list of products you can choose from. Each of the products has equivalent CV/PV that you will purchase at a wholesale price.

On top of that, you can also choose whether or not you'd want these orders on autoship.

Even if there are affordable packages you can choose from, it is recommended that you choose any of the ESP kits in order to earn quickly.

Gano Excel's Compensation Plan

 Gano Excel had proven it's an authority in the industry of networking companies through longevity. This company is a year older than I am!

They are complacent that they do not only provide high-quality products but as well as a compensation plan built to create millionaires.

Sounds convincing, right? But how exactly can you be a millionaire?

This MLM claims that they have helped people transform their lives through its low-risk, low start-up cost business opportunity.

According to Gano Excel, there are 2 ways to get started but you will be given multiple income streams.

Gano Excel Opportunity

The focal point of its compensation plan is to give individuals the chance to attain their goals in whatever way possible.

Here are the most basic ways you can earn profits at Gano Excel:

1. Retail: you can purchase products through wholesale price and sell them for a retail price. Then, you can keep the difference.

2. Fast Start: this option is by assisting others into starting at Gano Excel.

3. Residual Binary: Through expanding your team, you can also earn from their success.

4. Check Matching Bonus: At this point, the growth of your team can be of great benefit to you as well. 

5. Global Bonus Pool: Once you have qualified for this option, you can receive a percentage of the company's success as well

From selling Gano Excel products, you can generate a good profit from that already. For instance, you will sell a product you have bought for an affiliate fee of $17. 

You can sell them at $25 and keep the difference. If you can successfully sell 100 of these, that's equivalent to $800 already!

But, if you want to leverage your income stream, there's always a need to focus on recruiting people and making sure your team grows.

This could sound easy at first, but convincing people to be a part of a networking system if you have not yet achieved a higher income can be a little difficult.

You see, to have someone enroll in your team would be much more effective if you can show them proof that you are already earning a lot from the business model.

Feel free to go over Gano Excel's PDF to have a better understanding of what this company can offer along with how it can compensate you as a distributor!

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Is Gano Excel Accredited By The BBB?

There are a set of guidelines at the Better Business Bureau that any organization must follow in order to pass accreditation.

Also, there is an obvious tendency for some consumers to make sure that the company they get involved with is BBB accredited.

That's a wise decision I must say. The BBB assures that a company remains transparent to customers and complies with their standard of trust.

But, this does not entirely mean that any company that is not recognized by BBB does no deserved to be trusted.

For a business to get accredited, they must also take the initiative to apply for it

Gladly, Gano Excel has maintained its A-plus rating.

Although, I am not quite sure as to why there aren't any reviews within BBB. At least there are no negative complaints, right?

Gano Excel BBB

What I Like About Gano Excel/ The Pros

1. Offers Sample Packs!

It would be hard to convince people to buy from you unless you have the guarantee that each product you offer is tried and tested by you.

Imagine selling a product you don't even like. How else are you going to entice them into buying?

Gano Excel Evolution Sample Pack

Gladly, Gano Excel have provided a Evolution Sample Pack for $10. This includes 6 6 samples of Ganoderma Lucidum-infused beverages including: GanoCafé Classic, Mocha, Hazelnut, 3-in-1, Tongkat Ali and Schokolade.

You can try them first then decide whether these products are worth selling. then, if you think it will be easy for you to offer them to people you know, that's when you can apply as a Distributor.

It would be a wise tactic before investing in a company. Knowing that a seller stands by its products can be an easier way to convince consumer into making a purchase.

2. Access To Complete Information!

We are all aware of how most MLM's remain discreet about a lot of important things.

It sure is usually difficult to find how much it would cost to join or what else is needed to get started with the income opportunity. Coseva does not disclose matters like this.

Others would require you to either contact a distributor or sign up as one in order to have access to product prices, compensation plans and all that.

But with Gano Excel, you don't even need to bother sending an email to the company like what Carico International will require people to do if they have inquiries.

At Gano Excel's website, you can immediately have the idea of what industry they are in. They even explained what network marketing is!

Other than that, they have tons of  PDFs you can download, from the different affiliate forms to the opportunity and product presentation! 

You don't need to search over the internet or bother looking for a distributor to ask because Gano Excel can answer your questions through these resources they provide.

I do commend the fact that this company is all out on providing people the necessary information. Plus, I do like the fact that there are constant updates within Gano Excel's Blog!


3. No Other Expenses Required!

A typical MLM will have costly registration fees. That's a given. Gano Excel will let you choose to start at the package you can afford.

Sure, you will be recommended to purchases the pricey ones, because you can get bigger discounts at that. Well, that's true.

Another typical MLM will ask you for monthly fees for your replicated website or back office, right?

Gladly, Gano Excel will never ask you to pay for any of that.

Moreover, there's no annual renewal fee to keep your independent business!

What I Dislike About Gano Excel/ The Cons

1. Bad Side Effects of Ganoderma

Even if this mushroom is known as an ingredient for eastern traditional medicine, the intake of Ganoderma can have some serious side effects!

Aside from upset stomach and skin rashes, there is also a possibility you can end up with liver toxicity. That's a heavy problem since a toxicated liver can actually lead to death.

This is not a joke and it's necessary that you take necessary precautions before taking in products that may cause you health problems.

It is also not advisable for pregnant women to have an intake of products with mushrooms like Ganoderma.

You can go over to to see what other side effects can occur from consuming Ganoderma products.

2. No Longer Operating in Us and Canada?

There are allegations that  Gano Excel has closed its doors in the USA and Canada. Thus, anywhere from the aforementioned countries can no longer sign up at Gano Excel's website. 

The issue started when rumors circulated that Gano Excel CEO Joven Cabasag had indeed started another company called Gano Life. 

For further information. you can check!

I have tried to go to Gano Excel's New Member Registration and chose Canada for my country, but it did not go forward to the registration. Instead, the page just refreshed asking me to choose which country for registration.

When I chose, the US, I was redirected to

You see, problems with MLM companies will never run out. Sure, there is no perfect company but with networking companies, they usually have the most controversies.

In fact, it seemed so inevitable it had become a norm for them to have circulating rumors or allegations.

To be honest, I can ho on and on about what I dislike about this company. But I will tell you this.

MLM's will always promise you the most lucrative compensation plan, the quickest way to achieve your financial freedom and all that.

As much as they tell you that you are family and you are a priority, your success will still be based solely on your efforts and how much dedication you give into the business model.

Success seemed to be easy because they make it sound like it's a piece of cake you can achieve within a week, a month or for only a year. But that's not how it goes!

We are all aware of how little percentage of success there is at business models like this. There are more people who failed and got nothing in return.

Why settle for promising "rewards" when you can have your own business with little to no investments? And is guaranteed risk-free!

Try affiliate marketing!

Is Gano Excel a Scam?

Gano Excel is a scam to those who have failed in the business opportunity.

And will remain as one to those who have negative perceptions about networking companies.

But, this is a legitimate company that has stood strong for years. If it was a scam, I believe this company wouldn't even last 3 years in business.

Despite that, I still cannot recommend this. There is an obvious difficulty in thriving at business models like this one.

Even if you can sell a hundred boxes in a month, how can you be so sure people will keep buying from you?

As much as I like coffee, I'm not one to go for mushroom-infused drinks. Plus, there are tons of coffee variants being sold out there!

Keep in mind that you can only get ahead at Gano Excel by expanding your downline and not from selling coffee.

There are better ways to get financial freedom. Trust me.

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