Is iGalen a scam?

Hey, Welcome to my iGalen Review!

Did you jump onto Google and started typing in “is iGalen a scam?” because you saw their advertisement on social media?

If you found your way here through their Facebook page or Instagram then you are here for the right reason.

I will show you everything there is to know about iGalen, how to make money with them, how likely you are to succeed, etc.

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make money real online instead!

Before I tell you about all of iGalen, I would like to say this first, iGalen is not a scam.

It is however not what you think it is either, but for that, you would have to keep on reading to know what I mean or am trying to say.

And I have nothing with or against iGalen, I do not promote them in any way possible.

So without further ado, let’s dig right into it!


iGalen Logo

Name: iGalen

Website: (Website is no longer active).

Social Media:

Owners: Chan Heng Fai and Rajen Manicka

Price: $29.95 + Upsells

Launched: 2017

SAP Ratings: 30/100

Best Suited For: People who are looking to start an online business with an MLM & are somewhat experienced with network marketing.

Summary: A fairly new MLM company that sells nutritional supplements, like most MLM companies out there, it uses the MLM business structure to grow their business, the product they sell is a very specific, there is no diversity.

Recommended: Definitely not.

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What is iGalen?

A very typical MLM company in the nutritional supplement niche, and a very new one, too.

This company was launched in 2017 by Chan Heng Fai and Rajen Manicka, both founders have a history together for quite sometime before the start of this MLM company.

Both, Chan Heng Fai and Rajen Manicka were both executives of a different company called Holista Coltech Ltd.

Chan Heng Fai being the Director and Rajen Manicka the executive chairman.

Holista Coldtech Ltd is an Australian-based biotech company that researches and manufactures health and wellness products, they are responsible for iGalen’s products as their supplier.

The name iGalen wasn’t picked randomly, there’s actually a whole history behind it.

Maybe you are familiar with Romanian history or maybe you are not, but the name is derived from Claudius Galen.

Galen was one of the greatest if not the greatest physician in Rome, served under Marcus Aurelius, in his time, and he was known all throughout the Roman Empire.

With the same passion in mind, iGalen strives to better the lives of the people they touch, helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle than before.


What Is iGalen’s Product Line?

iGalen only has two products, for now, I am not sure whether its because they are still new or this is just what they plan on doing forever.

I will tell you a bit about these two products.

1. Klamax

Klamax ProductThis product from iGalen comes from algae called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, we all know how important algae is to the ocean life, but what’s good about it for us?

Scientist said that this type of algae contains 60 different vitamins and minerals which I think is crazy.

Aside from that it also contains fatty acid, amino acid, Phenylethylamine, and AFA-phycocyanins, all of this can bring a bundle of benefits to your body.

According to iGalen, the list of benefits is really long, but I will mention the ones that are most common.

It will help improve your nervous and immune system drastically and fights the inflammation and stress of your body if that’s not enough, it helps you heal faster.

2. Emulin Plus E Emulin Plus E

The second product from iGalen is Emulin, this product is a patented natural carb manager and it is the first one in the world.

What it basically does is it helps your body control the way carbohydrates work in your body.

We all know how bad carbohydrate is for the body. Anything from cakes and chocolate to broccoli and carrots contains a lot of carbohydrates.

There are simple and complex carbohydrates, it just means good and bad carbohydrates. And if you have too much of the two, the result is weight gain.

So basically this supplement is to help your body manage those carbohydrates, it is a weight loss supplement, a nutritious one. If you are having trouble losing those extra few pounds around the waist.

This is the kind of supplement you need, “E” stands for everyone.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

The good thing about MLM is how much cheaper they are to get started with compared to a brick and mortar business.

With brick and mortar businesses, the least amount you would have to invest in initially is around $50.000 – $100.000.

And that’s a lot of money, most people who are looking to create an extra source of income do not have that kind of money.

To get started with iGalen you only need to pay $29.95 once a year, and that is your annual membership fee.

Aside from that, you need to purchase product packs ranging from $75.95 to $1039.35 every 8 weeks to be eligible for commissions.

Starting a business of any kind is hard and gets more and more difficult each time you encounter a new problem.

But knowing what kind of business to pour your heart and soul into is of utmost importance.

MLMs may not be very expensive to get started with, but it is also the business model you will least likely find success with.


How To Start Making Money With?

To start making money with an MLM company you need to check their compensation plan. If you understand that, you are well on your way to making money with them.

But the problem is, most multi-level marketing companies have complicated compensation plans.

If you didn’t know better you would think the plan is made for some university professor or someone with that kind of background.

Some compensation plans can be 100 pages long, and the way I see it, some of them are doing it on purpose just so you can’t fully grasp it.

Recently I have reviewed Anovite, Essante Organics, and IM Mastery Academy.

And they all have compensation plans that are somewhat difficult to understand, they are all MLMs just like iGalen, so I know how crazy they can get with their compensation plans.

But let’s take a look at iGalen’s compensation plan.

iGalen’s Compensation Plan

Let’s get into the compensation plan for this health and wellness MLM company.

You can make money with iGalen in 6 different ways, and I will talk about all 6 of them with you.

1. Retail Commission

This is the most common method of making money with any MLM company around the world. You purchase the products directly from iGalen.

And you sell them directly to your customers and the difference in wholesale and retail price is how much you make.

Depending on your rank, you can make up to 35% commission.

  • Bronze is 10% commission
  • Silver is 20% commission
  • Gold is 30% commission
  • Platinum is 35% commission

2. Fast Start Bonus

You can only receive this bonus when someone you personally recruited decides to purchase products right away, that’s why it is called the fast start bonus.

You will then receive a bonus when they finalized their purchase, and this depends on your current rank as well.

3. Recruitment Commissions

This type of commission is earned by recruiting, as the name says recruitment commission.

Every time you recruit someone into iGalen and they are coming in as an affiliate, you will get a commission off of that. And the amount you can get is based on the rank your recruit is

  • Distributor Rank is 5% commissions
  • Bronze Rank is 7.5% commissions
  • Silver Rank is 10% commissions
  • Gold Rank is 25% commissions
  • Platinum is 30% commissions

4. Residual Commissions

This is the business model that people get confused with a pyramid scheme. The binary compensation structure of an MLM business looks like this.

MLM Binary structure

How this works is, you need to personally recruit 2 people under you, and those two will each recruit two other people under them, this goes on and on.

Eventually, your team will consist of a pyramid built by two legs, your left and your right leg with you on the top.

There is no limit to how many levels deep you can build.

Your commissions are paid in cycles when one of your legs reached a 500 business volume matched with a 1000 business volume from the other leg.

The amount of cycle commission percentage depends on which rank the iGalen affiliate purchased.

  1. Bronze – Make $25 per cycle (Capped at 50 cycles)
  2. Silver – Make $37.5 per cycle (Capped at 100 cycles)
  3. Gold – Make $50 per cycle (Capped at 200 cycles)
  4. Platinum – Make $62.50 per cycles (capped 400 cycles)

5. Matching Bonus

Once you build your solid team, once your downline is made up of a number of levels, you can earn the leadership matching bonus.

You can make a 5% commission on the residual commissions of your first level, and 4% commission from your second level, 3% commission from the third level.

This is a pretty good bonus if you can make it this far.

  1. Bronze Affiliates – 5% commissions from level1
  2. Silver Affiliates – 5% commissions from level1 and 4% commissions from level2.
  3. Gold Affiliates – 5% commissions from level1, 4% commissions from level2 and 3% commissions from level3, and 2% from level4.
  4. Platinum Affiliates – 5% commissions from level1, 4% commissions from level2, 3% commissions from level3, 2% commissions from level4, and 1% commissions from level5.

6. Leadership Bonus Pool

The leadership bonus is a uni-level team volume bonus, affiliates who have achieved a top ranking are eligible for this bonus and receive a 3% leadership bonus.

The affiliate ranks eligible for this bonus is.

  1. Ruby affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1)
  2. Emerald affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1 and 2)
  3. Diamond affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1 to 3)
  4. Double Diamond affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1 to 4)
  5. Triple Diamond affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1 to 5)
  6. Crown affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1 to 6)
  7. Double Crown affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1 to 8)
  8. Royale Crown affiliates (3% Leadership Bonus on level 1 to 9)

7. Lifestyle Bonus

This bonus will be eligible to you if you are ranked ruby or higher, once you are, you will get a monthly lifestyle bonus.

  1. Ruby will receive $250
  2. Emerald will receive $350
  3. Diamond will receive $500
  4. Double Diamond will receive $750
  5. Triple Diamond will receive $1000
  6. Crown will receive $1500
  7. Double Crown will receive $2500
  8. Royal Crown will receive $5000

I will share this video with you, the whole compensation plan will be explained thoroughly and more in-depth, check it out.

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Is iGalen a Pyramid Scheme?

No, I don’t consider iGalen a pyramid scheme, the worse that it can be is a pyramid scheme in disguise, but that’s a possibility for the future.

Right now, I think its an established MLM company.

The reason people think all MLM companies are pyramid schemes is actually very reasonable, let me tell you why. Take a look at this.

MLM structure

This is how network marketing companies make their money and how you can make money if you joined them.

I know, it looks very familiar and you are wondering if I am showing you a pyramid scheme business structure or not.

That, my friend, is not a pyramid scheme structure, although similar in the way they make their money, by recruiting other people to join.

The difference is, however, that multi-level marketing does not only make their money through recruiting, that’s what a pyramid scheme does.

A legit MLM company will put a lot of effort into selling their actual product, and not the other way round.

iGalen is selling 2 amazing products right now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a pyramid scheme in disguise, so I like I said, a possibility, but not yet.

Is iGalen BBB and FDA approved?


No, iGalen is not BBB (Better Business Bureau) approved yet, this may be because they are still young as a company or there’s something happening inside which isn’t exposed to the public yet.

But this will definitely make a company more legitimate and will also gain more trust.

iGalen is also not FDA approved either. When a company, especially one that sells health and wellness related products is FDA, it means their products are safe to consume or use.

That will again give the company a much higher score on their legitimacy.


Is iGalen a Scam?

Like I said in the beginning, I don’t think that iGalen is a scam, but it is definitely not the best business opportunity I would recommend to you or anyone else.

They are a legit company that is selling two legitimate products.

But whether they qualify for being a top recommended business or not is a different story, and the short answer is no.

They lack the most important thing any top businesses should have, and that’s the lack of success. Close to 99% of people who are in the MLM business are destined to fail.

And I am saying that based on statistics and my own personal experience.

I lost around $3.000-$5.000 on multi-level marketing businesses in less than 2 years, approximately 1.5 years.

The reason we even consider trying an MLM company is that we think it can make us filthy rich within a short period of time, right?

At least, that’s what I thought or that’s what was promised to me. I had to find it out the hard way, I am now wiser and thankful for the business model that helped me found success.

I have ever since focused on affiliate marketing, the business model that helped me create a full-time passive income stream every single month.

What I Like About iGalen/ The Pros

1. Young MLM company

Being a young company has its benefits and drawbacks, but if we focus on the positive side then being new means there’s a much a higher chance for you to succeed, less competition inside the company which means you can be on top easier than companies that are much older.

2. Great Product Info

The information about their products are not vague, they have enough information about the products they are selling and for you to promote to your customers.

This is important because if you don’t know what you are selling, the chances are, people wouldn’t buy from you either.

3. Run by Experts

The founder of iGalen is not from the united states, Chan Heng Fai is a Singaporean businessman and is well-known throughout the business world.

When a business is run by someone who knows what they are doing, it will grow and function that much better.

What I Don’t Like About iGalen / The Cons

1. No Income Disclosure

No income disclosure means you will have no idea how many people are actually making money with them and how many are not. This just further proves to me that they are not a legit business model to be in. I am not going to jump into the conclusion that fast, maybe the reason could also be because they are still new.

2. No BBB Ratings

iGalen is also not BBB accredited and they are not rated either. If a company is BBB accredited and rated, then it is almost certain that they are not doing anything illegal, it is possible but very unlikely.

You don’t want to join a company that is listed as illegal and realize it only after you spend thousands of dollars.

3. Lack of Products

They don’t have a variety of products in their product line, there are only two products. Klamax and Emulin Plus E.

These products are over priced as well, most of the ingredients aren’t anything special, and yet the price for both of these products are around $80.

It will be hard to sell expensive products, even when they are legit.

My Final Verdict

The only thing I will say about iGalen is that it is not worth joining, so I hope I have convinced you by now why they are not what you are looking for.

Don’t be fooled by their lucrative promises. Anything that sounds too good to be true probably is.

I am not going to judge you if you think there’s still something about iGalen that you think is enough to give you the courage to try, be my guest, go ahead.

But I know it will one day lead you back to where you are right now, I am not wishing you bad luck or anything, I am merely speaking out of my experience.

With that said, I do know people who are finding success with MLM, but even they told me that’s not worth the hassle, what does that tell you?

Anyway, I have since then found the best business model that worked for me, and it is called affiliate marketing.

I learned everything about affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended training platform that taught me everything from scratch.

I am able to comfortably generate over $3.000 in passive income, month after month while having the best time of my life.

And the best thing about Wealth Affiliate is, they are FREE to get started with.


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If you found value from this review, don’t hesitate to tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts on iGalen or affiliate marketing, so leave me a comment down below.

Or If there’s a business model where you found success with, and you want to share it, please do. 🙂

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Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

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