Is inCruises a Scam? (Travel While You Make $$$)

Is inCruises a Scam?

Hey, welcome to my inCruises Review!

Daydreaming about cruising yet? I feel you. 

Traveling the world in a luxury cruise ship is a dream everyone shares. The trouble lies in making it a reality.

But inCruises says you can live the cruising life and earn at the same time. Tempting, ain’t it?

This is a sweet deal that is hard to miss. And now you are wondering, “Is inCruises a scam?”

Wondering and researching before diving into a decision that involves money is a good start. Don’t fall into the trap just because it sounds good.

Know that I am here for you and will save you from a "might-have-been" a bad step to take. 

That’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Traveling and earning are two things we all want to achieve. Cruising won’t seem like a workday when you are paid to travel.

I mean, who won’t buy that? But, settle down and read on. I will tell you all about inCruises and answer all your questions.

Let's go.

inCruise Overview

Name: inCruises


Owners: Michael “Hutch” Hutchison

Price: $100 for Members and $195 Activation Fee for Partners

Launched: 2015

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Logo of inCruises

Best Suited For: People who want to cruise for less and earn at the same time.

Summary: inCruises is an MLM company founded by entrepreneurs Michael “Hutch” Hutchison and Frank J. Codina in 2015. It is the first MLM in the cruising niche. It is a travel MLM specifically for cruises. inCruises is a membership club that makes cruising affordable and more accessible while making income generation a possibility.

Recommended?: Definitely Not.

What Is inCruises?

inCruises is an MLM (multi-level-marketing) company. It is the first MLM in the cruise travel niche.

It is a fairly new company being founded in 2015, and their headquarter is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

InCruises aims to make cruising accessible to everybody. It works by allowing inCruises partners to sell discounted cruise ship trips all around the world.

The idea is to first be a member of the club to get excellent deals. Membership in inCruises get exclusive invitation only.

It is basically a travel membership club that makes cruise travel less expensive.

It allows partners to travel the world and profit by getting people to become members of the company.

Sounds like a dream created by Michael Hutchison and Frank Codina, don't you think?

But there's more to this beautiful plan than meets the eyes.

Is inCruises Legit?

inCruises Product Line

inCruises offers membership and partnership options.

You can be a member of the company and join the travel club. There are two types of membership cruises namely:

  • Dream Cruises - selected by the inCruises staff
  • Global Destination Cruises - category for many possibilities

These two types of cruises are exclusive to members. If you become an inCruises partner, that is when you will get the chance to earn by selling inCruises membership.

Is inCruises a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are a big no-no! We value money and it is critical to tell whether or not a company is running a pyramid scheme.

It is common to associate MLM with pyramid schemes. With some similarities in their processes, it gets tricky to tell which is which.

I have reviewed MLMs like NeoLife, Yoli, Powur and Surge365. All of them are being confused for being a pyramid scheme.

Take a look at this picture and you will know why the majority of people get confused.

MLM structure

This is an MLM business structure, and yes, it looks exactly like a pyramid.

Those on top of the "pyramid" will most likely make the big pot of gold while those beneath them, scraps.

Pyramid schemes and MLMs both run a similar business model.

You get earnings from inCruises when you sell membership as a partner. When you become a member of the travel club, it is worth monetary value. 

That in itself crosses out inCruises as a pyramid scheme. So, no. inCruises is not a pyramid scheme.

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How Much Does It Cost to Join InCruises?

You can join inCruises as a member or as a partner. If you want to become an inCruises member, you have to pay $100 per month.

Being a member allows you to enjoy access to Incentive Dream Cruises and Global Destination Offers.

What’s great about this is that there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime you want.

You can also earn $200 cruise dollars for every membership payment.

Should you decide to be an inCruises partner, you have to pay $195 as an activation fee.

As a partner, you can earn compensation.

The other perks include world-class marketing tools, mobile applications, live and recorded training, downloadable business cards, and many others.

Any purchase comes with a 14-day no-risk money-back guarantee with Trust My Travel (TMT) processing all the payments.

How To Start Making Money With inCruises?

The whole selling point of inCruises is to get paid and travel. When you become an inCruises member, you pay $100 and in turn, you receive $200 cruise dollars.

It looks good on paper but when you need to convert it to cash, you can only use those cruise dollars to book cruises and nothing else.

Yes, I know you get it but I also know you want to know if you can start making a lot of money out of it.

Working as a member won’t give you the perks of earning money. inCruises is an MLM company. You need to partner up with inCruises and pay the $195 activation fee to earn compensation.

You need to work on your networking and marketing skills to sell the cruise membership to affiliates.

The more affiliates you sell to, the bigger the amount of earnings you get.

Making money in an MLM company like inCruises requires you to recruit people to join you so you can have “affiliates” from where you can draw your earnings from.

It seems easy but it gets harder if you don’t have the particular skills and network connections that can sustain this kind of business.

Plus, there is no published income disclosure agreement in inCruises.

People want transparency. If you are earning or not, show it.

If you don’t share this information with potential investors, there might be a major and dark reason you would hide such facts.

inCruises Compensation Plan

Compensation is the driving factor that lures us into joining companies. With inCruises, compensations come in varying forms and sizes.

Of course, there is the usual commission. inCruises uses the network marketing model. You can earn in this business by selling the product.

inCruises sells cruise travel so depending on the number of memberships you can sell.

This direct selling method will determine the commission you will get. You can earn $50 from your first affiliate and so on. 

Basically, your commission will be based on how well you perform.

Then there is also the recruitment method. You need to bring in new members of inCruises. And based on how they perform, you will get residual commissions.

Earning with inCruises is not limited to commissions because they also give bonuses, travel rewards, and incentives.

inCruises Bonuses

There are different ways in which you can earn a bonus form inCruises. By selling a regular or non-distributor membership subscription, 100 cruise dollars are up for grabs for every ⅓ sold.

inCruises use the Universal Compensation Model.

This is how they based their residual commissions from. You will be at the top and you need to recruit people to work under you.

They will be your 1st level of recruit or front liners. Your frontiers will recruit others and those will be on your 2nd level and so on as your affiliates recruit more.

To be qualified for the $5 commission, you need to have at least 5 active memberships sold and have one recruit distributor with 5 active memberships sold.

The $5 commission applies for sold regular membership and membership to distributors.

inCruises also offer Rank Achievement Bonus. If you qualify for the ranks, you will get paid on a monthly basis with the corresponding amount:

  1. Marketing Manager Rank - $500
  2. Senior Marketing Manager Rank - $1000
  3. Marketing Director Rank - $2500
  4. Senior Marketing Director Rank - $5000
  5. Regional Director Rank - $10,000
  6. National Director Rank - $20,000
  7. International Director Rank - $30,000 a month plus Rolex watch (one-off gift)
  8. Executive Director Rank - $55,000

Rankings From inCruises

Let us not forget about the Travel bonus rewards.

You can avail of this if you are a 7 distributor with travel membership bought in the first 60 days when you join. They will give you an “InCruises Sponsored Dream Cruise, ” which is a 50% reward coupon.

Double that recruitment and get the full dream cruise for 2 with all expenses paid. This is a dreamy offer if you look at it.

Finally, there is the Company Bonus Pool wherein 5% of all sales are shared on a monthly basis by qualified leaders.

You can take a look at the full compensation plan  here.

Or maybe you want to listen then you can watch this video here:

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What Are The Common Complaints Against inCruises?

We all love discounts and savings. With inCruises, you have to pay just so you can enjoy the perks they are offering.

I mean, it is normal to pay but if you look at it at a deeper level, you will find out you are actually spending more.

People complain that you first need to spend membership fees amounting to $1200 before you can use 60% of your cruise dollars.

I mean, who saves money when you actually spend it, right? This can be really concerning.

It takes a lot of money to spend before you can enjoy or at least breakeven on your spending.

Again, this is something worth thinking about.

Does inCruises Have Lawsuits Filed Against Them?

It is critical to check a company if it has lawsuits filed against it if you are thinking about investing in it.

I have discussed that inCruises is an MLM company and sadly lawsuits are always always connected to this type of business.

When we say MLM, the lawsuits tag along. And when it happens, lawsuits costs an MLM company and causes it to shut down business.

As with inCruises, there is no ongoing or pending lawsuit filed against them.

Is inCruises a Member of Recognized Travel Agency Associations?

Who we are associated with matters. Being a member of an association gives us access and power exclusive only to members.

Such association aims to advance, promote and guarantee a safe and fun cruise ship experience for both the crew and passengers alike.

Checking on inCruises, I found out it is not a member of The US Travel Association nor Association of British Travel Agents.

There is no membership number, seal, badge or approval, mention and other traces that will prove that they are connected with any of these associations in any way.

They are, however, a member of Cruise Line International Association (CLIA).

You will have more peace of mind and benefits if the company you invest in is an ally to associations.

It will be better to be a part of something that is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.

It is great to be a part of something that aims for the better and bigger future rather than being based on just earning alone.

Is inCruises Accredited By The BBB?

Don’t decide just yet. Tempting as it may be, let us look at the status of inCruises in Better Business Bureau (BBB).

inCruises is not accredited by BBB and it has a B rating and a 5 star review, although it is from 1 person only. 

That means, it scores 84 to 86.99 from the 100 point scoring scale of the BBB.

According to the BBB, there are 4 complaints filed against the business.

That is something worth noting and taking into consideration if you think about investing your money on it.

Is inCruises BBB Accredited?

What I Like About inCruises / The Pros

1. It Is The First In Its Niche

inCruises is the first Cruise MLM company out there. So being the 1st in its niche means there's no competition.

2. .A Fairly New MLM Company

This MLM company is still considered right out of the package. So just like being the first in its niche, you will have a much higher chance on succeeding compared to other older MLM companies.

3. You Can Cancel Anytime

Cancellation is at your finger tips, literally.

You can cancel anytime you want, there is no risk or big file for you to sign before you can leave.

What I Dislike About inCruises / The Cons

Of course, it will not be all about the good things. There will also be downsides and here are the cons in inCruises:

1.Costly To Be a Member Or a Partner  

The cost is not a one-time fee so it can be a bit heavy to the pocket to pay a recurring cost.

For the average person who is trying to create an extra source of income, this goes out of the window.

2. No Money Refund

You can cancel your membership, but they won't refund you your money. So don't bet on it.

3. Income Is Not Guaranteed

If you don’t sell, you are not entitled to commissions, travel perks, bonuses, and incentives.

The success rate is low that only 1 out of the 100 people who join them is making enough to put a roof over his head.

Is inCruises a Scam?

inCruises is not a scam. It is an legit MLM company but what you have to remember though, is that it is hard to sell because of the price.

An average person cannot afford such a deal even if it’s discounted.

inCruises gets complaints because only a few people earn a profit from their setup.

If you are someone who is not very familiar with sales and with only a few networks, you will fail.

Especially if you don't excel at mouth to mouth selling. 

So save yourself from the misery and choose another option to grow your money. This will not work for you. 

Given the $100 monthly payment, the commission you earn will just be enough to cover your membership payment in inCruises.

Getting a 100% return on investment sounds like the best deal. When you pay $100 monthly in inCruises, you get $200 cruise dollars. It sounds right, but it doesn’t really work that way. Cruise dollars can’t be converted into cash so it kind of limit the profit you get.

You might be all about earning, but if your capabilities and resources won’t deliver, it is best to skip the dream to cruise and earn.

It is an interesting concept but do not be fooled by the luxurious picture the company offers.​

That is just half of the story. Do your research and think before investing in any company.

When it comes to money, gambling against the risks gets tricky. MLMs can be a very competitive industry. Trying to recruit families and friends to join a travel club is hard. Given the price and unwillingness of people to give in, you are likely to fail.

It is notoriously a struggle to succeed with any MLM companies. 

The problems can also lie in the lack of training and key skills teaching that will equip partners to grow their business.

Yes, inCruises offers training modules, webinars, and the likes. But sometimes, a partner gets too caught up in trying to sell that they don’t find the time to browse on these learning materials.

Is inCruises a Scam?

Besides all of that, starting a network marketing business has a huge failure rate.

Every business offers opportunities for growth and profit, but not everyone will have a happy ending.

Some succeed while others don’t. For the best in every endeavor, make it a point to go for the one with the highest chances of success. If you want to make it, you have to work for it.

inCruises is not a scam but I do not recommend it. There is a myriad of options you can take to give your money the growth it deserves.

With other options, you can make money faster and easier.

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