Is LifeVantage A Scam

Hey, welcome to my LifeVantage Review

Have you ever been asked by a friend or relative if you might take interest in taking a turn to healthy living?

Perhaps they may have recommended you Prodantim from LifeVantage and the business opportunity that comes along with it?

Now your curiosity got you asking, “Is LifeVantage a scam?

I am here to help you have a clarified and closer look at LifeVantage!

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Consider yourself somewhat fortunate for being here because I will tell you every little thing you need to know about this company.

The background, the pros and cons, the product line, etc.

Let's get right into it.

LifeVantage Overview

Name: LifeVantage 


Owners: Darren Jensen

Price: $50

Launched: 2003

SAP Ratings: 30/100

LifeVantage Logo

Best Suited For: no one. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this company to anyone. Read on to find out why.

Summary:  LifeVantage is a legitimate business that offers nutraceutical products and chose to adapt the business model of Multi-level Marketing Companies. Despite the allegations of being a pyramid scheme, it seemed like a number of people are glad about their products and the business opportunity. Even so, it is not highly recommended since there are proofs that LifeVantage had been misleading their consumers and distributors about the actual benefits of their products and the truth behind their income opportunity.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is LifeVantage?

Almost every networking business operates as a Multi-level Marketing Company from the start.

But LifeVantage just decided to adapt the business model of an MLM.

If you try to search when LifeVantage was founded, it will appear that it started back in 1988.

But had most articles states that it was founded in 2003 by Darren Jensen. 

And unfortunately, I cannot find any results of LifeVAntage as a company in Wikipedia. All that was there was about their flagship product: Prodantim.

Although it had always been focused on the health and wellness niche, by the time they decided to become an MLM, they had to pull out all of their products from retail stores.

It’s no surprise since among every MLM company they prohibit any agent to sell their products on kiosks, stalls at the mall, or any other places like that.

Since it’s a networking company, direct selling is a must. 

They do not only claim that they have been providing a great business opportunity but had been successfully helping individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Is this accurate? Or just another marketing strategy?

Perhaps you may be curious about what products they offer, then read on!

LifeVantage's Product Line

LifeVantage takes pride in being in the lead in terms of Nrf2 Science, which is the technology they use in creating high-quality nutraceutical products. 

So what exactly is a nutraceutical supplement?

It is made with fortified food that is not limited to assisting in an individual’s diet but also takes part in treating or preventing diseases.

Overall, a nutraceutical product is believed to have effective medical benefits.

The downside about it is that it is not entirely confirmed that taking doses of such a product is actually good or bad for an individual.

According to some statements, there are usually difficulties in defining the difference between a pharmaceutical and a nutraceutical product.

Note that it is also stated that side effects from consuming a nutraceutical supplement must be anticipated. 

A person may likely experience allergic reactions, stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and lastly, rash on hands and feet.

That is quite alarming but I do not intend to scare you or anything.

All of us should take necessary actions in order to make informed decisions before consuming products we are not entirely aware of.

This is just to prevent higher chances of health risks.

LifeVantage Product Categories:

  • Nutrition - this includes variations of their dietary supplement and flagship product: Prodantim.
  • Beauty - it's all about skin care mostly focused n reducing the effects of aging.
  • Fitness - like any other MLM that are working on the health and wellness niche, products for losing weight will always be present.
  • Pets - their flagship product is also offered for dogs and it's called Petandim
LifeVantage Protandim

They offer various products you from. I don’t see the need to further discuss this but you can check them out in their product shop.

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Is LifeVantage a Pyramid Scheme?

There are tons of reasons for any individual to believe that LifeVantage can possibly a pyramid scheme.

The products they offer are only effective for a number of people and I heard more complaints about it.

There’s a huge chance that they are only using the products to cover up the fact that they are a fraud.
Unfortunately, as easy as it is for someone to conclude that, but it’s not.

LifeVantage operates like a traditional retail company even before and just chose to adapt to an MLM business model.

How Much Does It Cost To Join LifeVantage?

One of the most common reasons that most people are inclined to joining the independent business offered by a networking company is…

Drumroll please! 


They believe that signing up as a distributor frees them from the costly expenses of regular-priced products.

Usually, an individual believes in the product so much they are persistent in getting it for a cheaper price. And to do that, they apply for the business opportunity but aren’t entirely interested in the business.

Could you be one of them? Or perhaps you are truly dedicated to finding an outlet for extra income?

Either way, you can easily join LifeVantage for as low as $50!

This is an initial fee that includes the tools you need for training and eventually getting your business up and running!


It sure sounds cheap, but not until you will be convinced into buying packages that are claimed to help you save more money.

  • Silver: worth $350 with up to 20% savings

  • Gold Pack: worth $650 with up to 25% savings

  • Gold Performance Pack: worth $650 with up to 25% savings

  • Platinum: worth $1,250 with up to 30% savings

This is a requirement you may have a difficulty to choose from. See they promise to give you better discounts plus you will be forced to believe that it’s a necessity to getting started as a distributor. How so?

If you are to sell something you haven’t tried yourself how can you make your potential prospects believe you? That’s the reason you’ll be obliged into purchasing one of the packages!

Although it makes a lot of sense, it’s undeniably pricey! Sure, starting a business needs investments so you think it’s a sensible decision. 

Believe me, you can start a business for free! I will discuss this matter later in the article.

LifeVantage's Compensation Plan

I bet you already know that being a part of a networking company, there is a big percentage of reliance on recruiting to earn money.

Usually, an MLM company has a very complicated compensation plan that gong over them will just make your headache. 

And the case of LifeVantage is far from being different from any typical MLM. Not a complete shocker, right?

But before we can go over the possible ways to earn a commission from LifeVantage, note that you are only eligible for pay-outs if you maintain being an active distributor.

You can only do that by complying with the required monthly order of products.

8 Ways To Earn From LifeVantage

  1. Retail Sales

  2. Smart Start Bonus

  3. Launch Bonus

  4. Royalty Commission

  5. Generational Matching Bonus

  6. Elite Bonus Pool

  7. Achievement Bonus

  8. Multiple Business Centers

This is just another typical MLM compensation plan. And the only there’s no surprise that raking in profits are due to a heavy focus on recruiting and growing your own team within the system.

If you need further details on how you can earn from LifeVantage, feel free to watch the video below

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Is LifeVantage Accredited By The BBB?

Within 10 years in business, LifeVantage didn’t take the trouble of getting accredited by The Better Business Bureau.

But this is not proof that they are operating as a scam. 

As I have mentioned in my Vasayo Review to be accredited by BBB, there’s a need to fill out an application and pay for the charges accordingly as of the standards of accreditation.

Also, odds can be any business may lose being accredited due to the failure of complying with BBB’s requirements.

We do know that being recognized by the BBB has a great impact on a buyer or anyone interested in becoming a part of a company.

LifeVantage BBB profile

What I Like About LifeVantage / The Pros

1. Success Stories

I have to admit that I liked the fact that LifeVantage keeps a page of success stories within their website. 

We all know how it’s easier to be convinced by other people’s testimonies of achievements within the company we are interested to sign up with.

Unlike Primerica who may have failed to include evidence of their agent’s prosperity within their system, LifeVantage did the total opposite.

2. Free Shipping!

Am I the only person who’s more willing to purchase within a website that flashes “FREE SHIPPING” the moment I land on their homepage?

If you feel the same way, I believe that you may not be able to resist LifeVantage offers of free shipping for monthly auto-ship or orders above $100.

It’s a great and effective tactic to lure consumers into buying their products.

Who doesn’t anticipate free shipping anyway?

3. Easy Access To Products

I have always dreaded the thought of needing to converse with an agent just so I can find out the costs of the products I am interested in.

Melaleuca and Primerica did a good job to hide the prices of their offers so that potential prospects will go through the trouble of talking to an agent. Then what comes next?

Odds are you might end up purchasing expensive products out of your will.

I wouldn’t want that. Well, nobody wants that.

Gladly, LifeVantage made it easy for their customers to access their product shop.

You can definitely browse with ease and you will immediately be welcomed by their high-priced products.

What I Dislike About LifeVantage / The Cons

1. Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit

As I have mentioned earlier, LifeVantage didn’t start with a direct selling business model or a networking company.

They just decided to take out their products from the shelves and believed that it’s a better idea to pay their customers instead. 

This is a fact included in their official website in case you are wondering.

Moreover, it’s not entirely surprising how MLM companies seem to never avoid facing legal issues. 

As for the case of LifeVantage, a lawsuit was already filed against them even before they have decided to become an MLM company.

And when they did, by January of 2018, a pyramid scheme lawsuit was filed against the company and to the people that are members of their business management. 

This is due to the violation of the RICO ACT, federal securities law, and Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices.

2. Exaggerated Product Claims

Any business will go out of their way and through great lengths to market their products.

And LifeVantage may have gone ay too much in terms of advertising what they offer.

Like any other MLM, it had been a norm that most of them are just doing different antics just so they could successfully sell them.

For the case of LifeVantage, they went overboard that in April of 2017, the FDA sent them a warning letter for illegal advertising claims.

It’s utterly dismaying how confident they are on marketing their products as a supplement that can cure cancer and even diabetes along with other diseases.

3. Misleading Statement Regarding Business Opportunity

Another alarming fact about this company is that they are openly making misleading statements in regards to a failure in disclosing the important facts about their company’s business, operations, and prospects.

How can you trust any venture that lies about the possibilities you can have within their income opportunity?

I hate to break it to you, but this is a big red flag to any person who’s interested in earning from LifeVantage.

You may want to rethink about this in case you want to make further investments at LifeVantage.

4. Failure To Resolve Complaints

I have always believed that not every product works for everyone. There could be instances that a supplement can work effectively on an individual and may have different results on you.

Although some people may not see that this kind of complaint is common for MLM products that have claims that are not entirely backed up by science.

In addition to that, products may not always be the problems that consumers are trying to address but the manner of the company in terms of resolving complaints.

It became natural for any MLM company to have the same kind of accusations of protest.

LifeVantage seemed to fail on becoming an exception to these kinds of problems.

Consumers or distributors alike are complaining about the same things: product ineffectiveness, and failure to process cancellations.

Below is the latest complaint at LifeVantage’s profile on BBB.

LifeVantage Complaint

It’s truly disappointing how they can go all the way in terms of making false claims about their products but fails to address important matters like this.

Being 10 years in the business, distributors still protest about being continuously charged for the auto-ship they have canceled ages ago.

In addition to that, LifeVantage also neglects to give consumers refunds accordingly.

I am sure that you would never want to experience these or at least fund yourself in a similar situation.

Let me ask you this, are you still willing to give this company a go?

In case you have a change of mind, know that there are other methods you can try that will never disappoint you. 

Perhaps this is a sign that affiliate marketing is for you!

5. Not FDA Approved

For a company that is persistent in convincing prospects that their prospects about the effectiveness of their products, LifeVantage appeals amusing to me.

No wonder they faced legal issues for illegally advertising the benefits of their products but none are even evaluated by the FDA.

You can check their shop and find a statement just below the products claiming that they are not meant to treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Other than that, their merchandise is undeniably expensive!

I could go on and on about what else I dislike about LifeVantage, but we all know that’s going to take us a whole day, or maybe even more.

So let’s rather not, and just move on and wrap this up before I can get even more dismayed about this company.

So you’re probably wondering that there are huge chances that a BIG YES is the answer to this question...

Is LifeVantage a Scam?

Although there are some huge allegations that LifeVantage is a pyramid scheme, it’s not and it’s far from being a scam as well.

Even if it seems like any person has the right to assume that it’s nothing but a fraud…

I hate to break it to you but LifeVantage is a legitimate business.

As frustrating it is to find out about complaints and legal issues they had to go through, they still have a credible reputation for some people.

Those that have found success within the business and have been experiencing amazing results from their products have continued to rely on LifeVantage.

If you’re keen on becoming a part of LifeVantage or trying out their products and this review may have helped you make a wiser decision, let me know in the comments!

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