Is Limitless Worldwide A Scam

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Looking for effective products that will help you boost your health and hopefully, your wealth as well?

Perhaps, you wanted an income opportunity you can commit to?

Are you ready to take chances on an MLM company or are you in doubt and still asking the question, "Is Limitless Worldwide a scam?"

Let this unbiased review tell you all that you need to know about this MLM!

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Limitless Worldwide Overview

Name: Limitless Worldwide


Owners: Steve and Melyn Campbell

Price: $49

Launched: 2013

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Limitless Worldwide Logo

Best Suited For: people looking for nutritional products/

Summary: Overall, Limitless Worldwide is a legitimate company with an array of products designed to help an individual boost its mental and physical health. This seemed to be another typical MLM with a complicated compensation plan and no income disclosure statement to get a hold of.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Limitless Worldwide?

Limitless Worldwide is founded by Steve and Melyn Campbell. It was officially launched in February 2013.

Both founders have decades of experience in building and training distributor forces. A company operated by the people who are experts in this industry makes it more easier for others to be convinced in trusting them,

If you are keen on becoming a part of this business, you might enjoy selling their products if you are into skin care regimen, losing weight and improving one's health.

They have a team of scientists and researchers that are also experts who have gain success in their respective fields. On top of that, Limitless assures you that they provide clinically-validated and cutting edge products.

Moreover, like any other company they market their compensation plan as a lucrative rewards system. It basically offers you the chance to live the life you want.

Can they trully provide that?

Limitless Worldwide's Product Line

It is true that people nowadays are becoming more inclined to living healthier. Even if consumers are becoming more open to trying new nutritional products, a lot of them are  wiser in terms of purchasing such supplements.

There are those that prefer cheaper alternatives but are FDA approved. But to those that have a budget, some has a tendency to to think that the more expensive the product the more effective it can be.

How about you? What type of consumer are you?

What Limitless Worldwide offers is an array of nutritional supplements. This company believes that they can see and fully understand the struggles that people face in achieving a better state of health.

It provides clinically researched and effective products that are created to specifically address your health concerns.

On top of that it also offers products for weight control as well as for skin care. These are all designed to help you look and feel better!

Can it truly do that?

At Limitless Worldwide there are 3 Product Categories. These are all from Basic Research.

Limitless Worldwide Products

Limitless Worldwide market a series of products from Basic Research.

1. Timeless – This category is basically all about personal care. Products are created to help you nourish your skin and give it a more radiant and younger look. Each of them are designed to repair your skin inside and out.

Also, these are hypoallergenic and free from other harmful ingredients.

This personal care series includes cleanser, serum, shampoo and along with a testosterone supplement.

2. Effortless – If Ardyss International offers a body magic system to help you lose weight in as easy as 10 minutes, Limitless Worldwide has a more realistic and believable weight loss kit.

Limitless Worldwide claims that they have an extremely powerful, two-part diet "super pill. 

Also, they have an easy-to-follow weight loss kit you can execute at 15 days.

This Effortless Line have meal replacement shake, appetite control and fat burner and the diet kit that costs $139.

3. Ageless –  It's all about living life without limits. Products in this category are designed to boost your mental and physical performance and your overall wellness.

Are you curious about the quality of  what this company provides? You can try them yourself! 

Browse and shop easily at Limitless Worldwide's product page.

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Is Limitless Worldwide a Pyramid Scheme?

If this question is based on the majority of people who failed within an MLM, it will surely be easy to say that every networking company is a pyramid scheme.

But that's not how it goes. Knowing when a company exists as a fraudulent scheme is easy.

All you need to look out for is if they have products to offer. If they don't, then that's when you'll need to stay away from it because that means their business opportunity is not going to take you anywhere.

You'll just end up investing in nothing.

This initially means that Limitless Worldwide is not a pyramid scheme. In fact, it is a legitimate company with actual products.

FTC would have had it shut down if it's nothing but another fraud.

How Much Does It Cost To Join ​

Limitless Worldwide?

Why exactly do you want to become a part of an MLM? Is it because you needed an income opportunity you can do any hour you want? 

Or perhaps it is due to the life-changing promises these companies offer?

Whatever it is, note that it's important to weigh the pros and cons before applying as a consultant.

First, you must be confident that you can sell the products. Second, you should already have a list of individuals that you just don't offer the merchandise to, but these are the potential people who you can recruit.

Lastly, the rewards plan of the company must be understood thoroughly and that you can clearly see that you can fulfill the requirements needed to qualify for bonuses.

If you had that all checked, and you know you've always had the skills for direct selling and recruiting, then perhaps you are ready.

To become a part of Limitless Worldwide there are 2 options:

1. Customer or Preferred Customers:

A Preferred Customer can have order auto-shipped to them on a monthly basis. This also allows them to gain points that they can save in order to earn a free product. 

On top of that, you can also receive discounts for every product you want to purchase.

If you want to opt-out of the auto-ship, and just buy one time, you can remain as just a Customer. This means you cannot qualify for the Limitless Delivery Rewards auto-ship program.

2. Distributors

This option will allow you to earn profits from the products you sell and from the people you successfully enroll in your sales team.

You will purchase products at wholesale prices and offer them to Customers or Preferred Customers in retail prices.

There is no monthly order required, but there is a need to purchase the Limitless Distributor Business Kit for $49.

There is also a chance to earn points towards Free products if you have chosen the option of auto-ship.

When you apply to become a distributor, you will also be asked to choose at least one product to place an order.

It is a requirement to purchase a minimum of $100 worth of products for your first order.

You can choose other packages or any products of your liking.

Here are the perks you'll acquire as a Distributor:

  • access to Limitless Virtual Office
  • Replicated website for a year
  • Marketing materials
  • ProPay online banking account and Limitless Branded MasterCard debit card.

Keep in mind that there is a need to pay for the annual renewal fee that will only cost you $25.

Engage Global also asks for a renewal fee, but the price is the same as the registration fee. At least with Limitless,  the renewal is cheaper.

Limitless Worldwide's Compensation Plan

Like any other MLM out there, Limitless wants you to have a chance to make money from their business opportunity. 

They encourage individuals to join as a part-time then eventually commit to this business on a full-time basis. 

Limitless had structured their rewards program in a way that distributors can achieve the income of their dreams. 

Limitless TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan is what they call their incentives program. As the name suggests, there are 3 ways to generate profits and multiple income streams from its 3 product categories.

1. Core

Limitless offers 1 on 1 credit. This means that $1 is equivalent to 1 credit point. The maintaining PV a distributor must acquire is only 50. 

Basically, you'll only need to generate $50 worth of sales. It seemed easier to achieve compared to other MLMs.

Unlike other companies, they have set a standard of accumulating PV that is hard to acquire. For instance, you need 100 PV and you can only achieve that by selling at least $300 or more worth of products.

So, this first way of earning will give you 15% worth of commissions based on the core volume of your personally enrolled distributors and customers.

Plus, you can earn up to 37% on retail sales.

2. Portals

You must make sure that you are growing your team in order to fully maximize your earning at Limitless. 

The more you recruit, the better rewards you get. As you expand your downline and grow beyond core volumes, then you can now qualify for monthly Portal PV.

This means that you are opening pay portals to the 3 Limitless product categories namely; Timeless, Effortless and Ageless.

3. Portal Pools

This allows you to earn up to 7 generations in your organization. You can acquire up to 30% worth of commissions 7 levels deep!

On top of that, the possibility of getting a higher percentage can vary every month. This can also happen for every category giving you 3 separate income streams.

Does all these sound less complex? 

You can check the Limitless Worldwide Compensation Plan PDF for further details.

Or you can just watch the video below!

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Is Limitless Worldwide Accredited By The BBB?

Would you trust a company without BBB accreditation? That is entirely up to you.

Let me just rephrase the question. Can you trust a company that is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau?


Although it is a great factor that an organization you are wanting to become a part of is BBB accredited, you can still rely on those that are not.

Companies must apply for accreditation and met BBB's standards. the rating they will receive from BBB is a compilation of data mostly on how well the business handles complaints from customers.

Even if Limitless Worldwide is not accredited by BBB., this should not be your only basis on whether or not you can rely on this MLM.

Limitless BBB

What I Like About Limitless Worldwide/ The Pros

1. Reliable Products

Limitless Worldwide takes pride in what it offers.

I think that you can absolutely rely on its products since it is powered by Basic Research, a company that has decades of experience in the following niches; fitness and nutrition as well as personal care and anti-aging.

We are all attuned to MLM's that have exaggerated product claims and no science to back it up. But at least with Limitless Worldwide, you can be assured that you have reliable products you can use or sell.

Overall, there's nothing else that I found interesting in this MLM company. It appears to be just another networking company focused on nutrition.

What I Dislike About Limitless Worldwide/ The Cons

1. Complicated Compensation Plan

I have to admit, I was not impressed by their compensation plan. It's not only because it was a little to hard to comprehend, there was not much details included.

It's not entirely convincing at all, specially for those who'll just end up scratching their heads wondering what the rewards plan actually meant.

2. No Income Disclosure Statement

I find it frustrating when  MLMs does not provide income disclosure statements.

Does this mean they want to avoid letting people know how low the success rate there is in their company?

Are they not confident of telling people how many of their distributors are actually making the income of their dreams?

3. Overpriced Products!

Isn't it normal for networking companies to have high-priced items?

Still, even if they claim to have the most brilliant and effective products, there are still tons of cheaper alternatives available in the market!

They are not the only company that offers sure-fire weight loss supplements or reliable skin care products.

4. Not FDA Approved!

Limitless Worldwide Not FDA Approved

Sure, they have a huge manufacturer that people can trust for the longevity and the number of businesses it is partnered with.

As much as there are low-cost products that can also give you the same benefits, there are also others that are evaluated by the FDA.

Plus, you can be assured that you are using safe and effective products.

Is Limitless Worldwide a Scam?

How quick is it for most people to think that any networking company is just another scam?

It's true that most of them with legal issues aren't just helping others to have a positive perceptions on MLMs. Who can blame these people anyway?

It's a fact that most people fail at any multi-level marketing company and that tremendous success at it are for limited people only.

Even so, Limitless Worldwide is far from being a scam. 

Still, I can not recommend this company. If you want an income opportunity that you can truly do at your own time and at your own phase, try affiliate marketing!

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