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Hey, welcome to my List Leverage Review! 

If you are an internet marketer and you are running an online business or anything like that, you know how important list building is to your business.

But you want a program you can benefit from when you refer others to it, is there even such a program?

And that's when you learned about an email list building program called List Leverage,

But is List Leverage a scam?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course/program or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

I will reveal everything that's necessary for you to make an informed decision.

I am not acquainted with this company, so don't worry about me being subjective when talking 

List Leverage Overview

Name: List Leverage


Owners: Matthew Neer

Price: $47/monthly recurring fee or a $497 one-time payment.

SAP Ratings: 50/100

List Leverage's Logo

Best Suited For: Nobody

Summary: List Leverage is not your typical MLM company, it's an email list building company that makes use of an MLM-structured compensation plan. Many of you may think that this is a money making opportunity but I have to disagree on that. I will show you the full details shortly.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is List Leverage?

List Leverage is one of the many programs created by a seasoned internet marketer named, Matthew Neer.

With years of experience and expertise, he managed to create multiple programs that can help you generate a new source of income.

List Leverage is one of his newest creation.

The goal of the software according to them is to help you with your online business, help you turn 1 lead into 1000's.

The software aids in building high quality email list for your business with the effort of your own and others.

2 third-party programs are included in the List Leverage software:

  • Traffic Authority
  • Send Shark

Traffic Authority

Traffic authority was very popular in the direct sales industry for the past 3 years.

They sell solo ads traffic that are kinda overpriced in my opinion by using the MLM business structure.

Traffic Authority Description

Send Shark

If you know anything about autoresponders like MailChimp, Aweber and Convertkit, you know the importance of it.

When you have leads, you want to mass broadcast to all your leads. That is basically how Send Shark works in collabartion with Traffic Authority.

Send Shark Description

What Does List Leverage Offer?

List Leverage is an advanced software solution program that will help you rapidly create high quality email lists.

Let's take a look at the myriad of offers.

The List Leverage Software Suite

Being an advanced email marketing software, you are ought to expect some advanced converting leads.

According to List Leverage, you will receive 3 extremely high-converting lead capture pages together with their proprietary viral lead pass up system.

Once you get started with List Leverage, multiple revenue streams are set in motion.

And one of them are high-ticket commissions, besides that, even when a customer refuse to purchase a single thing, there is still a way for you to monetize them.

There are two possible ways for you to participate:

  • Newbie Program ($49/m)
  • Super Affiliate ($398/Year)

That's not all, there are three upgrades that will bring you deeper into the List Leverage program.

1. Pages (Lifetime Access = $97)

The first upgrade is called "Pages", and what it does, is to help you build high quality email list rapidly. You will receive 15 high-converting lead capture pages to make everything easier and more convenient.

Here's a summary of what you will get from this upgrade:

  • Granted access to 15 best squeeze pages ($6.40/page)
  • Will be submitted to your members area immediately.
  • By building a big list, you will convert more traffic into possible leads.
  • Promote as many times as you want by building your own traffic source.

2. Swipes (Lifetime Access = $247)

Extremely useful to those who are struggling to create a high converting email. This is the 7-figure email swipe file from Matthew Neer.

With swipes, you will be provided with Matthew Neer's 1000 highest converting email swipes that he uses personally.

If you are in this business for a good amount of time then you will know how important this conversion game really is.

Here's a summary of what you will get from this upgrade:

  • Receive Matthew Neer's personal swipe file templates.
  • Possess the best conerting emails automatically.
  • Will be submitted to your members area immediately.
  • Copy and paste Matthew Neer's best campaign.
  • Marketing will be automated.

3. Webinars (Lifetime Access = $497)

If you want to know exactly what Super Affiliates did to achieve success, there are 10 webinars ready for you that are worth 30 hours of valuable content.

Matthew Neer has interviewed his personal affiliates, you will be able to peek over his shoulder and see what kind of strategies and techniques are used.

Best way to become a successful email marketer is by implementing the same steps as those who succeeded before you.

Here's a summary of what you will get with the upgrade:

  • Granted access to all 10 webinars
  • Granted access to download or stream all the videos.
  • Worth 30+ hours of valuable content.

Last but not least, two bonus webinars are included.

  1. "How To Flip Domain Names For Thousands"
  2. "Internet Marketing Conspiracies"

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Who Is Matthew Neer?

Matthew Neer is a well seasoned veteran when it comes to internet marketing and making millions online.

A very successful person in the industry who made more than 7-figure on his affiliate marketing career from JVZoo, Warrior Forum and Clickbank.

Aside from that, he is also within the emal marketing niche for more than a decade long.

Is List Leverage a Scam?

He created programs like: 

  • Income League
  • 5k Formula System
  • Viral Cash App

The person behind List Leverage is Matthew Neer. According to his bio, he is a "highly successful 7-figure Super Affiliate marketer on JVZoo, Clickbank & Warrior Forum."

He has been in the email marketing niche for more than a decade. He has extensive experience in building an email list and in writing high-converting emails. He has also created similar products.

How Much Does It Cost To Join List Leverage ?

Here's a summary of how much everything will cost if you were to join List Leverage as a whole.

  1. Membership Options ($49/m or $398/year)
  2. Page Upgrade ($97)
  3. Swipes Upgrade ($247)
  4. Webinas Upgrade ($497)

That will be the sum total of $890 with the monthly option of $49/m, and $1239 for he second option of $398/year).

List Leverage's Compensation Plan

Remember what I said at the start of the review? In case you did, I said that List Leverage is making use of an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) business structure.

Take a look at what I mean by that.

I will give you a short summary of List Leverage's compensation plan.

If you joined through the Newbie Program at $47/m then you will get a $20 commission as the direct sponsor.

If you joined through the Super Affiliate Program at $398/year then you will get a $200 as the direct sponsor.

And the compensation for the add onor the upgrades are as following:

1. $50 commissions for Pages.

2. $125 commissions for Swipes.

3. $250 commissions for Webinars.

For an even better understanding, watch this short clip about List Leverage's compensation plan:

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What I Like About List Leverage / The Pros

1. Valuable Content

If you are new to this whole email marketing thing, I am pretty sure you will deem this information qualified and trustworthy.

The content is of great value, especially for beginners to intermediate marketers.

2. Awesome Compensation Plan

I have to admit that List Leverage's compensation plan is not one that will get you scratching your head for.

There are many ways for you to earn with this program.

You can even make money with Authority Traffic and Send Shark, Send Shark pays up to 50% in commissions and Authority Traffic pays up to 45% in commissions.

What I Dislike About List Leverage / The Cons

1. Program Is Overpriced

With all due respect, I think Matthew Neer knows what he is doing. 

But with that said, he knows he can make a lot of money, probably more than he should. This email marketing program will cost you $800+ at the minimum.

There are far better email marketing programs that you can pay this kind of money for.

There are also programs that are far less expensive with about the same quality of content.

If you think of joining this program with the thought of making money in the first place then you are looking at the wrong opportunity.

2. Doubtful Income

Even with the amazing compensation plan that it offers, your income is still questionable.

According to the official website itself, an average affiliate of List Leverage earns around $300 and $1,800 per year.

To put that into perspective that will be around $25 to $150 a month.

And don't forget to take into consideration how likely it is for you to sell these programs to other people.

Is List Leverage a Scam?

The quickest answer to that is no, List Leverage is not a scam.

Even though it is not recommended for obvious reasons, it is still a very legitimate email list building program.

But just the fact that it cost a lot to even get started with is already a big minus.

And for those who can afford to use that kind of money, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make it back, let alone profit from.

The program itself, however, is definitely legit and helpful to entrepreneurs and internet marketers in general who are just getting started.

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