Is Luminess Air A Scam

Hey, welcome to my Luminess Air Review! 

Have you always had an interest in makeup and have always wondered how you can make a living from your passion?

Can becoming a consultant at an MLM truly provide an amazing business opportunity? Or is Luminess Air a scam?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Luminess Air Overview

Name: Luminess Air


Owners: Sean Mehta

Price: $149

Launched: 1997

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Luminess Air Logo

Best Suited For: no one.

Summary: Luminess Air is an MLM company that focuses on providing cosmetics and is known for their Airbrushing System. Aside from its flagship product, there's nothing more interesting about this. It also offers a business opportunity that promises to offer to turn your life around. But there are tons of complaints you should be aware of before getting involved with this company.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Luminess Air?

The beauty industry had been booming lately, and there are lots of other businesses that are rising at this point. Innovation must always be their number one priority since most brands nowadays are offering the same products but each has its own unique twist or is made to stand out.

Luminess Air is a company that adapted multi-level marketing as its business model and has been operating since 1997. It is founded by Sean Mehta. 

The question is, what does this brand has to offer to keep their customers loyal and to attract others to trust them instead?

You may have been used to people using regular brushes to apply make-up, but this company encourages you to do it using its Airbrushing kits. 

I have heard about that possibility, and I have to say the first time I knew about it, I was kind of surprised. Back when I was young, I have seen my father airbrushing cars or equipment, and it didn't seem easy.  

Now that it is possible to do with on your face, such a unique approach would truly get a lot of hype. And Luminess maximized that opportunity through direct selling them.

The aesthetic of Luminess Air's official website somehow reminded me of another MLM called BeCause Cosmetics! If you haven't heard of that company yet, you can check my BeCause Cosmetics Review!

Luminess Air's Product Line

Luminess Air is known for its Airbrush Systems, but are also selling a wide variety of cosmetics.

Luminess Air Best Selling Airbrush systems

These Airbrush Kits are divided into 3 Categories:

1. Icon Airbrush System:

It is available in the color Rose Gold and can be purchased at $199.95 or $139.92 for those who applied for the VIP Auto-delivery. 

This can also be bought with a travel case for $219.95 or 159.92 if paid via Auto Delivery.

According to Luminess Air, this is the benefits you can get from this system:

• Ultra-low PSI for soft and precise makeup application

• Smallest airbrush system available

• Lightweight and durable enough for travel

• Whisper quiet motor

• Sculpt, shape and highlight without ever touching your face

• Professional makeup artist results at home

• Dermatologist tested and recommended

• Easy to use on the face and body

Aside from that, you can acquire gifts upon purchase that are worth $72. These are 4 Shade Eye Shadow Pallet, 6 Shade Lip Pallet, and Distraction Mascara.

2. Icon Pro System: 

This has the same benefits as the first one but it has 2 pre-programmed airspeeds for eye and body applications. You can have the whole package at $239.95 or buy it through auto-delivery at $139.92.

If you want to have it in a travel case, you'll be charged $259.95 or get a 23% off from auto-delivery and have it at $199.

3. Legend Airbrush System: 

If you want a cheaper system, you can purchase this at $129 and for VIP Auto-delivery you can pay as low as $89. Sadly, this option has no gifts included like the first two systems.

Each of these kits has the compressor and stylus along with an AC adaptor. It also has a 1-year warranty.

Luminess Air has quite a huge array of products, Aside from the airbrush kits and cosmetics, you can also avail other makeup items in the categories of face, lips, skin, eyes, accessories, and conture.

Freely browse all this at Luminess Beauty's Product Shop.

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Is Luminess Air a Pyramid Scheme?

To deem a company as one, it must have no actual products to offer. Plus if it is a pyramid scheme, FTC may have already shut them down.

At times like these, it's easy to know which companies you should get involved with or not. There are tons of ways to do that now.

Plus, that is why I am here for, to give you insights about an MLM company.

Obviously, Luminess Air is not a pyramid scheme. Its longevity has proved it already and it sure has products to provide. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Luminess Air?

As an MLM, aside from encouraging you to consume its products, it also offers a chance for you to earn from them.

Once you have successfully registered as an Independent consultant at Luminess, you will be called an Airess. Becoming one is as easy as signing up and choosing any of the available starter kits that starts at $149.

Note that, the burden of the shipping fee will be on you. It is also recommended to choose a kit that dependes on the level of dedication and commitment you'll put in this business opportunity.

From there. you can now launch your business from the tools Luminess will provide. Aside from the airbrush systems, you'll be given brochures and manuals.

You can now enroll or sponsor others to be consultants, qualify for commissions and even host parties to maximize your earning potential.

When the anniversary date of your membership arrives, you'll be required to pay for the renewal fee worth $49. Failure to comply may result in termination of the agreement.

Luminess Air's Compensation Plan

I tried searching Luminess Air's Compensation Plan on Google and came across a result with a link: but I get redirected to the Homepage of that website instead. 

But it's not different from most MLM who promises to give the best and most rewarding incentives plan.

What makes Luminess Air is that they has no PV's required that every MLM requires its consultants to keep tabs on.

There are different ways to earn within this company and i'll give you a brief overview.

1. Direct Selling

Typically, you can earn commissions from direct selling. It is encouraged that you start offering Luminess Air's products to your warm market. 

It's basically your friends and family, which are more likely the first people you can easily convince.

Profits for every successful sale can start at 20% and stop at 40%. The range of percentage that you can get is reliant on how much you have already  sold within the month. 

The more you sell, the bigger difference you'll get from every retail sales.

2. Recruiting

This is indeed the best way to make the most profits at in every MLM. 

Just make sure that you keep enrolling or sponsoring others to become consultants as well to increase your commissions.

The higher level you achieve, the better income you will receive. 

Here are the different ranking positions at Luminess Air:

  • Associate Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Premier Consultant
  • Elite Consultant
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Premier Director
  • Elite Director
  • Executive Director
  • Legacy Director 

It appears to be in a decent number of levels to surpass, because there are other MLMs that has 20 ranking positions!

To have a better understanding on how this company compensates its distributors, I suggest you watch the video below. 

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Is Luminess Air Accredited By The BBB?

In fact, this company takes pride in its accreditation since it's displayed within its official website!

The company seems to have an outstanding reputation at the Better Business Bureau for its years of accreditation. Moreover, it has an A-plus rating.

Most consumers usually tend to take great consideration of a company's standing at BBB to have an overview of its transparency and credibility.

There are other companies that have no accreditation and rating but has proved themselves reliable in terms of providing customers a great experience through products and services.

It is indeed important to know if an organization is accredited or not, but keep in mind that this shall not be the sole basis if you can trust the business.

Luminess Air also had provided additional information at BBB regarding aspects like money-back guarantee, refunds, and deliveries. You can check it for further details.

Luminess Air BBB

What I Like About Luminess Air/ The Pros

1. Unique Products

I'll have to give this one to Luminess Air. So far, this is the only MLM that offers such a clever way of applying make up.  You can sell this to makeup enthusiasts or beauty gurus! 

So far, there's nothing else I happened to find interesting from this company besides it's airbrush system. 

What I Dislike About Luminess Air/ The Cons

1. Numerous Complaints In Different Platforms

To be honest, I am shocked to have encountered negative feedback against Luminess Air on different websites. And what makes it so disappointing, is that people are saying similar things about this company

Luminess Air Amazon Scam Review

The photo above is one of the many negative reviews on Amazon about Luminess Air. Out of 183 customer ratings, 53% gave the product only 1 star.

Here's another complaint from

Luminess Air TrustPilot Review

Lastly, this one is from!

Luminess Air SiteJabber Review

I believe you can see the obvious similarities of each complaint and it had been going on for years. You can refer to the mentioned websites to check these reviews and see what others had to say about Luminess Air.

In my opinion, this company had been misleading its customers and are trying to keep them from breaking free from the subscriptions and such. This is a very alarming aspect you must not look past it.

The fact that people keep stating the same complaints about this company, reflects on how much it is all for the profits and not giving its customers a great service or experience. 

By all means, I'd stay away from a company that cannot embody transparency. Despite the A-plus rating in BBB, there are also 291 complaints within Luminess Air's BBB Profile.

Most are problems with the product and service but the majority are on billing or collections. 

2. No Income Disclosure Statement

The company had been existing for years, and I have never came across any of its income disclosure statement. 

I do believe that it is a must for any organization that offers income opportunities to provide such vital information.

All these must be easily acquired within their websites.

It's already a red flag that they seem to be misleading their customers and I think that's enough reason to stay away from this company. 

Besides, it's not the only brand that provides these airbrush kits.

Is Luminess Air a Scam?

It's a legitimate business after all and the years in business is quite commendable. 

Let's just hope they improve their customer service. If it really was a scam, I don't think this business will even manage to last 3 years without getting flagged.

Still, I have no reason to recommend this company. Keep in mind that there are brands out there that can give you a better experience in terms of availing products and services.

Plus, there are greater outlets of earning money, and not from something that most people has reasons to believe that it is a scam.

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