Is Mirror Trading International a Scam

Hey, welcome to my Mirror Trading International Review! 

Are you the type of person that's looking for a way to invest your money online on trading platforms, if you are then you have probably wondered what platforms you could really trust.

There are a lot of online trading companies available online, but it's hard to decide which one you can trust.

Is Mirror Trading International a scam or is this one legit?

First of all, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Second of all, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

I will discuss the following, how you can make money with MTI, how much does it cost to get started, pros and cons, etc.

Please do note that I am not a sponsor or a promoter of this company, so everything I say is solely based on my personal experience and opinion.

So let's get straight to the fun, shall we ?

​Mirror Trading International Overview

Name: ​Mirror Trading International


Owners: ​Johann Steynberg​​​

Price: $200

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Best Suited For: Those who have a lot of money to spend. (Definitely not for those who are looking to make legit money online.)

Summary: ​Mirror trading international is a financial company in the forex niche. It's technically an online investment platform ​that combines advanced artificial intelligence and digital software to trade ​for you on investment platforms like forex.

Are they a reliable company you can count on to earn money with? Keep reading and you'll find out whether this company is worth the effort or not.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is ​Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading International Frontpage

​Mirror trading international is a financial company in the forex niche. It's technically an online investment platform ​that combines advanced artificial intelligence and digital software to trade ​for you on investment platforms like forex.

​So, in short.. if you are an investor, you can put in some money with the company and the bots will do all the trading for you. All the earnings you gain from the platform will be paid to you daily.  

​MIT was founded in 2019 and registered in North cliff, Johannesburg South Africa by Johan Steynberg who was a promoter of Syntax Global before getting into the crypto niche. 

​Here are a few additional notes to take note of: 

  • ​MIT does not accept any other currency except bitcoin.
  • All of the earnings you receive will depend on the profit you made for the day.
  • All the capitals on the platform are not locked, so you can withdraw your earnings from the platform at any time and receive it the following day. 

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How Do You Make Money With Mirror Trading International? 

Okay, so let's get to the juicy part how do you make money?

​You can earn from MTI in 3 ways:

  • Through the trading pool (return of investment)
  • ​Binary Bonus
  • Referral Bonus  

​Let's discuss it one by one

Trading Pool (return of investment) 

Trading is MTI's speciality, and it's one of the main services that they offer. As I mentioned, you're only allowed to invest BTC and whatever you earn from what you invested will be paid to you daily depending on how much you make. 

The minimum that you can invest is $100 BTC. Once, you have made the initial payment, you'll see a detailed report on your dashboard showing you all the information on your trade. 

If you decide to withdraw what you've earned early, you can cashout as soon as your earnings reach $5. Or if for any reason you decide to opt out of the trading platform, you can withdraw your initial investment and it will be credited back to your BTC account the following day.

Although this seems easy enough, there's no actual proof that the trading is on going, but based on the reports that they will be giving - you can compare it to the actual market to confirm its authenticity.

​That said, based on the reports they send you even if there is no actual proof of the on going trades, the company has stated that all the investors they have earn at least a %10 ROI for each month that they are trading. 

So, let's do the math.. if you invested the minimum amount of $100, MTI claims that you can earn at least $10 extra for each month on top of your daily income.

Binary Bonus

​Aside from their main platform, you can also earn through the binary bonus.

To earn from this method, you'll need to deposit at least $200 and have two referrals. These two referrals need to be active on the platform daily.

Based on the information you can find on the website, this is an excellent way to make money.

So, here's how it works:

  • Once you get two direct and active referrals, they will be grouped into two teams below you which is the left and the right team.
  • ​everyone else that joins after those two members will be recruited under each team member forming a binary tree.
  • ​As your team members keep recruiting, the tree will start to grow while the person who initiated stays on the top earning a commission from all of their team members earnings up to until the very bottom of the binary tree. 

Take note that the binary bonus is generated from the profit that the MTI makes from trading. So, if you don't earn anything for the week, there's a possibility that you can't earn anything.

The amount of money you can earn will also depend on how much money you invested: 

  • 20 if you invested $1000 - $4,999
  • 30 if you invested $5000 - $9,999
  • infinite if you invested $10,000 and more

Yes, I know the information could be a little overwhelming but you might be asking, can you earn %100 of the profit generated from your investment?

The answer is NO, because the return of investment you get from trading only amounts to %40 of the generated profits coming from your fund.

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Referral Bonus​

​For the referral bonus, every time you get someone to join you - you earn %10 comission from each person that you bring in.

So, if you referred someone who started with an initial investment of $100, you earn $10 which you can withdraw from your account after seven days. ​​​

​If for example you get around 10 people to join who make an initial investment of $1000 each, then you have instantly made $1000 very easily. ​​​

Here's a video as well explaining the income streams more in detail:

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Is ​Mirror Trading International a Pyramid Scheme?

​Is MTI a pyramid scheme?

First of all, here are the reasons why I think it MIGHT not be a pyramid scheme: 

  • The business is properly registered
  • The founder is a well known person and is not hidden from the public eye 
  • The business planning seems stable 
  • Members dont need to earn from bonuses alone because they can also earn from the trading platform 
  • All reports on your trades are given to you daily 
  • Some of the members active on the platform have provided proof of payment from the company (based on my research)
  • There has not been any reports of being scammed by MTI 
  • You can withdraw your initial investment at anytime

Based on all this information, it's pretty obvious that it's not a pyramid scheme but what else could be wrong with it? Keep reading and you'll find out.

How Much Does It Cost To Join ​Mirror Trading International?

​Just so you know, trading is not easy to get into especially if you do not know what you are doing. There will always be a price to pay and that's what makes this risky in the first place. 

With MTI, your lowest investment will be $200 to start while the highest option is $10,000

Yeah, I know - THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY!

if you're going to invest that much money on a platform like this, make sure that you're not putting in your life's savings because there's no guarantee that you can get it back.

​And i'm not even exaggerating. Some people have extra cash to burn, but these are people who don't really care about the extra money but instead put it on a trading platform to earn more from it.

If you are sure about trying this, I would suggest to go with the lowest option first - that way, you won't feel too bad if you don't earn anything back.

So, to put it simply - this is a JOIN AT YOUR OWN RISK kind of platform, which therefore means that there's a lot of risks involved before you can actually earn something decent.

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Mirror Trading International's Profit Breakdown

Okay, so let's breakdown the profits more in detail..

So, for example you decided to invest $1000 and the traders made a profit off your account of1% which is $10, here's how it will be distributed among your downlines:

  • ​$4 (40%) will go to you
  • $3 (30%) will go to the person or robot trading for your account
  • ​$1 (10%) will go to the admin, which is Johan Steynberg's team
  • $2 (20%) will be shared among your uplines who are qualified to earn it at the end of each week. 

In reality, the company is technically only trading with $900 so they have to make over 1% of the profit from the information i mentioned above. 

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Is ​Mirror Trading International Accredited By The BBB?

No, MTI is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Based on my research, there seems to be some complaints regarding the trading, because some users have claimed that MTI is not actually trading on forex but on other platforms. 

Since BTC is not recognized in the banking systems yet, there is no regulation that MTI is not allowed to use it as a payment scheme on their platform.


What I Like About ​Mirror Trading International / The Pros

​1. High Earning Potential

Since this is a trading platform, there's high possibility for you to earn money. Aside from the investment, you can also earn from the bonuses.

2. ​MTI is transparent with its users

So far, among all the trading platforms I've come across MTI seems to be the most transparent one so far and that's a huge plus on my book. Any company that hides something is a big red flag for me. 

3. You can withdraw any time you want

If you feel like taking back your money, it's very easy to just withdraw it from your account and receive it the next day.

4. you don't have to worry about trading

as mentioned, MTI has traders who handles your account already. They also use investment bots, so all they have to do is monitor the income that you receive which means no hard work for you.

What I Dislike About ​Mirror Trading International/ The Cons

​1. MTI is not Regulated 

​If you look at the website, you'll see that it is registered but there's no way to say how you can verify the registration. Even if you could verify it, the company does not have a regulatory body that oversees all the trading within the company.

In the long run, this could lead to loss of funds for investors.

2. It's quite new​​​

​MTI has not been in business for too long, in fact i couldn't find any social proof of its legitimacy online. Of course, this does not mean that it's a scam, but we could consider it.

3. This investment is high risk​​​​

​As ive mentioned earlier, investing money on to this platform means losing money. There's a lot of risks to consider, so if you do not have money to spare it will not be a good idea. ​​​

Is ​Mirror Trading International a Scam?

Based on the information I have just provided for you, do you still think Mirror Trading International is a scam?

In my personal opinion, when you're dealing with money everything can be considered a scam because it means burning precious earnings to gain even more money.

I wouldn't call it a scam, because they are a legitimate company and they are running operations properly.

But would I recommend it? Definitely not!

​There has already been a history of online trading scams all over the internet and when it comes to money, it's not very easy to keep trusting companies just like that, for the sake of earning something more.

So, If you are beginner looking to explore your options, I would suggest a normal investment firm or something that is already well known and not online to invest your money in.

That way, you are sure you won't get scammed. 

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