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Hey, Welcome to my Modere Review!

Were you looking for information about this MLM company? Is Modere a scam? Is it Worth Trying? You came to the perfect place for that.

Maybe you were introduced to this personal health and wellness company by someone who is desperate to recruit you to make a few bucks.

Or maybe just a friend who told you about this new product she discovered that works amazingly well on her.

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own due diligence before purchasing any course, products or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

If you are confused about what this company actually is or offers, don’t be.

I will be revealing everything there is to know about this MLM company, their business opportunity, their products and much more.

Let’s get into it.



Modere's LogoName: Modere


Owners: Robert Conlee

Price: $29.95 up to $399

Launched: 1992 (Relaunched 2015)

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Best Suited For: People who are extremely good at social recruiting or recruiting in general.

Summary: Modere sells a wide variety of products, from personal care to health and wellness to household care products. I wouldn’t say Modere is a bad company or a scam, but if you are looking to make money with this MLM company then you are looking the wrong way. Modere is a somewhat popular company for selling their products, but like most MLM companies, it is almost impossible to earn a crazy amount of money, the success rate for any MLM company is ridiculously low.

Recommended: No

What Is Modere?

Modere is a network marketing company or as some would call it, a multi-level-marketing company that sells a wide variety of products.

Anything from personal health care to wellness and vitamins.

But Modere didn’t just launch this company in 2015 as a completely new company, what most people don’t know, myself included.

Is that Modere is actually a re-brand from a company called Neways International, originally called “Images and Attitudes”


That company was launched in 1987 and renamed in 1992, but a lot has happened since then.

Neways were considered corrupted, issues like tax evasion, defrauding the government and even the selling of illegal ingredients were within the conversation.

This is the dark truth that led them to re-brand.

Finally, in 2013, the company was bought over by Z Capital Partners.

According to the new company, which is now called Modere, everything was new, new management team, new founder (CEO), etc.

Which happens to be untrue as well, it was just a way for the company to get a new start.

Lawsuit, lawsuit & lawsuit

Over the years, this company has been filed several times over for their products. This says a lot about a company, stubborn to cheat their way out of the game.

In 1993, the food and drug administration announced that Neways recalled their “quickly” weight loss product, because it contained dangerous ingredients.

FDA found furosemide in the capsules.

And then later in 2003, they were selling another product that wasn’t allowed to be sold without a proper prescription, an anti-aging dietary supplement containing HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Last, but not least, In 2006, the founder of Neways and his wife were sentenced to jail for two years because of tax evasion.

Even now, lawsuits still occur from time to time, but mostly related to trading.

The re-branded company, Modere, is selling much better products now compared to back then.

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Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme?

There’s a reason why MLM’s are always accused of being a pyramid scheme, just take a look at the picture below.

A pyramid scheme

What catches your eyes? Yes, exactly, the way money is earned. It looks exactly like a pyramid thus the name pyramid scheme.

The way it works is that people on the top, the top distributors will make almost 90% of the money while the measly 10% on the bottom will make close to nothing.

Basically, this is how it works, once you recruited someone, you will gain a commission from everything that recruit is making, and the recruit’s recruit is making.

And so on..

If you, for some reason managed to be the person on top, you can bet the money is coming in.

Other than that, forget it. You will be losing money if you are at the bottom of the pyramid, that’s almost 100% certain. The success rate is extremely low because of that.

Modere Product Line & Prices

BioCell Liquid

Let’s take a look at Modere’s product line, and see why this MLM company is slightly different from the other ones.

Modere’s motto is “Live Clean” and sells a wide variety of products, I have listed the 4 main categories for you:


  1. Health & Wellness: Dietary supplements, meal replacements, multivitamins, basically anything that promotes or helps with weight loss, anti-aging and active health.
  2. Collagen Sciences: Collagen beverage, the new generation of collagen in the form of creamers and biocell.
  3. Personal Care: Skin care products, makeup remover, hair care and even eye car products.
  4. Household Care: Fabric softener, dish wash, kitchen cleaning products etc.

I am not an expert when it comes to analyzing whether a product is legit or bad and neither have I tried any of their products.M3 Mediterranean

So I cannot give you my honest opinion on their products, but what I can do, and I did, is do the proper research for you.

The top 2 selling products from Modere is the Liquid Biocell and the M3.

The Liquid Biocell is for the fight against aging. It has a bunch of stuff in it that specifically focuses on the anti-aging issues at hand.

The M3 is a weight loss system developed around the Mediterranean lifestyle, this Mediterranean diet is said to be more effective than the standard weight-loss diets.

But like any MLM company, it is not uncommon for the company to exaggerate the greatness and quality of their product.

They will bold claims like it will work 90% of the time if you use it consistently or that their product is scientifically tested in labs and all those good things.

The prices are high, the liquid BioCell products can range anywhere from $34.99 for the Liquid Biocell Life Chews to $199.99 for the Liquid Biocell Equine.


How To Get Started With Modere?

Before you can start making money with this MLM company, there are a few things you need to do first.

You have to pay $29.95 to become a social marketer within Modere, what you get with that is just some simple training materials, no products included for you to sell whatsoever.

That’s not uncommon, most MLM companies require you to pay some kind of money first and then they will let you purchase their product for a cheaper price.

In this case, a package of $399 called Builder Package needs to purchased.

It’s not mandatory though, but you will be advised to do so, to have a higher chance of making money with more products to promote.

Aside from that, there’s also something you have to do on a monthly basis, you must purchase $100 worth of their products every month.

Unless you hit their monthly sales quota requirement.

What is Modere’s Compensation Plan?

If you know anything about MLM, anything at all, you will know that compensation plans for MLM’s are extremely complicated.

Even up to this day, with all the experience and research I have done for these multi-level-marketing companies, I still don’t completely comprehend the plan.

Some MLM companies have compensation plans that are 50 to 100 pages long.

But don’t worry, I will try my very best to help you understand at least some of it. Enough for you to understand how you can make commissions if you are lucky enough to make any at all.

Here are the BONUSES you can get:

  1. First Order Bonus
  2. Team 3 Bonus
  3. Life Consistency Bonus
  4. Elite Team Lifestyle Consistency Bonus
  5. Dynamic Team Leader & Director Bonus
  6. 4 & More Builder Bonus
  7. Sharing Bonus
  8. Consistency Selling Reward
  9. Leadership Development Bonus

Don’t be fooled by these bonuses, they don’t make it any easier, to be honest, they may seem so, that’s what they want you to think.

And here are the 3 ways to start earning with Modere:

1. Retail Commissions: This is by selling, you get a commission for every product you sell. The amount you earn is the difference in wholesale price and the price you sell it for.

2. Residual Commissions: This is the kind of commission you will get from your recruits. Whenever they sell something, you get a commission out of it.

3. First Order Bonus: When someone you recruited makes a purchase for the first time, you will get paid for it as well.

Keep in mind that selling for Modere or any other MLM company, in general, is not EASY, I keep saying this because I know some of you aren’t taking this seriously.

The prices are high and the quality is not super amazing. So selling is possible, but ridiculously difficult.

If you want to read the full compensation plan, check it out here.

Or you can just watch the video down below.

What I Like About Modere/ The Pros

Thumbs Up

1. Good Products & Satisfied Customers: I think I have to mention this even though I am 100% against MLM companies, but their products seem to be legitimate and the customers are really liking it.

2. Eco-Friendly Products: I’ve got to say that Modere is one of the few MLM companies that actually shows that they are eco-friendly, unlike many other MLM’s. Modere eliminates unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients found in conventional formulations.


3. Different Recruitment Style: Unlike the traditional method of recruiting people to join an MLM you are in by face to face recruiting, Modere focuses a lot on social media recruiting, which is uncommon.

4. Evergreen Market: The need of personal health, household and wellness products will always be there, the high demand niche means there is money to be made, but it is still very hard to break through unless you are one of the top dogs within the niche.

What I Don’t Like About Modere/ The Cons

Thumbs Down

1. Extremely Low Success Rate: This is by far the most obvious reason why no one should be part of any MLM companies, Modere included. The amount of people succeeding is so low that there are probably more soon to be millionaires than there is soon to be successful people on Modere. I hope that will put into perspective how insanely low the success rate is.


2. Prices Are Sky-High: If you haven’t seen their prices yet, don’t sweat it. The products may be of somewhat quality, but it has no “right” to be this expensive. There are tons of equally good products or maybe even slightly better products for half the price they are selling it for.

3. Awful Training and Support: Some MLM’s have pretty good training materials to support their distributors, but Modere is not one of them. The reason for that is probably because they are still considered a new company.

4. Too Much Focus On Recruitment: If your plan is to go in and sell as many of Modere’s products to make a full-time income, forget it. You will have to recruit, that’s where most of the money comes in, and that again is why Modere can be accused of being a pyramid scheme.

My Final Opinion and Recommendation

I don’t think Modere is a scam, but I don’t think you should join them either.

Like many other MLM companies I have reviewed, Javita, Neora, Enersource and Valentus they are all hard to find success with.

The initial cost, the lack of training and support, all of it. It’s just not a reasonable method to make money with.

I hope I have talked you out of this MLM business thing once and for all, if you are really looking for a legitimate way to make money, let me help you.

My one and only recommendation, try affiliate marketing for FREE on Wealthy Affiliate and let me personally walk you through it.

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Leave a comment down below if you have any questions regarding this MLM company or if you want to know more about an alternative to MLM.

Stay Cool & Humble

About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • Its amazing how many of these companies/products entered the landscape and continue with money making schemes. No matter how many times these type of schemes are shut down, someone seems to create another one that preys on a person of the “get rich quick” variety. Its sad that these schemes are still so prevalent throughout the world. Great post!


    • Hi,

      Yes, I totally agree with you. And the reason for that is because people get really desperate when they see a sentence that says, “Get Rich Quick”.

      That’s a losing mindset if you ask me.

      There’s no real shortcut in life, just put in some work for a legitimate program and you will be making enough money, more than you think.

      That’s why I want to stir these people to Wealthy Affiliate and let them see the light.

      Best of luck.


  • Hi Kayin!

    Great review about Modere! After reading your post, the only nice thing I have to say about Modere is that they sell eco-friendly products but that’s all. When I first read Modere is a MLM company, I just knew what would come next couldn’t be something good. 

    I am an anti-MLM company because they ressemble a lot a pyramid scheme and there are better options to make money online than these ones. 

    I hope more people realise how Modere and other MLM companies work thanks to your review. 




    • Hello Mariana,

      Thank you, this review is just the start, but I am glad you took notice and want to share the word. MLM’s are not the best option to make money online.

      Maybe back then it was, but now it is not.

      Thanks for spreading the good news to many upcoming people who are interested in making a full time income online.

      Best of luck.


  • To be sincere, I personally don’t appreciate MLM companies at all, I can’t advice anyone to deal with them or even think of investing because its just a waste of time as there are other online businesses that can pay 10 times the amount any MLM company can pay, an example Is affiliate marketing like you said, and a good platform for people who will like to go into it is Wealthy Affiliate for sure, they have the best offer. 

    Modere is not a company I’ll recommend to anyone because its still an MLM. Good article, its really educating.


    • Hey Jones,

      Not just you, my friend, I am 100% against MLM’s as well. 

      If people knew what they could do with affiliate marketing, they won’t even bother looking for the next best MLM company.

      I think there’s a lack of information on the internet about the greatness of this online business method.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the review 🙂


  • Thanks for taking your time to engage in this nice research work. A friend of mine has been planning to join the platform, but contacted me first to help him research about it and how legit it can be. MLM businesses are never the best to choice to invest time and money into. I told him its never a good option but he wants more information to convince him. 

    Thanks for taking your time to explain and review Modere for us, I  now know a lot about it. I hope to see more insightful reviews.


    • Hello Willy,

      You are welcome, it is my pleasure. Just let him read this review and he will understand. If that’s not enough he can personally contact me. It will be my pleasure to put him on the right path.

      MLM’s are hard to be successful with, and I understand why some people still opt for it as a better option to make money, and it is usually lack of information.

      Thank you in advance for referring him to me.


  • This is truly informative, although this might not be a scam site I’m a kind of person who likes to invest some time to sniff things out before committing myself totally. This review has given me a great insight on expectations when joining this program, I don’t think this compensation plan will also play fair to beginners or newbies as the incentive structure is specifically designed to work for its founders and those at the top of the rank which is going to cost  alot of money. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hey Seun,

      Thank you, means a lot to me 🙂

      Always do your own due diligence before purchasing anything on the internet nowadays. The compensation plan from any MLM companies are made to be complicated just so they can take full advantage of new comers.

      Glad you noticed that. Best of luck!


  • A thorough and honest appraisal that gives warning of the pitfalls that can befall any of us who are looking for an online opportunity. I am constantly on the lookout for reviews such as this. My list of ‘the ones to avoid’ is ever increasing. It never ceases to amaze me how many of these companies, if they can be called that, manage to survive. Hopefully, reviews like yours, will stem the flow of unsuspecting starters.

    We would all like to find the one that has great products at realistic prices with transparent compensation plans. The problem for the ‘good guys’ in the industry is that after two or three attempts, there are no more willing friends and family that want to buy the latest ‘best new thing.’ This has the knock on effect, as you describe, of only the top members ever earning any decent revenue. Thanks for this, it goes on my list.


    • Hello Romero,

      Much appreciated, means a lot to me.

      I feel honored that my review can go down onto your list of “the ones to avoid”. The survival of these network marketing companies is fed by the amount of newcomers.

      Once the word is out, and it starts spreading like fire in a forest, they will succumb.

      A new MLM company will usually hit its peak at 2-3 years before dying out. I have made it my mission to bring justice to them.

      Thanks for reading and liking this review, best of luck!


  • Thank you for sharing this Modere review with us, and you are so right! A friend of mine was trying to talk me into giving it a try.

    Although she really portrayed it in a great way, I thought it was best to check it out before committing my money.

    Your review just made everything very clear and I am not sure I even have all the money that I will have to invest to even get started.

    It doesn’t make sense that I engage in a product that I won’t be able to sell, nor do I have the capability of recruiting people which seems to be the major way to make money.

    I like the idea of affiliate marketing and since you say it’s free to get started, I guess it won’t hurt to give it a try and see where it goes.

    Thanks for sharing.



    • Hello,

      I am proud of you for taking your time to do your own research before listening to your friend. Take it easy on that friend of yours though, he or she probably didn’t know better.

      Perhaps you can show this friend of yours this article or just refer he or she directly to Wealthy Affiliate, and I can help the both of you out.

      You are welcome, appreciate your comment, means a lot to me.

      Best of luck!


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