Is Motives Cosmetics A Scam

Hey, welcome to my Motives Cosmetics Review! 

Have you ever wanted to become a Beauty Advisor? Maybe now you can! 

Let's find out if you can really write your own success story! But first, let's find the answer to this very intriguing question, "Is Motives Cosmetics a scam?"

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Motives Cosmetics Overview

Name: Motives Cosmetics


Owners: Loren Ridinger

Price: $149-$429.95

Launched: 1997

SAP Ratings: 20/100

Motives Logo

Best Suited For: makeup enthusiasts and those who are willing to try different brands of skin care and cosmetics 

Summary: Motives Cosmetics is without a doubt a legitimate business. It had been operating for decades and have continued to thrive. But, there is nothing quite new about it that gives it the edge among other new beauty brands out there.

Recommended: Nope.

What Is Motives Cosmetics?

Motives Cosmetics is founded by Loren Ridinger in 1997. 

This is a beauty-focused company that uses multi-level marketing as its business model.

It seems like it's no different from Aloette.

According to Loren Rodinger, Motives Cosmetics mission is to empower people along with, "the ability to make people look and feel better while achieving the lifestyle they have always dreamed about"

Well, isn't that what almost every MLM aims to give?

Even so, I do commend her for being on one of the Vogue's Top 100 Most Influential Women. Apart from that, her personal blog was also recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Websites for Women.

And the list of her recognition can go on and on.

As well as Motives Cosmetics that had been featured in several magazines as well as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

I for one, believe that sure it was a hype before but not so much at this point. Since there are more and more beauty brands that are emerging, and are probably much better than this.

Well, that's just my opinion but if you want to go for it, no one's stopping you.

Motives Cosmetics Inspired

Motives Cosmetics' Product Line

Motives Cosmetics Products

There is an obvious hype on today's market when it comes to beauty products. Brands are everywhere. 

The standards for each are getting higher and higher along with people's expectations on them.

Well, who could blame them anyway?

It's true that most women are willing to spend a lot of cash even on one single product just so they have an assurance that it's good.

As a practical consumer, I'd still go for something a little less pricey but can be at least qualified as good quality.

Motives Cosmetics, from the name itself is obviously a beauty company.

It has a wide array of products you can choose from. I am betting you can have everything that you might need or want from their line of cosmetics.

From primers, to variations of powders, palettes, makeup removers to skin care. You name it, Motives Cosmetics has it.

It would take me forever to discuss each of them so I suggest you go over to Motives Cosmetics Product Shop, and take your time to browse!

I have always mentioned how customers nowadays are getting wiser, because that's a fact. People, especially women will not easily buy something appealing unless it is also free from any harmful chemicals.

Who knows, you might find that product you can consider your grail?

Try asking a woman if they are using non-comedogenic products, and they'll quickly answer YES.

It is necessary that make-up or any skin-related products are specially formulated not to clog our pores or just cause them to dry up.

It is claimed that Motives Cosmetics' products are all hypoallergenic. Still, I am not sure whether any of their products have a hint of alcohol.

That's a no-no for every woman who knows their products!

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Is Motives Cosmetics a Pyramid Scheme?

Isn't it normal for any networking company to be accused of being a pyramid scheme?

In fact, if there were any guidelines to determine what a fraudulent scheme, everyone will just assume that all MLMs are one.

Anyway, it's rather important to know what kind of company you are getting into.

So, is Motives Cosmetics a pyramid scheme?

It's not. Are you relieved? You should be!

For years in the industry and FTC has not flagged them, well that's a great sign!

Plus, if you are having difficulties of determining which is pyramid scheme, just keep in mind that they don't have any products to offer.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Motives Cosmetics?

All of us have the capacity to be successful. But wouldn't it feel much better to achieve that while doing what you truly love?

Are you a person who had found interest on make up and is just keen on giving your skin the treatment it deserves?

What if you can do that and earn money at the same time? On top of that you can also share your wonderful journey doing what you love and making profits from it as as a Motives Beauty Advisor.

Basically, networking companies will offer you the best opportunity and the greatest platform you can write your own success at.

So how do you start?

There are 2 available starter kits at Motives Cosmetics. It is recommended that you purchase the Fast Start Kit to easily make the most of launching your business.

This package is worth $429.95

It sure is convincing to go for that.Because it was somehow endorsed in a manner that instead of spending on your pamper day, why not use the money to invest and start a successful beauty business today?

Become your own boss with the Fast Start Kit that includes the following:

  • Motives Welcome Guide
  • Motives It's Your Time to Shine Flip Chart
  • Motives It's Your Time to Shine Placement
  • UnFranchise Manual
  • First issue of the bi-monthly UnFranchise Owner Magazine
  • Standard application fee for instant start up

Furthermore, you will be given the access to support materials you can easily download:

  • Motives It's Your Time to Shine Event Outline

There's no need to worry about how much it would cost you for shipping because it's included in the package fee.

If you think you still don't have a budget for that, you can still apply as a Beauty Advisor at the cost of $149.95 plus tax.

In order to qualify for their income opportunity, there is still a need to purchase any of the following kit as stated in the Motives Cosmetics Website:

  • Skincare Kit – One of every exclusively formulated skincare product, which includes four comprehensive beauty lines, a complete men's line, and a plethora of unique specialty products.
  • Custom Blend Kit – Includes a liquid and powder system paired with blending accessories, 100 empty containers for your client creations and all of the marketing materials and educational support needed to blend successfully!
  • Motives Essential Kit – This is a collection of our most popular selling and universal products that will set you up for success as a freelance artist who wishes to accommodate all unique clients or even your Beautypreneur who wants to be properly prepared to make others feel amazing!

You have the power to customize your initial order with the best products you can choose. Rather, the ones you want to have for personal use.

Here are the following perks and the necessary tools you need to get your Motives Cosmetics Independent Business up and running!

Motives Cosmetics Advisor Access

Motives Cosmetics' Compensation Plan

Any business will offer you something that you may find quite hard to refuse. Especially when it is a multi-marketing company.

They will surely convince you that you can have the power to achieve anything just from selling and recruiting people.

It's not surprising how they make it sound so easy. But has anyone at an MLM became a millionaire overnight? I don't think so.

Don't ask me if I'd take my chances on networking companies, because I won't.

Truth be told, I may just buy a lottery ticket and wait for my lucky day!

Kidding aside, compensation plans of an MLM is usually hard to comprehend. 

Don't worry, because I will walk you through it.

So, are you ready to start your independent business in hopes that it may change your life?

Can you achieve that at Motives Cosmetics? Let's see!

Motives Cosmetics Compensation Plan

If you go over their website, you may not find that much information regarding the company.

But, they do not offer that much info as well on how they compensate their Beauty Advisors.

I am not a bit surprised. Isn't most MLM companies like that? 

Anyway, I have come across the photo below that will give you an idea of how much you can make at their business opportunity.

Motives Cosmetics Compensation Plan

Isn't it frustrating to expect that a company is open to disclosing the most important factors about their business.

Especially when they are also offering people the chance to have their own business as well.

So, this is what the Motives Cosmetics Compensation Plan can offer you: 

  • Earn 30% or more in retail profit from your sales and of your team.
  • Get as much as $300 or over for every Beauty Party you throw. The more you host the more you own.
  • Grow your sales team and have them host their own events to let you gain a minimum of $1500 profits.

That's it.

It just concluded to the fact that you can have unlimited earnings if you can recruit more people and have them retain as an active Beauty Advisor as well.

Not as exciting as I thought it would be.

Feel free to watch the video below if you want to have a better understanding on the income opportunity at Motives Cosmetics!

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Is Motives Cosmetics Accredited By The BBB?

A company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau gives people the impression that it has a commendable reputation.

How much more if it has an A-plus rating? It certainly appeals that a business is responsible enough to immediately address its consumers complaints.

Plus, it kinds of nudges a person and seems like it tells them, "Hey, I am a trustworthy company, you can rely on me. My customer service won't give you a headache." 

Excuse my not so great humor, but hey you get the point.

Well, as much as I'd like to expect that every MLM is BBB accredited...

It's not. And Motives Cosmetics is one of the many networking companies that are not recognized by BBB.

Does this mean it's not legitimate? No. Does this mean I can't trust the company? No.

Would its customer not give me a headache? That's uncertain but let's hope not.

Okay, no more jokes. BBB should be the only basis you have to rely on to know whether the company or not.

Motives Cosmetics BBB

What I Like About Motives Cosmetics/ The Pros

1. Affordable Products

I have an inclination to stay practical and just go for something that fits my budget. 

Plus, who does not want products that are sold in reasonable prices, anyway?

As much as I can I do not go for high-end brands when I can get what I want at low cost.

So, as for beauty products, we are all aware how most of it are definitely pricey. But Motives Cosmetics are offering it at a price range that anyone can afford.

On top of that, MLMs are also known for unreasonable product worth and I am just relieved that Motives Cosmetics is not one of them.

As much as I want to have something else to like about this company, I see no other reason to.

What I Dislike About Motives Cosmetics/ The Cons

1. Harmful Product Ingredients!

Any person who are careful about every product they use would never like this fact.

Even if Motives Cosmetics claim that its products are hypoallergenic, there are some alarming ingredients included in their products, namely:

 I’ve listed some of the potentially toxic ingredients which are said to have been found in Motives Cosmetics products below:

  • Dipropylene glycol
  • Carbonate caprylyl methicone
  • Alcoholadenosine
  • Potassium hydroxide

I mentioned how people like their products toxic-free and definitely non-comedogenic. Even I would stay away from anything that can harm my radiant skin!

Well, not so radiant, but you see it's never healthy to use anything that can potentially harm you rather than give you more glowing skin.

Believe me, there are better products out there that you can try without having to worry of possible bad effects.

2. A Very Competitive Industry

Sure, there are tons of people that would stay loyal to a brand they had been using for no one knows how long.

But, as time passes, there were obviously a lot of businesses that had been booming lately in the make up and beauty industry. 

Also, they are surely giving what the today's generation wants and could possibly be more effective than the others we know of.

The point is, it is entirely a competitive industry. For instance, you are confident of what Motives products can do for you and you are absolutely sure that other people can see what you saw in it too. 

But, let's be real here. How are you going to convince them that this product has better edge than other brands?

I am a hundred percent sure that people are more likely going to try new products endorsed by today's famous influencers rather than the ones from an MLM company.

Well, if you ask me, I'd be more afraid to be forced into being recruited.

3. Pay To Play System

This is yet another pay to play business opportunity.

It's entirely disappointing to know that it's already a competitive industry but the business model is not even a bit far from that.

Why not settle for something that gives everybody a fair start?

We all want to be have that financial freedom and it seemed so unfair to know that you can achieve that by paying more.

I don't get the point of it and I would not waste my time and effort into something that has only little chance to succeed.

You wouldn't want to end up investing more than what you can actually earn.

But there's still hope if you can be open to other ideas of making money online.

Try affiliate marketing for instance.

Is Motives Cosmetics a Scam?

No matter how an MLM make it seem that their compensation plans are so promising, it's not.

Sure, perhaps it worked for some people but at this point in time how can one be certain that there is still a possibility of success in that industry?

There are more people who ends up failing! Even if these networking companies disclose it or not, it's a known fact to the majority.

So, let's get down to the point.

Is Motives Cosmetics a scam?

Certainly not.

Can I recommend this company? No.

There are better ways to earn and write your own success. Believe me.

If you want a less competitive industry but with real profits, I suggest you try affiliate marketing instead.

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