Is Naturally Plus A Scam? (Best For Your Health And Wealth?!)

Is Naturally Plus a Scam?

Hey, welcome to my Naturally Plus Review! 

Interested in what hydrogen-infused water can do for you? Can this be good for both your health and wealth?

Can an MLM company provide you what you needed in terms of nutrition and income? 

You may be questioning, "Is Naturally Plus a scam?"

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Naturally Plus Overview

Name: Naturally Plus


Owners: Takaaki Nagoshi

Price: $2330

Launched: 1999

SAP Ratings: 20/100

Naturally Plus

Best Suited For: people who are looking for unique nutritional supplements.

Summary: Naturally Plus had quite a commendable history and have successfully proven their credibility. Although, they have not been entirely open about their product prices as well as their registration fee for interested individuals. The only way to find out about it is if you sign up directly at their website.Their products are unique on their own and were loved by a lot of people.

Recommended: Never

What Is Naturally Plus?

Have you ever heard of a Japanese Networking Company? To be honest, this is the first time I came across Naturally Plus.

We were all attuned to MLMs mostly based in Utah or Texas. But this one is totally different.

Takaaki Nagoshi had started Naturally Plus way back in 1999. This company started with just Super Lutein and have eventually conquered the market worldwide!

It is utterly commendable how fast this company grew in a short period of time. By the third year since its launch, it had already sold 100 million USD. 

That's surprising for a company that had just started and with just one product to sell! 

On top of that, Naturally Plus decided to release their next product by 2007. It is called Izumio which I will discuss later on.

If you go over Naturally Plus' Official Website, you can see an overview of what the company is about. Unlike NuYugen, Naturally Plus is more open to how the company's history is, the progress and where it operates in the world.

They have corporate branches all over the world besides Japan, namely:

  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Brunei
  • USA

Naturally Plus' Product Line

A company that focuses on the health and wellness niche would initially give us the impression that it offers, weight loss and other nutritional products.

From the business name itself, "Naturally Plus", it already hints or gives a person the idea of what products or services it could be providing.

So, as mentioned above, it started with just selling Super Lutein. This first-ever product of Naturally Plus is still being sold today all over the world.

Naturally Plus Super Lutein

If you think that was a hit, the next product manufactured is called Izumio became quite popular as well. In fact, it was the number one seller from the time it was introduced to the market.

Have you ever encountered people who have constantly debated on whether or not water has taste? Well, I did. 

According to Aristotle, “The natural substance water per se tends to be tasteless,”

Izumio is known as natural water infused with hydrogen. Since water is tasteless, and Izumio contains hydrogen, would it taste better?

Claims are, it is delicious and of high-quality. These are sold in pouches rather than the usual bottles we are all used to.

Unfortunately, it is limited to specific countries!

The last time I remembered drinking from a pouch was an orange juice. Would it be more fun to drink hydrogen -infused water in pouches? What do you think?

Naturally Plus Izumio

Naturally, Plus had not just expanded its reach throughout the globe but had also offered more products for people to enjoy. These are still aligned with their chosen niche.

If you go over to Naturally Plus' Product Page you will not just have an overview of the products available, but as well as the formula and what technology was made to use it. We have been pretty much frustrated by other MLMs that does not usually disclose important facts like these. 

It's admirable for Naturally Plus to make sure that interested people will be informed and immediately see how beneficial the products can be,

The only thing missing is that they do not include prices for each of them. You can only have access to it and have the power to directly purchase within their website if you will register as an affiliate.

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Is Naturally Plus a Pyramid Scheme?

I have to admit that even before, I was completely ignorant about networking companies. I am guilty of assuming that they all function as a pyramid scheme.

As I have made a decision to further learn more about them, I must say I still have not grown to like any of them.

Not every networking company is a pyramid scheme. It can only be labeled as one if it fails to provide real products for its associates to sell.

They have an inclination to rely on just expanding their team just to have an income stream. Nowadays, it's easier to find and shut down these fraudulent schemes to prevent more people from being deceived.

so let's get down to it. Naturally Plus is definitely a legitimate company. It is operating worldwide. Furthermore, it manufactures and distributes products that people believe in.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Naturally Plus?

It's somewhat frustrating that even though they are open to what their company is all about, they do not disclose product prices as well as how much would it cost to join their business opportunity.

But, I have found out that it's actually $2330 to join! Wow, that's truly expensive.

What's more shocking is that there's still a need to purchase products for your starter pack. Below are the packages from Naturally Plus’s website.

Naturally Plus Starter Pack
Natrually Plus Starter Pack

For people who are on a tight budget and are adamant to make money from MLMs, I do not think that this is the best option.

You can go over to Naturally Plus Product's Page to find out more about their offers.

If you do believe on what Naturally Plus can do for you, let's then head to the most important aspect:

Naturally Plus' Compensation Plan

So, were you shocked by how much it is worth joining Naturally Plus? Well, it does not stop at that.

Despite the pricey registration cost, there's still a need to pay $30 yearly to keep your membership active.

We all know how complicated MLM compensation plans are. It's without a doubt frustrating to go over, to be honest.

As far as I see it, there are commissions through selling the products but there's a reliance on recruiting if an individual wants to maximize their income potential.

The only aspect that varies on how they compensate independent distributors is through the ranking positions or through rewards like luxury trips or car program.

If you are determined on becoming a part of Naturally Plus’s income opportunity, you can watch the video below!

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Is Naturally Plus Accredited By The BBB?

We all know that Naturally Plus started in Japan but expanded its reach to the US.

Now, here's an important aspect consumers nowadays consider when looking for information regarding the company they were interested in BBB Accreditation.

As consumers, we want to know how credible a business is and their standing at BBB says a lot about it.

Unfortunately, Naturally Plus is not accredited by BBB. Does that mean it is not trustworthy? 


There are certain steps for any organization to be recognized or accredited by BBB. The business itself needs to apply for it and meet the criteria of!

Naturally Plus BBB

What I Like About Naturally Plus/ The Pros

1. Company Overview

I believe that disclosing the history and the owners of networking companies is a must. Since this deems them trustworthy.

We all have encountered MLMs that have hard to find information and appear quite sketchy because of that.

They have complete information about who runs the company, the progress it made as well as its philosophy!

2. No Inventory Or Monthly Requirement

Naturally Plus has made it clear that there is no need to stack up products since you can use them yourself.

On top of that, it is not required to buy a lot of products for retail sales or recruiting. They will be delivered by their global distribution system!

That's admirable, to be honest. Because the past MLM I have encountered will require you to purchase a certain amount of inventory. If you fail to sell all those, you might end up leaving the car out of your garage since there's a huge chance it will be full of products instead!

Kidding aside, Naturally Plus also assures that all you need to do is expand your team and they will take care of the rest!

I was shocked by this matter. I have to admit it was kind of surprising to find out that an MLM company does not pressure its consultants to complete their monthly quota.

There are tons of networking companies out there that highly require their associates to comply with a certain amount of quota every month. Besides the fact that it initiates pressure, the burden to sell products makes consultants end up purchasing them instead.

They were not able to sell that much for a short period of time, then it will just be the same problem they'll have the next month. How frustrating could it be?

Naturally Plus Requirement

What I Dislike About Naturally Plus/ The Cons

1. Covert Product Prices

As a buyer, we have this tendency to weigh out our options first before settling on a product we will purchase. 

But how can we do that with Naturally Plus when they don't include the cost of products within their page?

The only way to do that is to apply to sign up within their website.

2. Over-priced Registration Fee

There are a number of MLMs that does not require a registration fee. Although the company claims that you only have a minimal fee, I have encountered that it requires over $2000 sing up cost.

That's a lot! 

The company does not disclose how much it really costs even in ​itsNaturally Plus Compensation Plan 2020.

Is Naturally Plus a Scam?

Naturally Plus is far from being a scam. This company had proven its credibility for decades it had been operating. 

It is sure had its own unique products and it's no wonder how it had been a hit to the market.

Although, I still can't recommend this company. Not just because it's an MLM that has a very competitive industry, but there are better options out there.

We are all aiming to be financially independent, and most MLM will promise you that. But, there are only a few people who have become successful in that business model.

It's a fact that there are more people who failed and that's quite a red flag. If you are keen on taking your chances with Naturally Plus, then go for it. 

If not, then you can always try affiliate marketing!

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