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Hey, welcome to my Neolife Review!

NeoLife brought you here because you want to take charge of your health and you want to earn at the same time.

Pretty attractive thought, isn’t it?

I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy the perks of health and wellness while combating the war against poverty.

Having the means to take care of yourself is a gift. Doing it and being able to profit from it is a plus. NeoLife can give you a win-win!

Yes, I get you. It sounds too good to be true.

And this is what I am here for, so allow me to break it down for you. I know you’ve been itching to know if there is any truth to NeoLife. 

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Read on and find out if NeoLife is a scam or not. Discover whether this company is really worth investing your money, time, and effort in. 

All the resources are right here, without further ado, let’s begin. 

Neolife Overview

Name: Neolife


Owner(s): Jerry Brassfield

Price: $0 (Free Club Membership) + Product Price and Shipping

Launched: 1958

SAP Ratings: 30/100

Neolife's Logo

Best Suited For: People who choose to be healthy and be profitable while at it. And you should have some decent selling skills to really make this work.

Summary: NeoLife is a global company founded by Jerry Brassfield in 1958. It is a pioneer in the supplementation of whole food nutrition. It has a solid reputation in the field of health and wellness. NeoLife aims to end the trend of poor health and poverty. But it is definitely not the best method for making money.

Recommended?: Nope.

What Is Neolife?

NeoLife was founded in 1958. They are a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers products that are nature-based and backed up by science.

Their whole product line caters to providing exceptional nutritional supplements that aid in helping people with their health physically and financially. 

NeoLife is a global company with numerous locations in more than 50 countries.

Its headquarters can be found in Fremont, California.

NeoLife has been around for decades but not so many people are familiar with this name as this results from the name rebranding in 2013 by its founder, Jerry Brassfield. 

NeoLife translates to a “new life.”

This is the same thought and idea that the company wishes to share with anyone looking to join the NeoLife family. 

Amazing as it sounds, this company is still an MLM company, so there's no harm in looking deeper.

Success with any MLM company is rare, and I will show you why as we go on.

Neolife's Product Line

NeoLife sells health supplements and other products that improve a person’s well-being.

Their product line ranges from health and weight loss products to laundry detergents. All their products are backed up by the Scientific Advisory Board.

Let’s take a look at some popular products NeoLife is best known for:

NeoLife Bar

If you want to lose weight, they claim that consuming two NeoLife Bars a day helps. This healthy snack is rich in antioxidants and curbs hunger. They say it provides an enhanced energy level and promotes the burning of fat. 

NeoLife Bar Pic

3-Day Detox

The 3-day detox is best-selling for good reasons. It is said to help in weight management. It claims to initiate weight loss. It is good for the gut, improves energy, removes body toxins, and slow downs premature aging. 

NeoLife Shake

We love products backed up by science. The NeoLife Shake is clinically proven for cardiovascular protection and reduces body fat. It lowers the BMI and assists in weight loss. 

Acidophilus Plus

If there is anything that will make anyone upset, it’s an upset stomach. That is what Acidophilus Plus is for. It is a supplement that regulates intestinal activities. It also promotes the health of the colon and boosts immunity. 

NeoLife Acidophilus Plus

Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates

Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates energize the whole body and promotes the utilization of nutrients efficiently. This supplement delivers energy and vitality via cellular nutrition. 

These are some of the best-selling products of NeoLife. They have a wide array of health supplements and products made to improve health both physically and financially. NeoLife aims to support high-quality nutrition.

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Is NeoLife a Pyramid Scheme?

We’ve all heard it before, pyramid scheme or scam; no matter what it’s called, we’d want to stay away from it as much as possible.

Because we want to be more careful, it is always best to know how the company we want to invest in actually works. 

Pyramid scheme is different from an MLM company. NeoLife is an MLM company.

But yet for some reason, people still uses the term MLM and pyramid scheme interchangeably, why?

Let me tell you why, but first, take a good look at this picture below:

MLM structure

That is basically how MLM companies work. This is also the main reason they get confused with a full-blown pyramid scheme.

Because both, a pyramid scheme and an MLM are using the exact same business model, and that's why they are used interchangeably.

The difference, however, is that with an MLM, that's not the only way to make money. You can make money through direct selling as well.

Recruiting is not an obligation, but it is for sure recommended.

If you happen to find yourself working for an MLM company whose only form of paying you is by you recruiting other people then you, my friend, should leave.

That's a pyramid scheme in disguise.

How Much Does It Cost To Join NeoLife ?

There are different ways to be a part of NeoLife. Their products are not readily available anywhere else.

So, if you want to buy NeoLife products, you have to first be a member and directly buy from their website. 

To be a NeoLife member, you need not pay anything. Membership is free of charge and there are perks to being a NeoLife member.

When you become a member, you get a 15% to 30% discount from the retail price. 

You will also have access to exclusive products, their community, opportunity to earn products for free, NeoLife challenge, nutrition and personal development, complimentary personal website, 3 for FREE program, fun events, and community. 

Now, if you want to take NeoLife up to the business level, you need to become a NeoLife distributor.

Being a distributor will generate you more discount of 25% to 30% off the product’s retail price. 

They offer different starter kits for NeoLife distributors, and your earnings will depend on the kit that you buy.

Of course, the more expensive the kit is, the more earnings you will get. The starter kits are Affiliate Membership at $49, Builder kit and $440, Manager Kit at $785, and Senior Manager Kit at $1530

NeoLife's Compensation Plan

Every company offers varying compensation plans. With MLM, it can get a little tricky. 

Retail Commission

The more you sell, the more compensation you get. That is basically what retail commission is.

You buy the products from NeoLife for a much cheaper price and then sell them to your own customers.

Residual Commissions

The best thing about being a NeoLife distributor is earning more as you expand your network.​

When you get a higher position in the company, you will have sellers beneath you.

That is called a unilevel business structure, the reason NeoLife is accused of being a pyramid scheme.

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You earn from both, the products you sell and those that your sellers sell. 

As long as you are hardworking, you will definitely be rewarded. But it's definitely not a lot.

Depending on your performance, NeoLife offers other rewards such as cash bonuses, travel bonuses, and many other exciting opportunities. 

To name a few:

  • First Order Bonus
  • Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Leadership Development Bonus
  • Travel Bonus
  • Car Bonus

And if you want to know more about NeoLife's compensation plan, the complete compensation plan, click here.

Or if you like to watch a video about it then you should definitely check out this video below:

Is Neolife Accredited By The BBB?

As consumers and business investors, it is always best to get to know a company at a deeper level. Don’t just take other people’s word about it and trust it.

Do your research and learn more about a common and the product it sells.

To be on a safer note, it also helps to look for the organizations in charge of the competency and quality of products.

In this aspect, BBB (Better Business Bureau) is worth looking into.

Since 1969, NeoLife is accredited by the BBB. It also has a rating of A+.

When a company is accredited by BBB, you will be more confident in the business’s product quality and competence.

Accredited companies such as NeoLife perform at par with standards and procedures with their products and services. 

NeoLife BBB

What I Like About Neolife / The Pros

1. Use of Natural Ingredients

NeoLife is focused on improving health and living with the use of natural and organic ingredients with their products.

The founder, Jerry Brassfield, knows what it’s like to live a limited life with health complications.

He wants everyone to experience boundless life with the use of natural ingredients to improve health and quality of life. 

2. A Stable Company

NeoLife has been around for decades. If you want to invest in a company, it should be one that is tried, tested, and stand the test of time.

With NeoLife, there is no need to worry because all you can hear about are positive insights and a good reputation.

3. Commitment To a Healthier and Happier Place

NeoLife believes in the products they sell. They believe that good nutrition is the best weapon anyone can have to combat diseases and illnesses.

By offering whole and healthy food choices, NeoLife empowers health and living.

4. Earning Retail Commission

Let’s face it, business is business. We invest in companies because we want to profit.

With NeoLife, you can earn through retail. As long as you are capable of attracting free online traffic to you business, you will profit. 

5. Accredited by BBB

As mentioned earlier, NeoLife is accredited by BBB.

With that said, you can rest assured with the quality, competency, and the reputation of the company that you are deciding to work with. 

What I Dislike About Neolife / The Cons

1. An MLM Company

The mission and vision that NeoLife stands by is definitely worth praising.

I mean who will be against a company aiming to end poor health and life. It is a good call, but the company being an MLM business one is something I am not really fond of.

There can be a low success rate for this business type. 

2. Inaccessible Pricing

Price is a big factor for consumers when they buy products. It will be easier to buy if you know how much something costs rather than go through extra miles just to learn how much a product would cost.

It will be hard to compare prices, if you don’t know the price to begin with. In the end, you might not even want to buy it because it can be pricey for you. 

3. Costly Upfront Investment

There is no guarantee for success with businesses. There are risks that you should be willing to take.

With NeoLife, you may be persuaded into choosing large business kits and not have a guaranteed profit.

You might end up piling up costs just to meet the criteria of having Sales Volume Bonus.

4. Challenging to Earn Profit

The aim is to earn. As a NeoLife distributor, it can be a challenge to earn.

If you don’t have the right skills, networks, and persuading capability, it's hard to profit.

Some distributors even end up not earning but spending more just to stay in the business.

Is Neolife a Scam?

NeoLife is not a scam. It is a legitimate business. It is an established health supplements company working for decades. It is a multi-level marketing company, though.

It is not a scam, but it gets tricky to profit if you join their program.

I have reviewed countless MLM companies aside from NeoLife, companies like Touchstone Essentials and Surge365.

They all meet the same fate, 98% of people who join, fail.

NeoLife products cover anything and everything that supports health.

It may seem like an easy feat to offer health products to people but without the right set of skills and marketing, it is hard to invest and win in an MLM business. 

Also, if there is one thing that consumers want, it is transparency.

With NeoLife, you don’t see the prices upfront. You need to sign up and become a member first.

This is another factor that consumers look into that seems a little fishy. But that is how their marketing work.

If you want in, you have to go with their procedures. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but it can work.

Do I recommend it? No.

If you want to succeed with NeoLife, you have to own a high-level of convincing skills to sell products and pursue people to sell with you.

It requires a ton of effort, and you will most likely earn just a tiny bit if you are lucky enough.

Why MLM when you can actually do other things to earn money easier and faster?

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I, personally, had a very bad experience with MLM thus why I am not recommending it to anyone.

However, there is a business model I do recommend, and it's called affiliate marketing.

The reason why? let me tell you why.

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