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Hey, Welcome to my Neora Review!

I guess it is safe to say that you are here looking for information about Neora. Is Neora a scam? Is Neora firm safe?

I can tell you that you will find your perfect answer here because I will be showing you everything there is to know about this MLM company.


Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

Neora now, formerly known as Nerium International is one of the biggest if not the biggest MLM skin care company according to some.

So if you decide to do business with them or just want to purchase some of their products, it is wise to look into it as you are doing now.

Let’s dig right into it and see what this company is all about.


Neora's Logo

Name: Neora (Nerium International)



Owners: Jeff Olson (Founder & CEO)

Price: $49 up to $1000

Launched: 2011

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Best Suited For: No one

Summary: Neora used to be Nerium International, but they got re-branded into Neora, a well-known skin care company. According to the company, they sell anti-aging products that can reverse your age with ease, and there’s also the possibility to make money while you are doing that.

Recommended: Nope

What Is Neora?

Neora is a MLM company that’s well-established into the skin care and wellness niche.

Some even say that it is the most popular skin care company in these past few years. But not all that fame is good, I can tell you that now.

From my experience with MLM companies, I am very skeptical, and this time, my gut was right.

Neora used to be called Nerium International but they went into a re-brand, and there’s a reason for that, a very dark secret if you ask me.

Nerium International was accused of being a pyramid scheme, but I will get into that later.

Most of their sales come from their anti-aging or age reversing products, but they also sell a variety of nutrition supplements in between.

Their product seems legit and has an okay-ish reputation, but I would NOT get into business with them as an MLM company.

If you want to make some extra cash for whatever reason and you are looking into this MLM company, I would advise you to think twice.

I have had success with affiliate marketing, an online business model that is far better than any other method to make a real passive income online.

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Is Neora a Scam?

I mentioned something about Nerium International being accused, accused of being a pyramid scheme. Let’s talk about that for a bit.

There are many reasons why a company would disappear and come back through a re-branding process. Neora is one of them.

But the main reason or the one that’s caused 99% of companies to do a re-brand is because of bad reputations.

According to sources, Nerium International was forced to do a re-brand, they received FTC complaints and got filed for lawsuits against them.

Neora is extremely close to being a pyramid scheme, some would say it is.

MLM companies are always judged and being called a scam or a pyramid scheme, and that’s because of the way it works.

Basically this is how it works

MLM Pyramid

People on the top are making 90% of everything while those below them are basically making so little money its irrelevant to even count it.

Those on top are making money based off on the commissions they are making when the people they recruited recruits and when the recruited recruit, recruits and so on.

That’s why I would never recommend a MLM company to anyone I know or anyone in general.

So at the end of the day, those on the op are making a lot of money while those on the bottom of the pyramid have to work their butt off.

Does it sound like a good idea to you?

It’s not just a waste of time, but also a waste of effort. If you put that same kind of effort into something like affiliate marketing (What I am doing), you will be making 100 times that.

That’s how I am able to work for myself, deciding my own work hours at home.

Instead of recruiting people from left to right and get scuffed off.

So, yes, if I have to choose between YES or NO and no in between, I would say yes, Neora is a scam.

Nerium International To Neora

It wasn’t easy to do, but Nerium International had no choice but to re-brand into Neora for a couple of reasons they don’t want the public to know.

This should be knocking on the door and make you realize there’s something wrong with this company.

Nerium International got in trouble with the original Nerium product maker, Nerium Biotechnology (Biotech). And that’s where it all started.

The now Neora was accused of taking millions of dollars and putting it into its own pocket, while it was supposedly Biotech’s.

That led to Jeff Olsen (CEO) playing Biotech 10 million dollars and he had to hand over the name “Nerium International” and everything from it.

Nerium International also had a bunch of FTC complaints filed against them and anyone who sells their products, their distributors.

It’s quite common for an MLM company to make bold claims about their product and sometimes even over-exaggerate their usefulness.

And if that happens, getting complaints about it is ought to happen eventually.

Some MLM’s get away with it, but some do not, Nerium International did not.

Furthermore, Nerium International has 3 suits filed against them accusing them of being a pyramid scheme.

One in August 2017, another one in November 2017 and September 2018. And all of that has led to Nerium International’s fall and the rise of Neora.

Neora’s Product Line

Neora sells two types of beauty products, one is skin care and the other one is wellness. You may be thinking this is a legit opportunity to make money with.

Since the skincare and wellness niche is a billion-dollar business and it is evergreen. That is true, however, you would have to compete with TOP quality brands.

And I can tell you that right here and right now, it is not going to be easy with Neora’s product.

Even though the quality of their product seems legit, it is not going to top some of the big brands that are well-established within this niche.

Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Chanel, etc.

It will be extremely hard to top these brands, especially if the products you are promoting are coming from an MLM company.

So there’s that, but Let’s take a look at their products and see what they are really about.

Advanced Skincare Products

Advanced Skincare Set

1. Age IQ Day Cream: This cream is made with natural and proven ingredients, formulated specifically for the day. ($75)


2. Age IQ Night Cream: This night cream is made with advanced age-fighting ingredients, helps with regulating your skin. ($90)

3. Age IQ Night&Day; Combo Cream: Why buy them separately when you can buy them together? A combo set of the day and night cream. ($140)

4. Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash: A refreshing face wash that removes makeup dirt and cleanses your face through all the layers of skin.($30)

5. Age IQ Eye Serum: In need of an eye serum? Get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes once and for all.($60)

6. Age IQ Invisi-Bloc: An innovative sunscreen lotion that protects your skin from ultraviolet lights etc.($44)

7. Prolistic Skin-balancing Lotion: A prebiotic and probiotic lysate blend, this lotion soothes, hydrates and supports your skin 24-48h.($45)

8. Prolistic Lotion & Probiotic Powder: These two products work best when used together, gain maximum benefits.($90)

9. Acne and Cleanser Combo: The perfect acne treatment for your acne regimen, the main ingredient is salicylic acid.($74)

10. Eye-V Moisture Boost: A special moisturizing eye pad to help lessen dark circles around your eyes.($40)

11. Complexion Clearing Acne Pads: A well-formulated acne Pads that targets blackhead, whiteheads and pustules.($44)

12. Firm Body Contour Cream: Helps you get a firmer, smoother and more hydrated skin.($80)

13. IllumaBoost Brightening&Shield;: Even out the complexion and gives you a more radiant skin, looking brighter and smoother.($60)

14. Eye Serum & Eye Pads Combo Pack: A combo back to target all your eye issues, from dark circles and wrinkles to puffiness and redness.($100)

15. Night, Day, Cleanser Combo: A complete set for your healthy skin regimen, use daily for maximum benefits.($170)

Holistic Wellness Products

Holistic Wellness Set

1. Prolistic Pre&Probiotic; Plus Vitamins: Helps with getting a healthy digestive system. ($45)

2. EHT Brain Formula: This Health product from Neora helps with enhancing your memory and overall cognitive ability. ($60)

3. Youth Factor Vitality Complex: An immune system booster that also helps with diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.($45)

4. Youth Factor Superfood & Antioxidant: A superfood powder with body fortifying antioxidants, helps with brightening the skin.($45)

5. Youth Factor Combo Pack: A complete set of Youth Factor products, everything your body needs to keep it as young as possible.($90)

6. Wellness Chews Energy Formula: When you are in need of a quick energy boost, you can use this. ($40)

7. Wellness Chews Sleep Formula: Helps with falling asleep faster and when you are having sleepless nights.($40)

8. Wellness Chews Combo: Get the best of both products in one complete combo set ($80)

Note*: All prices are higher when you do a one-time purchase. $15-$30 extra.

The Cost Of Joining Neora

It’s not cheap doing business with Neora, and I will tell you why.

People often get confused and think that starting a business with an MLM company is way cheaper than starting your own brick and mortar business.

While there’s truth in that, that’s not all that it is.

To start a small brick and mortar business like a cafe or a supermarket requires an initial investment of at least $100.000 to $200.000.

That’s a lot of money to start with.

MLM does not need that much to get started, but trust me, once you have to purchase their monthly minimum, it will all be the same.

Or worse.

Let’s take a look at the starter packs when joining an MLM company, it is mandatory to choose one.

1. The Basic Kit: If you choose this pack, which is the cheapest one, you will receive marketing and training materials, no products whatsoever. ($49.95)

2. The Starter Pack: Second on the list is the starter pack, you will receive all the training materials and 13 products to start with. ($500)

3. The Builder Pack: Third one is almost the same, you receive all training materials and 25 products instead of 13.($750)

4. The Premium Builder Pack: The premium is the last and most expensive pack, you receive 32 products with all the necessary training materials. ($1000)

The Basic Kit is there just to take your money because you won’t get any product, so the minimum cost to actually start with Neora is $500.


Can You Make Money With Neora?

The thing about MLM is that their success rate is extremely low. So you won’t make anything worth counting, especially not for the effort you need to put in.

Do people make money with Neora? Sure.

But I doubt you will be one of them, solely because you are probably too late. Those that are making money are the ones on the top.

I have reviewed other MLM companies like Javita, Amare Global and Enersource International before, and they all work the same way.

The average salary for people that are doing business with an MLM company is around $2000$3000 a year.

Would you consider that good money?

Most MLM companies don’t last for too long, they get hot for a few years and then start dropping.

If you still insist on trying, there’s a slight chance of succeeding, but you need to fully grasp their compensation plan, start with that.

Compensation Plan

Neora has 18 different rankings, depending on your qualifications, that is where you will be ranked.

  1. Active Brand Partner
  2. Brand Partner Plus
  3. Senior Brand Partner
  4. Elite Brand Partner
  5. Premier Brand Partner
  6. Director
  7. Team Director
  8. Elite DIrector
  9. Premier Director
  10. Area Marketing Director
  11. Regional Marketing Director
  12. National Marketing Director
  13. Silver National Marketing Director
  14. Gold National Marketing Director
  15. Platinum National Marketing Director
  16. International Marketing Director
  17. Silver International Marketing Director
  18. Gold International marketing Director

There are two ways to make money with this network marketing company.

One is by retail commissions and the other is by residual commissions, there are however quite a lot of bonuses.

Retail Commissions

The first way to make money with Neora is by doing business with them, you have to actually buy their products at retail price.

The commission that you get is the difference between the retail price you pay for and the price you are selling it for.

But take into consideration that the products ain’t cheap, so it won’t be easy to sell them. According to Neora it is possible to make twice the amount you pay for.

For example, if you sold $500 worth of products, you will be rewarded with $1000 worth of cash.

Residual Commissions

The residual commission is the second method you can apply to earn money with Neora. This type of earning is earned by recruiting people.

The more people you recruit and the more your recruits, recruit, the more you earn. Yes, I know, sounds exactly like a pyramid scheme right?

This may sound easy, but in my experience, it is a lot harder than making retail commissions.

I said it before and I will say it again, making money with an MLM company is not impossible, but you need to comprehend the compensation plan first.

There are commission levels you can achieve to further increase your income. Like the 18 different ranks, I named above.

I am not going to get into each one of them individually, you can check it out here.

Unilevel Compensation Plan

What I Like About Neora/ The Pros

To be frank with you, I don’t think I really like anything about Neora. But I will name a few things that caught my attention.

– Neora is a somewhat popular brand within the skin care and wellness niche

– It’s cheaper than a physical business, a brick and mortar business requires a big loan of money.

– Product Line, Neora focuses on specific products, they don’t go off their lane.

What I Don’t Like About Neora / The Cons

There’s a lot of things I don’t particularly like, here’s to name the top reasons

– Recruiting, this sounds like fun and easy to do, but trust me it is not. Recruiting someone is a lot harder than many would think it is. Eventually, you will run out of people you know to recruit. For people that are not good at meeting new people or using the internet, you are done.

– Success rate, the success rate is absurd. Only 1% of people joining MLM companies will actually succeed in making a butt load of money. You are better off not trying this at all, I can’t stress this enough.

– Expensive products, the products aren’t cheap. Maybe the products are good, I don’t know, I haven’t personally tried them. But if you want to make money, it will be hard to sell.

My Final Verdict

You should know by now that I am completely against joining Neora, because of everything it is. Past and future, both raise red flags.

I never had great success with any MLM companies before, people I personally know who tried MLM’s didn’t either.

But if you really really want to make money online, there are other alternatives, better, easier and cheaper…much cheaper.

It cost me close to nothing to get started with Affiliate Marketing, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and I am earning 4-figure online at home right now, on my sofa, with my laptop and my ice cream.

One-third of the effort, ten times the success rate, and ten times the income.

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I hope you liked this review and I honestly hope you don’t try this MLM out, if you still do, leave me a comment down below why you did.

Stay cool & humble.

About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • I’m rarely a fan of any kind of MLM company and in my opinion Neora isn’t a scam, but they probably aren’t worth joining. But the products are a bit overpriced and I think these days most people go online or their local shops to buy any kind of beauty products or skincare products. Like you said, selling beauty products isn’t easy for a lot of people.


    • Hello Nate,

      Me neither, after my experience with MLM, I have seen its true colors. It’s better to avoid doing business with these network marketing companies.

      People who are interested should opt for better and easier alternatives like affiliate marketing.


  • I agree, I have been promoting their products and recruiting people for them these past 3 months, no luck. Now I am left with hundreds of dollars worth of products. Sigh…

    Thanks for the advice, I am going to stop RIGHT NOW. People should read this article before they decide to join Neora, they really should.


    • Hi Chloe,

      I am sorry, maybe you can try selling those products to locals? I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but I am just saying, look for a way to sell them.

      And you are welcome, I wished you could have read this article sooner. Best of luck, Chloe.


  • Thank you so much for sharing this post and giving me the heads up, you see I am in the process of building my own online affiliate marketing company and it is growing slowly but while I’m building it up I have been looking at alternative means of earning some extra cash and I have been seeing some multi level marketing opportunities, I’m pleased that there are genuine honest people like you sharing these kind of reviews so as to warn people about scams and bad schemes etc, thank you again for sharing.   


    • Hey Russ,

      Absolutely, thanks for reading my article and I am glad you liked the review. Share the word if you can, people should be aware of MLM companies and know that there are much better alternatives out there.

      They just need to look for it, thank God I found Wealthy Affiliate, it literally changed my life.

      Best of luck with your affiliate marketing business as well, Russ.


  • I stumbled on a post about Neora sometime ago but the post didn’t mention anything about it being rebranded, I guess its because the person wants to share them with a new personality. Reading this post has really broaden my understanding about Neora and what actually led to their rebranding. I believe it will be safe and advisable not to deal with Neora because the company have some issues like that of the million dollars they were accused of taking and making it their own which actually belongs to Biotech, reputation is definitely not on their side. I’ve really learnt a lot from this post, thank you.


    • Hello Jones,

      You are welcome, means a lot to me if you can find value from it.

      They are indeed a very shady MLM company, not worth the time and effort. If I am not mistaken, the company said the reason they changed their name is because they no longer promote a certain product anymore, they are expanding their product line thus the rebrand.

      Which in my opinion is bogus, but yea, the truth will always unveil itself.

      Best of luck.


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