Is Nikken a Scam

Hey, welcome to my Nikken Review!

Have you been approached by a Nikken representative before? It's highly possible to make money from this MLM company but given that they are using MLM as their primary mode of business, it make you wonder.. 

is Nikken a scam? is it worth joining? are they a pyramid scheme? 

The number one reason why 99% of people who join MLM company's lose money is because they don't take the time to research further.

If you are wondering what Nikken really is, here is where you will find out.. 

Before I begin..

​​Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

​In this in depth review, I will reveal all of the information you need to know about this company, what you can expect, the pros and cons, and other useful information to will help you make your decision.

​Let's get started. ​​​

​Nikken Overview

Name: Nikken


Owners: Isamu Masuda

Price: $99 

Launched: in 1975

SAP Ratings: ​20/100

Best Suited For: ​No one to be honest​​​

Summary: ​Nikken is a health and wellness company that runs MLM. It has been around since 1975 and based out of Japan. After a while, they eventually moved their base of operations to California where they operate in more than 40 countries.

If you have an irresistible persuasive power, then its likely you'll turn a good profit with this business, but you should know that 98% of the distributors in this company barely make any money.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is ​Nikken?

​Before we get down and dirty, let's first define what kind of company Nikken is..

​Nikken is a health and wellness company that runs MLM. It has been around since 1975 and based out of Japan.

After a while, they eventually moved their base of operations to California where they operate in more than 40 countries.

​They specialize in the following areas of health:

  • Healthy Finance
  • Healthy Family
  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Society

​If you want to go deep with what they do, you can find out more information in this 3 minute video below:

Okay, so after watching the video you probably don't need me to tell you that this video is full on promotional and over exaggerates a little on the benefits you can get from using Nikken.

To be honest..  

​Only if you have an irresistible persuasive power, then its likely you'll turn a good profit with this business, but you should know that 99% of the distributors in this company barely make any money.

This MLM company is also very similar to Herbalife, Liv International and Riway.

What is Nikken's Product Line?

​Now, let's discuss what they sell.. 

If you are one of those people who are interested in joining Nikken, then it's probably important to understand how their products work and what they sell

Nikken has a wide array of products and normally fall under 4 major categories which include:

  1. Nutrition ​These include all kinds of health supplements like weight management, heart health, bone health, general supplements and etc. ​​​
  2. Rest and relaxation - ​These include wraps, back support, sleep improvement, sleeping masks, insoles, special magnetic products and etc.
  3. Environmental products - These include water filtration, sport bottles, and other products related to the improvement of water and your general living area. 
  4. Personal Body Care - These include typical skin care products, shampoos, anti aging creams, and etc. ​​​

Of course, since Nikken has a lot of products available, I can't list everything down one by one but if you want a more detailed look of their products, you can check out their product page.

​Since Nikken is similar to almost every MLM company out there, Is there anything that makes them unique?

Actually, Yes.

​Like all other MLM companies that have a "flagship product​," Nikken also has one but they make use of Magnets.

​Here are the main products that have magnets:  

  • ​​​Kalki Watch  -​ This item sells for $123.75. It's literally a watch with a built in magnet.  
  • Milana Set - This item sells for $97.50. These are special jewelry like earrings and necklaces that have magnets in them.
  • Kenko Touch - This item sells for $199 (probably their most high priced magnet item). It's a magnetic deep tissue massage machine.

The Benefits of Magnet technology include:

  • Improves your sleeping pattern
  • Improves your blood pressure
  • ​Improves the performance of your metabolism
  • Strengthens your immune system

​Although all the benefits listed sound promising, it honestly sounds too over exaggerated that you can get these benefits from using magnets alone. 

I personally don't believe in holistic healing, but if it works for you then good for you. However, I'd still be cautious about all the over promising Nikken makes on their products because it sounds a little over the top to me.

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Is Nikken a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Nikken a Pyramid Scheme?

Well.. technically it isnt.

It's only because distributors can still earn a decent profit by selling the company's products. You'd be surprised to know that most MLM companies do sell actual products to the public. 

However, a better question to ask would be.. Is Nikken a disguised pyramid scheme?

For those of you who do not know what a pyramid scheme is, let me break it down for you.

A pyramid scheme is illegal because they do not sell any services or products and its almost impossible to make money with. But like I said, a company will only be called illegal if they do not sell anything but recruit you to join their MLM. 

Don't let this give you any comfort though, because even if they do sell products..

There are still some companies out there that can be a scam in disguise. There are many companies out there that operate like a pyramid scheme and its sometimes hard to distinguish the difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme.

So, always be careful and do your own background check first before joining anything.


This is how MLMs and pyramid schemes do their business, the majority of people who are on the bottom of the structure will most likely lose all their money.

And the more people you are able to recruit, the more the structure will start to look like a pyramid.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Nikken?

​Okay, so here's where it gets interesting and somewhat bothersome.. 

As I was looking through Nikken's website, it bothered me a little that there doesn't seem to be any updated compensation plans listed on their website or let alone any information on how to start.

So, I personally had to do some deep research to figure out how you can join and how much it costs..

According to some you tube videos I've watched, it costs $99 aside from the taxes to join and then $79 per year onwards. It's a little confusing because on some websites it gives you a different price but on others it gives you another so there isn't much to follow. 

​However, these prices just give you the permission to sell products and start​ asking people to join your team. 

So, if for some reason you find the interest to suddenly join, you will have to buy their products additionally in order to sell it to other people.

​Or another option would be to find a distributor, and have them discuss with you how much it is to officially join because they could be the only ones capable of knowing how much you have to spend, which to me sounds a little fishy.

You can find more information in this video here, but it's not updated. This video shows the 2017 compensation plan, but more or less it can give you more insight on how you can earn money:

Or if you don't like to watch the video, you can just read the compensation plan here and see for yourself. 

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How Can You Earn Money With Nikken? 

​Here's another question that we are going to answer, and it's probably the reason most of you have come to visit this page.

How can you earn from Nikken?

Okay, so there are two ways you can earn money:

1. Through earning a commission and selling the products

2. By recruiting people and making money from their sales

​Before you start setting your expectations, I just want to clarify that you don't get paid to recruit people to your team.

​You can only earn commission and bonuses from the sales of your team, or otherwise called your "Down line"​​​

​This is how MLM companies avoid getting into trouble for being an outright pyramid scheme. So, If I were you i'd be extra cautious. ​​​

What I Like About ​Nikken / The Pros

​To help you make your decision easier, Here's a couple of things I like about Nikken:

1. They Have a Long Proven History 

One of the things I like about Nikken is the fact that they have been around since 1975. Only 1 out of 3 MLM companies in a sea of thousands or maybe even millions are still operational so it's easy to say that Nikken is not just some company new to the industry.

To make them even more credible, they also have a huge team of executives with all kinds of experience in the direct selling market.

So, this is a pretty clear sign that Nikken is not just any company and they are definitely not a scam.

2. There's No Sales Quota For First Timers 

​Coming from experience, one of the biggest red flags for me is the sales quota.

More often than not, during your first month in the program you will be given a sales quota or a number of people you have to bring in to you team for the month.

When you start at Nikken, they do not seem to have a quota for the first month as long as you remain active.

As you start to progress with the company, only then will you be given a $100 a month quota. This target won't be hard to reach if you already have a pool of people who are interested in the product. 

So, this is a huge good sign to prove that Nikken is not a scam.

3. Good Product Reviews 

Believe it or not, sometimes the reviews that are published on other websites come from distributors. In fact, they are abruptly written in an over promising way. 

But Nikken actually has some genuine good reviews when it comes to their products. 

so, its a great sign that Nikken is a legitimate company when you can see real reviews from real people regardless if they are real or not.

What I Dislike About Nikken / The Cons

​Does everything look good so far? If you are starting to get convinced that you can join Nikken, here are a couple of truths that you should know about before making your decision.. 

1. Nikken Sells Expensive Products 

Although Nikken has a great background when it comes to years in the industry, it doesn't make up for the fact that their products are just TOO expensive.

Nikken is 25% -600% more expensive compared to Amazon supplements that are $0.32 to $1.63. 

Sure there could be other products that they Nikken sells that are cheaper compared to their well known stuff ​..

​But wouldn't you rather buy the Amazon products that cost less than buy from Nikken?

This is one of the biggest red flags about the products because you will have a hard time selling these to people with a budget if you were to become a distributor. Plus, people can buy it from somewhere else for less the actual price, so you'll have a tough time.

2. Low Possibility of Earning BIG 

​Another turn off is the earning potential.. 

If you take a look at the Nikken income assets you won't exactly be jumping your bones to join once you see the numbers.

​Okay, so let's be honest, can you tell me with a straight face that you can live off a yearly income of $18,322?

I'd be struggling.. Like really struggling to make ends meet with this amount. 

3. Nikken Is On a Consistent Downward Trend

​This is the next big ​turn off I see with Nikken - they are on a consistent downward trend.

Assuming you are one of the few people who join early, then you'll probably think that you can be a huge asset to the company by growing your team and recruiting people.

I hate to burst your bubble but Nikken is sadly does not have this momentum anymore. In fact, Nikken has been on a downward spiral according to Google each month.

If you compare Nikken to other MLM companies out there, you will see a huge drop. Doesn't sound too appealing now does it? ​​​

Is Nikken a Scam?

​So, Is Nikken a scam?

​As I have pointed out, No they are not a scam. They are a legitimate business and they are still operational until this day.

But given all the proof I have provided you are they still worth joining? In my opinion, not really so I wouldn't recommend it. Just the fact that you have to ask people to join, is already against me.

You can definitely go the other route and just make money by reselling the products but that usually doesn't end up well either because you need a plethora of skills to make it work.

Is it doable? Yes. Is it a good business practice or business opportunity, absolutely not.

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