Is Nutrisail A Scam

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Tired? Looking for energy to boost your everyday life? Or searching for the right stream that will escalate your income stability?

Perhaps you are having doubts and you have kept asking yourself, "Is Nutrisail a scam?"

Let's find out the truths about this company, and we'll see were your decision leads to!

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Nutrisail Overview

Name: Nutrisail


Owner: David Austin 

Price: Free to join! $36 annual fee for membership upgrade.

Launched: 2013

SAP Ratings: 30/100

Nutrisail Logo

Best Suited For: people who are looking for affordable nutritional supplements.

Summary: Overall, Nutrisail is a typical MLM that is focused on providing nutritional supplements for those who are interested to take a turn to healthy living. Surprisingly, they are offering products at reasonable prices. It is a completely legitimate company but is limited to the United States.

Recommended: Nope.

What Is NutriSail?

David Austin started Nutrisail back in 2013. This multi-level marketing company is based on Forth Worth, Texas.

Like other popular networking companies, these business works on the production of health and wellness products. It is similar to Forever Living and  Zurvita.

This company had been operating for over half a decade but have been continuously growing.

It aims to create a big difference through their nutritional products. On top of that, its focal point is to provide better and healthier lifestyle for every American.

Yes, you read that right. This company is still limited to areas in the United States.

Nutrisail's Product Line

Are you tired of trying different products but have always failed to get the results you wanted? Isn't it frustrating to waste your money on supplements that promise to deliver the best outcomes but fail to do so?

Perhaps, Nutrisail can finally be the answer to alleviate these worries of yours.

They are offering organic and gluten-free products! You can rest assured that there are no harmful ingredients included.

These products are bound to help individuals achieve their health goals. Furthermore, it aims to aid an individual recover their confidence and feel good about themselves again.

I think this is an enticing offer since a lot of people want to feel more confident towards achieving a healthier and happier self.

Nutrisail Products

The Products

It is a must for networking companies to stand above hundreds of competitiors working on the health and wellness niche. 

I will give you an overview of their products.

  • B Lite – energy supplement that consists of B complex vitamins along with caffeine. 
  • B Lite Xtra – similar to B Lite but has better boosts of B vitamins.
  • B Max –  this is Nutrisail's multivitamin and is claimed to be the most advanced multivitamin in the planet! This is known to have Bamboo Silica that ensures to have a lot of benefits.
  • B Free –this is an energy supplement that is caffeine-free.
  • B Safe – if you are looking for a nutriional supplement with loads of antioxidants and minerals, this can be a great pick for you.
  • B Pro – this product is infused with probiotics and plant-based enzymes that are good for your overall gut health.

If you have found sa product that piqued your interest and have enticed you to give it a try, you can easily purchase them at Nutrisail's product shop.

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Is Nutrisail a Pyramid Scheme?

Most networking companies are largely ignored for their business model. That's a fact.

So, is Nutrisail a pyramid scheme like some people assume?

It's not. Are you relieved to know that it's legitimate after all?

Remember that a company that keeps growing and is providing real products is far from being a fraud.

Pyramid schemes are companies that require so much investment, endless recruiting and no actual products to sell. 

At this point in time, these kinds of schemes are easy to find and would have never stood for years. FTC would have flagged it already.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Nutrisail?

Who doesn't love to become a part of something great and you don't have to pay for anything? 

Nowadays, it's definitely a fact that nothing is FREE. But what if you were offered a business opportunity that needs no initial fee to start? 

It seems like it's not even something one should still have a second thought about, right? 

This gives people an initiative to just do it since it's not requiring investment and appeals to have less to no risk for them.

You can actually sign-up for free using your email or your Facebook account! As easy as that!

There are two membership types in Nutrisail. You can either be a Brand Fan for free or upgrade to becoming a Brand Pro. 

Brand Fan

Preferred Customers in Nutrisail are called Brand Fans. This requires no monthly subscription fees and to become one is absolutely free.

As a Brand Fan, you are entitled to product discounts! Other than that, you will be given a unique referral link that allows you to invite other individuals.

From every successful purchase these referred customer makes, lets you earn Referral Rewards or product credits!

This could be a great side-hustle if you are not earnest on making a full commitment within the company.

Nutrisail Brand Fan

Brand Pro

If you are really eager to making Nutrisail as your passive income stream, then you can upgrade your membership to Brand Pro.

Worried it may cost you a lot? Well, this just might surprise you.

For only $36 every year you can become Nutrisail's Professional Affiliates.

They are also recognized as their Brand Ambassadors!

As one, you have the power to access tools, and other features this membership allows. Plus, this gives you better chances of earning more than as a Brand Fan.

Nutrisail's Compensation Plan

Promises after promises. That's what I had encountered from MLM's. 

Back in college, I have some friends who have chosen to quit school and fully commit to the company.

It wasn't bliss for everybody, but I sure have witnessed this one friend who was able to go on luxury trips, buy different cars and all that.

These kinds of testimonials sure make an individual convince to take their chances too.

If I was complacent enough that I have marketing skills, and if direct selling doesn't seem so difficult for me, I could give it a shot. But for all I know, MLM's are not for me.

So, let's dive into Nutrisail's compensation plan.

We are all aware of how networking companies reward their distributors. It can either be through the difference they make from selling products or for every person they successfully enroll within their independent business.

It's not surprising how expensive products of MLMs are. It appears to me that it had to be that way so that the company, still has profit and as well as their distributors.

It's like it's supposed to be overpriced for the retail commission split. 

So, knowing expensive the products are and how wise consumers are nowadays, people will settle for cheaper alternatives. This leaves distributors to solely focus on recruiting to earn more profits.

As much as I want to go on details, you can download Nutrisail's Compensation Plan pdf, or watch the video below:

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Is Nutrisail Accredited By The BBB?

The Better Business Bureau has standards that a company must follow. They require businesses to take action to apply for accreditation.

Any company accredited by the BBB must ensure transparency to consumers in order to build trust and credibility.

As for Nutrisail, I went to to see their company standing, and unfortunately, I found no results.

Does this mean you still have to remain wary about this company's legitimacy? Absolutely not.

There is quite an importance for consumers to see where a business stands in BBB. But this does not mean that you cannot trust the company.

Nutrisail BBB

What I Like About Nutrisail/ The Pros

1. Free To Join!

I do love the fact that they require no registration fee to get started. We all have encountered MLM's that ask for sign-up payments separate from the product kits. 

With Nutrisail, you can earn from purchases of your referrals. You sure have nothing to worry about since it's free to become a Brand Fan.

If you want more income potential, you can always upgrade your membership at a very reasonable price.

2. Success Stories

Most networking company fails to include testimonials of those who have achieved success or at least found their products useful and effective.

I am glad that this company took the initiative to include

testimonials of Nutrisail's distributors  to their website.

I do think it's an important aspect to have interested people be more convinced of what they can offer as a company. 

Plus, as a consumer, seeing these success stories are surely motivating and appeals to me that I can entirely trust the business.

Nutrisail Success Stories

What I Dislike About Nutrisail/ The Cons

1. Limited Area

To be honest, I have not heard of Nutrisail prior to this review. Comparing this to other MLM giants, this company is still a baby in this industry.

But, hey, it sure is thriving and continuously growing. Although we have gotten used to MLMs with headquarters all over the world, Nutrisail is still far from that point.

This business is limited to the United States. If location is an important aspect for you to have your business expanded, believe me, there are better outlets you can pursue.

Let's say, affiliate marketing is not entirely limited when it comes to worldwide reach.

2. Limited Products

Having a variety of options is never a bad thing. For MLM companies it's ideal that a distributor has a huge choice of products to sell.

This means that the people they can target as potential customers are not limited. Since there are tons of products to offer this allows distributors to have a wider range of people to sell it to.

Unfortunately, Nutrisail had quite a limited product option unlike  DXN. Well, it's still a growing company and let's be open to the fact that this business expands its offers. 

But as for now, if you can settle with the products available then, who am I to stop you?

Is Nutrisail a Scam?

It's not.

This company may not have been as strong yet, like other MLM companies who have stood for years, Nutrisail is growing at its own pace.

It is a legitimate company and offers affordable products. Plus, the fact that testimonials within its website are visible for every visitor really appeals that it's a trustworthy business.

I do like the fact that this kind of initiates transparency which some networking companies actually lack.

Overall, it had proven it's legitimacy and credibility throughout the years of existence. 

But. if you ask me whether or not I can recommend this company, I'd still have to say no.

I have always known that MLMs are not for me, but if you think it is for you, then go for it.

Just learn to be open to the fact that there is a higher percentage of failure within this business model compared to affiliate marketing.

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