Is OneHope Wine a Scam? [A Wine MLM Exposed]

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Hey, welcome to my OneHope Wine Review! 

Did you heard about a great business opportunity called OneHope Wine where wine is included?

If that's so then you are probably asking yourself the next question. " Is OneHope Wine a scam?".

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Before you think this is not another pitching review or something like that, rest assured.

I am in no way acquainted with OneHope Wine, in fact, I am against it, but reasonably of course.

Read on if you want to know all about this MLM company.

Let's get started!

OneHope Wine Overview

Name: OneHope Wine


Owner(s): Rob Mondavi Jr and Jake Kloberdanz

Price: $198 - $298 For Kit + $99 Annual Membership Fee

Launched: 2007

SAP Ratings: 60/100

OneHope's Wine

Best Suited For: People who possess mediocre knowledge about wine. If you are a wine freak and you know how to be charismatic, enough to convince people to buy, this might be for you.

Summary: OneHope Wine is an MLM company inside the wine industry. Although it's launched in 2007 it is still going strong because people actually buy from them.

And the reason for that is because OneHope is selling for good cause, not entirely, but they are.

The company makes donations and help plant trees around the globe.

Recommended?: I most definitely don't.

What Is OneHope Wine?

Maybe this isn't the first MLM you know that's within the wine market or niche.

But OneHope Wine has been around for more than a decade and this company is been doing a lot of great stuff.

Aside from selling wines and the making money opportunities, it has contributed a lot to the world.

Something you don't see very often, not even from big companies.

According to OneHope Wine "they have made nearly $5 million in donations, planted 105,172 trees, helped 65,267 pets to find a forever home, helped provide 2,758,428 meals for children, and delivered 190,802 vaccines to end Neglected Tropical Diseases."

The information can be found written exactly like that on their website.

Now, even if they over-exaggerated the numbers, even in smaller numbers, I am almost certain they still did all of that.

The company is based in California.

Even though this company donates almost half of their profit to their foundation (OneHope Foundation).

It doesn't take away the fact that it has an awfully low success rate.

It is atrociously low compared to other online business opportunities.

OneHope Wine's Product Line

As the name gives away, this MLM company sells wine.

Like a very well established wine company, it sells a variety of wines:

  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Rose
  • Sparkling 

​The wines you find here at OH is in my honest opinion, quite similar to any top notch wine companies out there.

I am not a wine experet, but I had my fair share of knowledge from the times I tried to be a hopeless romantic.

I read up a few articles here and there, and there are 4 ways to identify "GOOD" wine.

I won't go into details here, but as far I know, those 4 things are:

  1. ​Smell
  2. Depth
  3. Balance
  4. Finish

But like I said, the wine itself can be cosidered as great as any top notch wine, but in general, it is nothing special.

I actually think the wines from OH can be a little too expensive.

If you were to buy a great wine from a famous wine store or company around the corner it will cost you $20-30.

At HO though, you better be prepared to spend at least twice or thrice the price.

With that said, they do have wines as cheap as $20, the California Riesling and California Viognier.

But the most expensive bottle you can get is $125, the Rutherford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.

However, they do exchange a great deal of their profit into donations like I mentioned earlier.

So maybe, just maybe because you know the money you spend is not entirely wrong, you will be more willing to spend it.

Wines From OneHope WIne

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Is OneHope Wine a Pyramid Scheme?

Not at all. OneHope Wine is as legit as it gets.

I mean, it sends a part of their income to donations and helping organizations plant trees. It's not very often a company like this helps the world out.

The good deeds alone should grant OH a FREE pass even if it was a pyramid scheme.

Nah, I am just kidding, but seriously, OH is not a pyramid scheme, they sell amazing great wines to their customers.

The part where they are being seen as a pyramid scheme is the way they handle their business opportunities provided to those who are eager to make a few bucks with them.

Let me explain that to you, take a look at this picture.

This pyramid you are looking at is how the MLM business model works.

Oh, and by the way, this is also exactly how pyramid schemes works. You must be a little confused by now, like what am I talking about.

If they are practising the same kind of business model, why aren't MLMs, pyramid schemes?

In both cases, those on the bottom of the pyramid are losing money while those on top are making everything, almost everything.

The difference is, my friend, that when you join an MLM company, recruiting is not the only way for you to make money.

You can actually sell legitimate products from the MLM you joined to make money.

While in a pyramid scheme, the only way to even make something is through recruiting other people to join you.

How Much Does It Cost To Join OneHope Wine?

Since OH is an MLM company, getting started is not all too expensive.

The reason I say that is because if you were to start a physical business like a brick and mortar business, it is going to cost you a lot more.

But yea, there are mainly two ways you can make money with any MLM company:

  • Purchase the products at wholesale price and sell them to your customers at retail price.
  • Recruit as many people as you can to join the MLM company you are in, and receive a compensation for it.

To atually get started with OneHope Wine though, you have to purchase one of their 3 starter kits.

  1. Business Builder ($198) - This is the first option and there are no wines included in this pack, it also comes with a $99 annual membership fee, $50 business tools credit, and a Business Bundle
  2. Starter Kit 6-Pack ($248) - The second starter kit comes with 6 vinter collection wines, it also comes with a $99 annual membership fee, $50 business tools credit, and a Business Bundle
  3. Starter Kit 12-Pack ($298) - And the last avaiable kit comes with 6 Vinter Collection Wines, 5 Reserve Collection Wines, 1 Glitter Collection Wine and Business Bundle plus the $99 annual membership fee, $50 business tools credit, and a business bundle.

OneHope Wine's Compensation Plan

Every business opportunities are easier to achieve success with when there's a guide.

A compensation is the guide you need to maximize your earning potential with an MLM.

Most MLMs have compensation plan that's written in a way, that the majority of people will have trouble understanding.

I would say that OneHope Wine's compensation is not all that complicated, it is, however, not the easiest either.

I don't think everything from the compensation plan is that important, so I will give you a quick summarized version.

Let's start with the ranks, there are a total of 10 ranks within OneHope Wine:

  1. Cause Entrepreneur
  2. Lead Cause Entrepreneur
  3. Senior Cause Entrepreneur
  4. Executive Cause Entrepreneur
  5. Director
  6. Lead Director
  7. Senior Director
  8. Executive Director
  9. Senior Executive Director
  10. National Executive Director

Every rank is harder to achieve, but you can also earn more bonuses and incentives.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are two methods to actually make money with OneHope Wine.

1. Retail Commissions

You can make 20-25% on retail commissions. You can purchase the products from OH on a wholesale price and sell them to your individual customers on retail price.

The amount you can make depends on how well you can sell.

2. Residual Commissions

This is the method that's similar to that of a pyramid scheme but also the method that can most likely bring 90% of your earnings if you are lucky.

Residual commissions are commissions made by recruiting. The more people you are able to recruit under you, the more you are likely to earn.

Those who actually found success with an MLM company which is a very small percentage, are putting all their effort in recruiting.

The amount you can make is wholly dependent on the rank you are and how many people you have working under you.

And of course how amazing of a seller your recruits are. Since you are getting a part of what they make as your commission, the more they make, the more you earn.

Sounds great on paper no doubt but it is extremely difficult.

You can read about the whole compensation here if you are interested. Or just watch this quick video explaining the plan. 

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Is OneHope Wine Accredited By The BBB?

Sadly, no. OneHope Wine is not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited. 

It does have an A+ rating though, so that goes to show that this company has amazing products.

But not being accredited can raise a lot of questions, mostly related to trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Of course this isn't the final judgement, but this is enough for certain people to say no.

Is OneHope Wine BBB Accredited?

What I Like About OneHope Wine / The Pros

1. Always Do Good 

The first thing on my list when it comes to the things I like about this MLM company is the fact that they are generous.

Having donated and helped the world plant more trees is one big sign of generosity. 

You have more successful companies that aren't spending a single dime yet on the good deeds.

2. Spectaculair Wine

Another thing to take notice on is the quality of their wine, my mom tried one of their bottle of wine and she was happy with it. Based on the reviews

Their wine is comparable to top tier wines from other famous wine companies.

Take a look at what other people have to say about the wine aside from my mom.

OneHope Wine's Customer Review
OneHope Wine's Customer Review 2

3. Greate Niche

I think the wine niche is not as saturated as for example, the health and wellness niche.

Almost 60% of all MLMs I have reviewed so far fall under the health and wellness market in one way or the other.

MLMs like Yoli and NeoLife.

What I Dislike About OneHope Wine / The Cons

1. Overpriced Wines

Now, yes, the wines are great, and they are donating money to the charity, but that doesn't mean I don't think the wine is a bit too expensive.

The cheapest bottle of wine that you can get at OneHope Wine's is $20.

If you want to get fancy, be ready to spend $100 and above.

2. You Need To Possess Exceptional Selling Skills

If you are a very reserved like me, and you are not one to talk to strangers easily, I can safely assume that you are introverted and you are not great at selling.

For you to make this work, you are required to recruit people, and the only way to convince people about this business opportunity is your tonality and how well you can communicate.

If you aren't very charismatic or talkative, forget it.

3. Success Rate Is Non-Existent

The amount of people who are actually succeeding in an MLM is close to zero, and to be quite frank with you, I am not even exaggerating.

I am speaking out of experience and I know hundreds of people who are trying to make it work.

However, I admit that there are at least 1-2 out of the 100-200 people who are actually making enough to cover their expenses.

But the majority can't even make enough to put food on the table.

Is OneHope Wine a Scam?

No, OneHope Wine is not a scam, it sells amazing quality wine.

A little too expensive, but factor in how they spend part of their money then you won't feel as guilty for buying from them.

But regardless of how great their wines are, they are by no means a great business opportunity.

The company is running an MLM business opportunity for those who are interested in joining them.

If you are looking to get rich or create an extra source of income, this business opportunity just ain't it, i'm sorry.

You are more likely to lose your money than actually making them.

But like I said earlier, some are pulling it off just fine, but the majority of us will not.

If you have the time and money to spare, and making a quick buck is not something you are after, sure, give it try, you can still gain some experience with it.

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