Is plant Therapy a scam

Hey, welcome to my ​Plant Therapy Review! 

​Are you into essential oils? there are many benefits to using essential oils, however, you will have to find the right balance between price and quality which is sometimes hard to do.

When looking for the best line of essential oils, there are tons of options to choose from. 

Plant therapy is one of the leading suppliers in the essential oils industry, but the question still comes to mind.. 

Is Plant therapy a scam? ​Should you consider them an option? ​​​

If you are just starting out, what should you consider when choosing the right essential oil? ​

Before I begin...

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

​In this in depth review, I will be revealing to you all the information you need to know about plant therapy, as well as the pros and cons to help make your decision easier.

Lets get started. 

​Plant Therapy Overview

Name: Plant Therapy 


​Owners: Chris and Amanda Jones 

Price: $15 subscription fee 

Launched: ​2002

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Best Suited For: Those who love essential oils. 

Summary: ​Plant therapy is a family owned company based in Idaho, USA. The business was launched in 2002 by Chris and Amanda Jones. Their primary business goal is to provide people with the best quality of essential oils but priced reasonably. ​​​

Recommended: ​Yes

Who Is ​Plant Therapy?

​Before we get down to business, let's first find out who Plant Therapy is.

​Plant therapy is a ​professional, friendly, high quality, and ​​​family owned brand based in Idaho, USA. The business was launched in 2002 by Chris and Amanda Jones.

Although it is a multi-level marketing company, their primary business goal is to provide people with the best quality of essential oils but priced reasonably. 

Plant therapy lives by transparency and good quality, but what really defines their success in the field of essential oils is their partnership with leading aromatherapist expert, Robert Tisserand.

​Robert Tisserand is well known for his book called "Essential Oil Safety."  all of his knowledge was then implemented to plant therapy's products to come up top of the line products that promote safe usage. ​

Plant therapy also worked with Tisserand to develop their Kid safe line of essential oils, which is one of the reasons why they are top rated. Their kid safe line is also one of plant therapy's most popular products available.

​Plant Therapy Product Line

Plant Therapy Products

​So, what makes plant therapy so popular? What makes their products unique? 

If this is your first time using essential oils, then your best bet is start with something basic and easy to use. Plant therapy has a lot of products and they all come in different varieties.

​Their products could be categorized ​under the following:

1. Single Oils

These oils include 125 different single essential oils. 33 out of the 125 are certified organic and safe to use.

2. Synergy oils

Synergies are a mix of different single essential oils. plant therapy has a total of 47 different blends of synergy available. 

3. ​Carrier oils

If you are looking to use essential oils topically, you will want to use carrier oils. This simply means that you will need to dilute the essential oils in water first before applying to any part of your skin. Plant therapy has a total of 20 carrier oils available for you to try. 

4. ​Inhalers

Who would want to carry an entire bottle of essential oils around with them every where they go?

That would just be unpractical...

Inhalers are convenient to use and budget friendly. Plant therapy has ​three of the best inhalers available and they come in ​ different colors as well, which include: 

  • Grey
  • ​Teal
  • ​Purple 

5. Roll-on

​if you don't know what a roll on is, these are pre-made essential oils that come with a carrier oil. You can apply this kind of essential oil to your skin topically whenever you feel you need to. 

Plant therapy has a total of 32 roll on products available.

6. Gift Sets

​Essential oils make a great gift to friends and family. Plant therapy has 43 different types of gift sets you can choose from.

If you don't feel like purchasing one oil at a time, this would also be your best option. ​​​

7. Kids safe Line

​As I mentioned previously, Plant therapy has a kids safe line which was developed by Robert Tisserand.

These essential oils were designed to ​help with the following conditions: 

  • Skin Rashes
  • Congestion
  • Anxiety

All of the essential oils available in the kids line are undiluted and safe for kids of all ages to use. These oils are just as effective for adults as they are effective for kids, so if you want to try them out for yourself you can do so.

Plus, they are totally safe..

8. Organic Oil sets

​Another set that is among one of Plant therapy's gift sets is the Organic Oil set. This gift set has 6 organic essential oils that come in 10ml bottles.

​The scents include: 

  • ​​​Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemon
  • Sweet Orange
  • Eucalyptus

9​. Plant Therapy 7 & 7 Set.

​The 7&7 essential oil set is one of plant therapy's gift sets. it includes 7 synergy oils and 7 essential oils and all of each come in a 10ml bottle.

They also come in a nice little wooden box so you have a place to store your oils properly.

​Essential oils included are: 

  • Peppermint
  • ​Lemon
  • Cinnamon
  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sweet Orange

​Synergies included are:

  • Energy
  • Germ Fig​hter
  • Immune Aid
  • Invigor Aid
  • ​Relax
  • Sensual
  • Tranquil

If you would like to know more information on the product prices and explore more on each category's benefits, you can find more detailed information on the product page found on their website. 

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​Plant Therapy Customer Rewards 

​Plant therapy gives their customers the chance to benefit from what they purchase, and that's made possible through the customer rewards program.

​Here's how it works..

So, each time you buy something from the plant therapy's online store, you can earn points and then redeem those points to get special items.

In fact, you can even earn some points just by reading through reading their content, following their ​Facebook, ​Instagram​Youtube account, and leaving a review.

They also have another program called the oil of the month club, ​which basically gives you the chance to try out some of their newest essential oils. ​​​

Every month, Plant Therapy will send you their newest oils before it's released on the website for you to try it out. It will come in a recyclable package with a small educational pamphlet telling you about the benefits and other useful information.

​So, how do you join these programs?

Joining is easy and straight forward, all you have to do is go to plant therapy's rewards page found on their website. 

You have to create an account on the website to start earning points, if you are not a member yet you can sign up here.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join ​Plant Therapy?

​Among other essential oil company's out there, Plant therapy is one of the cheapest to join. 

​you only need to pay for a subscription fee which costs $15 each month.

no more no less..

You can also make a purchase of Plant therapy's mystery oil for $20 and that will instantly make you a club member. 

As a member of the club, you will receive the oil of the month every month, which is the whole purpose of the $15 subscription fee. 

You can find out more about the plant therapy rewards here.

Is Plant Therapy BBB Accredited?

Unfortunately, no. Plant Therapy is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But don't let this worry you too much.

Not being accredited by the BBB is not the biggest issue when it comes to business.

As you can see from the BBB profile, it has been in business for 20 years but it is still not accredited, it does, however, has an A+ rating though.

And a 4-star customer review based on the reviews of 6 customers on average.

Plant Therapy BBB

Is Plant Therapy Safe To Take Internally? 

Here's another good question to ask, are plant therapy products safe to take internally? 

For some people, the use of essential oils mean taking it internally usually through diluting the oil and putting it in food or a cold drink. 

Some people have said that taking essential oils internally will help aid better cell function, maintain your immune system, cleanse your body, and in rare cases add more punch to your food or drinks.

However, if you do not know what you are doing and with out a doctor's direction taking essential oils internally could be bad for you.

For this reason, plant therapy does NOT recommend that you use it internally for any reason. With that in mind, it doesn't mean that you can't be successful but you should always seek medical instruction first before you start taking it internally.

Here's a video of the 15 most asked essential oil questions, you can watch this to find some answers regarding the usage, etc.

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What I Like About ​Plant Therapy / The Pros

​Everything I have written here so far already sounds very promising, but let's take a look at some of the good things that Plant Therapy has to offer: 

1. Plant Therapy Products Are Cheap 

As I have mentioned earlier, Plant therapy's goal is to become the number one essential oil brand of great quality to have cheap prices.

If you check their products through their website, you'll see that their prices are very reasonable. Just imagine having your own diffuser for $29.95. That's a great deal!

​Most high end brands out there cost a fortune but don't give you the great quality you look for so it becomes a disappointment.

2. Plant Therapy Products Are of Great Quality 

​There's a reason why people like Plant therapy products and its because of the great quality.

Some of the oils they sell are strong, authentic, pure, and they smell great too. Most essential oil brands can sometimes smell too strong or give off an unpleasant smell even if the directions say otherwise. 

​In fact, other essential oils can smell like chemicals so you're better off going with Plant Therapy when it comes to quality because they can be trusted.

3. You can Check the Purity of Their Bottles Through Their Website 

When you buy a product on Plant Therapy's website, they have all the detailed information written for you.

this includes:

  • ​Strength of the aroma
  • ​Scent
  • Test reports
  • Ingredients 
  • ​directions on how to use
  • and how to store it

4. Excellent Customer Service

​Plant Therapy has excellent customer service, which is another reason why people love to come back for more products.

​If you have any questions that you need to ask, you should be able to find all the information you need from their blog page.  ​​​

​however, if you have more specific questions that you would like to ask them, the customer service department is quite easy to get in touch with. ​

What I Dislike About Plant Therapy / The Cons

​There's so many things to get excited about when it comes to Plant Therapy, but it also makes you wonder.. Is there anything you should be worried about?

​There's only one con that I see Plant Therapy having, which is the fact they are NOT an MLM company. ​This simply means, that they do not have any distributors or neither do they accept distributors to sell their products. ​​​

​But isn't that supposed to be a good thing? 

For most people who are already in the MLM game, this would be a huge downer because they could be losing the potential to earn some big money with Plant Therapy.

​However, they do accept whole sale buyers. If you have your own store and you would like to sell their products, you have the option to do so through their wholesale Group.

I'm not exactly sure how the wholesale program works, but if you would like to find out for yourself you can contact them by calling 1-888-912-6293 or by sending them an email at

Is Plant Therapy a Scam?

​So, with everything mentioned so far, is Plant Therapy a Scam?

​Definitely not!

It's pretty clear that they do have a great background and have maintained good quality and customer service.

So, would I recommend it? Yes!

It's safe to try them out for yourself, however, don't just take my word for it. Always make sure to do your own research first and don't be afraid to go a little deeper when it comes to checking the legitimacy of a company as this could work to your advantage some day. ​​​

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