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Hey, welcome to my Powur Review!

Let’s face it, we’re living in a world where we need to spend lots of money just to live the good life.

For sure, we can get a stable job or perhaps do business. But most of the time, those options still make us fall short of budget.

That’s where MLM companies, such as Powur, kicks in...but is Powur a scam?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

By the end of this review you will leave with either one of these two things.

One, you found what you needed to know about Powur and you decide to join or not to join.

Or two, you found an even better alternative.

Enough with the chitty-chat, let's get right into it.

Powur Overview

Name: Powur

Website:  https://powur.com/

Owners: Jonathan Budd

Price: $29 Monthly Fee + $99 - $299 For Activation

Launched: 2015

SAP Ratings: 30/100

Powur's logo

Best Suited For: People who are knowledgeable when it comes to providing clean energy source like solar energy, and are great at selling.

Summary: An MLM company that focus on helping people find the right kind of solar panels. Powur has extremely similar characteristics as a pyramid scheme, in fact, I think it's a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Powur?

Powur is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded by Jonathan Budd in 2015 with the hopes of bringing sustainable energy to the masses while also giving them the opportunity of making money.

Well, at least that’s what they say.

In simpler words, they are a networking company. But don’t take this lightly because they are different.

Unlike similar companies like Enagic, Ambit Energy, and mystream, Powur dove deeper into bringing a greener world by offering solar panels and other related renewable energy sources as their business’ foundation.

However, they don’t actually manufacture their own products. Instead, they’re just affiliate to 39 other solar power companies.

And even more, they’re scattered across a total of 28 states!

Because of this, I can personally say that they’re merely acting as a middleman in this whole game.

I also found out that Powur has one of its products having a registered trademark.

They’ve also gone through two rounds of fundraising where they raised a total of $1.8 million.

Powur's Product Line

Powur doesn’t have or make their own products.

What they do instead is they merely sell Solar City products. Once you’ve successfully referred someone, you then install the solar panel and then you get paid through the compensation plan that Powur offers.

So basically, what they offer is a compensation plan.

To have a clearer understanding of that, I’ve created a more in-depth explanation as to how you can make money with Powur or how this can benefit you

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Is Powur a Pyramid Scheme?

This MLM company is a bit tricky, I can tell you that right away.

The company doesn't sell any physical product or any products all. There are no products for you to purchase and resell, nada.

Like I said earlier, they are affiliated with 39 other Solar Power companies, so this raises a lot of attention when it comes to identifying a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid schemes don't sell any real products either, when you join a pyramid scheme, you are promised a good ROI (return on investment) if you invest and recruit.

And before you know it, you'll see your money going down the drain and there's nothing much you can do about it.

So now that we know exactly what the definition of a pyramid scheme is, we can say that Powur has very identical traits.

However, I wouldn't say it is a pyramid scheme right away, because it's still an MLM but I have no problem saying it might be a pyramid scheme in disguise.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Powur?

Most MLMs are fairly cheap to get started with, but sadly I can't tell you the same thing about Powur.

To get started with Powur, to become one of their consultants, you need to be able to pour in some money before making any.

The activation fee for Powur depends on the tier or rank you are registered with, there are three:

  • Advocate
  • Advisor
  • AdvisorPRO

The activation fee for Advocate which is the lowest of the three, it is $99.

As an Advocate you can make $500 for a successful installation and $40 for every Solar appointment.

The activation fee for the Advisor and the AdvisorPRO are both $299, but with the pro, you need to pay an additional monthly fee of $29.

You do get a duplicate website and landing pages to go along with your PRO.  

Aside from that, all of Powur's consultants are granted access to the marketing team and lead generation system.

The cost of joining is just one part of the equation, what about the success rate?

I can tell you out of experience that you shouldn't expect to earn any money the first few years.

99% of people who join an MLM company is ought to lose 90% of their money.

How to Make Money with Powur?

There are two ways you can earn from Powur.

This can either be through:

  1. sales
  2. building a team

Earning Money From Sales

Powur started out as a distributor for SolarCity’s products, specifically with their solar panels.

However, the company expanded since then, and now works with a huge network of solar providers.

Based on my own research, I believe there’s around 39 other company suppliers that Powur is working with.

In the simplest terms, I can label Powur as a middleman.

You basically become part of them and sell their products, which in the first place, aren’t technically theirs.

Being a part of Powur and selling their supposed “product” means that you get 70% and they get 30% of the price.

But it’s not as simple as that because if you’re going to approach it on a different angle, this means that they’re getting 30% for just letting you do all the work. Ingenious, eh?

And aside from that, you also get a profit percentage from what Powur gets. This percentage varies, though.

Take note that you can only get a commission if Powur can get a minimum of $1,500 in profit (which isn’t very attractive).

I also found out that the average profit a Powur seller can make is $6,000. But we don’t know how the low-tier sellers make, or if they’re making anything at all.

And I think that the $1,500 minimum is a huge issue if Powur’s products don’t sell well. The company not doing well means that your income will also decrease.

Team-building Profiting

You can earn 20% of Power’s total income for every consultant that you refer. This comes from Powur’s profit split, so this means that you still get the full 70% commission.

It sounds like a win-win situation, right? Well, hold on.

It may seem like a great bargain, to begin with. But earnings from one sale to another varies greatly.

Power also have their so-called, leveraged revenue sharing. What this means is that you can earn up to a whopping six levels from your built “team.”

You basically earn and profit from the work that your subordinates do. The figures sound appealing.

But it’s a bit hard to recruit a lot of members, even getting five seems like a feat of its own, knowing that selling solar panels is challenging.

Can You Make Good Money with Powur?

Yes, you can make money from Powur.

But is it enough for you to even exert effort and spend some time doing?

Probably not.

Commission rates are low and the compensation plan isn’t very appealing for you to even consider this as your full-time income. (I will get into this on the next section)

They’re also not a big company. In fact, I found out that they’re not even considered as a 7-figure business, meaning, they’re not making money by the millions!

They might have vastly improved on their media exposure by cleaning up their web presence and presenting details. But most of them (if not all) are just marketing propaganda.

There’s even one report saying that their annual cash flow is just around $160,000. not good.

Powur's Compensation Plan

Since Powur doesn't sell its own product, you may think that the compensation plan is completely different from other MLM's.

However, that is not true. 

Take a look at Powur's compensation plan as I summarize it for you.

Before we go into the actual plan,let's talk about the ranks or positions within Powur.

Everyone that joins and get started, starts as an independent Powur Partner. Here are the next 6 positions.

1. Qualified Partner

For you to become a qualified partner, you need at least 3 qualified leads submitted to Solar City, but two of the three leads should be outside your own household.

2. Senior Partner

To become a senior partner you must acquire at least 5 qualified leads to submit to Solar City and your team should be able to acquire at least 25 qualified leads.

3. National Powur Partner

To become a national powur partner, you must acquire at least 10 qualified leads to submit to Solar City and your team should be able to acquire at least 75 qualified leads.

4. Game Changer

To receive the status, game changer, you must acquire at least 15 qualified leads to submit to Solar City and your team should be able to acquire at least 75 qualified leads in three separate legs.

5. National Game Changer

Just like the Game Changer position, you must acquire at least 10 qualified leads to submit to Solar City and your team should be able to acquire at least 100 qualified leads in three separate legs

6. Hero

The last position to achieve is the Hero, you must acquire at least 15 qualified leads to submit to Solar City and your team should acquire at least 300 qualified leads in three separate legs.

Powur's 7 positions

Fast Start Bonus

To receive the fast start bonus, which is $75, you must submit 3 qualified leads to Solar City within the next 60 days after your registration.

Solar Installation Bonus

Every time you succeed in singing up a new lead for the solar installation, and the installation is complete, you will receive a one-time bonus of $200.

Mind you, this is unlimited, so you can keep earning $200 after $200 if you can get people to sign up for the solar installation completely.

You will get paid monthly.

20 Year Solar Residual Bonus

Residual Table

Earn residual bonus from over 20 years. You can make this kind of commission from customers who retained their solar panels for over 20 years.

Take a look at the table and see how much you can earn based on which generation.

Lead Acquisition Bonus Schedule

Lead Acquisition Bonus

You will receive this kind of commission whenever someone you enrolled becomes a qualified partner within 60 days after they got started.

Take a look at the table and you can see that there are actually two ways to make this kind of bonus.

One is through the team qualified lead acquisition bonus and the other is the through team performance bonus.

if you are interested in checking out the whole compensation plan then click here.

Or just watch the video below explaining the whole thing.

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Is Powur Accredited By The BBB?

Yes, Powur is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

This means they are legit and is acknowledged by the government and the financial sector to be a functioning and profitable company.

I was a bit skeptical about it at first, but it sure helps to see that the Consumer Advocacy Group also gave them a C+ rating.

Being accredited by the BBB, however, does not necessarily mean you can just put all your trust into them.

Always do your own research before you put any amount of money into investing in any kind of businesses.

BBB Powur

What I Like About Powur / The Cons

Appealing Product

Powur offers new and sustainable energy sources such as solar panels. It’s a good idea knowing that electricity bills are on the rise and people are resorting to other sources of energy that’s cheaper.

Getting Long-term Clients

Having long-term clients is highly-likely knowing that solar panels are a continuous business. The “green” market is also on an upward trend, so there’s (possibly) good money to this in the long run.


Powur is fully accredited by the BBB, which means they’re not a scam and that they are a legitimate business opportunity.

What I Dislike About Powur / The Pros

Lack of Product Information

If they are selling products, then they should have lots of details on their website about it, right? Unfortunately, they don’t.


Powur don’t manufacture their own products. They merely act as a distributor. This means you are a distributor for a distributor!

Impossible Success

The success rate is so low it is almost a no brainer to try. 

From my personal experience and through all my MLM research, I can tell you that only 1-2% of all the people who joins an MLM like Powur are making money.

And when I say money, I mean in abundance.

The majority of the other 98-99% are either losing all their money or they are barely making enough to go by.

Is Powur a Scam?

No, Powur isn’t a scam.

They function as a distributor for other companies like SolarCity. It might look like a pyramid scheme for me and for you, but they aren’t technically breaking any laws.

It’d still be best, though, if you go directly to SolarCity and not meddle with Powur if you’d want to be a distributor.

But this company is running a solid MLM business model whether you like it or not.

But if you are looking to create an extra source of income then you can forget about Powur, you won't achieve your goals by joining Powur.

I have reviewed many network marketing companies like Carelumina, Revital u, etc.

And they all fall short of expectations.

Don't you think it's better to try something that many people found success in, instead of giving it a shot at something you know has a very high failure rate?

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About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • Kayin, your Review regarding Powur is dated Dec. 2019. You have posted a mix mash of information. You have 2015 start up data and 2019 current data and still it isn’t 100% correct. Your program might be better but when I noticed you didn’t take time to due a complete and accurate Review, (one that separates 2015 from 2019) I decided not to research your program any further. And it looks pretty good.
    So Kayin, Delete this garbage Review and do a real Review so I can sing up and start making real money with you. Until then, anyone that reads this version will eventually learn that you are a Scammer. All it takes is ten minutes on http://www.powur.com and boom people will assume that you are the one that needs to be Reviewed. Thanks.

    • Hey Tom,

      I am a bit confused, what exactly are you talking about? The company was founded in 2015, that’s the right info.

      My reviews are done based on my research and experience with the company, you might have a different take on it, and I respect that.

      I am happy to hear that you like the program I am recommending, but how exactly am I scam?

      Hoping to hear from you soon, Tom 🙂

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