Is Reliv International a Scam (Health & Wealth)

Hey, Welcome to my Reliv International Review!

Were you looking into some health and wellness products for yourself or someone close to you and ended up on Reliv’s website?

And then through some more in depth research you found out about their money making opportunity? Is Reliv International a scam?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before purchasing any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

Is this MLM company legit, can you really make money with it or is it another scam?

Read this unbiased review til the end and you will find out about the answer. And for your patience, I will give you a little secret of mine, a money making secret.

So without further ado let’s get into it.


Reliv International's Logo

Name: Reliv International


Owners: Robert & Sandy Montgomery

Price: $100 – $1000

Launched: 1988

SAP Ratings: 30/100

Best Suited For: No one.

Summary: Reliv International is a very common health & wellness MLM company, probably the kind of company you will think of right away when someone mentions network marketing. They sell a wide variety of health products, mostly nutritional supplements like whey and soy.

Recommended: For business, definitely no.


What Is Reliv International?

RLV Hemp Product

When someone says you’re a champion all the way to the core, they mean you are meant to be a champion.

That’s what I can I say about Reliv International, a MLM company all the way to the core.

This network marketing company has been around for years, trying to improve on the overall health and wellness of people.

Get healthier and live happier is their motto.

It is not common to see a true bred MLM company to strive for that long, a multi-level-marketing company usually hit its peak around 2-4 years.

Definitely not 10+ year, that’s for sure.

Even though the products they are selling seems legit, it is average and mediocre at best.

I even heard people talking about a Reliv warning sign.

The owners, Robert and Sandy, husband and wife, grew tired of doing their 9-5 job. They want their dream to come true, they want their vision to come true.

That dream and vision is to be their own boss one day.

And so they did, by starting their own network marketing company. With the help of a friend Dr. Ted Kalogris they found out about a specific formula.

They really liked it and thus they started their company revolving around this specific formula, product, called Reliv Classic.

But they didn’t just liked it for no reason, they tried it out and they saw amazing results on their health and that’s when they finally decided to help people with it.

To improve the health and wellness of everyone, because according to them, a healthy life equals a happy life.

What Is Reliv International’s Products?

In this section I am going to show you some of Reliv’s best products and perhaps give you a small explanation about them, but I got to make this clear first, I am not a health expert.

So don’t take the things I say about health all too serious.

Most of it are my honest opinion and based off on the reviews and feedback from real time customers, take it with a grain of salt.

Decide for yourself if it’s something you think would sell o

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Reliv Core Nutrition

Reliv International Core Nutrtion

  • Reliv Now With Whey (Retail:$58 – Affiliate Price:$34.80)

Protein powder formulated with the most balanced and advanced ingredients, 7 grams of whey based protein in a serving.


  • Reliv Now With Soy (Retail:$58 – Affiliate Price:$34.80)

This is their most complete supplement consisting of lunarich, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein.


  • Reliv Now For Kids (Retail:$35 – Affiliate Price:$21)

Specially formulated for kids ages 2-12, packed with essential nutrients in 2 delicious flavors. Supports mental performance and boost energy level.


  • Reliv Classic (Retail:$58 – Affiliate Price:$34.80)

Is this the first product from Reliv International, this is a complete and balanced supplement packed with the best nutrients to help your body excel.

Reliv Targeted Solutions

Reliv International's Targeted Solutions


  • FibRestore (Retail:$53 – Affiliate Price:$31.80)

A perfect blend of fibers, both soluble and insoluble mixed with 21 different herbs and vitamins.


  • Innergize (Retail:$28 – Affiliate Price:$16.80)

This increases your energy level, oxygen absorption and stronger immune system.

RLV Hemp Extracts

RLV Hemp Extracts

  • RVL Hemp Isolate 500 (Retail:$80 – Affiliate Price:$48)

A phyto-cannabinoids that contains 500mg worth of purely isolated CBD oil mixed with MTC oil, extracted from organic hemp with a mint flavor.


  • RVL Hemp Isolate 750 (Retail:$100 – Affiliate Price:$60)

A phyto-cannabinoids that contains 750mg worth of purely isolated CBD oil mixed with MTC oil, extracted from organic hemp with a mint flavor.


  • RVL Hemp Full Spectrum (Retail:$80 – Affiliate Price:$48)

A phyto-cannabinoids that contains 500mg of CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, and CBN with a sweet minty flavor.


  • RVL Hemp Balm (Retail:$130 – Affiliate Price:$78)

This Balm contains 100mg of Hemp to help relieve your muscles, joint discomfort and skin irritation. Mixed with essential oils


As you can see, the retail price and affiliate price is different. Judging by the reviews and feedback the products are OK, they may not work for everyone though.

There are enough Reliv testimonials on their website for you to see.

Those with a Reliv International careers can find everything they need on the website.

They also have a special weight loss program for you to follow:

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  2. Fit3 Workouts (Click Here)
  3. Fit3 Nutrition (Click Here)

Is Reliv International a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?

First thing you need to know about MLM’s is that they are frequently accused of being a pyramid scheme, so it is completely normal to think of it as one.

And the reason for that is, let me tell you why, but first, check out this picture below.

MLM earning structure

I have reviewed many network marketing companies like Nevetica, Neora, Modere and Valentus, and they are all being accused the same way.

If you are familiar with pyramid schemes then this will probably turn on that light bulb in your mind. Multi level marketing companies are extremely similar.

Similar in the way they make their money, and as you can see from the picture, it is safe to assume that 99% of people who joins a MLM company lose their money.

In a pyramid scheme there is only one way to make money, and that is by recruiting people and place them under you. So the more you recruit, the more you will earn.

But this is why network marketing companies are different, there is more than one way to make money with a MLM company. You can either sell or recruit.

Some people will still call this a pyramid scheme, because they don’t see the difference.

But nonetheless, it is extremely hard to make a lot of money or any money at all with a MLM company, and that’s why I am so against it.

To me it feels like throwing money in a bottomless pit, you will never get that money back, and mind you, I am saying this based off on experience.

So no, it is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme, but it is definitely not worth joining.

If you are looking to make money online, try a different online business model, and my recommendation is affiliate marketing.

How Can You Make Money With Reliv International?

Like all MLM companies you are required to pay a joining fee, and that will cost you around $100.

Once you are in, you are not allowed to purchase any of their products yet, the next step is to buy one of their product packages.

Those can cost you anywhere from $100 – $1500.

Yes, I know, that’s a lot of money. But the good thing is, it is still a lot cheaper than a brick and mortar business. Those could cost you anywhere from $100.000 – $150.000.

Here’s another tip for you if you still plan on joining this MLM company, always go for the cheapest package first, make sure you are selling.

There’s no point in purchasing their most expensive package and get stuck with their product because you can’t sell them.

I used to have products from a MLM company stacked on the shelves in my room. I was forced to look at them before I go to bed, don’t be like me.

If you are still wondering if it is possible to make money with this MLM or any other MLM company, the answer is yes

But that is not the question you should be asking, here’s what you should be asking:

  1. How Easy Is It To Make Money With a MLM company?
  2. How Much Can I Make With a MLM company?

1. Your success is rate is close to 1%, that’s how easy it is. 99% of people joining a network marketing company end up losing all their money, they literally go broke within a month.

2. Even if you do make money, it is most likely close to nothing. The amount is so insignificant that it would be a waste of time counting it.

What Is Reliv International’s Compensation Plan?

There’s something you should know about the compensation plans of MLM companies, they’re not there for you to fully understand them.

I will try to break down the important parts for you, because even I don’t fully grasp their plan.

But I will help show you what I know, so don’t break your head over this.

If you want to do business with them, there are 5 ways you can make money as a distributor:

1. Retail Sales: Make money based on the difference in retail price.

2. Recruitment: You can make money on the person you recruited by receiving commissions whenever they sell something.

3. Overrides: Become a helpful leader, and you can earn more money. Help people within your group.

4. Cash Bonus & Trips: The higher your rank is within in the system the more eligible you are for their bonuses.

5. Ambassador Program: Reach this level within the system to receive amazing rewards and bonuses.

To make everything even clearer, here’s the PDF file or you can watch a short video explaining the compensation plan:

So basically there are two main ways to make real money with any MLM companies.

– Retail Commissions: Buy the products for affiliate price, and make commissions when you sell them through the retail price.

– Residual Commissions: Recruit as many people as you can, the more recruit you have, the more commission you will get.

What I Like About Reliv International/ The ProsThumbs up

1. Mediocre Product: From all the product reviews I read on Reliv’s product, most are satisfied customers besides a few that says their product are hazardous for your health. They did however receive pretty good ratings on BBB and trustpilot.

2. 3 Decades: A MLM company that’s been in business for as long as 30 years, that’s something to be proud of. It is rare to see a MLM company staying around for that long, because most of them peak at 2-4 years and disappear without a trace.

3. Sky High Commissions: Reliv sells their products to their affiliates at a very reasonable price, 20 – 40% cheaper than the retail price.

What I Don’t Like About Reliv International/ The ConsThumbs down

1. Saturated Niche: The market for health and wellness is insanely saturated, it is so easy for people to jump over to another brand or company. Unless, you are a big brand that can stand its ground.

2. Lawsuits: This is not uncommon for MLM’s, however, that is still a bad sign. They had a lawsuit filed against them in 2013, saying their products had more lead than the legal limit allows.

3. Expensive Products: If you didn’t check their prices out yet, you should. They are overpriced, and people are smart, they will find cheaper alternatives, especially on this market.

4. Absurd Success Rate: If I have to analytic with you, here it is. Reliv’s distributors make around $100 in a year, 88% of them. Would you waste your time with this?

Reliv's international Income Report

reliv's international Income

My Final Verdict

I have nothing against Reliv as a company, I even respect them for the fact that they have been around for 30 years. What I am against is, network marketing.

I am so against network marketing because I know people are going to lose their money, I have been there.

That’s why I am trying my best to talk you out of it, and I hope I did.

If you are really interested in making money online, try affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is the community you need, they have everything you need to make legitimate money online.

And the best part is, it will cost you absolutely $0 to join and try. They are FREE!

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If you liked this review leave a comment down below and if you think I missed something important don’t hesitate to say it, I am more than happy to hear from you.

Stay Cool & Humble.


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10 Replies to “Is Reliv International a Scam (Health & Wealth)”

  1. Thank you for reviewing Reliv International. I was wondering if this MLM company would be for me, since I am into health products. The main issue with MLM’s is the high start-up cost and high risk. Unless you can sell people stuff they could buy elsewhere for a lower price, you won’t end up making your money back. Then you just end up feeding the owners of the company, and the person who referred you. 

    MLM could be for some people. I had a friend who did really well in MLM. He tried to sign me up but it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like cold calling. 

    Affiliate Marketing is much more my thing. Low start up cost, in fact, free for beginners to see if its for them. Much less risk involved. Instead of cold calling and in person sales you make a website that could generate passive income for years to come. You could offer a variety of products from economy versions to luxury versions and people will buy what they want to. You could sell anything with Wealthy Affiliate whereas with MLM you only have a limited range of things to sell. 

    Great article, your content on the site is really looking good. People will enjoy this when they are seeking the truth about Reliv International.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you, it means a lot to me. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with everyone.

      MLM works for the 1% and everyone else is just losing their money, I’ve tried it as well and I had no luck. But I did my research, I would probably be able to earn some with the knowledge I have right now if I tried it again, but the question is why should I? y’know what I mean?

      Affiliate marketing is just too great, ten times better than joining a MLM and that comes from someone who tried both. So yea, definitely give Wealthy Affiliate a try, it’s completely FREE.

      Best of luck!

  2. So I was actually looking to buy some of their products, and ended up looking for a way to make money with their products. Thank goodness I found your article. It really makes sense.

    I might give this affiliate marketing thing a try. I will let you know, Kayin. Thanks for the informative review!

    1. Hey Cathy,

      It’s all cool, means a lot to me. Definitely hit me up and let me help you with your new exciting adventure if you plan on getting started with affiliate marketing, I will be your right hand man 🙂

      Best of luck!

  3. Thanks for the information on whether or not Reliv International is a scam. There are a lot of programs out there who make big claims but can’t really deliver what they promise. With only a rating of 30 out of 100, I feel that you are correct in stating that this is not a legit program and it’s a good fit for “no one”. Thanks for saving people the time, effort, and investment in Reliv International!

    1. Hey Aly,

      I am glad you find this article valuable and of use. And you are so right about these MLM companies making bold claims but can never back it up.

      That’s why I don’t recommend trying any MLM for that matter. There are honestly way better alternatives out there, and the best one I know and most people can agree with is affiliate marketing.

      I hope this reach out to more people who are trying to join Reliv. Best of luck.

  4. I was looking for Reliv products and they look quite impressive. Now that I see they work on a multi-level marketing scheme, I think that I am going to pay way more for the product than it is actually worth. When I see that a product can only be bought through a distributor and not at the shop then I know it is going to be expensive.

    Even selling these types of products can be extremely hard work for little returns. Would you say the other option that you have given is a better bet for making money online?  I don’t like to be limited in the types of products that I sell.

    1. Hello Michel,

      You are indeed paying a lot for a product where there are better alternatives for, that I can assure you.

      Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the online business model anyone should try when they are interested in making money online.

      Especially from Wealthy Affiliate, when you are learning it from a community that has been teaching affiliate marketing for over 14 years. 

      Here’s my full review about my journey with WA if you are interested.

  5. Thanks for writing this article down for the benefit of all and also showing every little information about it. I liked it that it was very well detailed and I am also glad that you are doing a good job of finding the necessary information about this product. I will definitely be sharing this with my friends so that they can also check it out.


    1. Hi Jordan,

      It would mean a lot to me if you could share it with your friends or anyone in general, really appreciate it. Let the world know that there are better ways for those who are looking to earn some extra cash.

      MLM is not the way to go, not even on the top 5 methods of making money online. Dropshipping and Amazon FBA are wayyy better.

      But the best method is still hands down, affiliate marketing. 

      I did my research for you guys, so you guys don’t have to. I lost a lot of money because of MLM, so I am bringing justice to it now 🙂

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