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Riway Overview

Name: Riway


Owner(s): Lim Boon Hong

Price: $375 – $2450

Launched: 2008

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Riway Logo

Best Suited For: For people that knows enough about direct selling and know how to close a deal, a really hard one because the product you'll be selling is not your typical health and wellness item. So basically anyone that knows how to sell at a high level.

Summary: Riway is a company that is somewhat on the peculiar side, and the majority of people will agree with me. Not only does it run an infamous business model, the MLM business model, its flagship product is deer placenta. According to Riway, deer placenta has a wide array of benefits for your health. To some, myself included, that screams "repugnant". 

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Riway?

An MLM company that is known for selling deer placenta, that's the highlight. Riway is founded in 2008 by Lim Boon Hong, in Singapore.

Riway is an abbreviated version for saying "Right Way", the company is mainly focusing on other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, and Singapore.

Just like the CEO of Omnilife, Lim Boon Hong was a distributor or affiliate for an MLM company before he got started with this his own.

The MLM company he was acquainted with was Nu Skin.

The company is obnoxious for its weird pick of products or rather, a specific ingredient, deer placenta. According to some of my research, deer placenta helps with restorative purposes of your body, in simple terms, it recharges your "life battery"

But whether you find that kinda mind boggling or disgusting, it is what it is. 

Based on the amount of revenue they are generating (which is $4 Billion Dollars) and being crowned the fastest growing health company in all of Asia, the company must be doing something right.

Riway's Products Offer

What is Riway selling? This health and wellness multi-level marketing company only has 3 products to offer.

  • Purtier Placenta 
  • Conscientious Essence Spray 
  • Conscientious Face Mask

And yes, you guessed it, The Purier Placenta is the deer placenta, the one that this company is known for.

Purier Placenta

If you want to believe the hype Riway is eliciting then you can pay the $300 and receive a product that will assumably help you look 10 years younger than you actually are.

According to Riway this is the 6th edition and it is completely revolutionized. If you have never heard of it, it's the anti-aging live-cell therapy.

Purtier Placenta

To me, that's some bullshit. Forgive me if you are one of those people who believe in "eternity" or look hashtag forever young.

The whole idea behind this product is a no go for me.

Sure, there are products that can enhance the way you look but not in the way Riway is proclaiming.

And there definitely other less expensive products that you can use that will most likely give you the same kind of benefits for your skin.

One of the reason why so many people go with the hype is because it is made with organic formulation containing fresh Deer Placenta as an ingredient.

But is Purtier Placenta FDA approved? Nope, they are definitely not.

If you like to know more about this particular product, watch the video.

Conscientious Essence Spray 

The second product from Riway is the Conscientious Essence Spray which according to them is also a revolutionary item or product by the way.

The spray has no alcohol or water whatsoever, formulated with 27 different patented active ingredients.

The spray helps rejuvenate your skin by absorbing the organic ingredients that are said to be nanotechnology.

This an intro video explaining the Conscientious Essence Spray, watch it if you are interested.

Conscientious Face Mask

And the last product is the Conscientious Face Mask, just like the spray this mask is even better, it helps your skin absorb the ingredients even faster.

All you have to do is leave it on your face for like 10 minutes and then you will see results immediately, softer, smoother and more radiant skin.

Personally, I am not against this and the spray, I think they work and there are many similar products that are less expensive.

Riway Facial Mask

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Is Riway a Pyramid Scheme?

Before calling certain companies a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme, it is best to know the difference between that and an MLM.

Almost every single network marketing company has been accused of being a pyramid scheme at least once.

Riway in my opinion seems like a pyramid scheme in disguise, I could be wrong but based on my research and all the facts I gathered, there's a high probability.

You see, pyramid schemes are illegal, period. There is nothing you can do to justifiy it. MLMs on the other hand are legal, even if they may seem like a pyramid scheme sometimes, they can be justified and be called a pyramid scheme in disguise.

MLM structure

How? By saying that they are selling actual products to people.

The picture you see there is how all pyramid schemes and MLM companies' business structures looks like.

Those on the top of the organization will make 90% of the money while those beneath them will make the remaining 10%.

So if you are all the way down then expect to make less than 1%.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Riway?

Getting started with Riway is actually not as cheap as you think it is. Before you start promoting for this MLM and make money, you need to first purchase a starter kit, and there are 4 different packages for you to choose from:

  1. Silver  ($375)
  2. Gold ($755)
  3. Platinum ($1425)
  4. Diamond ($2450)

The more expensive the starter package you choose, the more items you get with it, that makes sense, right?

Compared to a brick and mortar business, I can say that it is cheaper to get started with an MLM but the chances of succeeding with an MLM is probably not even a quarter of that of a physical business.

Riway's Compensation Plan

For the next section, let's take a look at the compensation plan of this placenta selling multi-level marketing company.

So MLMs are known for being notorious with their compensation plan that hides the real purpose for most.

I will help you decipher this "guide" by simplifying the whole compensation plan for you. And that's only possible if you have done enough research, and research I did.

There are two ways for you to make money with Riway,

  • The first one is by offering the three products to your customers with the hope of them buying and you receiving a commission.
  • The other method is by finding people who were once like you, innocent, desperate, looking for a way to make money online, and ask them to join Riway.

That is called recruiting, and of course, you get paid a good sum of money for that. This MLM company puts a lot of emphasis on recruitment, that's why I call it a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Recruitment Commission

You can literally make money by recruiting someone to join Riway, I mean, in theory, this sounds pretty easy, right?

If you want to optimize how much you can make from your recruitment, here's what you need to know first:

  • A. Which package did you choose to get started?
  • B. Which package are your personally recruited distributors going to choose?

The more expensive the package, the higher the commissions, I will break this even further down for you:

First Scenario

  • A. Silver Package 
  • B. You will earn $26.97 for every distributors that signup for the Silver package through you. 
  • B. You will earn $53.97 for every distributors that signup for the Gold package through you.
  • B. You will earn $101.87 for every distributors that signup for the Platinum Package through you and 
  • B. You will earn $175.36 for every distributors that signup for the Diamond package through you.

Second Scenario

  • A. Gold Package.
  • B. You will earn $30.36 for every distributors that signup for the Silver package through you.
  • B. You will earn $60.72 for every distributors that signup for the Gold package through you.
  • B. You will earn $114.60 for every distributors that signup for the Platinum package through you.
  • B. You will earn $197.28 for every distributors that signup for the Diamond package through you

Third Scenario

  • A. Gold Package.
  • B. You will earn $33.73 for every distributors that signup for the Silver package through you.
  • B. You will earn $67.46 for every distributors that signup for the Gold package through you.
  • B. You will earn $127.33 for every distributors that signup for the Platinum package through you.
  • B. You will earn $219.20 for every distributors that signup for the Diamond package through you.

Fourth Scenario

  • A. Diamond Package
  • B. You will earn $33.73 for every distributors that signup for the Silver package through you.
  • B. You will earn $67.46 for every distributors that signup for the Gold package through you.
  • B. You will earn $127.33 for every distributors that signup for the Platinum package through you.
  • B. You will earn $219.20 for every distributors that signup for the Diamond package through you.

Residual Commissions

You can make residual commissions when you build a down line, this MLM company utilizes the binary compensation structure, which looks like a pyramid.

MLM Business Structure

And it works exactly the way it looks. You build a team of two, and those two will build their respective down line.

That's how this business structure will eventually look like a pyramid.

You will get paid a percentage of the total sales volume of both of your legs, left and right. The more expensive the starter package is, the higher the percentage will be.

  • 8% residual (Silver Package)
  • 9% residual (Gold Package)
  • 10% residual (Platinum Package)
  • 10% residual commission rate over 3 binary levels (Diamond Package)

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Is Riway Accredited By The BBB?

Apparently not, I think that's because Riway is not located in the US, so the chances of it being accredited by the Better Business Burea (BBB) is not very likely.

This doesn't mean the company is bad or good, being accredited by the BBB just means that there is a higher probability that the company is trustworthy.

In some sense, I guess you can say that this further encourage the fact that you should be cautious with this company.

Riway BBB

What I Like About Riway/ The Pros

The only good thing I can say about this uncommon MLM company is that has been around for quite a while, and it's not very typical of an MLM company to last that long.

10+ years is definitely a milestone.

But other than that, I don't think I like what this company is offering at all.

What I Dislike About Riway/ The Cons

1. No Statement Of Income Disclosure

This is a big red flag for me, when a company cannot provide its income statement publicly, you know something shady or hidden is going on.

Especially for a company that's not new, they are around for more than a decade long. There's no way there are no income evidence of its distributors, etc.

2. High Start-up  Cost

The cost of getting started with Riway International is a not a joke. You need to be ready to put at least $300 on the table to participate with this company.

And I said at least. I am pretty sure, that the majority of people who join them are losing more thna just a couple hundred dollars. Be careful...

3. Inhumane Flagship Product

If you are from the western side of the world, you will have a hard time selling its flagship product, Purier Placenta.

Is Riway legal in Singapore, yes, is Riway legal in western countries, not all of them because of illegal deer hunting. People will most likely find it disgusting and dreadful to even consider buying it from you.

4. Success Is Hard

If your plan is financial freedom, joining an MLM may sound like a good idea but it is not. MLMs are known to be immensely hard and the failure rate is close to 99%.

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Is Riway a Scam?

This is a bit hard for me to say but I wouldn't consider Riway International a full-blown scam, sure, it's kinda shady but I feel like they don't fully fit the criteria of being called a scam.

I sure as hell wouldn't recommend them, like I mentioned earlier, the products are expensive, the health benefits are mediocre and can be replicated by other health ingredients, etc.

And worst of all, it runs a multi-level business structure.

Just try to stay out of this one. If you want to join an MLM anyway, join another one, one that's not as hard to pin down whether or not it is a scam.

When it comes to MLM companies within the health and wellness niche, there are enough, and just to name a few:

But if I had to pick an answer for the question "Is Riway a scam?", an answer between yes, and no. I would go with no.

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