Is Sisel a Scam?

Hey, Welcome to my Sisel Review!

You probably heard about Sisel somewhere, and that’s what led you to this review in the first place, correct? And now you are wondering, Is Sisel a Scam?

Trust me, that would be the question you are asking yourself if you heard about Sisel through some email list or through a social media post.

But if that’s not the case, it is still worth broadening your knowledge on how this MLM company works.

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

Now, before you think this is just another “Sisel International review”, it’s not. I am not here to sell you or promote Sisel to you in any way.

In fact, I am here to reveal to you the dark side of this famous MLM company, something not everyone knows or would even talk about.

If you are interested in this dark secret, keep reading.

Sisel’s Overview

Name: Sisel International



Owners: Thomas Mower Sr and Thomas Mower Jr

Price: $10 for Annual Membership

Launched: 2006

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Best Suited For: Not A Single Person.

Summary: Sisel International or sometimes just Sisel, is a MLM company that manufactures its own product. Products like Tea, Moisturizer etc. Basically a wide variety of products which you can choose from within the health and wellness niche. However, all looks great and shiny from the outside, but there’s a very dark side to this MLM company. Keep reading to find out.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Sisel International?

So let’s talk a little about Sisel first, Sisel International is an MLM company, MLM stands for Multi-level marketing.

Launched back in 2006 by the Mower families, the father, and son to be specific.

The company sells a wide range of products for health and wellness purposes.

They sell well over 256+ products and to name a few, skin care, weight loss and makeup products.

Their mission is to target environmental friendly and toxic-free products for people. The name Sisel is an anagram, and it stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.

The Mowers started this company with their own money, with an estimated cost of 150 million.

And because of that, Sisel International is the only MLM company with its own manufacturing plant. All the products are created by themselves.

Their plant is called Supra Nationals.

But that’s not all, they also help with manufacturing health products for 30+ other MLM companies, and companies like Walmart and Costco.

How Can You Make Money With Sisel?

There are two ways to earn money with an MLM company, and with Sisel international it is exactly the same.

  • Personal Sales, make commissions by selling the products yourself.
  • Residual Income and Bonuses, make money through recruiting and achieving certain company goals.

There are actually 6 ways to earn money with Sisel’s compensation plan, but they all fall under the two categories mentioned above.

I will talk about this further down the article.

Sisel’s Product Line

The main niche Sisel finds themselves into is Health and Wellness, but they also have products outside of that niche.

I am not going into all their products on this review, because that would be too much, this is not a full Sisel’s product review, but rather an unbiased review about Sisel International as a company.

Health and wellness products can be categorized into 4 main categories.

  1. Fitness: Health drinks, energy drinks, weight loss and weight gaining drinks, simply put drinks that have everything to do with fitness.
  2. Allure: Make-up, exfoliation cream etc. Products that are used for beauty-enhancing.
  3. Health: A full selection of health and wellness supplements.
  4. Legacy: This consists of household cleaning and personal care products.

They manufacture a great variety of products with their own manufacturing plant, but these products can be really expensive for the average person.

Some products are probably two times if not three times the price of products with similar ingredients.

So this makes you wonder whether their product is any different or not, are people actually buying them and are they satisfied?

Aside of having their own manufacturing plant, Sisel international is just another MLM company if you ask me.

The Complicated Compensation Plan

Sisel uses a compensation model called the unilevel structure, and this is how it works.

This pyramid structure of model is one that many MLM company uses, and like most MLM companies their compensation plan is hard to understand.

I am going, to be frank with you, I tried to read their complete compensation plan PDF and I still don’t understand half of it.

I tried watching a few lengthy videos about their compensation plan, still very hard to understand and grasp, but keep in mind that I already read the PDF by now.

So I am going to save you the time and trouble of breaking your head over this, I will show you the part of the plan that’s necessary, filtering out all the unnecessary parts.

1. Quick Start Bonus: Get a quick 20% commission from your new recruit’s sales volume

2. Retail Commissions: You get a 20% commission on every product you personally sell.

3. Direct Commissions: Earn direct commissions from your recruits all the way down to the 8th level.

4. Master Check Match: When someone within your organization reaches the master rank. You earn 10% commission on the 1st gen, 5% on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation.

5. Luxury Bonus: If you reached the highest ranks within the company, you will get the chance to win a car.

6. Advancement Bonus: Get bonuses from going up in ranks within the company.

And to be quite frank with you, the name Sisel international is not unheard-of. The name has been thrown around on social media.

The chances of stumbling upon something about Sisel is not impossible at all, so you can bet how well they can sell with that much exposure if done correctly.

You can check out the full PDG here.

How Can I Get Started With Sisel?

Aside from paying the $10, you need to become a distributor of Sisel International to finally get started.

But here’s the issue with that, just like most MLM companies, Sisel won’t charge you much for becoming a distributor itself, but they will charge you for something worse.

You are forced to buy their products if you want to do business with them.

To finalize the deal with Sisel you need to sign up for their monthly auto ship which is about $50 in personal volume.

After that you need to get ready to purchase their kit if you plan on staying with them, and a package can cost anywhere from $200-$1000.

– Sisel Fast Start Pack ($250)

– Platinum Triangle Of Life Pack ($200)

– Master Pack ($1000)

You can stop your auto-ship whenever you want, so there’s that.

They won’t force you to purchase one last package or anything like that.

But if you want to start a business with Sisel International and become their trusted distributor it is going to cost you a lot of start-up cash.

What I Like About Sisel International / The Pros

1. Manufacturing Plant

I have one good thing to say about Sisel, It’s not very often you hear about an MLM company with its own manufacturing plant. That’s almost unheard-of.

This alone shows how much of a success a company is through a consumer’s point of view.

For a company to have their own manufacturing plant means they can decide the cost of their own product, but for some reason, their prices are still a little too high in my opinion.

So if they can somehow cut down the prices, that would be great. Since people already know about their enormous factory that’s around 400.000 square feet.


2. 13 Years Of Business

This year will mark their 13 years of business. For a company let alone an MLM company to thrive this long and still growing, I would say, respect.

Most businesses are due to fail after 5-10 years if it’s not going well or the ROI is way too small.

The fact that Sisel’s still doing great is just something worth considering and giving props to.

What I Don’t Like About Sisel International / The Cons

1. Overpriced Products

Like I mentioned earlier, their prices aren’t low and they should definitely do something about it. The fact that one package of the product can cost you around $200 is just insane.

From a company that makes their own product, you would be expecting the opposite.

It’s no use if you can’t sell even if you have amazing products, so the wise thing to do would be selling it at a cheaper price, but in greater volume.

But then again, maybe they have a reason for that.

2. Too Expensive To Start

The startup fee you pay is not that much, it’s just a mere $10.

But the actual cost to start selling for Sisel is at the very least $260 in your first month and $50 for every month thereafter. Some can afford it, but most cannot.

Aside from that, there are far better and cheaper ways to earn money, proven methods like dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

Even real estate is much cheaper if you consider the ROI (Return On Investment).

3. Low Commissions

The commission you get for selling Sisel’s products are absurd. You will receive an all time low 2% for every item you sold successfully.

That’s lower that most MLM companies and way below the standards. However, you do make your own money from the retail, but that’s separate.

With a commission rate as low as Sisel’s, you would probably have to sell around $50-100k worth of products a month to make a mere $1000 or $2000 a month.

The amount you get for retail is 10 times higher, around 20%, but I won’t bet on it to get rich either.

4. Dark Secret (Tax Evasion)

One of the owners, Tom Mower went to prison.

Tom was convicted of fraud and was sentenced to 25 months in federal jail. This may not sound extremely bad, and this may not have a lot to do with you joining them.

But if you think about it, a company like Sisel with a dark background like this, can you still trust them though?

If you feel like this secret isn’t as dark as it seems like then, by all means, join as you will. I am not going to judge Sisel for the rest of my life, but this a no go for me.

Is Sisel International A Scam?

Now that I have explained almost everything there is to know about Sisel within this Sisel interview, I can tell you that Sisel is not a scam.

A lot of you may think that this is another pyramid scheme and all that, but rest assured, it is not.

However, it is not the best MLM company out there if joining an MLM company is what you really wanted to do because there are way better ones out there.

Even Javita and Amare Global are better Multi-level Marketing companies than Sisel.

Aside from that, the main reason I wouldn’t even consider joining or becoming a full-time distributor for Sisel’s International is because of their past.

I am not one to judge by looking at someone’s past, but I just can’t overlook this one.

The fact that one of the owners had done jail time because he was lying about his total income from the government just makes me wonder whether I can trust him or not.

That combined with their over-complicated compensation plan makes me feel like they’re taking advantage of me and anyone that plans on joining.

And also, if making money online or building a successful online business is what you really want then this isn’t the best method for achieving that kind of goal either.

My Final Verdict

I have been in this online business platform for quite a while and I have had success for less than this, a lot less.

In fact, if you are interested in creating your paradise, your own online business without having to spend more than $100 then let me show you.

The online business I am acquainted with and love is called affiliate marketing.

I have a full review of the best platform I know and am a premium member of, read about my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

As I said, Sisel is a legit MLM company, not a scam, not a pyramid scheme, but I would never recommend it either way.

If you want to start earning big money with a proven method, join me and learn right under my wing.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s FREE to join, you have to pay literally $0 to start.

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I hope you found some value from my unbiased Sisel International review, and if you still have some unanswered questions, just ask and I will get back to you. Stay cool & humble.

About the author 


Kayin is an online marketer that started his affiliate marketing journey with nothing but an old HP laptop and $100 in his credit card. He learned all the necessary skills to succeed in affiliate marketing by following the STEP-BY-STEP system from Wealthy Affiliate. You can find him inside the community exchanging internet marketing ideas and strategies.

  • I think this is one of the worst compensation plan I have seen in the MLM industry. Just for that I can’t even consider joining the company. Why is it so low?

    But I am quite intrigued about the quality of their products. Because, they have their own manufacturing plant, they are able to control the whole process. So, the products should be of a great quality. I would like to try some of their products.



    • Hi,

      It is one of the worst compensation plan indeed.

      I wouldn’t be expecting too much though, but of course you can try and give us a full review about their products, we would really appreciate that 🙂



  • Hello Kayin. Glad I read about your Sisel International review. Too much startup cost and low commissions won’t do the trick for me. And the dark secret makes it more unpleasant.

    I’m too into affiliate marketing. I promote as many products I want, I have as many websites I want, and all this on my schedule. Of course it needs some time to see results, but anyone as a beginner needs time to learn some skills so there’s not really something unusual.

    If your niche is fashion and clothes, the commision is 10% or more. Why bother with a 2% commission. For an MLM company to be appealing, there must be at least high commissions.

    Thanks for this informative review. Have a nice day.


    • Hello George,

      You are welcome, low commission is not motivating at all, so I completely understand what you are talking about.

      I don’t think that the low commission alone is the issue here though, but yea, can’t deny the fact that the commission rate is absurd.

      Especially for a company that produces their own product.

      Godspeed, George!



  • Wow! Awesome article! I wouldn’t trust them either. If they hide stuff from the feds, who are waaay mightier than I am, what would they hide from regular people?

    I know sin is forgiven, and that people do change. I just don’t like being strong-armed to buy their products and the cost of startup is too much for people who are just starting out for the people who are trying to go into business for themselves and are strapped for money.

    Your article shed some light on this company and I thank you!

    Donna Rayne


    • Hey Donna,

      I understand every bit of your opinion on this matter, I,too, would not trust someone like this. But it is what it is, a lot of big name companies are getting away with lots of stuff, this one included.

      There are for sure many better options for people to earn some extra cash, and I would recommend them Wealthy Affiliate, unlike Sisel, the startup is literally $0.

      I am glad you could find some value from this article, means a lot.

      Good luck!



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