Is Solle Naturals a Scam

Hey, welcome to my Solle Naturals Review! 

Did you heard about an amazing money making opportunity from this company or is Solle Naturals a scam?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

I will show you exactly what you want and need to know. The products, the compensation plan, the trustworthiness of this company, and some more.

So without further ado, let's get right to it, shall we?

Solle Naturals Overview

Name: Solle Naturals


Owner(s): Greg Halliday, Jordan Peterson, Lon Hudman, Cory Anderson, Kendall Bird, and Blake Christensen.

Price: $100

Launched: 2011

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Solle Naturals Logo

Best Suited For: People who knows how to make a sale, have some experience in direct selling and are a health and wellness enthusiast.

Summary: A health and wellness MLM company that was founded in 2011 with the thought of helping people become a better version of themselves through the usage of one special class of herbs called the Adaptogens. Solle Naturals has a very broad line of products that are all made with this "magical" herb. If you want to find out more, keep on reading.

Recommended: Nope.

What Is Solle Naturals?

This multi-level marketing company is founded in 2011 by not one, not two, not three but six founders.

From outside, and to the majority of the public, Solle Naturals look just like any other health and wellness MLM companies out there, nothing out of the ordinary.

MLM companies that are similar to this one are:

And all of these MLMs are within the same industry, health and wellness.

But if you look at it from the inside, this company has its own vision and mission. Solle Naturals is focused on creating products that will fix the intellectual, physical and even the emotional problems that people have to endure.

Mind & Body

And to do that, they have poured in countless of hours into researching and perfecting the products that are meant to enhance your mind and body.

The secret ingredient that can be found in all of the products from Solle Naturals, is called Adaptogens, a special type of herb.

Some important features to know about this company are:

  • 100% organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • MSG-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No Artificial Ingredients
Solle Naturals

Solle Naturals Product Line

Solle Naturals Product Line

The products from Solle Naturals can be categorized into 4 separate product types, each targeting a specific issue.

I will go around it briefly and tell you in a sentence or two what these supplements are for and what they can do for you.


The products from Balance are supplements that are all nutritionally dense and mixed with the adaptogenic properties that are amazing for your body.

You can check out the PDF for a more thorough understanding of this set of products.


Increase your mind and body with these supplements to receive more productivity. energy, and vitality. Mostly protein powders that goes down easily because its tasty.

Check out the PDF for Lift products.


Supplements from Clarify helps by enhancing your mind with the needed focus and sharpness to achieve better every day results.

Find out more about this set of supplements from this PDF here.


The products from Calm will help you slow down the way stress works on your body, it strengthens the body's immune system and whatnot.

All the information regarding Calm can be found inside this PDF.

Most of the ingredients found are not backed by science but they are, however, used by humans since all the way back then.

Especially the adoptogen, watch the video to have a better grasp on what it is.

I have listed every PDF to all their product types, you can check them out if you are startled by some of the effect, etc.

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Is Solle Naturals a Pyramid Scheme?

MLMs are somewhat similar to pyramid schemes, so it is totally ok if you get confused and ask yourself the question "Is Solle Naturals a pyramid scheme?".

But if I have to tell you the truth, they are not.

Pyramid schemes are illegal, whereas MLMs are not. Print that into your mind just so you won't forget it the next time you are in a discussion.

However, when I say that, I don't mean that MLMs can't be pyramid schemes. There are a lot of MLM companies that are pyramid scheme in disguise.

Take a look at this picture.

MLM Business Structure

This is a business structure that both, MLMs and pyramid schemes are implementing. 

The easiest way to identify a pyramid scheme is when a company doesn't have anything to offer except the fact that you need to invest in order to make money.

Or when more than 60% of the company's revenue comes from recruitment.

If you encounter either one of these scenarious, these's a high possibility that you are running into a pyramid scheme or a pyramid scheme in disguise.

How Much To Get Started With Solle Naturals?

The cost of joining is actually not as expensive as you think, it's $100 to become a specialist, that's how they call their distributors. With it comes the necessary set of sample products for you to start selling, a workbook, a personal website, etc.

If you were to compare a real physical business where you were to sell physical products in real time, it would require you to invest twenty to thirty times this amount.

On average you would have to spend around $20-30k to get started with a small business.

I am not saying this is a better opportunity, far from that, I am simply trying to put the pricing into perspective for you.

There are two ways for you to join Solle Naturals:

  • As a Solle Member
  • As a Solle Specialist

Solle Member

It is complete free for you to become a Solle member, you don't need to pay for membership fees, annual renewal fees or a minimum purchases requirement. 

All you have to do is create an online account and you can purchase the health supplements for a discounted price.

Solle Specialist

This is the membership option where you have to pay to play. A one time fee of $100 to become part of the Solle Family, here's what you will get once you are a specialist.

  • Weekly and monthly commissions
  • SolleRewards on personal purchases (see chart)
  • A professional Solle business portolio
  • Success workbook
  • Happy Hour home meeting guide
  • Product samples
  • Happy Hour Product DVD
  • "The Fix" by Dr. Allison Caldwell-Andrews
  • "Split Second Choice" by Jim Winner
  • 5 $25 SolleReward gift cards
  • A FREE Solle website
  • Access to the Solle resource center

This is also the membership option you need to opt for if you plan on making money with Solle Naturals.

Solle Naturals's Compensation Plan

Most MLMs have a rather complicated comp plan, if you have seen enough you might start to question whether or not you need a college degree for this.

Nah, but all jokes aside, it can be very complicated, take a look at it yourself.

Solle Naturals Compensation Plan

According to Solle Naturals there are 7 ways for you to make money with them but before that, I am going to show you the 2 main ways of making money with any MLM companies first.

  1. Retail Commissions
  2. Residual Commissions

#1 Retail Commission

Retail commissions are earned when people are buying Solle Naturals products through you, and what you make as profit is the difference in retail price.

Since you are promoting the company, you will get discounted prices for the products, about 25%.

So the more you can sell to your customers, the more you can make.

#2 Residual Commission

This is the type of commission that you will make that makes an MLM look like a pyramid scheme. The compensation plan is like a guide for you to help you earn to your maximum potential. 

You will get paid every time your successfully enrolled specialist makes sales.

The percentage or how much you can make from the sales they are making is completely depenedent on your rank.

There are a total of 12 different ranks, from the lowest to the highest are:

  1. Specialist 
  2. 1K Solle Pro
  3. 2K Solle Pro
  4. 3K Solle Pro 
  5. 5K Solle Leader 
  6. 7K Solle Leader
  7. 10K Solle Leader 
  8. 15K Solle Leader 
  9. 25K Solle Elite 
  10. 50K Solle Elite
  11. 75K Solle Elite 
  12. 100K Solle Elite 

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Here are the 7 ways for you to earn with Solle Naturals, so that's what I am going to talk about next.

1. SmartPlan

The SmartPlan is a plan created by this company that works automatically, what I mean by that is that it will automatically adjust the commission structure based on your best performing levels.

The plan will pay as high as 15% on your highest level and as low as 3% on your lowest level.

2. SolleQuick

A enrollment bonus that is paid every week to you (the one that recruits) when you successfully enroll a new member or specialist to the Solle program.  The payout is 45% and goes up to 2 levels deep.

This bonus should be incorporated into your business plan going forward.

3. HD Override

If you have a small business/store like a retail shop, gym, etc. Rebates that can range from 28-32%, and this can go up higher if the sales are growing.

  1. 28% commissions if the OV (order volume) is 1000 a month.  
  2. 30% commissions if the OV (order volume) is 2.500 a month.
  3. 32% commissions if the OV (order volume) is 3.500 a month. 

4. Infinity Bonus

Once you reach the rank of Solle Leader 15k or higher, you will be eligible for a new bonus called the Infinity Bonus.

The SmartPlan helps you get paid all the way to the 7th level, and this one will help you get paid from your 7th level and beyond.

You will receive 1% of all the commissionable volume in the levels beyond the 7th level.

5. SolleDriven

The SolleDriven is a car allowance bonus that helps you pay your car every month between $250-$1.000 a month for the purchase of your new car.

The higher your rank, the more you will get.

6. MentorMatch

This bonus is to encourage specialists to help their newly recruited members. If you have reached the SolleLeader 5k, you will get paid a percentage match of the combined bonus by your personally enrolled SollePros.

7. SollePrime

The SollePrime will help you reach the earnings of from a SollePro to that of a SolleLeader 15k and beyond.

You can check this video out where the whole compensation plan is being explained step-by-step.

Is Solle Naturals Accredited By The BBB?

Solle Naturals is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) yet at the time even though the company is more than a decade old.

I know how much this means to you if you are a skeptical person.

But to help you out a bit, I will say this. Being accredited by the BBB is not a green light for you or anyone else to go full throttle.

It doesn't mean a company is 100% legit. So always make sure to do your own due diligence.

Solle Naturals BBB

What I Like About Solle Naturals/ The Pros

1. Unique Compensation Plan

I consider the comp plan from Solle Naturals to be decent, it is also a bit unique. It's not as complicated as the majority of MLMs but it's also very helpful.

If you take your time and go through it, I am sure you will be earning a lot more then if you didn't.

2. Products Are 100% Organic

This is also a very good marketing point. You have no idea how many people wouldn't even think twice before buying health related supplements if it says all natural.

Aside from that, the products are actually legit, so there's no faking anything.

3. Broad Product Selection

A very wide selection of supplements of which you can choose from, all of it are neatly categorized for you. This definitely helps with browsing and when you are looking for specific products.

What I Dislike About Solle Naturals/ The Cons

1. No Income Disclosure

This is a really huge red flag for me. If a company is not transparent enough with the income statement, it tells me a lot.

Transparency is definitely something that shouldn't be overlooked. If a company is doing well, especially an MLM company, it would have an income disclosure, no doubt about that. So, let that sink in, it's either they are forgetting to put it or the specialists are making barely anything.

And I rather believe the latter because that's makes more sense.

2. MLMs Are Unstable

You see, here's the thing with MLMs, they are extremely hard to find success with. And I am not even exaggerating when I say that, I wish I was.

99% of people who joins an MLM is prone to failure, and only 1% (those that joined when the company just got started) will make enough to meet days end.

Is Solle Naturals a Scam?

The question "Is Solle Naturals a scam?" can be easily answered if your perspective of a scam is very clear to you. 

If you consider a company that requires you to recruit as many people as possible to make money a scam, then yes, it is a scam.

But technically, it is not a scam. Now regardless of what it is may be to you, I think the most important thing  that you should get away with today is to fully understand that Solle Naturals can not make you rich, never.

There are far better money making opportunities out there, why fight your way out of this one?

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