Is Stampin Up A Scam

Hey, welcome to my Stampin Up Review

Is crafting one of your hobbies? Maybe you have thought of using it as an outlet to start earning money from?

Perhaps you are probably assuming that it’s best to do this through Stampin Up. However you are seeking to have answers for this one question, “Is Stampin Up a scam?”

Worry no more because you came to the right place to sort out your doubts or hesitations!

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Consider yourself somewhat fortunate for being here because I will tell you every little thing you need to know about this company.

The background, the pros and cons, the product line, etc.

Let's get right into it.

Stampin Up Overview

Name: Stampin Up


Owners:  Shelli Gardner and LaVonne Crosby

Price: $99 sign up fee with the starter kit

Launched: 1988

SAP Ratings: 20/100

Stampin Up Logo

Best Suited For:  people who have an interest in scrapbooking or any hobbies that require crafts and need of proper supplies and tools. 

Summary: Stampin Up is a business started by two sisters with a shared interest in stamping and crafting. Through having knowledge that other women have also found fascination in creating easy and beautiful crafts through stamps gave them the inspiration to found their own company. Overall, this business had grown strong throughout the years. In addition to that, they have proven their credibility by giving women an income opportunity while doing what they love as well. 

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Stampin Up?

Shelli Gardner and LaVonne Crosby founded Stampin Up way back 1988. This company started when these sisters realized that there are quite a number of women who are also inclined to crafting as much as they do. 

It was a bold move for them to start using MLM as their business model even without prior experience in operating a company. 

But, it obviously turned out well since they stood strong for decades garnering tens of thousands of associates throughout the US and other countries all over the world. 

Gardner and Crosby took the time to diligently study how MLM’s operates from the companies and created their own approach to direct selling. They have been members of well-known networking companies as well. 

By 1998, Crosby decided to step down as a CEO and was then replaced by Shelli Gardner.  

Unfortunately, Gardner left her position by 2016, and her daughter Sarah Douglass took over. 

Stampin Up is committed to ensuring the people who chose to start a business with them that there’s flexibility in the working hours an individual can devote to.

Plus, it sure is convincing that they are promoting an income opportunity along with the fact that the potential prospects are doing what they love as well. 

Are you a fan of scrapbooking, creating personalized cards and all that artsy stuff? This could be a great way of earning money as long as you are also dedicated to recruiting as much as you love crafting.

Stampin Up's Product Line

Have you ever heard of an MLM company that uses third-party products and rebrands them as their own? Well, there are a few and Stampin Up was also one of them.

But, by 1992, they decided to stay committed to manufacturing products of their own.

You may also have been used to encountering networking companies that endlessly promote skincare regimen products or, weight loss supplements, but Stampin Up offers something very different from all of that.

In fact, they provide varieties of crafting supplies and tools that will take us a whole day if I go over each one of them.

Although, here are a few of them just so you can have a grasp on what available products you might have an interest to:

  • Adhesives

  • Coloring tools

  • Ink

  • Specialty paper

  • Stamping tools

  • Accents and embellishments

Journaling Pen

From different types of decorative stamps to ribbons and embossing folders that you can buy in bundles according to the occasion, I’m sure you may find something that you’ll be excited to get a hold of. That is if you are really into this kind of stuff as well.

You can always check out their shop to have a better view of options.

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Is Stampin Up a Pyramid Scheme?

People who may have had their own share of difficulties in a networking company and may have ended up failing are quick to assume that it’s a pyramid scheme.

There will always be accusations like this and I am here to clarify this controversial question.

The answer is NO.

Even if there is a huge reliance on recruiting to earn real profits within Stampin Up, it is far from being a fraudulent scheme.

They would’ve been taken down by FTC if so.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Stampin Up?

Once you are ready to become part of Stampin up you can easily register within their website. If you may have forgotten the full name of the person who introduced this company to you, you can look them up at the Demonstrator Directory.

In case you do not know anyone affiliated with Stampin Up, they will help you find 10 demonstrators near you through their Demonstrator Locator option.

There’s no surprise how networking companies require its sales representatives to pay for a registration fee.

Other MLM’s like Vasayo require high-priced signing up charge plus payment for a bundle of products, one can start selling, but Stampin Up does not do that.

They call their associates, demonstrators. And if you are really keen on becoming one, you will only need to pay $99 and it comes with a starter kit!

These include products worth $125 plus a bonus item available for the month you registered. In addition to that, there’s no need to worry about paying for the shipment because it’s FREE.

Demonstrator Perks:

Once you become a demonstrator, you are entitled to a 20% discount on every product purchased.

Other than that, this is your opportunity to engage with like-minded people through Stampin Up events and online communities.

Also, this gives you the privilege to be the first to get your hands on their latest products.

More importantly,  you will be given everything you need to start as a Stampin Up Demonstrator along with the authority to pick the products or a bundle that comes with your Starter Kit.

Are you worried you may not know what to do with all your supplies and tools? Maybe you’re having a second thought on whether or not you can pull this off?

Well, Stampin Up promises to have your back at times like this. You will be provided the support you need with inclusions of:

  • Copy of their quarterly magazine

  • Weekly Email Newsletter about project ideas, business tips, latest trends and so much more!

Most people’s fear of signing up on networking companies is failing in this industry. I suppose it’s normal since there is a lot of proof that there’s a higher percentage of failure than success within MLM companies.

Furthermore, even if these businesses promise that each associate will be guided by their upline, it rarely happens. 

Let’s say your upline already had hundreds under his or her team, how can he/she manage to personally handle each of them? There’s a huge chance of being on your own even though you were promised to be given all the support and help you whenever needed.

I am not entirely stating that this happens to everyone at networking companies, it’s just that there’s a bigger chance for this situation to occur. 

I have a group of friends in college that were convinced to invest in an MLM and were promised to be walked throughout the process and be taught of everything they needed to keep their business running.

Unfortunately, after having to pay $200 for the registration and a few products, they weren’t entertained by their upline anymore.

This is not to discourage you, but is an example of a possibility once you commit to MLM’s. 

One should be ultimately ready and devoted because this is not an easy task, it’s a competitive battle.

Stampin Up's Compensation Plan

As far as Stampin Up states that you have the power over your working hours, it’s as obvious as it gets, selling or recruiting does not take you a matter of seconds to complete successfully.

So, at this point, you probably still have that determination in you to go all-in with Stampin Up.

First, you must understand that having a business requires an utter commitment that is why there’s the importance of choosing a venture that allows you to do what you are passionate about!

Different Ways To Earn At Stampin Up

Direct Selling Stampin Up Merchandise

Through selling their products, you are entitled to a 20% commission for every successful sale.

Hosting Home Parties

They believe that this is another great stream of income potential if done right.

Organizing Workshops

This is your chance to showcase your skill in crafting while helping other people do it better. It has 2 income potential: registration fee from attendees and crafts you sold to them.

Selling Crafts You Made Through Stampin Up Supplies

You have the opportunity to sell the cards, the scrapbooks or whatever craft you have made with the use of Stampin Up products.

Stampin Up Ranking System

Since this is an MLM, there are tiers you must work your way to level up. There are 8 ranks available.

To advance, there is a need for accumulating a minimum number of sales volume quota as per rank or status qualification. The higher you go up the ladder, the better the chances of earning more commissions and incentive rewards.

For starters, you will be at the first rank, Bronze.

As one, you are entitled to 20% of commissions only if you can complete the required monthly sales quota of $435.

You can only move up the ladder if you have reached the next rank’s monthly sales requirement.

The higher the sales volume you surpass, the bigger the chance you move up the status and the bigger percentage of your commissions.

Note that there is also a need for maintaining a minimum of $300 sales volume in order to remain active within the business.

One more thing, it’s not necessary that this worth is sold to every customer you have, but you are also allowed to buy the items to make up for the remaining numbers just to hit your quota.

Are you sure you will really earn a good sum from this kind of method? 

Earning cash rewards can be from your own personal sales volume and from your team’s commissions.

Incentive luxury trips are only given to those who qualified. As you progress in the business, you will earn FLEX POINTS that you can save and exchange for any of their products or for the luxury trip of your choice.

Unfortunately, these points also have an expiration date.

For a better understanding of how Stampin Up compensates its demonstrators, I suggest you watch the video below:

How much you earn depends on how much hard work you dedicate to it. Although, I have always believed that MLM’s are not for everyone.

If you have a knack for crafting and networking, this could be an ideal option for you.

If not, well I believe you better rethink your decision on becoming a part of this company. Yes, no business is easy but it doesn’t have to seem impossible to get by at. 

You can always take Affiliate Marketing as a viable choice!

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Is Stampin Up Accredited By The BBB?

Nowadays, people have been reliant on trusting a business only if they are accredited by BBB.

This kind of tendency is normal for consumers since this allows them to give MLM’s the benefit of the doubt. 

Moreover, it’s easier for them to have an overview of what people are complaining about such a company.

Are you relieved to know that Stampin Up is accredited by the Business Better Bureau?

They were able to maintain an outstanding A-plus rating since 1998!

Stampin Up BBB profile

What I Like About Stampin Up / The Pros

1. Unique Products

Most people believe that there are cheaper and better alternatives somewhere rather than choosing pricey products from MLM’s

This is no different from Ambit Energy in terms of standing out amongst MLM’s through branding a unique product of your own. It sure is tiring to endlessly encounter health and wellness niches.

As for the case of Stampin Up, there’s a guarantee that these products are unique, cannot be purchased anywhere else but through them or their demonstrators.

More than that, they are offering helpful online classes you can avail through their website and tutorials to help you get going with your craft.

What I like more was they will also allow you to order a customized stamp according to how you want it.

2. Establishing An Online Presence

Through Stampin UP, once you decided to become a demonstrator you have the choice to start your own business website through them.

Note that, this also requires a monthly fee.

If you are worried about how to get it up and running, they will guide you through it step by step.

3. Club Participation 

If you are a person that’s into socializing, meeting new friends and have no problems with setting up small gatherings with people who share the same passion with crafting, then you’re in for a good one!

Stampin Up has different clubs you can be a part of. These people are dedicated to spending time together once a month and just do a craft together.

You will also have the chance to host this gathering or meeting and receive Stampin Up free products. Note that there’s a minimum of $30 to spend if you do host.

But people will who will attend will pay you for the items for crafting they will need.

What I Dislike About Stampin Up / The Cons

1.  Cancellation Problems

This is the most common problem of networking companies, effectively processing cancellations.

It just keeps proving the fact that most of them are greedy companies and would rather prioritize earning profits than giving the best service their consumers needs.

Stampin Up Complaint

2. Low Percentage of Success

People may assume that the ideal time to join a networking company is at the moment it started.

From there, you have the best chance of easily growing your sales team since you are one of the first to be an associate.

But, several may believe that now is the perfect opportunity to join an MLM since people are already aware of who to trust. No one wants to end up being a part of a pyramid scheme that’s for sure.

In addition to that, today could be the right time since it allows one to take advantage of the advanced technology and easily market through social media platforms. 

Thus, there’s no need in scheduling dates for an actual person to person selling. For those people who dread direct selling, it sure is easier to do it on Facebook!

Either way, there is no denying that these are valid points but it could not also hide the fact that being part of a networking company is truly difficult.

I have read a demonstrator’s testimony regarding her achievements at Stampin Up. She was a part of it decades ago and was only able to receive bragging rights about her recognitions she got within the company after 18 years.

This is proof that MLM’s need pure dedication, exceptional skills, undying patience and loads of time and effort before you can ever reach a goal. 

It took her that long to be recognized as one of the leading people in recruiting and sales. So what if you join today? 

Are you willing to spend that long before you can even reach the highest rank within the business model? Or are you confident you can do it in no time?

3. Stacking Up Inventory

Although demonstrators will tell you that you will never have to worry about frontloading, please do think about this thoroughly.

Prepare yourself for loads of craft supplies and tools you may never get to sell.

First of all, you are required to reach the required monthly sales volume to stay active.

If you are struggling to do that, they will let you purchase products for your own use just to make up for the quota you must reach.

So what will happen if you keep on failing to sell as much as needed and the only way you stay active is by purchasing products on your own?

Sure, you can sell them later if you want to, but how? You already had difficulties to do it within a time period required, how can you be complacent you get to sell everything in your stash?

4. Monthly Sales Commitment

Unless you can duly comply with the monthly commitment of the minimum sales volume, then you are entitled to commissions.

I thought they have promised flexibility in working hours? I thought one can do it at their own phase without pressure?

I do not intend to be so negative about this but it just doesn’t make sense to me. 

Who doesn’t want to work at any hour they please without having to worry about deadlines and getting kicked out of the business?

I am so glad I found affiliate marketing.

Let’s be realistic, it will be entirely difficult to reach that monthly quota selling stamps and crafting materials.

Nobody is going to need monthly supplies for making cards and scrapbooking. 

As an artsy person myself who had prior experience in scrapbooking, there are tons of other ways one can do without having to pay for expensive tools or specialty papers. 

I will not deny the fact that I found their products interesting, but I also know that there are tons of alternatives I can do to make crafting a cheaper hobby.

I hate to break it to you but Pinterest exists for a reason!

5. Home Party Expenses!

It sure is nice to have a gathering with like-minded people once in a while. 

But home parties as a method for assuming that you can find potential prospects is a traditional way of marketing.

What I do not like about it is that there’s a huge chance you’ll be spending more on hosting one than what you intend to earn from it.

Let’s say it’s your first time to host a home party and you are confident that your sales pitch is ready and definitely convincing.

Out of the 10 people you invited, how many of them can be interested to purchase your created crafts, or join your sales team in Stampin Up?

You can offer them what you made, get them impressed but are you sure that everyone at your party won’t ever think that they can buy cards somewhere else for a cheaper price?

I am telling you these to let you see the situations you will encounter and I would like to assume that you can figure out what you can do about it.

I am just laying out the possibilities. Don’t hate me.

If it was me, I dread hosting parties. Plus I would hate to bore them with a sales pitch when I have promised these people a great party.

t may not be a requirement to do this, but demonstrators believe that this is a great stream of income potential.

Is Stampin Up a Scam?

Like any other MLM, they are inclined to earning profits rather than making sure that their consumers get the best quality service and support they need.

But that evidence doesn’t suffice to accuse Stampin Up to be a scam. They are not.

In fact, it is a legitimate business running strong for decades and has helped a number of people reach their income goals.

Actually, most people are doing this just to sustain their crafting hobbies, and only a few are truly earning above the average income.

How can you be confident that you won’t even consume so much time convincing a friend to join your team?

How complacent can you be that people won’t feel that you are wasting their time with your sales pitch and that you won’t end up rejected at the end?

There is no certainty that everyone will give you a BIG FAT YES and that’s a natural part of running a business.

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