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Hey, welcome to my Surge365 Review! 

I know exactly why you are here, you want to know more about this company, right?

More specifically, what you want to know is, Is Surge365 a scam?

Or is it really the best way to help you create an extra source of income?

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

I can tell you right now that this company is not what you are looking for, and that it is indeed a scam.

But where's the fun in that? you want to be convinced, you want to see the facts, and that's exactly what I am going to show you.

Stay till the end and I will show you an alternative.

Let's get right into it.

Surge365 Overview

Name: Surge365


Owner(s): Lloyd Tomer (Co-Founder), Scott Tomer (Co-Founder & Co-CEO) Chris Cokley (Co-Founder & President)

Price: $19.95 Monthly Fee (Business Associate) $ 499 One Time Fee (Platinum Membership) + $63.54 Monthly Subsciption Fee Thereafter

Launched: 2015

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Surge365 logo

Best Suited For: People who are looking to have a home-based business by selling travel packages and/or recruiting others to do the same.

Summary: Surge365 is an MLM company that is within the travel industry. It claims that it can help you increases your income and wealth. A business opportunity designed for people who are business-minded. This company does not have any real products and you only receive commissions by recruiting others (Pyramid Scheme). You're more likely to lose money at the end of the day instead of making.

Recommended: NO

What Is Surge365?

Surge365 is a home-based business that claims that they have the ability to increase your income by sharing travel savings.

They offer a 150% price match guarantee, unlimited bonuses, overrides and residual.

The company develops an MLM system that encourages the recruitment of others into the system.

And since their affiliates are the ones promoting and recruiting, Surge365 has no need to allocate money on advertising or anything like that.

So, hopefully you can already see that there is something wrong with this.

The company has three co-founders:

  1. Scott Tomer
  2. Lloyd Tomer
  3. Chris Cokley
The Three Founders of Surge365

Scott Tormer was part of ather travel MLM called YTB International  and there were some major problems with this company. 

It was sued for being a pyramid scheme by the California Attorney General Jerry Brown in 2008.

YTB International had to make changes to their business so that they were no longer a pyramid scheme.

YTB started to lose cash in the years to come and finally filed for bankruptcy and was sold in 2013.

It has thus been identified that Surge365's CEO has in the past been involved in major pyramid schemes.

Scott and his father

Which is kinda disappointing. If you are interested in learning about the travel industry, then it's fine. But to join their MLM business? Think twice before you do that.

Surge365's Product Line

Surge365 does not offer any physical product. Unlike the typical MLM company, there is no way you can purchase an item and resell it to your customers to make some money.

What you can do and the only thing you can do to make money is by recruiting others to join.

And then you will get paid handsomely for your effort.

With Surge365, you can get discounts for your travels.

If you are a member of Surge365 you will get access to the Vortex app, and with the Vortex app, you can get discounted prices for travelling.

This kind of made me feel "meh" because if you wanted those discounts, you could literally become an affiliate of Pro Travel Network.

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Is Surge365 a Pyramid Scheme?

In essence, yes. Surge365 should be considered a pyramid scheme since it doesn't selll you anything except asking you to invest and recruit.

I am pretty sure many wil agree on this and will consider Surge365 a pyramid scheme.

However, I am also sure there are some that are making money with this company, no matter how high the risk of failure is.

But with less than 1% succceeding does not justify the way this company runs.

With a pyramid scheme only those on top are actually making money, and a lot of it, too. Those who are beneath them are making a small amount or nothing at all.

Take a look at this picture below.

MLM structure

This is an MLM payment structure, this is how MLM companies run their business.

You don't need to be Einstein to know that this looks an awful lot like a pyramid scheme. When I am reviewing companies like this, I want people to know straight away what they are dealing with.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Surge365 ?

It is actually not very clear on the get-go how much it cost to join Surge365, but of course I did the extra digging for you, and this is what I found.

Since there are no products to be sold, the only way you can make money is by recruiting, but here are the cost of joining:

  • Vortex, this will cost you $199 for the license fee plus $63.54 for the monthly subscription fee.
  • Vortex Membership is $299 for the license fee plus $63.54 for the monthly subscription fee.
  • Vortex Platinum is $499 for the license fee plus $63.54 for the monthly subscription fee.
Surge365 Membership Options

Those are the three packages you can sign up for, but if for whatever reason you think they are too expensive, which they are, you can sign up for the Surge365 Business Associate.

The Surge365 Business Associate cost only $19.95 a month and you receive the following:

  1. Mobile App
  2. Taxbot Mobile App
  3. Comprehensive Back Office 
  4. Commission Tracking
  5. Reporting
  6. Marketing Sites
  7. 60 Day Success Coaching System

Surge365's Compensation Plan

Whenever you hear someone mention compensation plan from an MLM company, you can expect to read something complicated.

Compensation plans from these network marketing companies are always written in an awfully difficult manner.

Maybe you think I am kidding, but I am not. 

I have reviewed companies like Powur, Revital U & Carelumina

So let's take a look at Surge365's compensation plan, and see how hard it is to decipher.

1. Surge365 SBA Direct Sales Commissions

Every time when you successfully enrolled someone new to Surge365, you get paid a commission. Depending which product package they chose, that's the amount you get.

  1. Vortex (You will get a $15 commission)
  2. Vortex Membership (You will get a $15 commission)
  3. Vortex Platinum (You will get a $30 commission)

2. Team Builder Level Bonuses

For you to be eligible for the team builder level you need to reach a team builder rank.

But not only that, you and your team needs to acquire 14 points, and 6 of them must come from your personal sales.

Vortex & Vortex Membership is 1 point, Vortex Platinum is 2 points.

If you can get 6 points from your personal sales within the first 30 days of being an SBA (Surge Business Associate) you will become a team builder.

But overall there is no limit for how long it should take.

3. Fast Start Bonuses

The fast start bonus allows you to make $150 when you are able to make a total of 3 Vortex sales during your first 8 days of becoming an SBA ( Surge Business Associate).

And when you are able to make a total of 14 points through personal Vortex sales then you will receive a $1000 Fast Start Bonus.

4. Regional Team Builder Level 

When you reach a sales of 100 active monthly subscriptions and maintain it for two months straight, you will be eligible to earn $10.000.

You can also earn an additional $5 on Vortex sales, $10 on Vortex Membership sales and $20 on Vortex Platinum sales.

You need to earn five $1.000 bonuses to be qualified for this position.

5. National Team Builder Level

To be qualified for this you nee to make at least fifteen $1.000 bonuses.

Once you reach the rank of National Team Builder you can make an additional $5 on Vortex Sles, $10 on Vortex Membership sales and $20 on Vortex Platinum Sales.

6. The 100% Match

You can earn matching commissions from the commissions earned by the people you personally enrolled as associates.

So for example, if one of your personally enrolled Team Builder SBAs earns $10, you can earn $10 as well.

The 100% Match also applies to the $2.00 Team Builder Residual commissions paid from the monthly subscription fee of Vortex customers.

Surge365 Team Builder & Generations

7. Team Builder Generation & Commissions

You can earn a $2 commission on active monthly Vortex subscriptions up to the 6th level of Team Builders.

Surge365's compensation plan is nothing out of the particular, if you want to check out the whole plan, click here.

Or you can watch this video where Scott Tomer himself explain to you how this compensation plan works.

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Is Surge365 Accredited By The BBB?

Surge365 is not accredited by the BBB, but it does have a 4.5 stars review. 

Not being accredited by the BBB could raise some eyebrows when it comes to trustworthiness.

But that is by no means a clear indication of how much you can really trust a company.

Surge365 has a B- rating and a 4.5 stars review, which in my honest opinion is pretty good.

But yet if you ask me, after all this research, I can say that Surge365 is not a company you should put all your hard earned money in.

BBB from Surge365

What I Like About Surge365 / The Pros

Unfortunately, there is not much to say about the pros of this company. 

If I have to be totally honest with you, nothing about this company really attracts me, but if I have to super kind.

I will say that this business opportunity is rather cheap compared to the others.

Surge365 cost only $19.95 per month to get started, that's pretty cheap even for an MLM business opportunity.

MLMs can cost anywhere from a couple hundreds to a couple thousands just to get your feet wet.

What I Dislike About Surge365 / The Cons

The cons of Surge365 can make up the whole naughty list from Santa's end of the year list. 

1. Multi-Level Marketing

This is without a doubt the first thing I dislike about this company. The fact that it is running an MLM business model is enough for me to say no. 

There are so many reasons why this business model is flawed, and people aren't aware of that. Just to name a few on the top of my head:

  • 99% of people joining an MLM is set for failure
  • Those who are making money are barely making more than $300 a month.
  • Must recruit at all cost

2. Income is No Income

The reason I say that is because the amount you can make is close to nothing. You are better off working from 5-9 if what you are looking for is money.

The reason you are looking for an option to quit the 5-9 rat race is because you want to work smarter, and not just hard.

You want to create a passive income that will eventually generate you a great amount of money month after month with minimum efforts.

3. Recruit Recruit Recruit

Remember the last time someone tried to sell you something or asked you try out something you actually have no interest in? 

This is what most people who joined an MLM company do, regardless of your interest from the topic at hand, you will be smothered with words that sound nothing like a formal conversation.

Is Surge365 a Scam?

I don't want to go in circles, so I am going to say this right now, yes, it is a scam.

Most MLM's I have reviewed are not scams, they are legit companies running an MLM business model. But I can't say the same for Surge365.

It fits the whole description, no physical products, and the only way for you to make any money is by recruiting other people to join you.

And once that stops, Surge365 will run out of cash to pay those who are already succeeding with them.

So it's just a matter of time before it collapse.

But don't be confused, not all MLM companies are scams, but this one in particular is a pyramid scheme in disguise.

No doubt.

How I Made Thousands Online In 1 Year?

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I, personally, had a very bad experience with MLM thus why I am not recommending it to anyone.

However, there is a business model I do recommend, and it's called affiliate marketing.

The reason why? let me tell you why.

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