Is SurveyRewardz A scam

Hey, welcome to my SurveyRewardz Review! 

Are you the type of person who likes to take online surveys to earn a little extra cash? SurveyRewardz is among many websites you can earn from that offer you different kinds of rewards for voicing out your opinions.

It's a pretty simple way to earn money and it's also fun to take different surveys that you are genuinely interested in. Millions of people from all over the world are members of these websites​. Although the amount of money you can earn is not that big, it's still a good way to earn a little extra. 

​But with so much of them available online, which do you think can be trusted? and is SurveyRewardz a scam? ​​​​

​In this review, I'll walking you through all the facts as well as the pros and cons to make your decision to join a lot easier. Can SurveyRewardz make a decent side hustle? ​

Let's find out.

​SurveyRewardz Overview

Name: ​SurveyRewardz


Owners: Points2Shop

Price: Free To Join

Launched: ​2014

SAP Ratings: 20/100

Best Suited For: ​People who want to save money​​​​​​

Summary: SurveyRewardz is an online survey panel website owned by the Points2Shop company based in the United States. This is not the best money making opportunity out there in 2020 and onward. The ROI is low.

Recommended: I do not recommend this.

What Is ​SurveyRewardz?

​Lets first start with the basics, What is SurveyRewardz?

​As I was going through some pages on the internet in search for some information on SurveyRewards, I didn't find that much company background and other useful information other than it being a survey website.

So, as a first impression, it didn't really make that much of a huge impact on me. 

I did find out however, that it  is an online survey panel website owned by the Points2Shop company.

Point2shop is marketing research company based in Alpharetta, GA and it is a legitimate rewards website that pays you to play games, download applications, watch videos, and a lot of other things you can potentially earn from. 

​Because surveyrewardz is owned by point2shop, that automatically adds a few points to the trust factor for me.

Even without an about me section or a company background listed on the surveyrewardz website, I can tell that it's just a normal survey panel that pays it's members to take different kinds of surveys for the purpose of research.

​Point2Shop owns two other similar survey websites called Point2Shop and YourSurvey.

Even though this company is quite small, they have been doing operations since 2007 while SurveyRewardz has been running since 2014

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What Kind of Surveys Can You Get From SurveyRewardz?

​SurveyRewardz, does not offer any products, however, they do give you surveys to answer once you sign up to their website. 

The company offers a wide range of surveys depending on your interests and depending on the panelists.

When I first tried out the website, I received a survey that me and my friends could participate in. If you have any kids, this could also be enjoyable for them.

The topic I got at the time involved toys and games, which is a great topic for anyone who's interested in this hobby.

But other than those interesting topics, I also received surveys for travel, business, grocery, and other topics. All of these surveys will be sent to you through your email.

Since there's a lot of them being sent to you, you'll definitely never get bored and you especially won't have to answer more than once for the same topic.

​Surveyrewardz is a very basic survey panel, there are no other ways you can earn money from this site other than the surveys they provide you with. If you came here only to answer surveys, then this is exactly what you'll get.

Every time you answer a survey, you'll notice that your score goes up which can be found at the top of the website on your dashboard. to figure out how much points you've earned, you can click or refresh the page to see whether or not the points have been credited to your accounts.

If you earn enough points, you can exchange those or rewards. The interface is pretty easy to use, and doesn't require that much technical ability to understand. You can keep track of everything from your dashboard.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join SurveyRewardz?

​Registering to SurveyRewardz's website is totally free and you don't need to pay for anything. In fact, signing up is as easy as clicking on the Facebook login option.

Given that this option is available, I would never recommend you put in your social media details because - uh, that could be dangerous!

You could be giving them other information about yourself that you don't necessarily want them to know about so this would probably not be the best option. 

Instead, sign up with your email address, verify it and from there you can start earning some money. As I've mentioned, they usually inform you through email if there's a survey available for you to answer.

​If you don't receive any emails, you could always log into your account and look for surveys that interest you. There's plenty of them to choose from, so you won't run out.

Answering a survey only takes less than 5 minutes, so it won't eat up that much of your time.

​Although it may seem easy, my only issue with these survey websites in general is the fact that you have to be eligible to answer them. If not, then you're just wasting your time trying to answer it.

​Usually, those that are sent to your email are the ones you can qualify for to answer.

So, i'd pick that option instead of logging in to the website. 

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How Much Can You Earn From SurveyRewardz? 

​Okay, so let's get to the juicy part. The earning - how​ much money can you earn with SurveyRewardz? 

Okay, so the surveys found on SurveyRewardz typically take you around 5 to 15 minutes to complete and then you can earn. 

Don't expect too much money though, because the amount of money you can earn for answering a 15 minute survey will only make you  $10 cents.

Some may even be lower like around $0.050. It's a little hard to do the math but the amount you can expect to receive is around that range.

However, SurveyRewardz makes up for the small amount you can make with surveys with their referral program.

As soon as you refer someone, you can earn $3. In addition to that, you can keep receiving some money up to %15 of your referrals earnings as long as they are active on the website.

There's no limit to the number of referrals you bring in, so if you don't really feel like answering any surveys, you can always just refer people. 

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Next question, how do you withdraw the money you earn?

as soon as you have received at least $1 in your account, you can cash it out.

Unlike other survey websites, they usually have a higher threshold to withdraw earnings but SurveyRewardz doesn't so that's a good thing.

You can cashout via paypal, as well as earn gift cards from visa and amazon once you reach $5. keep in mind however, that there are some payout options that have a fee.

So it wouldn't really be worth it if you cashout just $1. If you earn enough, it would be better to cash out when the amount in your account is higher. 

Paid Surveys = 2hours for $2

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Is SurveyRewardz Accredited By The BBB?

No, SurveyRewardz is NOT accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, they do have an A rating from BBB.

Even with those ratings, they still have received a lot of complaints from different people, so you might want to keep that in mind when making a decision.

BBB has alerted that this business has been receiving quite a lot of complaints about not getting paid, so you should be extra careful when participating. 

SurveyRewardz BBB

What I Like About SurveyRewardz / The Pros

1. There's a Lot of Surveys To Choose From 

​One of the things that I like about SurveyRewardz is the fact that they have a lot of surveys to spare. You can find almost any topic on the website as you want. so this is a big plus.

2. Low Payout Threshold

As I've mentioned, SurveyRewardz has a low payout threshold - so once you reach $1 you can cash it out already. you can also receive $5 gift cards for the same amount.

3. High Referral Payout 

​When you refer people to join the website, you can earn $3 and up to 15% of your referrals earnings when they refer other people as well. you can bring in as many people as you want. ​

What I Dislike About SurveyRewardz / The Cons

1. The Chances of Earning A Lot From Surveys Is Ridiculously Low

​Most of the surveys you can find in this website will usually redirect you to another panel, so the pay rate is lower compared to other websites.  

2. Blocking And Cash Out Issues 

This is one huge turn off for me. There have been many users of this websites who have complained to have issues when it comes to cashing out.

The problem was usually resolved but customer representatives would have to block their accounts first for a number of reasons. 

3. Delayed Or Not Payout

There has also been a lot of complaints about the payout from SurveyRewardz, they either never pay you or there is a big delay before you get paid.

Sometimes for those who really need that little bit of money, this can be extremely frustrating, especially when you spend hours and hours on these survey just to know that you will get paid.

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Is SurveyRewardz a Scam?

So, Is SurveyRewardz a scam or not?

​They are not a scam. First of all, they have been in operations for a number of years already and they have other companies that they handle.

The real question is, would I recommend it? I definitely would not! 

This is because earning a decent amount of side income is not possible with this website but if your intention is to have fun but earn something for answering surveys, then I would recommend this website to you. 

But why would you waste hours and hours of your time taking surveys just to make a few dollars?

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Not worth it, that's why I chose to do this online business model instead.

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