Is Univera a Scam

Hey, welcome to my Univera Review!

I hope you are familiar with the term multi-level marketing (MLM) because that's exactly what this company is.

Univera is an MLM company that sells nutritional supplements to the public with the hope of bringing health and happiness to the world. This company has been in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years.

But is Univera a scam or can you really believe everything it stands for?

First of all, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

And second of all, that’s exactly how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Univera Overview

Name: Univera


Owner(s): Yunho Lee

Price: Between $50 - $799

Launched: 1998

SAP Ratings: 40/100

Univera Logo

Best Suited For: People who have a keen interest in MLM and are docile because succeeding in this field is extremely hard and unlikely.

Summary: Univera is a health and wellness MLM company located in Williamsville, New York. Founded by Yunho Lee. And he had a vision of bringing the best of what nature has to offer to mankind through the use of Aloe Vera.

However, even though the products offered by Univera seems to be legit, this business model has a very low success rate. 

Take it from someone who has been reviewing hundreds of MLMs.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Univera?

Univera Live Young

How often do you hear about an MLM company that lasts more than 10 years in the health and wellness industry?

I can tell you this right now, not very often. So what is Univera all about?

Univera is a nutritional MLM company and all its flagship products are aloe vera infused health supplements that can bring a better overall health to those who uses it.

Yunho Lee is the founder and he had a powerful vision for people, one that manifested on his career.

When he founded the company, his focus was on all the therapeutic health benefits plants had on humans. Every product is manufactured to bring out the best of every plant.

And so the journey begins, Yunho Lee and his son Bill Lee created global network of farms for manufacturing, distribution, research and development.

Are there other MLM companies that are at least somewhat similar to Universa? Of course!

MLM companies like Purium, Nikken, Q Sciences, and Plant Therapy are all network marketing companies that are very identical.

Univera's Product Line

Univera Products

I will tell you about the products in this section. Universa has a wide array of products you can choose from.

I won't go in depth on every products that is offered here but I will go through it very briefly, just to give you a glimpse of what they have in store for you.

Here are all the product categories you can find:

  • Product Specials
  • Clearance Specials
  • Money-Saving Packs
  • Bone & Joint Care
  • Digestive Health
  • Energy & Mental Clarity
  • For Him and Her
  • Heart Health
  • Immune Health
  • Optimal Health
  • Personal Care
  • Superfoods
  • Weight Management 
  • Digital Catalog
Products of Univera

I am go to be brutally honest with you, I never ever in my life trusted these health supplements.

But based on my research, these products seems to be at least half-decent.

Most of the products are created with the thought of helping people achieve a better health, and it uses aloe vera, which is known to have a lot of health benefits itself.

And the company has been around for more than 20 years, they ought to be doing something good.

However, I know none of this really helps if it doesn't help you sell because that's essentially what you want to be sure of when joining them, make sense?

Another thing I think you should put in consideration is that the products found at Univera are nothing close to cheap, you can most likely find products offering similar health benefits for half the price.

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Is Univera a Pyramid Scheme?

As far as I know, a pyramid scheme is illegal all over the world.

Multi-level marketing companies on the other hand are not illegal, in fact, they are considered legitimate business opportunities.

However, I am not an advocate of this type of business.

Even though an MLM is not an illegal practise, it is still running the exact same business structure as a pyramid scheme.

So unless an MLM company is offering you a business opportunity where you merely buy the products and resell them to make a living, it's hard to say whether or not it's a pyramid scheme.

But Univera does offer physical products, and a lot of them, so I doubt this company is a pyramid scheme.

Here, let me show you this. 

MLM Business Structure

Take a look at this picture here, this is the similarity between an MLM and a pyramid scheme. Both are running a business structure that looks exactly like that.

This is the recruiting part of an MLM, the part of the business where you can make a lot of money.

And a lot of these MLMs are actually pyramid schemes in disguise because they will offer to sell you "fake" products while asking you to recruit more people.​

Because that's where the money lies, so of course, you wil be tempted to recruit instead of selling, and when that happens, voila!

You got yourself a pyramid scheme in disguise.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Univera?

You can be a distributor of Univera without a problem, there doesn't seem to be any entree fee or something like that.

However, what you need is a starter pack in order to really get started.

There are multiple packages you can purchase/choose from, and the prices range from $50 - $799.

  • Getting Started Kit ($50)
  • Live Young Perfect Combo Deluxe ($219)
  • Premier Starter Pack ($799)
  • Live Young Perfect Combo ($107.98)
  • Xtra Impact ($219)
Univera Starter Packs

It is not as expensive as other MLM companies to get started with but that doesn't change the success rate though.

Univera's Compensation Plan

The fun part of these MLM reviews is usually the part where I tell you how you can make money with them. And that can only be done through showing you the compensation plan.

A compensation plan is like a guide that shows you how to maximum your earnings potential within the company.

Most MLMs have a very complicated comp plan, let's see if this one is rocket science or a walk in the park.

There are a total of 7 ways for you to make money with Univera:

  1. Retail Commissions
  2. Unilevel Pay
  3. Generation Pay
  4. Bonus Programs and Incentives
  5. Xcelerate Your Drive
  6. Exclusive Events
  7. Blue Diamond Bonus

I will talk about each  and every one of them briefly.

Retail Commissions

The first way is the most common way, you can make money through retail commissions by purchasing and reselling the purchased products.

When a frontline customer purchases the products from you, you will make 20% but if the customer is a preferred customer, you will make 10% instead.

Here's an example.

Retail Commissions

Unilevel Pay

Unilevel Pay

Unilevel payment means you can make money through your personally recruited people. Every time someone you recruited makes retail sales, you will earn something as well.

And this goes all the way to 4 levels deep.

The amount you can make is also dependent on your rank, I will talk more about that later.

Generation Pay

Just like the Unilevel pay, the generation pay is received  through your personally enrolled associates. But instead of making commissions from one level, you can make commissions based on ranks.

An example would be, a silver associate earns generation pay on all the Customers and Associates between him and his next Silver.

Here's a table showing all the percentages and generations for each rank.

Generation Pay

Bonus Programs and Incentives

Aside from your monthl business activity, you can still make bonuses and incentives on the side.

  • 4 & Free Program - Enroll at least 4 preferred customers or associates to receive a product rebate.
  • Fast Start - You will be rewarded with the Fast Start bonus program if you consistently recruit people in the first 3 months (90-days)
  • Product Pack Bonuses - Every time you enroll an associate with a convenience plan and a qualified pack, you will receive a cash bonus.
  • GR8! Bonus - If you are able to maintain at least 800BV from a minimum of 8 associates, you will receive $100 bonus. 
  • Emerald Pay Bonus - Every qualified Emerald associate will receive an Emerald pay bonus worht $1.500 a month.
  • Incentives - Look out for announcements that will specifically reward certain business activities

Xcelerate Your Drive

You can buy a leased car (BMW). There are some requirements though.

  • Maintain rank, group volume, and structure requirements for 3 straight months before leasing or purchasing a car. 
  • Meet GV and structure requirements of the higher rank for 3 straight months.
Xcelerate your drive

Exclusive Events

If you do the job right, you can even go on an all expenses paid vacation. Not only that, you will be given the opportunity to interact with other business leaders while on this trip.

Blue Diamond Bonus

Once you achieved the Blue Diamond rank, you are set to make a 2% leadership bonus every month.

That's 2% of everything the company makes.

However, achieving this rank is almost impossible to do. If you have been in MLMs before, you will know what I'm talking about.

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So that was a quick summary of the comp plan from Univera, I have to say it is quite complicated. You can check out the full compensation plan here.

Or you can just watch this video explaining everything to you.

Is Univera Accredited By The BBB?

Sadly, no. Univera is not accredited by the Better Business Burea (BBB) yet. 

Which is a bit odd, since the company has been around for more than 20 years. But BBB must have its reason not to give this MLM company the accreditation it deserves.

Not being accredited by the BBB doesn't mean that you should completely drop the trustworthiness of the company to zero.

Sure, the credibility and trust should drop but not entirely.

is Univera accredited by BBB

What I Like About Univera/ The Pros

1. Great Bonuses and Incentives

When I see something good, I will say it. Univera may just be another MLM company but it is not very often you see a company offering so many bonuses and incentives to help you work harder.

If I have to be honest, I think this company genuinely cares about its associates. It is really trying to help them succeed.

2. Company's Longevity

This MLM company has been around for more than 20 years, definitely something Univera should be proud of.

New network marketing companies lasts no longer than 12-14 months and a very small percentage make it to a 5 year lifespan.

For Univera to be around this long and not being shut down by the FTC, that's a big plus point.

3. Product Variety

If you haven't seen the product line yet, I suggest you do. There are literally hundreds of products you can choose to try.

And for someone who is going to sell these products, you won't easily run out of products to promote.

If one product seems kinda vague to you, move on to the other ones.

What I Dislike About Univera/ The Cons

1. It's An MLM

The fact that his company is an MLM is something I don't like. From the outside, this company may seems like the real deal.

A health and wellness company that sells nutritional supplements to the public but when you add to the fact that they are running an MLM business opportunity, the trustworthiness just drops.

If you want to make money, and you think this is a business opportunity you should try, think again.

The success rate of MLMs is absurd, pathetic and waste of your time.

2. Sky High Product Prices

The products from Univera are just way  too expensive. If you compared similar products with similar ingredients, you will be in awe.

Take a look at this product here, the radiant revival cream, is an anti-wrinkle cream and the price is $80...

Rediant Revival Cream

If we compare this cream to Neutrogena's anti-wrinkle moisturizer ($13) or Olay's Regenerist Anti-aging face moisturizer ($23), it is almost a no brainer.

If you add those two branded anti-aging cream together, it still wouldn't amount to that of Univera.

3. Hidden Costs

There is no cost aside from purchasing the starter package when you are going to become an associate, at least that's what they want you to think.

If you want to remain active and receive payments, you need to sell at least $60-$80 worth of products every month (40 PV)

If that's not the case, then you have to purchase $60-$80 worth of products yourself to remain active.

Is Univera a Scam?

I know what you think,  you think I will tell you that you shouldn't join Univera.

And you are absolutely right!

Look, I wouldn't consider Univera a scam but I don't think anyone should consider it a legitimate money making business opportunity either.

Can you make money with Univera? Sure. 

But that's not all there is to it, the chances of you making money is super slim and even if you do, you will probably make a hundred to two hundred dollars a month, and that's if you are super good at selling and recruiting.

Now, my question to you, wouldn't you rather invest your money and especially your valuable time into something you know for sure can make you honest money, and a lot of it?

Your time is the most valuable asset after all.

Regardless of what I suggest or recommend, the choice is yours, if you decide to go with prepared to lose it all.

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Personally, I had a very bad experience with MLM thus why I am not recommending it to anyone.

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