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Hey, welcome to my Vasayo Review!  

Is Vasayo A Scam? Or could it be your ticket to that passive income you are aiming for?

Perhaps you are looking for a multi-level marketing company you want to take your chances with, and Vasayo happened to be on top of the list of your choices.

Or maybe you are searching for health and wellness products and took an interest in what Vasayo can offer.

Either way, I will walk you through determining whether this MLM company can be your saving grace. 

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any course or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

I know how hard it is to believe something when it is too good to be true, and 99% of the time, it is. But Vasayo is not a pyramid scheme.

So let's reveal everything about this company, the background, compensation plan, etc, and then you can decide for yourself whether to buy or join them or not all.

Let's dig right into it.

Vasayo Overview

Name: Vasayo


Owner(s): Dallin and Karree Larsen

Price: Ranges from $329 to $1399

Launched: 2016

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Vasayo's Logo

Best Suited For: No one. I don’t think I can recommend this company to anyone since there are other cheaper alternatives.

Summary: Vasayo is an MLM company dedicated to providing healthy supplements through its unique science. Overall, this company is deemed legitimate but, continuously questioned by its consumers regarding the effectiveness of its products. They are charging memberships at a huge amount and products are expensive as well. Despite the allegations of being a scam or a pyramid scheme, Vasayo is a legitimate company.

Recommended: Definitely Not.

What Is Vasayo?

Are you a health-conscious person and have tried dietary supplements in order to achieve a better lifestyle?

Maybe you have tested a few but didn’t necessarily do what it’s supposed to?

You may have heard of Vasayo and the reason you are here is to find out the underlying truth about people’s misconceptions about this company.  

Considering that there are dozens of Multi-level Marketing companies that specialize in the health and wellness niche, there is something unique about this company.

There’s no denying that there are some aspects that may get you to ask yourself, “Is Vasayo A Scam?”.    

Vasayo is another Utah-based company and was founded in 2016. Dallin and Karree Larsen are the founders of Vasayo. 

Dallin was one of the owners of Monavie, a no longer existing MLM. It’s quite alarming how it seemed so easy for an MLM to disappear that fast, and for the owners to start a new one.

Could there be huge chances that it will happen to Vasayo as well? I hope not.  

This health and wellness company is dedicated to providing solutions to people who are looking for supplements to improve their health.

They take pride in their own unique science called Advanced Delivery Technology or ADT. They claim that it effectively and quickly delivers the nutrients a person needs through its Liposome Advantage.

Vasayo's Product Line

Do you know what a placebo effect is? This may have happened to you, at least once or twice.

Have you ever had a headache and decided to take medicine for it, then, right after ingesting the pill, you were surprised that the pain magically disappeared?  

That’s an example of a placebo effect. How is this related to Vasayo’s products?  

A most common myth about MLM products is that usually, they have exaggerated claims and consumers are just experiencing a placebo effect.

Having the idea of how a product works and knowing that the company is firm about its effectiveness makes a person believe that it does what it’s supposed to.  

Is Vasayo a scam like a number of MLM that only had over the top product claims and no proof to back it up?

Let’s go over their product line to find out. Here are the products at Vasayo and their purposes according to their website:

  • V3 – ($57.95) delivers sustained, feel-good energy to exceed the day’s expectations.
  • MicroLife Sleep – ($54.95) uses ingredients such as melatonin and GABA to support normal sleep by regulating sleep and wake cycles in healthy adults.
  • V-Tox – ($52.95 )provides vital nutrients for a total body detoxifying experience.
  • Eternal – ($109.95) a revolutionary age-defying blend that combines youth-restoring antioxidants delivered through our Advanced Liposomal Technology for optimal absorption, assimilation, and performance from the inside out.
  • Neuro – ($59.95) supports healthy brain function, including memory, clarity, focus, and overall cognition.
  • V-Slim – ($107.95) boasts multiple ingredients to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, slow cortisol production, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Core Complete – ($64.95) quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, also offers a superfood blend, an antioxidant-rich berry blend, probiotics, omegas, and essential digestive enzymes.
  • Renew – ($54.95) supports enhanced flexibility, range of motion, and mobility within the joints.
Vasayo's Products

There are obviously high-priced goods!  They are claimed to be made with purely natural ingredients and without any harmful chemicals or additives.

Do you believe that they are worth the price? 

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Is Vasayo a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Vasayo is not a pyramid scheme like many says it is. The most obvious reason for that is because they sell legitimate products.

They don't hide behind the shadows and ask for your money to invest in something you don't even know.

Vasay would have been a full-blown pyramid scheme if that was the case.

And because it is an MLM company, the more it gets confused for being a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schems in general are illegal.

You are promised a golden dream of getting rich by investing with them.

But what really happens behind te scene is, the money you invested on them are being used to pay older members who are on the top, those that were there before you.

So the only way for you to make back that money is by recruiting other people to join the company and do the same thing you did.

Once the company runs out of money, everyone who is within the company, you included, is doomed.

Is vasayo a Pyramid Scheme?

How Much Does It Cost To Join Vasayo?

If you are truly interested in becoming a part of Vasayo and their business opportunity, can you put your hand on your chest for a moment while reading this part?

This is just a precaution since I almost had a mini heart attack when I found out the prices of membership in Vasayo!    

$239 is the lowest price available! 

Considering the amount they charge for the products, it could somehow be a bit reasonable.

But, we all know there are other companies that will let you sign up for a lower fee and offer more opportunities than this.

Vasayo's Compensation Plan

Most people are fearing that investing in an MLM company could lead to nothing.

Although most MLM companies have proven testimonies of people who are raking in millions worth of passive income, it’s no surprise how the majority are still doubtful.   

Sure, there are several who are confident enough to quit their day jobs, focused on networking, and may have received the fruits of their labor and that’s great! 

We are all aware that from the word itself; “multi-level” the compensation is dependent on what degree or standing a person is within the system.  

The most common worry of people who are interested in becoming a part of an MLM is the status they can achieve and maintain within the business.

So how about those who are below the top-level earners? Do you think that you still have a fighting chance?   

That’s why it’s natural for some that haven’t found success with the business model to assume that the company is nothing but a fraud.  

“Is Vasayo a scam?” This question may have been ringing in your head for quite some time now, so let’s get this over with! You can watch the video below to better understand the details of Vasayo’s compensation plan.  

Like any other MLM, they no operate in rankings, and there’s a monthly required quota of points and number of people under you to remain active. Commissions are paid accordingly, and chances of a better income depend on the status you have attained. 

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Is Vasayo Accredited By The BBB?

Unfortunately, Vasayo is not accredited by the Business Better Bureau. There are people that are quite concerned about this matter.

A few may take this aspect as a basis on whether to trust the business or not. However, there are also some who are aware that the credibility of a business is not solely based on BBB’s rating.  

Perhaps, if you might have read my review on Melaleuca, you have come across that it has an A-plus rating.

Despite that fact, there are still hundreds of complaints within BBB regarding their services. Anyway, it’s important to consider a company’s rating on BBB, but it’s also not that necessary.

If you have no idea what it means to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, here’s an insight. BBB requires any businesses to fill out an application form and duly pay for the membership fees in complying with the standards of accreditation.

If a company loses its accreditation, chances are, they may have stopped paying for the required fees.

Being accredited by BBB means a lot to most companies and to potential consumers.

Although, it is BBB has noted that the reason for the B-plus rating is due to Vasayp’s failure of responding to the complaints addressed to them. 

Vasayo BBB Report

What I Like About Vasayo / The Pros

1. VCloud

I do commend MLM companies who go through great lengths of giving their members ease in doing transactions and tracking their milestones.

What I found to like in Vasayo is this VCloud that allows a member to operate their independent business easily.

This allows them to have an overview of their progress within the company and what benefits they are entitled to.

In addition to that, you don’t just have the power to access this through a computer but with a mobile phone as well with the Vasayo App you can download for free!

2. Minimalistic Design of

Usually, it’s ordinary for most MLM websites to appeal crowded and hard to navigate.

But Vasayo has a sleeker and is an aesthetically pleasing design. For any business website, MLM or not, it’s a need to consider a friendly-interface for every possible user who may browse your website.  

If it’s easy for a consumer to navigate through your website, there are greater chances you’ll send them to the end of the buyer’s cycle: making a transaction.

Have you visited Melaleuca’s website?  

I personally found it difficult to go to where I wanted to, plus there are a number of restrictions unless you become a member.

That’s the only point you can view the prices of their products! Speaking as a consumer, I would not go through that trouble just to find out the fees they are charging for a product I am looking for.    

There’s even an MLM site I came across that is halfway done but already up and live! Gladly, as soon as you reach you will already have an overview of what they are offering.

Plus, there’s no need of going through the hassle of filling up forms just so you can view the prices of their products.    

3. No Lawsuits!   

Most people assume that it’s natural for MLM companies to have prior or legal cases.

Even the giants in this industry had their share of encounters from consumer complaints turned lawsuits.    

I am pretty sure you are aware of Herbalife, but believe it or not this colossus MLM had countless lawsuits and complaints against them, from exaggerated product claims, liver damage charges to pyramid scheme allegations.    

My point is, though there are tons of famous MLM with quite a reputation to maintain, Vasayo seemed to be free from all these troubles. 

That’s one huge factor to consider in case you are truly adamant about becoming a part of any MLM.    

I bet you wouldn’t want to be one of the people who had to need legal assistance to submit a complaint, would you?    

4. Heart And Hands For Humanity   

A company that is not all about getting profits but also gives back to the people undeniably piques the interest of any consumer.

Buyers usually tend to engage themselves in businesses to be a part of a better cause.    

Vasayo is committed to providing clean water to African communities! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of making that happen, right?  

As of this writing, there are over 260,000 individuals who were helped by Vasayo Brand Partners to obtain the clean water they deserve.

What I Dislike About Vasayo / The Cons

1. Overpriced Products!

Even though their products sound promising, its price seems to be the total opposite.

I have met a few people that believe that the more expensive a product is, the more effective it is. Unfortunately, with Vasayo, that’s not the case. 

​Despite the obvious fact that this MLM is unique only for their Advanced Delivery Technology, the effectiveness of their products remains questioned.

Can you believe how pricey they are? $54.95 for a Sleep Micromyst? Seriously? 

I’d rather get punched in the face and I’m pretty sure I’d be in deep slumber after that.

Kidding aside, it’s just unbelievable how much these products are worth but are apparently ineffective anyway.  

Are you sure you can sell this immediately? How can you convince prospects to purchase them?    

I don’t intend to exaggerate but I believe it’s the price that’s exaggerated. And I don’t think I’d be able to sleep thinking about how I can sell a bottle of this Sleep Micromyst!

2. Not FDA-Approved!

Typically, I’m not the type to make a big fuss of things but this one, I can’t stop to scratch my head at.

The fact that the price range of the products is expensive, the effectiveness is in question. 

The photo above is a screenshot I took from their website. It’s sure nice of them to state that what they offer is not FDA-approved, but it’s a huge red flag to me.  

Being a realistic person, I am sure that there are better and cheaper FDA-approved alternatives!   

3. Product and Services Complaints!   

Not only do they have product complaints, but they also fail to provide outstanding services to people.

I don’t believe that they have any reason to neglect their members or consumers!

People who have signed up at Vasayo paid a huge sum of money just to get poor service in return?    

4. Pay to Play System

It’s as obvious as it gets, selling their products is nothing but a heavy task.

I must say, at this point in time people are looking for cheaper alternatives and note that they prefer FDA approved products! 

So, I will ask you again, how are you going to convince people to buy these pricey merchandises?  

I bet you will turn to endless recruiting instead to earn profits! $329 for the simplest package?

But there’s not even a guarantee you will generate more profits than you could ever imagine UNLESS you go for the higher-priced packages.

Oh, come on! This is a sign of a pay to play system.  

In order to gain more, you still have to pay more. The bigger the fee you pay for the package, the more benefits you get and as they claim, the better opportunities you will get!

It’s not different from the lottery, the more tickets you buy the more chances of winning! But we all know how hard it is to hit the jackpot!

Is Vasayo a Scam?

As much as I hate to break it to you, Vasayo is deemed legitimate. Apparently, the number of complaints and questionable aspects as a business is not enough basis to conclude that Vasayo is a scam.

Although there are allegations that it works like a pyramid scheme and only offers products to cover up that fact.    

Are you sure you’re still adamant about becoming a part of Vasayo? If you are keen on signing up for their business opportunity, then that’s up to you.

But if you’ll ask me, it’s a BIG NO for me.   Regarding their products, there are quite a few misleading comments about it. You can try it to find out whether it works for you or not.

Just note that there are certain products out there that can give amazing results to certain people but it could have zero effect on you.

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