Is Viridian Energy A Scam

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Viridian Overview

Name: Viridian Energy


Owner: Michael Fallquist 

Price: $199

Launched: 2009

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Is Viridian Energy A Scam

Best Suited For: people who are looking for environmental-friendly energy providers.

Summary: Viridian Energy is an electricity provider running with a business model of an MLM. This company had stood for years and deemed its credibility. Unfortunately, over their span of service, complaints are just drastically increasing. It was sued for deceptive tactics along with other companies.

Recommended: Never.

What Is Viridian Energy?

Viridian Energy is not your typical MLM. We were used to coming across health and wellness networking companies.

But this one is not different from Ambit Energy. It was founded by Michael Fallquist in 2009.

Aside from being an electricity provider, they are offering income opportunities to its consumers. These could be a great way to earn income since, who doesn't use electricity anyway?

But is it really as good as it seems?

It's somehow natural for people to immediately decline an offer when it's from an MLM. Most people have negative connotations regarding networking companies. 

As of 2018, Viridian had finally decided to stop operating as a multi-level marketing company. They are still in business today, still providing the same services.

Also, it's not entirely surprising how they remain doubtful even at this point.

Anyway, Viridian's purpose is to provide flexible and affordable rate plans. Other than that, they are complacent that no family will ever encounter service interruptions. 

That's already convincing to be honest. But as consumers are getting wiser with their buying decisions, no one would be easily lured to that. It's a great thing that most people are making use of the internet to research companies they want to invest in.​

Moreover, we all do want to weigh out our options first to make sure it fits in the budget and still definitely beneficial.

Let's see if Viridian Energy services are worth it!

Viridian Energy's Product Line

Viridian Energy is offering renewable energy products to families and even small businesses. 

It had been certified and verified by Green-e Energy. It is a leading independent consumer protection program that provides certification for companies selling renawable energy.

These are the main services offered by Viridian Energy.


They are endorsing that you have the power to choose where to get your energy from.Well, that's an obvious fact.

But that choice involves a matter of creating an impact not just on you but of course, to our mother earth. 


For people that are inclined to environmentally-helpful products, this is an option for you. 

Viridian Energy offers natural gas that does not only benefit you, but also funds nonprofit organizations as well.


One can sure save a lot from using solar power. 

You can purchase solar panels at Viridian and pay no fee for the installment. 

If you are interested on any of this, you can visit the Viridian Energy website to see the plans avaialble in your area.

Viridian Energy

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Is Viridian Energy a Pyramid Scheme?

The negative perspectives of people towards multi-level marketing companies will never seem to subside.

A lot of people fail within its system, so it's not quite shocking anymore.

But as much as it's so easy for people to assume a company is a pyramid scheme, it's not enough verdict. 

You see, a company can be a pyramid scheme if it offers no legit products. As for, Viridian, they offer natural gas and power. 

Even before it left the MLM business model, it was never a pyramid scheme.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Viridian Energy?

Viridian Energy no longer functions as an MLM. But when it still did, they charge interested people a sign-up fee of $199 to become independent distributors.

As usual, these distributors are entitled for starter packs, including necessary tools. Since most MLM's require membership to fully access their website, it's no different from Viridian Energy.

However, you can only become a part of this company as a customer.

Since it's no longer an MLM, they do not accept memberships anymore. 

As Viridian's official website states, there is no need to pay for enrollment fees!

Viridian Cost To Join

Viridian Energy's Compensation Plan

So, let's get down to how Viridian Energy used to compensate their distributors.

Even before it announced to withdraw from the MLM business model, they have given their affiliates a heads up about it.

Gladly, they will still be given commissions accordingly but will no longer have power on recruiting anyone anymore. This was effective since March of 2018.

I have come across a pdf of Virdian Energy's compensation plan. And according to that, there 8 different ways you can earn from the company.

  1. Fast Start Bonus- this is given when you can enroll up to 15 people within your first 90 days in the business.
  2. Mentor Bonus - you will be entitled for commissions when you helped anyone from your team achieve the fast start bonus.
  3. Residual Pay - the more you grow your team, the better compensation. This is also based on how many active consumers you keep.
  4. Monthly Usage Bonus - the more power usage your customers consume, means more rewards for you.
  5. Generation Bonus - as you rank higher, and people within your team level ups too, you will be paid accordingly.
  6. Infinity Bonus - this allows you to receive bonus on all customers in your team outside of paying generations.
  7. Rank Advancement Bonus - the higher status you achieve, the better bonus you will receive.
  8. Promotional Pay - if you qualify, you can sign up to the Audi car program or to the available incentive trips!

You can proceed to watch the video below for an in-depth view of the compensation plan!

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Is Viridian Accredited By The BBB?

People tend to rely on the Better Business Bureau's company accreditation.

Well, it's a great basis since BBB keeps transparency in terms of company complaints. How so?

They do not filter them, and they have quite a list of standards any business must comply with.

As of this writing, Viridian's BBB profile is being updated. But according to stealthsecrets.comit formerly had an A plus rating. Even so, they have over 190 complaints and 9 of them were resolved for the past 3 years. That sure sounded alarming.

I do hope that Viridian Energy, gets accredited soon and can address complaints ore efficiently. This instills trust in consumers and reliance that they can get the honesty and responsiveness they deserve.

Viridian BBB

What I Like About Viridian Energy/ The Pros

1. Making A Difference Around The World.

I don't know about you, but I do love the feeling of being a part of a bigger cause. Despite issues and negative comments regarding Viridian, I still found something to like about it.

So, below is a photo of an overview of how much a customer of Viridian can help. 

It's great how much they initiate that making a small difference can grow over time. 

They do coastal clean-ups, donate solar panels, plant trees. All these are made to happen through their commitment and dedication to helping our planet!

VIridian Projects

What I Dislike About Viridian Energy/ The Cons

1. Low Ranking at Texas Electricity Ratings

So, Viridian's standing in BBB, is still in question. But, I found another useful rating we can solely base on.

Texas Electricity Ratings  have a ranking for over 90 electricity providers, including Viridian.

According to their website, these ratings are based on multiple aspects namely;

  • Customer Reviews
  • Kilowatt per hour rates
  • Public Utility Commission of Texas Complaint
  • JD Power and Associates Ratings
  • Company Standing at the Better Business Bureau
  • Including Telephone and Online Surveys

But it don't stop at that. They compile the all these data along with how the company functions. From the features of services offered, to customer rewards, to incentive programs and so on.

Viridian Texas Electricity Ratings

I think that this gives customers a fair overview regarding the company and it's services/

From their list. Viridian is at 46 with 2.67 out of 5 rating. I believe it's a very low grade since there are companies that have rating of 5 out of 5.

I am not sure whether this is still a good thing since it is ranked better than Ambit Energy.

Ambit Energy Texas Electricity Rating

2. Complaints Everywhere!

It's crazy how people are losing money when they were offered a great opportunity.

Instead of having another stream of income.

Viridian Reddit Complaint

Enter your text here...

Viridian Yelp Complaint

3. Lacks Transparency

It turns out that Viridian is one of the few companies who received a lot of complaints regarding their service. According to MuckRock, over the past years, these complaints just increased. 

Other than that, even though it's not stated that these companies are a scam...

They are using similar tactics into luring people to avail affordable services but will later on increase charges. 

This is not a shocking news for most people who are aware of how MLM's functions. That's a sad truth to be honest.

Viridian MuckRock Complaint

Viridian had to pay $5 million worth of settlement and refund to customers! All that for aggressive and deceptive sales tactics. That's a huge red flag to me.

Every company's priority is to be transparent to their customers at all times. 

A reason why people are quick to assume that MLM's are nothing but fraudulent scheme is due to these kinds of companies.

They fail to provide important information in terms of billing. Most importantly, they lack on asking for people's consent before charging them double. 

Moreover, they must keep address complaints accordingly and efficiently!

Is Viridian Energy a Scam?

For those of you who have been questioning the legitimacy of Viridian Energy, I am here to clear the air.

There are quite a few reasons for anyone to believe that this is a scam. Especially with a lot of complaints over the internet, it's easy to assume that way, right?

So, is Viridian Energy a scam? The verdict is no.

Obviously, there are a number of red flags as cues to avoid this company.

If you are looking for an electricity provider, I cannot recommend this business. And if you are still searching for another income stream, I must suggest affiliate marketing.

No one wants to be charged double of what we have agreed on, right? Even if it is a fact that a business venture needs investment, why settle for a company that costs you more than you have put into?

There are other ways to earn without costing you a fortune. Believe me, you can be your own boss if you want to!

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