Is Xooma WorldWide A Scam

Hey, welcome to my Xooma Worldwide Review! 

Are you looking for a way to improve your health as well as your wealth? Perhaps Xooma Worldwide can give you that?

Or maybe you're worried it's not going to be as great as its claims?

Let this review help you by answering the question, "Is Xooma Worldwide a scam?"

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

Xooma Worldwide Overview

Name: Xooma Worldwide


Owners: Ron Howell

Price: $199-$499

Launched: 2005

SAP Ratings: 10/100

Xooma Worldwide Logo

Best Suited For: no one. 

Summary: Xooma Worldwide is another MLM in the health and wellnes niche. Although offer products that are advertised to give you positive health benefits, they are not evaluated by the FDA. Its rewards plan is also complicated and there are no income disclosure statement available in its website or anywhere.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What Is Xooma Worldwide?

Have you ever encountered MLM companies that were launched by people who have no prior in operating a networking company? Or at least any business at all?

There's a  number of them but have grown to be successful anyway. What more if a company is headed by a person who had executive positions in various industries, right?

Originally, Dan Putnam was stated a co-founder of Xooma Worldwide when it was launched in 2005. But his position in the company lasted until 2012 when he started another MLM called EPX Body.

But today, Xooma is now headed by Ron Howell, who was believed to be the person who co-founded the company with Putnam. 

Ron Howell had over 30 years of leadership experience and had become Senior VP, President and CEO positions in different kinds of organizations along with direct selling companies.

Xooma Worldwide is another multi-level marketing organization operating in hopes to become the world's number 1 Wellness Company.

It's slogan, "Chaning the Health of a Generation" is deeply aligned with the company's goal of giving the current and future generations the chance to become physically and financially healthier. 

Also, they claim that there are tens-of-thousands of independent partners that considers Xooma their home. 

Are you ready to experience a a great transformation in your life with Xooma Worldwide?

Xooma Worldwide's Product Line

Since Xooma claims that they are truly committed into giving people the best chance of having a healthier,more productive and financially prosperous life...

Let's see if their products can actually make that happen!

Every MLM must have something unique to offer in order to entice people into seeing that there is value in the company.

If people can't see what's great in a product, how else are you going  convince them into buying?

You are reading this review for a reason, and if it's choosing Xooma Worldwide as the place to start your own business, it is a must to understand what's great in the products it provide.

Once you have become an independent distributor at Xooma, you'll gonna have to sell these products to your prospects.

This company takes pride in their 30 cutting edge products especially with X2O, its flagship products. 

It somehow reminded me of Izumio, Naturally Plus' hydrogen-infused water.

But X2O is created to give you 70 trace minerals, and you don't drink them from pouches like Izumio. Instead, you pour it into water, mix it then drink it. 

It intends to give you health benefits as well as improving your sleep or strengthening your joints and so on.

But, this can also have alarming side effects. It is suggested to consult a medical professional before intake of products like this.

There's a blog I have come across that will teach you how much of X2O you can consume. 

There are other products that Xooma offeres and here are some of them:

Xooma Worldwide X2O

FocusUP - it's an energy product you can order in capsule form or as a powder you can blend into a drink. It is made with botanical ingredients that helps an individual improve focus, memory, mood, concentration and overall mental performance.

KardiaXyme - this is made with algae and other marine minerals. It is claimed as a proven formula that is designed to optimize celullar, cardiovascular, and metabolic health. It is your support for lifelong physical and mental wellness.

Chocolate Fix -  a chocolate drink you can enjoy hot or cold. This is made as a guilt-free treat rich with antioxidants.

There are more products that Xooma offers and all of them are claimed to be created with cutting-edge nutritional science, made with premium quality ingredients. On top of that it is also stated that these are exclusive patented formulas. 

Most MLm companies claim that there products are all patented. One of them is Carico International.

Feel free to browse Xooma's official website or check this Xooma Product Catalog!

Now that we know that this company aims to change the lives of people for the better and they seem to have great products, it's time to look at how this company rewards its distributors.

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Is Xooma Worldwide a Pyramid Scheme?

Have you ever came across a multi-level marketing company and it kind of gives you a vibe that this could probably be a pyramid scheme?

It's somehow easy to assume that when such company sounds too sketchy or fails to disclose the most important information.

Unfortunately, you just can't base on your perception on how a company appeals to you to say that it is indeed a fraudulent scheme.

There are guidelines for this and one important factor to base from is if it does not sell any products at all.

From this, it will be self-explanatory to determine whether an MLM is a pyramid scheme or not.

We have gone over the products that Xooma Worldwide offers, thus leaving them out of the list of MLMs that operates as a pyramid scheme.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Xooma Worldwide?

Becoming a part of any multi-level marketing company will always be a risk to take. Besides the obvious fact that it is a competitive industry, it's entirely time-consuming and generating profits can never be certain.

You always need to ask yourself first if you can sell the products. Or is the possibility of recruiting the people you know would be easy or at least probable?

It's common for a networking company to require purchasing a package of products to get your independent business started.

There are usually affordable options but there are also expensive ones that are claimed to be the greatest deal of them all.

Any of the packages will be offered with "huge discounts", so that you can easily purchase them.

Apparently, it will be recommended that you buy the most expensive since this has better and bigger discounts and you'll get more items.

Here is the list of the packages at Xooma Worldwide you can choose from!

  1.  Variety Cash Back Pack $199
  2. FocusUP & X2O Value Pack $199 
  3.  X2O Value Pack $199
  4.  MetaboWize Value Pack – TVan $199
  5.  FocusUP & X2O Value Pack $299
  6. X2O Value Pack $299 
  7. MetaboWize Value Pack $299 
  8.  Product Variety Pack $499
  9. FocusUP & X2O Value Pack $499 
  10.  X2O Value Pack $499

The choice is completely up to you. You can always try the cheapest one or choose whatever fits your budget. 

You can go all in and get any of the $499 worth of package if you are truly confident that you can grow as one of Xooma's distributor.

I tried clicking the "Get Started" option in Xooma's website, but I was only directed to this page with videos of information that's supposed to help me with my health.

To be honest, going over it's website is giving me a headache. I am not sure if it's just the color scheme, but overall, I don't think the site is appealing at all.

Xooma Worldwide's Compensation Plan

Joining a networking company should be given a lot of thought before doing so. This does not only require money for investment, but you need to give your complete dedication to keep your business running.

As a Xooma member you will have the privilege of receiving special discounts on products along with other exclusive rewards.

On top of that, this company states that they have a fun incentive program you can enjoy.

No company will ever tell you that they have a very complicated rewards plan and that thriving within the business is entirely difficult.

You must keep in mind that it is important to understand how rewards are given in this type of business model. This will allow you to have a better picture on how you can leverage or maximize your income potential.

At Xooma worldwide, there are 8 ways you can generate income. Here's how: 

1. Rapid Rewards Bonus Plan

This is an option where you can earn money fast, as the name itself suggests. How exactly can you do that?

 First, you need to accumulate 100 Rapid Rewards Volume (RR) by either purchasing products for your own use or by selling them. In addition to that, you must also sponsor at least 4 members to become a part of your team.

These members must also generate the same amount of RR in order for you to qualify for commissions in this plan.

2. Team Commissions

Of course, you cannot solely rely on selling the products to earn money. So, what you need to do is make sure you build an organization of members. You will have a left and right team. 

It's up to you where you want to place your members. The efforts of these people below you will also reflect on the income you will generate. Thus, it makes up your team commissions.

3. Executive Pay Match 

As stated in Xooma's Prosperity plan, "the best way to achieve success in Xooma is to help other people achieve success".

As you grow your team, this company will reward you by giving you 25% matching bonus from the weekly team commission pay.

Xooma Worldwide Executive Pay Match

You will only be eligible for this bonus if you have attained the rank of International Marketing Representative or higher.

4. Generational Pay Match

Eventually, the people beneath you will expand their team and this bonus will help you generate income from the generations created by your member.

If these people can duplicate your efforts in expanding the sales team, the more they grow the more generations you can earn from.

5. Cash-Back Bonuses/Gift Card Program

Once you enter the program as Xooma's distributors, you will receive a set of gift cards from any package you purchase.

You can offer these gift cards to anyone you know and can be used within 30 days.

Let's say a person had redeemed one of your gift cards, you will not just receive $50 bonus, the card that was used will be replaced by Xooma.

Basically, for every card redeemed, there will be a replacement in exchange. It seems like a fun way to earn, but there's no indication if there's a limit as to when this cycle will end.

6. Direct Sales / Retail Customer Program

Obviously, as a distributor, you can purchase products at a wholesale price and sell them in retail price. Thus, this allows you to earn as much as 20% to 50% for every successful sale.

No need to worry about packaging the products and shipping them to your customers, because Xooma guarantees that they will do that for you. Then, just send you the commission you deserve.

7. Car Bonus

Ever dreamed of having your own luxury car? Does it sound impossible to get with just your day job and some crappy part-time?

At Xooma, you can dream big and eventually qualify for the car bonus! 

This does not happen by just becoming a member and crossing your fingers that you'll someday qualify.

You need to work hard to earn it.

By the time you are able to accumulate 75, 000 QV, that's when you can be rewarded with a car bonus of $750 per month.

You have the power to choose the specific model you want and in whatever color you like.

It sounds great right? But how much time and effort would it take you to generate 75,000 QV?

8. Leadership Bonus Pools

When you have reached the rank of National Director, you can now participate at the leadership bonus pools.

You will be given .5% from the 2% of Xooma's overall sales.

But how far is the level of National Director? How many levels do you need to surpass?

Here's the Ranking Positions at Xooma Worldwide:

  • Marketing Representative
  • International Marketing Representative
  • Senior Marketing Representative
  • National Manager
  • International manager
  • Senior Manager
  • National Director
  • International Director
  • Senior Director
  • Executive Vice President

In order to move one level up, there are requirements you need to complete first.

You can check all that at Xooma Worldwide's Prosperity Plan!

If you want to have a better view on your income potential, you can see Xooma's Income Examples.

Or you can just watch the video below for more information:

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Is Xooma Worldwide Accredited By The BBB?

Even though Xooma had received an A-plus rating at the  Better Business Bureau, it appears that it's not accredited.

There are multiple reasons as to why a business can lose its accreditation. It could be because they may failed to pay the dues or have not consistently complied to the requirements.

Anyway, even if it's an important aspect for any organization to be BBB accredited, this does not affect the whole standing of their businesses.

Rating on BBB is derived from data accumulated on how the business handles customer complaints and a lot more important factors are considered.

This means that you can still trust a company even without a BBB accreditation.

But it would be a wiser choice to go for the ones that are accredited.

Xooma Worldwide BBB

What I Like About Xooma Worldwide/ The Pros

First of all, Xooma gave me the impression that this is yet another typical multi-level marketing company.

Then, there's nothing about their products that screams unique to me. 

It's a good thing that this company had been up for years now, there's just nothing new about it that is worth they hype.

Lastly, even if you think you are equipped with the set of skills needed to thrive within a networking company, joining at this point in time may not be the wisest decision.

What I Dislike About Xooma Worldwide/ The Cons

1. Product Costs Are Hidden

I don't understand why most MLM does not show the prices of their products.

It's not really leaving consumers more curious and would really allow them to go all the trouble of looking for your product prices when they can go for another brand they can freely browse at.

And for a company that has a very unappealing website, I'd really jump to another brand without hesitations. Just saying.

Plus, if these products were made from cutting-edge science why hide the costs? They should flaunt it instead, if these merchandise were so great, then let the world easily find out how much they charge for it.

So that we can see if it's affordable or truly worth the price!

But if you go over Amazon, you can see that X2O is sold for $35 for 6 sachets! That's pricey.

2. No Income Disclosure Statement.

I have tried looking for Xooma's Income Disclosure Statement and have not come across any.

It's just frustrating since the company had been operating for years now, why can't they disclose this important matter?

I believe that any company that offers a business opportunity must give out details regarding this matter.

Aside from the fact that this can prove the "life-changing opportunity" claims this company declares, we can also see if this is just another business that we must avoid.

3. Not FDA Approved

Despite all the health claims their products have, they are not evaluated by the FDA.

We can never be certain that this could provide you great benefits or turn your health into a turmoil.

Why settle for products that are overpriced and the positive health benefits it has can be probably caused by placebo effect. Who knows?

We all have different states of physical and mental health, we can never be sure if this could be great for your or just do you worse.

4. Negative Product Reviews

The photo below shoes the latest review on Amazon regarding the X2O.

If you go over the complaints, there are people who doesn't seem to be happy with the product. Plus, some thinks that the price is definitely too expensive.

Xooma Worldwide Latest Product Complaint

Here's another problem that people encountered from using X2O. 

Xooma Worldwide Product Complaint

Sure, there are no perfect products but for a complaint to be recurring? That's not a good sign!

Is Xooma Worldwide a Scam?

Researching about the company is a must before you dive into its business opportunity. There's a need to see whether this can benefit you or not.

Plus it's important to check the company's credibility, because if it sounds sketchy, that's going to reflect on you as their distributor. You'll probably have a hard time convincing people to join you or at least buy from you.

So, were almost done with this unbiased review. Let's finally answer the most controversial question:

Is Xooma Worldwide A Scam?

I must admit, their website does not impress me or appeal to me in any good sense. It's kind of giving me a vibe that makes me question its legitimacy.

The look of any website surely says a lot about its brand. Apparently, this does not make Xooma a scam.

For years in the business, they have proven that the business they are running is legit. Although, there are some things you might want to rethink about before joining.

If you would like to take your chances and finally commit to Xooma and start your money-making opportunity, then best wishes to you.

But if you have changed your mind, there's a  better income stream I'd like to introduce to you.

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I, personally, had a very bad experience with MLM thus why I am not recommending it to anyone.

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