Is Zilis A Scam? (E-commerce MLM Exposed!)

Zilis MLM

Hey, Welcome to my Zilis Review!

There are two reasons why you are asking the question “Is Zilis a Scam?”.

  1. You heard about the potential it has for you to make money and you are interested.
  2. You are checking their products out because you are interested.

Am I right?

Whichever one of the reasons it is, you have come to the right place. The last thing you want is to invest in this company and lose thousands of dollars.

Or purchase an expensive product that does not meet your expectations.

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before purchasing any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make money online instead!

In the next couple of minutes, I will reveal to you everything there is to know about this Multi-level marketing company.

The company’s background, how likely you are to succeed with them, their product line, pros, and cons.

Oh, and most importantly, if Zilis is a scam, a pyramid scheme or a legitimate MLM company.

You will be geared with all the information about Zilis and you will be ready to make a well-informed decision.

Let’s go.



Zilis Emblem

Name: Zilis


Owners: Steven Thompson (Founder & CEO)

Price: $99 to $1299

Launched: 17th August 2015

SAP Ratings: 35/100

Best Suited For: People who have decent knowledge in marketing and are looking for a way to make money by selling CBD-related products.

Summary: Zilis is a network marketing company that sells 3rd party products, they sell skincare, nutrition, CBD oils, etc. But most of their focus is on selling CBD-related products now. A typical MLM from the outside with a very low success rate, be ready to lose some money for trying if you plan on trying.

Recommended: Definitely not.

What is Zilis?

Like very few MLM companies, Zilis is a network marketing company that sells a variety of 3rd party products. That means they don’t have their own manufactured product line.

The name Zilis, pronounced “za-lease” is derived from the Swahili language and it means “multiplying nutrition”, a very fun name to be honest.

Founded by Steve Thompson and his wife Angie in 2015, but prior to that, Steve ran another MLM company named Cyberwize from 2001 to 2009.

That company was renamed into LiveSmart 360 after a year.

However, it announced its ending on October 30th 2015 and that’s when Steven started his new network marketing company Zilis.

Together with his wife Angie Thompson, Steven has been running the company quite well and managed to have a team of thousand people in 40 countries.

What I can tell you about the founders of Zilis is that they are veterans within this business, they wear experience as their Armour.

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Zilis Product Line

Like I just mentioned above, they don’t manufacture their own products, so that means all the products they are selling are from 3rd parties.

Zilis consider themselves as the “Amazon” of CBD-related products because of their e-commerce business.

And you can browse around and find a wide array of CBD infused products from different companies.

But not just hemp oil and CBD-infused products, they also sell nutrition and the whole health and wellness package can be found at Zilis.

Steven Thompson has a weird vision of selling other people’s product, He handpicks the best and sells them under his own brand with his own marketing strategies.

I think he managed to run his business like this because of his experience with MLM, he knows about them inside out.

There are a lot of products, and this is not a Zilis product review, so I will not go into details on each and every one of their product.

Zilis Products

However, the products can be listed on one of these categories.

  • CBD
  • Cleaning Products
  • Pet Products
  • Soap
  • Lotions
  • Supplements
  • Diet Supplements
  • Bug Repellent

That’s one of the perks of being e-commerce, you can sell a variety of products from more than just one or two categories. And there’s absolutely no problem with that.

Here’s a list of their most popular products.

  • Ultra Cell Topical Water Soluble, Hemp Extract + Essential Oils
  • Ultra Cell Water Soluble, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Ultra Dream Sleep Support
  • Ultra Ice Full Homeostasis Support
  • Ultra Burn Weight Loss Support
  • Ultra Edge Cognitive Support

If you are really interested in their products, you should check it out here.

I have nothing against Zilis nor am I promoting them in any other way. So that’s all I can tell you about their products, whether they are really legit or not, I can’t say because I haven’t tried them and I don’t want to tell you lies.

There are a few positive feedback on the internet about the products from Zilis, that’s all.

I have never tried CBD infused products before, but If you are interested in using them, you should definitely check what WebMD and Healthline has to say about CBD fist.

How To Start Making Money With?

Before I tell you how to actually make money with Zilis, let’s first take a look at how much it cost to join them.

The way to join an MLM company is almost the same for all MLM companies, you have to pay an entrance fee. In this case, you have to pay $99 to get started.

You do, however, get products with you when paying for the $99, it’s included. Once joined, you will get an initial rank of ambassador, that’s the lowest on the bracket.

Aside from that, if you want to make more money with them, you should purchase a starter pack and they have 3 starter packs for you to choose.

  1. Bronze Starter Pack ($199)
  2. Silver Starter Pack ($599)
  3. Gold Starter Pack ($1299)

And yes, there’s a difference. The more expensive the starter pack, the more products with higher profit rates.

But if you are just starting out, don’t feel too confident and purchase the most expensive pack, just go with the cheapest one first, and build your way up from there.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the earning opportunities with Zilis.

Like any MLM company, there are mainly 3 ways for you to start making money with Zilis.

  • Make money by re-selling their products (Retail Commissions)
  • Make money by recruiting more people to your downline (Recruitment Commissions)
  • Make money by earning BONUSES (Bonus Commissions)

All of this can be explained in fuller details, a compensation plan. I will tell you more about their compensation plan in the next section.

Zilis’s Compensation PlanZIlis's compensation plan

Another thing MLM companies have in common with each other is their compensation plan, what I mean by that is, they are usually extremely complicated.

I have reviewed Bonvera, isXperia and TruVision Health recently, and they all have a compensation plan that’s a tad complicated.

Some plans consist of 100 long pages, how do you even start with that? It feels like they did it on purpose, which makes no sense.

But anyway, here’s how Zilis’s compensation plan looks like.

I will go over the plan in a much easier to digest manner, just so you don’t get all confused about it.

There are a couple of ways for you to make money with Zilis. I will go over them one by one and give you a small and comprehensive explanation about each one.

Retail Commission

The most common way in any network marketing company is to earn by retail. This is where you basically purchase their products on a wholesale price and sell it to your customers.

The current rank you are at and the difference in wholesale and retail price is your profit. As easy as that sounds, it is not.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

This is when you did an amazing job to get someone to join Zilis and when they purchase a starter pack, you will get a commission off of that.

So basically whenever your recruits purchase one of the 3 starter packs, bronze, silver, and gold, you get paid.

Here’s how much you can make.

  • Bronze = $20
  • Silver = $40
  • Gold = $60

Residual Recruitment Commissions

This method of making money with Zilis is similar to direct recruitment commissions.

How this work is, whenever you recruit two people, they are put under you, one on the left and one on the right.

And to get this residual recruitment commission, both of your legs need to make a minimum of 300 GV and depending on your current rank, that’s how much you can make.

At least $250 a week if you are an ambassador and up to $10.000 a week for the highest rank.

MLM Commissions

A way to earn commissions depending on how much product you purchase on a monthly basis.

So in order for you to be eligible for this kind of commission, you need to purchase at least 90 PV (Personal Volume) every month or agree to a monthly auto-ship of 60PV.

Do that and you will be seen as active within the company and be eligible for the MLM commissions.

There are also bonuses that can generate you some money, but I won’t really get into them too much, so here’s the list of Zilis’ bonuses.


  1. Healthcare Bonus
  2. Blessing Bonus
  3. Rising Star Bonus
  4. Presidential Bonus
  5. Jeep Bonus

Every bonus requires you to meet a certain goal first, so don’t even bother with them if you aren’t making any money yet or if you are struggling to make a few bucks.

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Zilis’ Affiliate Ranks

Zilis Compensation Plan

There are a total of 12 ranks within Zilis, the purpose of these rankings is the amount you can make as an affiliate. It’s like a multiplier.

Here’s the order of the ranks.

  1. Ambassador
  2. Associate Ambassador
  3. Community Ambassador
  4. City Ambassador
  5. Area Ambassador
  6. Regional Ambassador
  7. National Ambassador
  8. Presidential Ambassador
  9. Diamond Ambassador
  10. Double Diamond Ambassador
  11. Triple Diamond Ambassador
  12. Black Diamond Ambassador

If you are interested in checking out the complete compensation plan that has 24 pages in it, click here.

Or you can just save your valuable time and watch this video instead.


Is Zilis a Pyramid Scheme?

Zilis is NOT a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme, they are a legitimate MLM company. Do you know why I say that? let me tell you why.

It’s a very common mistake people make when they put the two terms next to each other, MLM and pyramid scheme.

Before I go any further, explaining to you why Zilis is not an actual pyramid scheme, I want to make it clear to you as to why there’s even confusion between the two.

Take a look at this picture below.MLM structure

This structure looks very familiar, right? In fact, it looks exactly like a pyramid scheme, correct?

Well, that’s how an MLM company runs its recruiting business. And yes, that’s where the confusion comes in. So MLMs and pyramid schemes have very similar characteristics.

But here’s the difference, that’s not the only way MLMs are making their money. With MLMs, you can actually purchase and resell whereas a pyramid scheme does not.

However, there are pyramid schemes pretending to be MLMs. So be careful of that.

But as long as you follow Smart Affiliate Paradise, I can assure you that you won’t get tricked into joining a pyramid scheme disguised in an MLM company.

Is Zilis a Scam?

If Zilis was a scam, they would be telling people to invest in them without actually delivering anything of value. They will sell people the dream of investing to get rich, without the rich.

Zilis is definitely not a scam, but legit multi-level marketing that won’t make you rich.

Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. They just won’t make you rich, you can look at their income disclosure here.

They literally tell you that 50% of people who join can make $300 a year, A YEAR! and the other 50% of people are most likely making nothing.

You don’t even need to major in economics to know that this is not a great business opportunity to get rich with.

What I Like About Zilis / The Pros

1. The Product Line

Maybe this is just me, but I always give companies who are selling a wide variety of products a thumbs up, I think it makes me as a customer feel like I can find more than what I am looking for.

2. Good Product Choice

CBD is an excellent choice to market right in now. It is rising in popularity all around the globe. Although not completely sellable in every country yet, it is still worth selling. Take a look at this graph from Google Trends.


3. Experienced CEO

Steve Thompson and his wife are seasoned veterans within this MLM community. They know what they are doing, and I can see that from the way the run this company. MLMs are hard to succeed, but having experienced founders and CEOs helps a lot.

What I Don’t Like About Zilis / The Cons

1. Low Success Rate

This has more to do with MLM companies in general than Zilis specifically. 99% of people joining an MLM company lose their money, I can personally say this is true because I have lost quite a bit of money because of that. Having a success rate of 1-2% is absurd.

2. Fairly Expensive To Join

Aside from having a low success rate you might think it’s not super expensive to try, but nooo. They are more expensive than other online business models that are way cheaper to get started with.

3. Focus Is On Recruiting

The biggest focus when it comes to making money with Zilis is on recruiting. This just makes it look more and more like a pyramid scheme, it is definitely heading into that direction.

And if you don’t take part in this, you are leaving money on the table.

My Final Verdict On Zilis

I have nothing against Zilis, I think they are a somewhat great company, but when it comes to making money with them, I don’t think I like them very much.

You should know by now that I do not recommend Zilis and I really hope I have convinced you enough not to even try.

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I hope you find this review about Zilis thorough enough and if you liked it, leave me a comment down below and let me know or if you have any questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to ask.

Stay Cool & Humble.

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