NHT Global Review

Hey, welcome to my  NHT Global Review! 

Are you ready to achieve your professional and personal growth? Or would you be more willing to join a community that aims to help people all over the world to have a healthier and wealthier lifestyle?

Why not choose when you can do all that with NHT Global?

Maybe the fact that a few MLM’s have had controversial backgrounds that leave you wary of taking your chances.

Well, this NHT Global Review will enlighten you about everything you need to know!

Firstly, I am really proud of you for taking the time to do your own research before purchasing or joining any course, product or services.

Secondly, that’s how you find the best-proven method to avoid scams and make real money online instead!

NHT Global Overview

Name: NHT Global

Website:  https://nhtglobal.com/

Owners: Terry Lacore

Price: $75 initial fee

Launched: 2001

SAP Ratings: 20/100

NHT Global Logo

Best Suited For: anyone who are looking for products that aims to help an individual have a healthier lifestyle.

Summary: NHT Global a rapid growth in the industry of MLMs. It is also a member of DSA that somehow alleviates the worry of its consumers. On top of that, they have been disclosed information regarding their income statement. This business had been deemed legitimate, but there are some alarming aspects anyone should take into consideration.

Recommended: Not a chance.

What Is NHT Global?

Are you ready to have a deeper dive into NHT Global? This review will help you better understand what the company is about and what it offers.

Let's get started!

It was the 22nd of January 2001 when NHT Global started. Along with their official launch, they have introduced their flagship product now known as Allura.

NHT Global was first recognized as Lexxus International founded by Terry Lacore. It was only rebranded as NHT Global in 2006.

Moreover, it is now led by the current president Chris Sharng and it's his first to manage an MLM venture.

You may be wondering if National Health Trends Corp. is also NHT GLobal... Well, it's not.

NHT Global is a subsidiary of the aforementioned company. Both of them operates in the same niches; health, wellness and beauty. 

As stated in NHT Global's official website, this unique product had accumulated $500,000 worth of sales in a matter of 48 hours after it was released to the public! That was really fast.

Naturally Plus had a similar story with their first product Super Lutein.

They also take pride about how they started to operate worldwide after 5 months from their launch date. Other than that, NHT Global accumulated $20 million worth of revenues on their first year.

​This company sure is admirable for achieving all that in a short period. The fact that there are lot of MLM out there and the growth NHT Global had within their first year is truly amazing.

But, the real question is, can they help their distributors achieve success as fast as they have acquired it?

NHT Global's Product Line

NHT Global had a wide range of offers from personal care to wellness products. this allows distributors to have a  lot to offer for consumers.

Well, if were talking about range, DXN has over 400 and I cannot go through every item of it.

Starting with Personal Care, there are 7 products under this category. Each of them have their own specific use and benefits.

It is believed to help an individual hydrate their skin and reduce signs of aging. If you want a fresh and more radiant and younger look, you may try their Skindulgence Facelift. It is a "30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System" that costs $89.29

Other than that, they have a Herbal product line that are focused on improving one's health. They aim to help maintain the health of your circulatory system or your kidney. They also have a product designed to protect your liver. 

All of these are offered in capsule form!

If you want supplements to improve your cardiovascular health, this is where there the Lifestyle category comes in!

Also, it is where you can find their first product, Allura Lux. It is a clinically proven product to improve vaginal lubrication. It was selling like hotcakes after it was released!

NHT Global Allura Lux

Lastly, the Wellness category. It has 14 products with different benefits. All of them aims to aid an individual in boosting their health.

As much as I want to discuss in detail all of the products, I'm afraid I might bore you instead!

So I suggest you go over to NHT Global Products Page!

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Is NHT Global a Pyramid Scheme?

Let's be honest. There are more people failing at networking companies than people who were actually earning tons.

It had been a norm for a majority of people to easily assume that any multi-level marketing company functions as a fraudulent scheme.

Who can blame them anyway? The negative connotation of networking companies had been always due to a huge percentage of people failing to earn more than what they have invested in it.

So, is NHT Global a pyramid scheme?

It's definitely not. How can I say so?

First of all, they are providing real products to the consumer which a pyramid scheme never does. Second, despite the fact that other people tend to rely on recruiting for more income, there are actual profits from retail selling. 

Lastly, if it was operating as a pyramid scheme like most people believes it does, FTC may have already flagged it.

How Much Does It Cost To Join NHT Global?

Can NHT Global make you believe that they are offering an amazing opportunity you can maximize? Is it really possible to achieve your dreams through becoming one of their distributors?

First, let's see how much it would cost you to become a Business Builder Member!

The initial fee is $75. But, after 60 days you will be required to pay a monthly fee worth of $9.95

If you'd like to exempt yourself from paying for the registration cost, you can sign up with NHT Global Business Builder's Package.

Other than that, this saves you from paying monthly fees for the first 12 months.

NHT Global Sign Up

Here is a list of the Business Builder Packages that you can choose from:

  • StemRenu Bronze Package – $180
  • Personal Wellness Gold Package – $948
  • Alura Lux and Skindulgence Gold Package – $849
  • Skindulgence Platinum Package – $2188
  • StemRenu Platinum Package – $2188
  • Platinum Wellness Package – $2288

If you want to be entirely free from the burden of paying monthly dues at NHT Global, you can purchase the Platinum Wellness Package. It's definitely expensive but if you have the money to invest in it, why not?

Provided that there are lower-priced packages, believe me, even if I have the money for it, I won't.

Note that you can not register as a Business Builder Member at NHT's Global corporate site. You have to ask the person who introduced you to NHT to give you the link to their independent distributor's personal website.

Or if there's no one who reffered you, you can directly email their Customer Service Department.

NHT Global's Compensation Plan

NHT Global takes pride in its compensation plan. In fact, they claim that it is one of the most lucrative and retail-oriented compensation plans in history!

A person may initially doubt this since there's always a huge reliance on recruiting to earn real profits from MLMs.

Are you truly interested in NHT Global’s business opportunity? It wants to assure people that they can do it with flexibility. It’s ultimately your decision if you want to do it part-time or commit to it full-time

On top of that, they want individuals to realize their goals and dream. Can their distributors only realize these but achieve them as well through NHT Global's Compensation Plan?

NHT Global Ranking Positions

I thought the NuYugen and Norwex are one of the few MLMs with the least ranking positions. They only have 8-9. But, I was wrong.

NHT Global only had four Ranks!

Could this mean that it would entirely be easier to earn more within their business model?

Here are the following statuses and what you need to do to qualify for it:

  • Bronze Rank – generate at least 90 PV . (you buy products for your own use to complete the required PV)

  • Silver Rank – sign up with a Business Builder's Package and acquire 250 PV. Or accumulate 500 PV or 1500 GV.

  • Gold Rank – sign up with a Business Builder’s Package and complete the required 1000 PV. Or accumulate either 1250 PV or 3000 GV. 

  • Platinum Rank – sign up with a Business Builder’s Package and generate 1250 PV. Or purchase 1250 PV of product in a single order at any time.

A person who has exceptional skills in marketing can actually thrive easily in any MLM company. There's always a need to be purely dedicated to doing everything required to give oneself better chances of earning more.

Having only 4 ranks makes it seem a little less competitive compare to other MLMs that have 20 or over 40 statuses.

If I were a distributor, it may take me a long time to move one level up. I always knew networking companies are not for me. Gladly, affiliate marketing became my refuge for real passive income.

Furthermore, it had always been a fact that MLM compensation plans are more complicated than it seems. 

I suggest you watch the video below or download the NHT Global Compensation Plan 2020 for an in-depth explanation on how NHT compensates its distributors!

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Is NHT Global Accredited By The BBB?

The Better Business Bureau has a set of principles to ensure that trust is maintained with organizations who are accredited.

NHT Global is not accredited by BBB. Does it indicate that this business failed to embody the principles to maintain trust? 

Absolutely not.

Note that, any company must take the initiative to apply at BBB for accreditation. One can be denied if they fail to meet the standards required.

Or once accredited, a company may lose the accreditation for various reasons.

NHT Global BBB

What I Like About NHT Global/ The Pros

1. Replicated Site

There are several MLM companies that provide personal websites for their associates.

For NHT Global, they want interested people to directly sign up to independent distributors’ websites. This tactic allows Business Builder Members to maximize the use of their replicated platform. 

Usually, a distributor’s personal sites are made so that people can directly purchase from them.

2. Member of the Direct Selling Association

Although NHT Global is not accredited by BBB, it is in fact a member of Direct Selling Association!

According to the Direct Selling News, NHT Global ranked 64 out of 100 MLMs. Not bad, since there hundreds and hundreds of networking companies out there.

NHT Global DSA

What I Dislike About NHT Global/ The Cons

1. Low Success Rate

It's not surprising how lots of people fail at networking companies. It sure is a very competitive industry.

One must possess superb skills in direct selling and recruiting. Moreover, it requires a huge amount of time and effort.

Plus, we all are aware that we can't become a millionaire overnight unless you won the lottery. Even the lottery has quite a huge competition. You must be really lucky to win the jackpot.

My point is, odds are, you will be more likely to fail since there are people already above you.

There's no guarantee that they will help you build your own team. As much as I see it, you'll only make the people above you richer. 

But if you are confident enough that you'll be the second millionaire at NHT Global, who am I to rob you of that chance?

Below is a screenshot I made from NHT Global Average Gross Compensation for 2019.

NHT Global Earnings Information

The photo above is proof that there are more people who failed within the business model than those who are making huge amounts of profits.

I just find it quite confusing how one person earns over a million and there's a huge gap of income when it's arrived at the 13 members. As listed they are earning more than $25,000.

I just hope they have indicated the number of people who are earning at least $500,000 if there were. The difference in income from the millionaire to the 2% of people just bothers me.

2. Overpriced Packages

The best deal would always be the most expensive one. It is always promoted as the package with a huge discount and the greatest offer. 

I for one never have been lured into buying any packages that I consider expensive, may it be from the mall or elsewhere. I have believed that some of it is just marketing strategies when in fact you don't save from it at all. 

As a matter of fact, you can just go for something that fits your budget. Overall, I still think that they are offering high-priced packages.

Most MLMs do the same anyway.

3. Monthly Requirement

This is an aspect of MLMs that I dread the most. We are aiming to have the financial freedom, right?

These networking companies will assure you that you can do your business on flexible hours and at your own phase. But does a monthly requirement actually allows all that? I don't think so.

It is just another burden that pressures distributors instead of actually having fun with doing their business. But that's seemed to be impossible at all because if I were a distributor I'd sure be frantic thinking and finding ways of how I can accumulate the required PV or GV.

No way. I'd rather have a business that truly lets me work on my own time and does not ask me to purchase a certain amount just so I can complete my PV.

Keep in mind that failure to commit to the monthly requirement is equivalent to receiving no payouts for the month. 

If you are truly keen on taking your chances at an MLM, Naturally Plus has no monthly requirements!

Is NHT Global a Scam?

NHT Global had a prosperous start and still continues to grow each passing year.

Despite a few people that accuses it as a scam, trust me it's not. This is a legitimate business that have been helping people earn extra money.

But as stated above, there are more people who have failed within its business model.

You can always give it a shot if you are completely aware of the risks. But, if you want something else to earn from, affiliate marketing could be the best option for you!

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I, personally, had a very bad experience with MLM thus why I am not recommending it to anyone.

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